Is udemy good for learning?

Hello guys, In this article lets take a look at is udemy a good platform for learning and worth it or not by looking at all the pros and cons of it in detail.

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Is udemy good for learning and worth it

I think Udemy is definitely good for learning any skill whether it is programming or web development or machine learning or digital marketing or video editing or whatever it is, Udemy is a great platform because not only you get access to more than two lakh different courses at a very affordable price and once you purchase any course on Udemy you get the lifetime access to it with constant updates of the course, You also get 30 day money back guarantee so you can easily test out the course after you purchase it and figure out whether it is good for you or not, You also get lots of amazing quality content and support after getting the course so overall it is a great platform for learning any skill and by the way you also get a certificate after completing the course which is good.

Just like any other software and platform there are several disadvantages of udemy like the course completion rate is not very high and accreditation.

So Now let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of udemy as a platform.

Pros and cons of udemy

Lets take a look at all the advantages and pros of udemy.

Pros of udemy

  • Any one can become instructor-one of the main advantages is that any one can become an instructor on udemy as long as you have any skill or knowledge that you can share to somebody, you can create videos, articles, pdfs and your udemy course is just live, you can then submit the course for review and after approval, you can do marketing of your course, make passive income by selling your udemy courses
  • Lifetime access-Another advantage is that all the courses that you buy on udemy whether it is of programming or software or machine learning or excel, video ediitn or on any topic, you can get lifetime access once you buy the course, and you dont have to renew your purchase or anything like that, it is onetime fee.
  • Very transparent platform- it is actually a very transparent platform in the sense that in every course, there are faqs section which will obviously answer all your doubts, there is also a requirement section which will let you know what are the things that are required to learn the course, there is a program overview and structure which will let you know how the course will be after you pay the price, You can also see the course content and promotional video for free, and more importantly you can learn more about the instructor who is teaching the course for you and check his credibility which is good, obviously there are student reviews and testimonials below to further check the course content quality.
  • Great courses for affordable price-most of the courses on Udemy are range between 10 to $50 and some courses are available for like 100 to $150 price range but you can get most of the courses under $100 price which is very affordable even if you consider in categories like programming or digital marketing because if you want to learn the same skill in any coding bootcamp or any other course online then they will charge you thousands of dollars for the same skill and knowledge which is available on Udemy, on top of that there are several discounts and coupons available online to reduce the price further.
  • Wide variety of categories-there are more than 6000 categories present on Udemy and more than 200,000 courses and 60,000 different instructors so You can find courses in various categories like video editing graphic design content writing digital marketing programming and many more.
  • Various languages are available- Udemy is also available in more than 75 different languages and present in more than 100 different countries, if you struggle to understand English language then you can find courses in your native language also on Udemy which is great
  • Good content quality and regular updates- even the content quality on most of the courses of Udemy are excellent as you not only get videos but also get text articles audio files documents and PDFs that you can download as resources and many other projects and assignments to complete, along with that you can also get regular updates of the course from the creator to keep the course updated so you can get the latest knowledge
  • Lots of free courses- You can find more than 500 different courses that are free of cost which means you can get the course and learn the skill and knowledge without spending a dime.
  • Self paced courses- one of the best things about Udemy is that all the courses are self-paced which means you can listen or watch the course whenever and wherever you want without having any time restriction and there are scheduling and reminder tools that you can configure to remind you to watch the Udemy course after you purchase it.
  • View the courses on website and app- You can not only watch the Udemy course on the website of the platform but also there is application that you can download on both Android and iOS operating system which is really convenient and let me tell you both the apps are very easy to use for beginners and has a good navigation.
  • No age limit or eligibility criteria- there is no age limit or eligibility criteria of an even or anything, anybody can purchase any course they want and learn the skill quickly.
  • Good community and support- Udemy also has great community and support like after you purchase any course there is a q&A section where you can ask and answer anything to the course creator and you can also get access to Udemy forum and community, You can also get customer support from Udemy which is really great
  • 30 days money back guarantee- you also get 30 days money back guarantee with no questions asked which is really great because you can get back the money that you spent if you did not like the course or the instructor or any other reason so your money is completely safe even if you purchase the wrong course because there are so many out there in every category.
  • Easy to filter best courses- because there are more than two lakh courses on Udemy in 6000 different categories so there are huge amount of course available on the platform and it can be very confusing and intimidating for beginners to find out the best course possible for them so the platform also offers lots of filter options to get the best course out of all and there is also category of best seller in each course category to identify which course you should be purchasing and also you can check the student reviews and enrolments in the course before you get one
  • Subscription plan is good- there is also udemy subscription that you can join monthly or yearly basis through which you can get access to multiple courses at once without having to purchase individual courses but obviously you need to renew your subscription frequently to get access just like the subscription of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon prime.

Now lets take a look at all the disadvantages and cons of using udemy.

Cons of udemy

  • No Accreditation of the courses- main disadvantage of Udemy courses are that they are not accredited and the certificates that you get from Udemy are not really worth it when you will be applying for a job and there is also no job guarantee from getting udemy course¬†
  • small Completion rates- the statistics show that more than 70% of the people who purchase the courses on udemy do not complete the course at all and the course completion rate not just Udemy but any online course platform in general has very small percentage especially for self-paced courses which is bad so You need a lot of consistency and discipline to complete the courses on Udemy.
  • Various types of instructors- Udemy is like a marketplace of various online courses and it has various instructors who are close to 70,000 on the platform so there are different types of people teaching courses, It can be confusing and hard for you to select the best course from the best instructor in any category.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of Udemy as a platform so I believe it is definitely a very good platform to learn skills.

With that said lets conclude the article.


These are all the things you need to know about pros and cons of udemy

Do let me know what are your thoughts about udemy in the comments section below.

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