Is final cut pro worth the money?

In this article I will walk you through step by step about whether final cut pro which is a popular video editing software which is only present in Mac OS which is operating system of Apple computers and

laptops and whether this video rating software is what the money or not and whether it is a good software for beginners or not by looking at all the advantages and disadvantages of it.

Is final cut pro worth the money?

After looking at all the advantages and disadvantages of the software which a mentioned below I believe that this is the best software you can use for a video editing purpose if you have Mac computer or Apple computer or a MacBook, there are few reasons why I believe this software is best mainly that

it is a software that provides high value for money, it is very fast and also very stable in terms of performance on Apple silicon computers, it has amazing features for video editing and

video production, it is also very easy to use and simple and beginner friendly software, it has a 90 day free trial which gives you plenty of time to edit videos and test out features, so because of this reasons I believe that this is one of the best software you can use for video editing purpose for beginners.

Now you can check out all the advantages and disadvantages of learning final cut Pro in detail below.

Advantages of using final cut Pro

  1. It has a one time fee

Because this article is oriented regarding beginners so in my opinion this is one of the best softwares you can buy for learning and using video editing purpose and in that case the price of the software place and important role and in that particular scenario final cut Pro is a great value for money because

you can get the lifetime access of the software and use the premium version of the final software for absolutely one time fee which is around 300 dollars and you will get all the future updates of the software free of cost which is really very high value for money because this software is considered to be industry standard

and it is often compared with other editing software like Adobe premiere Pro and Da Vinci resolve in terms of the performance and features so you can understand how powerful this video editing software is and

you can get the lifelong access of this software by only paying it for a single time and you will have to stop worrying about monthly subscription annual subscription in other editing software like Adobe premiere Pro so this is a big advantage in my opinion.

  1. It has a free trial

Another major advantage of using final cut Pro is that you can get a free trial of up to 90 days before you by the subscription of the software so you will have Apple amount of time to test out

all the features and see whether it is a good software for you to use or not and if you are a student then you can get a lot of additional discount and save a lot of money and buy a lot of other

industries standard tools apart from final cut and you will save a lot of money with your student discount offer it is a high value for money in terms of the features and price ratio.

  1. Amazing features

Another advantage of using file cut through is that it is one of the best software for video editing purpose and there is a big

reason why this software is often compare with Adobe premiere Pro and it is because of the high value for money with it has for example this software has amazing features for video editing like 

  • Chroma key 
  • Color grading and color correction
  • Object tracking¬†
  • Autosaving feature
  • Motion graphics 
  • 360 degree video editing 
  • Multi camera editing
  • Duplicate detection 
  • Cinematic mode editing 
  • Voice isolation

And obviously you can also do basic editing seamlessly like adding titles,trimming, zooming, adding effects, transitions, sound effects, audio effects, adding multimedia, captions & more.

You can also export videos in different formats like MP4, H.264, MOV, and you can also choose different resolutions of the video like 1080p 4K and 8k as well and choose the different famerate of the video such as 24-30,60 and many more.

Apart from that you can also export your videos into specific platforms and you can also export your videos into different chapters which will allow the user to easily

navigate through the video and look at different sections of the video when needed so overall the software has amazing features and benefits for video editing purposes which I mentioned earlier.

And you can also select different stock images and videos for your videos from different platform se like shutterstock and APM music right in the software itself which are connected with

API and there are so many temples and hundreds of libraries available for you to download different titles effects and many more in your videos to make your videos more engaging.

  1. Speed & stability 

Another big advantage of final cut pro is the speed and stability that it offers which is great, especially after the apple silicon being introduced the performance of the final cut pro is amazing,

it is very less likely you will experience any crashes and bugs with the editing software, you will not find any issues with editing because the software is integrated with the apple silicon and

you will experience the speed in things like dragging video clips, adding video effects, animations, adding titles, effects, and much more and even the rendering and exporting of the videos are

also very fast which is great and thanks to apple ecosystem you can easily share your video files from one device to another within a matter of minutes which is also a great feature to have.

  1. Easy to use 

One of the main advantages of using the software is that it is very easy to use as compared to its competitors like Adobe premiere Pro and Da Vinci resolve, there are two main reasons

why this software is so easy to use and beginner friendly as compared to other softwares and the reasons are there firstly it has a magnetic timeline which makes it very easy to learn for beginners

and it has amazing fast and quick rendering and simple and easy to use interface so these are some of the major reasons why this software has lower learning curve and it is best editing software any beginner can learn and start using as long as they have the Mac computer.

These are all the advantages and benefits of using final cut Pro now let’s take a look at that disadvantages of this software.

Disadvantages of using final cut Pro

  1. Magnetic timeline

Final cut Pro is very different from other editing software like Adobe premiere Pro and Da Vinci resolve because the very basics of editing is very different where other editing software has track base editing but in final cut Pro they something called as

magnetic timeline editing where it is a feature that automatically snaps clips together when they are dragged into the timeline and move in different areas and this can save a lot of time for beginners but this can be a big disadvantage in some

cases for example if you want to make precise edit then it can be difficult for you to do that and it can be also difficult to move clips around without affecting other clips so this can be a lot of frustrating task to do.

  1. Lacks collaboration features

Another big disadvantage is that it has a lakh collaboration features which is a big thing when it comes to video editing for professional editors.

There is no cloud or collaborate to work flows in final cut pro so this can be a disadvantage but honestly speaking the software was designed for individual editing only and slowly with more

features in near future the software can get more collaboration features which we might expect but currently there are not many features for collaboration in the software which are present in other softwares like Adobe premiere Pro.

  1. Only available on Mac OS 

Another big disadvantage of this editing software is that it is only present on Mac operating system which means if you want to use this software for editing your videos then you will have

to purchase a Mac computer and get it to Apple ecosystem first which is the big entry barrier because Apple products are usually very costly and expensive then windows computers and

laptops so it also shows in the market share of the both the companies and because of that there are less number of people and community of final cut pro compared to other editing software and there are not many people using this software because of this software being proprietary for Mac OS.

  1. Limited features than premiere Pro 

There are limited features in final cut Pro as compared to its competitors Adobe premiere pro for example the premier pro has amazing integration with other Adobe products like after effects Photoshop and audition which makes it easy to move between

different applications and use other software easily and it has amazing collaboration features and there are more third party plugins and tools available for premier Pro then final cut Pro because

of more number of users and the premier Pro is cross platform compatibility which means it is available both on mac os and windows operating system and it has more features in terms of purpose as compared to final cut Pro.

  1. Customer support 

Despite the fact that I mention earlier that there are not many software bugs and issues and the software is really very stable and speed but even if you get into some crash and bucks there are so

many manuals and documentation which you can read to solve your problem and there are so many YouTube videos by creators you are using the software can explain the issue and get your problem solve but sometimes if you think of getting a reply from the Apple support team then it can be a problem because that

technical support team of the Apple disappointing and their customer support is not very good when you are running to a problem but most of the times you should not have any issues with regards to

installing and operating the software especially on Apple silicon chips because this software and the hardware is so beautifully and seamlessly integrated with each other that it is just amazing experience to edit videos in such amazing computers of Apple.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of using final cut Pro. Do let me know what are your thoughts about using the final cut in the comments below and also share the article with your friends to let them know about the benefits of using this amazing video editing software.