Is Harvard CS50 certificate good

In this article let’s take a look at five reasons why getting online Harvard CS50 courses and certificates are definitely worth it and good for beginners.

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Is Harvard cs50 certificates good & worth it?

In my opinion, CS50 certificates are definitely worth it and very good thing because it shows that you have the skill and you have taken the course from one of the best universities of the world but more than certificates and courses what really matters is your skills,

the projects and assignments you have done and your portfolio and based upon that you will get the job so if you can get the certificate it can be a great thing in your resume but more than that the knowledge and skill that you gain is a lot more important.

And in this article let’s take a look at four reasons why getting CS50 as a course is also very good thing & worth it.

  1. It is from Harvard University

One of the main benefits of getting this course and certificate is because it is provided by the Harvard University itself which is the most popular and one of the top universities in the world.

As a matter of fact according to Q’s rankings, Harvard University ranks among top five best universities in the world, and according to US news report, Harvard University is the number one university in all the universities of the world.

What makes this university so amazing is that it has a great infrastructure and facilities and excellent research facilities for students, the university has great alumni, the education system is also very great, and you can learn more about pros and cons of Harvard University by clicking here.

But the point is, the acceptance rate of Harvard University is around 5% and it is extremely difficult to get admission into this University among most universities of America, and if you are able to get the education and training from this University online then they can be nothing better than that because the University has a great reputation worldwide.

And because, Just learning any course which is created by Harvard University is actually a huge self confidence booster thing.

  1. Learn various things for free

Another reason is that you can learn various things for absolutely free of cost with this course.

As you might already know that this is a programming course for example in this course you will be learning things like,

  • Abstraction
  • Algorithms
  • data structures
  • Security,
  • software engineering, and
  • web development.

apart from this you can also learn various Languages include C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript plus CSS and HTML.

Keeping in mind all of the things that you learn are free of cost and the course structure is that it is self-paced which means all the courses videos assignments and articles are available instantly as you start learning the course and because everybody has a different learning pattern and habits so the benefit of self-paced education is that it increases efficiency and awareness about the program.

So you can start learning the course whenever and wherever you want because there is no fixed schedule you need to create for this course.

  1. Good for starting out

Another reason is that this is a very good course for all the beginners students for just figuring out what programming is all about and for the students who want to learn web development algorithms machine learning and other things like software engineering.

As a matter of fact more than 3.5 million students have taken the courses online, It is a introductory and beginner oriented course, You can think of it as a entry level stuff for all the beginners who know nothing about coding or data structures and algorithms, web development game development artificial intelligence.

And you can easily complete this course if you spend at least two or three hours every day learning this course in 15 weeks of time, Apart from video material you also get notes slides source code subtitles and transcript which will help you during your learning process and obviously after you complete the wedding you will have to solve some set of questions and work on some projects and assignments at the end to practically implement your learning.

So if you are someone who want to do a career switch from your current job and want to get into programming or software development, computer science, artificial intelligence game development or web development but have no idea about what they actually are then you can try out this course because it is not only free of cost but also self-paced course so you will have some idea regarding whether you should get into this field by learning programming for a couple of weeks.

  1. Certificate based on merit

Last reason is that you can also get a certificate after completion of the course but in order to get the certificate you need to have 70% score at least on all the problem sets assignments and also have a final project at the end of the completion of the course in order to be eligible for the certificate and if you want to download the verified certificate and put it on your resume to impress the employer and stand out then it will cost you $150.

These are all the reasons why I believe you should definitely choose getting the courses of Harvard CS50 especially for beginners who are just testing out the waters of software development and artificial intelligence field.

Now let’s take a look at a couple of more questions regarding this course.

how long does it take to complete Harvard cs50?

Now it depends upon which course you are talking about because there are a bunch of Harvard CS50 courses like you have courses for computer science game development lawyers artificial intelligence web programming with Python and JavaScript mobile app development and many more courses but I personally prefer Harvard CS50 of computer science course the most because that is what I like and

that is what I’m doing as well and it says that You can complete the course within 11 weeks if you spend anywhere between 10 to 20 hours every week learning the course and implementing the stuff but I believe it should take you around 17 to 19 weeks of period to complete this course and It is also that everybody has a different learning style and capacity and moreover coding is not for everyone so it might take you a lot more time or a lot less depending upon your concentration levels, learning style and interest, but I believe 15 weeks is an average time it would take to complete the course.

Is cs50 certificate good on your resume & can you get a job with Harvard cs50?

Now according to a study HR would look at the resumes for around 7 seconds, in that 7 second period you have to have something on your resume that stand out and impress the employer and I believe this certificate definitely does grab the attention of the HR because not only is it from a Harvard University

which is one of the top universities in the world and has a great reputation but also it shows that you have the skill and you won’t get that certificate unless you complete any assignments and projects so also mentioning your projects and assignments and portfolio in the resume can definitely help you get a job.

Apart from applying for a job you can also work as a freelance web developer, game developer or app developer on platforms like upwork and fiverr and make money on the side Which is a much better option as compared to working as an employee to a company and in this case just having the skill that

you will be getting by doing the CS50 course for free is enough to get started even without the certificate, You can also start your own web development agency and offer services for small businesses by creating websites for them which is also a good business model.

I would like to make it clear that certificates and resumes don’t get your job what does is the skill and projects you do, Just look at the thing from the perspective of the employer who is giving you the job, what he cares about the most is whether you have the skill and you can complete the job and task or not and not about what certificates you have or what degree you have etc.

So, cs50 certificates can make your resume stand out from the competition and grab the attention of the employer but at the end of the day skills and projects are what matters the most to the employer and getting the job.

I hope all of the questions related to CS50 courses are answered in this article.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the reasons why Harvard cs50 is worth it

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