is fiverr worth it

In this article I will discuss whether fiverr is a good platform for freelancing or not to make sure to read the article till the end to know whether you should sell your services on and whether it is worth your money and time or not as a freelancer and also as a customer who is buying services on the platform.

I will write this article in the perspective of both a customer who is buying some service and a seller or a freelancer who is offering the service to the customer.

So lets get started.

What is fiverr?

Fiverr is a popular online marketplace for freelancers offering a wide range of services. It was originally founded in 2010 with the concept of offering services starting at $5, hence the name “Fiverr.” The idea was that you could hire freelancers to do small tasks or jobs for as little as $5. However, over the years, Fiverr has evolved, and now freelancers on the platform can offer services at various price points, often well above $5.

There are very variety of services that you can offer on the platform and make money and below is a picture of the different types of services that you can offer on the platform

Here is a video of all the types of services and industries on the platform.

Now let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of using the platform for both buyers and sellers.

Pros and cons of fiverr for sellers

  1. One of the main advantages of the platform is that there are so many services that you can offer on the platform as a seller for example you can offer video editing or graphic designing or programming service you can make money by offering your service to international clients for whatever the charge that you feel your worth and time
  2. Another advantage of the platform is that the platform give you a lot of potential and opportunity to make lot of money as a fact that many people are making millions of dollars every year from the platform by offering their service for example you can offer digital marketing service like Google ads and Facebook ads and make money depending up on your service you can charge and for example if you are in countries like India and you charge money in dollars and get clients from America then you can make a lot of money because of difference in currency value and because of this there are so many freelancers offering services to international customers and making a lot of money
  3. Another advantage of the platform is that it will give you a lot of flexibility to choose whom you want to work with and whom you don’t want to work with and this will give you a lot of work flexibility and give you time freedom
  4. Payment is a big part of this marketplace and you don’t have to worry about the payment of the customers because the platform takes care of it, it is that buyers actually pay for the payment and order in advance and you only receive the payment only after you complete the order and only if the customer is satisfied with the work that you have done
  5. another major advantage is that you don’t have to take any membership fee or buy any membership in order to create your profile and start offering your service so even if you don’t have any money but you have skill then you can start offering your service and make money
  6. Fiverr’s pricing model has become more flexible, allowing freelancers to set their own rates based on the complexity and scope of the services they provide. While $5 gigs are still common, many freelancers offer more extensive and specialized services at higher price points. So, while Fiverr began with a $5 starting point, it has expanded to accommodate a wide range of pricing options to better reflect the value of the services being offered by freelancers so you can charge more for your services if you think you are worth it


  1. One of the main disadvantage of this platform is that the competition is very good so it can be very difficult for beginners to start offering their service and make money because in order to get customers you need to have some testimonials and reviews because nobody really wants to work with beginners who don’t have experience of many customers already and for this you need some reviews so it is chicken and egg situation so in order to get some reviews many freelancers work for free of cost so that they can get some reviews for their service and then they can charge money but it is often difficult to get recognised and start offering your service and make money on the platform because of high competition in every industry you can think 
  2. Another major disadvantage of the platform is that the platform charges 20% of the commission as a fee for all the transactions  make which is very high and it will cost you a lot in the long term but there is no other option to avoid it
  3. Another major disadvantage is that if you break the rules of the fiverr for example if you try to communicate with the customer outside the platform then your account can easily get suspended because the platform does not allow you to communicate with the customers outside the platform because it hurts their revenue so make sure that you away the rules of the platform from the day one in order to stop your account getting suspended or terminated and this issue when you feel answers make in the beginning stage which I want you to avoid
  4. Another major disadvantages that there are many customers who have expectations of the work quality and they often ask for revisions after you deliver the service and work and if don’t deliver the work on time or on high standard quality then your ratings and reviews can get hampered so it can be challenging sometimes to handle such clients 

These are some of the major advantages and disadvantages of using the platform for sellers

Pros and cons of fiverr for buyers


  1. One of the main advantages of the platform as a customer is that you can hire people in different services in different requirement for example you can get people for video editing or programming or any other service that you want for your business for affordable price
  2. Another major advantage is that you can work with international people for example if you have a business in America then you can hire freelancers to get your job done in less money in Asian countries like India and Indonesia and you can payless money and get your job done as compared to hiring an employee in America to get the job
  3. Another major advantage of the platform for the buyers is that it is very convenient to use the platform all you need to do is to go to the website and search for your service at you are looking for and then you will get list of freelancers work offer in the service and you can contact any one of them depending up on the level of the rating on the platform and testimonials of the customers who have taken the service from the seller and from there you can communicate with the seller
  4. Another major advantage for customers is that there is a flexible payment options which means you can get your job done starting from $5 to any price that you are willing to pay for so budget should not be an issue when you are looking for good quality people to work for you on the platform
  5. You also get decent customer support of the platform if you are buyer from the fiverr help center, you can either mail them or send them a help request 


  1. One of the main disadvantage of the platform is that there are lots of people with lots of fake reviews so you need to be aware of that that there are lots of freelancers who are having lots of fake reviews in order to rank higher on the platform and get more customers because of high competition so you need to be good enough and do research before you hire some freelancer
  2. Another major disadvantage is that the platform also charges you some service fee which will be included in your cost so it will be additional expense for you as a customer and you will have to pay for your order in advance before you receive your order work and of course your money will be refunded if your work is not delivered on time or you are not satisfied with the work

These are some of the major advantages and disadvantages of both the platforms for both customers and sellers but not is take look at some important tips if you are looking for heading a freelancer as a customer

Tips for using fiverr for customers

  1. If you are a customer and looking for someone to get your job done whether it is any website design or any video editing or any service then make me the two check the reviews of the seller properly and also look at the testimonials and please spend some time resetting for people in your industry all the platform
  2. And after you find some relevant people in your industry make sure that you list some sellers and contact them and make sure that you have good communication with the seller and communicate your project idea and requirements properly before handling the work to the freelancer so that there would be no miscommunication between both of you later and you also talk about the quality of the work that you are looking for before getting the work started
  3. you also have to try asking for some sample of work that the seller has done so that you can know what kind of work that you can also expect from the person in similar price
  4. And it is also important for you to be realistic on the platform for example if you are a purchasing a service from any seller for around $10 or 15 dollars then you should not expect the work quality to be more than that and you have to put yourself in the shoes of this seller also if you pay more money then they will be happy to work for more amount of time to deliver high quality result for you so if you want more quality work then it is worth paying a good company or working with a reputable seller with high ratings who can deliver the work with high quality and you also have to remember that as a customer you will get all your money as refund if you are not satisfied with the work

If you are looking for high quality service on fiverr then you need to first find a good seller in your industry whether it is of video editing or digital marketing service and after that you have to ask for some sample work the person has done before so that you can have right expectations before itself and then you can have a good communication with the seller and communicate all of your ideas and requirements properly and a question the price that is good for you both.

Is Fiverr a scam?

No fiverr is not a scam it is one of the best platform you can use to get your work done at affordable price as a customer and it is also a great platform for you to make a lot of money as a seller but it has been considered or called as a scam by many customers because they have received a low quality services for their price and you need to be aware that will get 100% refund for your work if you are not satisfied with the work quality and if you are thinking the platform is a scam or the platform is full of scary people then you need to think twice because there are certain things you need to keep in mind before handling your work to some freelancer

  1. Check the reviews properly because there are so many freelancers with lots of fake reviews
  2. You also want to look it the work by asking some sample works of the seller so you can have right expectations before hand
  3. You also want to have good communication with their seller and if any seller is not having good communication with you during the journey then it can be red flag that you need to avoids such seller
  4. Another major thing you need to keep in mind is that you should look for a seller who have high number of work queues but not a lot of reviews in the past so this is something which can look fishy

So fiverr is completely safe to use because you will get a 100% refund of your money if you are not satisfied with your work but I should follow the tips and mentioned below in order to get high quality service for your money.

And if you are a freelancer who is trying to offer the service to the customers and make more money here are some important tips for you

How can you make money on the platform as a seller?

There are so many ways you can make money on but here are some important tips

  1. Before thinking of making money on the platform you have to acquire some skill which is in high demand such as digital marketing or video editing or content writing or any service and you can learn the skills from YouTube and online for free of cost
  2. As I already mention at that is a lot of competition on the platform in every service if you want to offers so if you want to standout on the platform from the competition then you have to do something different which is that sometimes in order to get some reviews and testimonials you need to offer your service for free of cost or low price in the beginning so that you can get some customers and then you can charge money for new clients after reviews 
  3. Determine how much money you want to make from the platform for how much time you are willing to put to complete the work so you have to also keep your pricing properly 
  4. Also optimize your profile properly so that you will rank for keywords to your skill for example offer Google ads service then make sure that you include the word Google ads in your profile so you rank for the term in the search results of the fiverr
  5. You should always at try to upsell your service by offering something extra on top of your service for example if you have bought burger in mcdonalds then they will ask you to include coke or fries in your order so they can make more money similarly, you should also offer more services on top of your main service to make more money


This is my review of the platform, fiverr, to be honest fiverr is a wonderful website even though it has a lot of flaws and negative opinion in the people but it is a great place to get your services delivered at affordable cost but still there are lots of people who are offering High quality services and hard working people on the platform so I would highly recommend you to have some experience and knowledge and do in a face before finalizing your work to someone as a customer and also you need to do something different to standard on the platform.

In my opinion fiverr is a great platform for someone who wants to build an online business profitably and someone who wants to get the service completed and delivered at affordable cost as a buyer.

Do let me know what your experience with the platform is in the comments below and also share the article with your friends to let them know about the platform and how it can help them grow online and make more money.