Is Davinci resolve worth it?

in this article, let’s take a look at step-by-step, and let’s analyse whether davinci resolve which is one of the most popular video editing software you can find on the internet right now apart from adobe premiere pro and Final Cut Pro and whether it is worth the hype or not by looking at all the advantages,

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4 reasons why davinci resolve is worth it

here are 4 reasons why Davinci resolve it is definitely worth it for video editing purpose

  1. It is free to use

one of the main advantages of using DaVinci Resolve is that it is a free software to use which means you don’t need to pay any money in order to get access and start editing your videos and

this is really amazing for beginners who are new to be video editing and video production because you don’t need to pay money for any subscription like you would have to do with other video editing software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe premiere pro

you can simply download the video editing software from the official website and start editing your videos and learn read editing and other things like audio editing, color correction, motion graphics and more, and even if you are interested in upgrading the software, you can simply do that by purchasing a

lifetime subscription of it with a one-time fee of $300 and you can get the premium version of the software as well unlike paying for the premium subscription on a monthly basis on yearly basis, which is present in other editing software like adobe premiere pro which will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

This is one of the main reason why I believe this video editing software is definitely worth it especially for beginners who are interested in learning the skill & don’t want to invest a lot of money upfront.

2. It has amazing features for video editing

another major advantage of this software is that it has amazing features for video editing purpose and there must be a strong reason why this free video editing software is competitive industry. Standard software is like adobe, premiere pro and Final Cut Pro and the reason is pretty simple that it is one of the best software you can get for things like colour, correction, colour, grading, Multi user collaboration and many more features is also popular for motion graphics.

For example if you want to do some basic stuff related to video editing like trimming adding multimedia, cuts, color correction, you can do the all of those things very simply and easily in this software and you can also edit app to 4K videos in the software which is amazing and make sure that you know that you are using it for free of cost without paying any money. So this is a big advantage I believe.

and obviously if you purchase the premium version which is the DaVinci Resolve studio which is the premium plan, then you can edit videos with higher resolution like up to 32K at higher frame rates which is really amazing thing to do and big advantage.

and another important thing to remember is that this editing software is considered to have fast rendering performance as compared to other editing software like Final Cut Pro, an adobe premiere pro and because of faster rendering you can also edit your video faster in this of software as long as you have the right system configurations.

some of the major features of this editing software for that you can do multi Camra editing, motion, tracking, 3-D editing and many more features and you can also export the videos as I mentioned earlier in high-resolution up to 4K 60 FPS.

Because of its amazing features and settings, many Hollywood movies and films are edited in this software for post production, which is really cool thing I believe.

3. Regular updates and huge community

another big advantage of using this software is that it has a huge community of people who are using the software because the software is not only present on just windows but it was also present on Mc OS. So it has a huge community of people who are using the software and because it is also easy to integrate with other editing software like Final Cut Pro and premiere pro.

and you are also receive regular updates from the team. So it will also fix all the bugs and issues related to the software which is really amazing.

4. Easy to use interface

another major advantage of using this software is that it has a easy to use interface and you can find all the necessary tools of editing the video such as trimming and adding multimedia and all those things right on the interface itself. So it does have some leading curve just like other editing software but

you can easily get used to the software in less than one week of time if you spend good amount of time, learning a software and overall it is a beginner friendly tool and also has a easy to use interface which will fall in love with once you start using it and you can check out the screenshot of the interface of the tool below.

these are some of the major reasons why I believe this editing software is one of the best you can find for learning video editing and any sort of editing like colour, correction, motion, graphics, audio, editing and many more. So do let me know what are your thoughts about this video editing software in the comments below and

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