Upgrad review, Is it worth it? Pros and cons

In this, let’s take a look at upgrad review and its top features and all the advantages and disadvantages of it to understand if it is worth it or not.

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So lets dive right in.

What is upgrad, what are its top features?

Upgrad is online learning platform founded back in 2015 in india, it is one of the leading edtech startups in the world, it is founded by ronnie screwvala,mayank kumar, ravijot chugh, etc and the main work of the platform is to provide UG and PG courses for college students and working professional people from top universities like duke, wharton, caltech, university of arizona and purdue university in online platform.

And you can study courses from these universities without quitting your job like online medium.

Lets deep dive and look at top features of the platform in detail.

  • There is a forum and online community for people to interact and solve their questions
  • There is a 24/7 customer support
  • You can watch the courses not just on videos but also on audio and lots of documents and projects to complete and do lot of assignments to get the practical experience
  • The platform has been collaborated with more than thousand different universities worldwide and offers lots of different courses and education programs
  • Apart from undergraduate and postgraduate education they also offer diploma courses for the students, and study abroad courses.

These are all the important details and information you need to know about upgrad as a beginner. Now let’s take a look at whether it is worth it or not.

Upgrad review, is it worth it?

Yes I feel upgrad is definitely worth it and a good platform because you not only get access to education from top universities but also at a very affordable price and on top of that there is also placement guarantee for the students and because the education is available online so you can get the degree without quitting your existing job and all of these features are really amazing and makes it a really good platform to get you online education for affordable price.

Now let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of upgrad.

Pros and cons of upgrad

Pros of upgrad 

  1. Wide variety of courses from top universities

One of the main advantages of upgrade is that you can get wide variety of courses starting from data science to MBA to digital marketing law machine learning and artificial intelligence supply chain management and many more which is really great.

You should keep in mind that you get all of this courses from not any individual instructors but from the professors and faculty members of top universities like Duke University and Liverpool Business School and many more so if you ever had the dream of studying from top university but abandoned it due to high expense of education and costs then this is a great opportunity because you get chance to study from such top universities at very affordable price online and also get the certificate which will help you get more opportunities in your career.

  1. Affordable than offline class 

Another advantage of upgrad courses is that they are very affordable as compared to offline class in the university for example,

If you want to do masters of business administration which is MBA from Liverpool Business School then it will cost you 21000 British pounds but you can get the same degree of MBA from the same University for just under $5000 on upgrad with online courses so you can clearly see that not only you get access to education from top universities but also at affordable rate that allows people to get the education.

You can see this affordable price in almost all categories of education like data science and machine learning and all those I mentioned earlier.

And if you still feel that you cannot pay all the money of the fees at once then you also get EMI option to pay the fees during your education which is really cool and great.

  1. Accredited certificate

Another advantage of studying on upgrad is that you get an accredited certificate after completion of the course.

Basically accreditation means official recognition of the University by any government agency or any third party company after evaluating the University or company in detail and if you get any course certificate from upgrade after getting the course then because the certificate you get is from the top university and it is accredited it can help you a lot while applying for a job and people will take you seriously and more importantly accreditation helps build the trust and credibility.

And because you will be studying in accredited University from upgrad so you can also be eligible for scholarships and grants from the government and this is the main difference between platforms like Udemy and upgrad because even though you get udemy courses for a very cheap price they are not accredited so they would not be helpful for you in the long term in terms of certificates and opportunities.

  1. View the self paced free & paid courses both on website and app

Another advantage is that you can view the courses both on the website and also on the app that is available on both Android and iOS operating systems so this is also a very good convenience factor and most importantly all the courses of upgrad are self-paced so you can listen and watch them whenever and wherever you want.

Apart from the paid courses you can also view dozens of free courses that are available and easily enrolled by the students on the platform which you can also check it out.

  1. Career assistance and placements 

Another advantage is that you can also get career assistance and placements opportunities after getting the course on the platform.

Upgrad conducts lots of mock interviews and resume building sessions and also have live sessions which will clear all of your doubts and You can also ask the support team for the help of placements and if you see the testimonials also there have been a good percentage of students who enrolled have seen a hike in this salaries and lots of opportunities in placements of tech companies if you do programming and data science so overall you get lots of career assistance and placement opportunities and also mentorship after getting the course.

These are all the advantages of upgrad

Cons of upgrad  

  1. Not many universities

One of the main disadvantages I have found is that there are not many universities available in the education programs 

Some top universities include Duke University Wharton, University of Arizona, Purdue University and Celtic etc but still I feel that if you want to do MBA or data science and other programs then there are not many universities options available like harvard Stanford Columbia Oxford Cambridge etc so if these universities get collaborated with the platform in future then it would be a wonderful benefit but it is not certainly available at present on the platform which is a bad thing I believe.

  1. Online method with recorded videos 

Another disadvantage I feel is that it is an online education platform where you get the undergraduate and postgraduate education from online medium from the top universities but the disadvantage is that it is through online medium not offline medium so you get pre recorded videos from the professors of the university after you enrol in the course and you also get live sessions but they are not very frequent so if you prefer to study live classes with live interaction with the professor and also real life networking with people then this might not be a right option for you because you will be studying everything online.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of upgrad.



This is my review of upgrad platform.

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