About me.


It’s G.Praneeth Kumar age 19 years, student by profession, blogger by passion.


I am the Admin of this blog entrepreneurship here. I started blogging in the early stage of my life like students as compared to most other bloggers out there.

 Our story.

                      “It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path.”

          To be honest I am a bit curious of what are the possibilities to learn and grow in this lockdown amid the corona pandemic when we thought and researched a bit about how the world would change after this pandemic and we were quite terrified. So it is appropriate time for me to leave our old beliefs and perspectives about the world aside and start looking for opportunities to learn and grow and eventually learned about the BLOGGING which I found quite interesting as there was a lot of scope of both learning growing and helping others as an individual.

I chose to blog in order to spread the knowledge which we have to you guys at the young age of our lives to add value in your lives, Inspire and Teach you guys essentials of life. We are quite interested and sort of proud of ourselves at what we are trying to do. We want to assure you guys that you will definitely receive quality and trusted information written in easy words in our blog.

What is the blog about?

In this blog, you will find content on ENTREPRENEURSHIP, and topics relevant to that like business ideas, blogs on blogging, how to create and start a blog, some inspirational articles for entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

It will be a big favor by you guys if you let us know to make some corrections about our blogs like questions, suggestions, and complaints if you have any please let us know in the comments section below as all sorts of feedback is appreciated and hugely welcomed by us. 

Our blogging goals.

Our blogging goals are that we want to spread our knowledge to lots of people, create a positive change to all, Meanwhile learn new interesting things about the internet, Create good relations with our audience, Empower you guys, Broaden your perspectives towards life and the world with the possibilities and opportunities of tomorrow and help you guys become solopreneurs of tomorrow.

What we will publish on this blog.

  • Articles on how to start different online businesses including blogging.
  • Articles on self-improvement like things that are helpful in terms of focusing on the future’s online entrepreneurs.

That’s what this blog is all about.

A big thanks for checking out & learning about me.