Affiliate disclosure.

I believe in absolute transparency on this website so i would like to mention it here quickly,

I have monetized my blog through affiliate marketing at present.

Which means, Some of the links in this website are affiliate links means,

I will get a commission of money from the manufacturer of the product AT NO EXTRA OR ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU only when you buy any product or service which I recommend from any one of my product or service LINKS in my blog posts or resource pages.

Look honestly speaking,

It takes a lot of my time, and effort for me to create these free and helpful value-adding resources of information on this blog.

The only thing i am expecting in return is a favour from you guys, regular readers and visitors of my blog to buy products which i recommend on this website through my affiliate links in my product reviews posts and blog posts.

It is a win-win for both of us,

You as the audience of the blog gets high quality value adding information for free from my posts, i earn money by just recommending and selling products.

This helps me keep up with my work and pay my bills and continue providing value to entrepreneurs and enriching lives of other bloggers.

It is my promise to my audience and readers that i will not promote or recommend any product or service which i either don’t use or i don’t trust in,

I always try to provide all the reasons along with pros and cons and my own personal experiences with using product or service while when i am trying to promote or recommend a product in my blog posts.

I hope you understand.

See ya in a blog post! Always remember,

Keep learning and keep growing.

From Praneeth.