Are Java certifications really worth it?

In this article let’s take a look at whether Java certifications are really worth it or not, can you get a job by getting a Java certificate.

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Are Java certifications really worth it?

To answer it in simple words, Java certifications are really worth it because taking certification from reputable platform like Oracle Java certification can definitely help you in your career because it will enhance your credibility and also increases your salary, getting certification can also help you return your knowledge and skill for longer period of time, most importantly, mentioning that you got a certificate of Java in your resume can help your resume stand out when applying for a job and grab the attention of the employer so these are all the benefits and advantages of taking certifications the only drawback is sometimes the certifications can be expensive and you need to pay some fees to get the certificate, the amount of money you spend for certificate varies on many factors like the type of certificate you are taking, the platform and others etc.

So let us take a look at all the benefits of taking Java certifications in detail.

3 benefits of taking Java certifications.

  1. Better resume 

One of the main advantages of taking certification courses of any language like Java in general from platforms like Oracle can surely help you have a better resume and cv.

As a matter of fact whenever you apply for any job and when you present your CV and resume to the employer then the employer would spend not more than 5 to 6 seconds looking at your resume and having certifications mentioned in your resume can grab the attention of the employer and it can help you stand out from the competition.

This is the main benefit of getting certifications.

  1. Higher salary 

Another benefit of taking certifications of Java is that you can get higher salary and more job opportunities for example Oracle offers a free Java certification program by completing the test and they say that when you get the Oracle certificate for Java it can increase your salary by 33% which is alot.

Apart from the salary you can also find amazing job opportunities and it makes you more trustworthy to the employer in general when you get certification from the right platform like Oracle who owns Java.

As a matter of fact by getting the Java certification from Oracle, getting a higher job opportunity, promotions in the job and entering a new field can grow up to 61% which is quite high.

And 41% of the people reported higher job satisfaction and happiness after getting the Oracle certification so it not only helps you get more salary and amazing job opportunities but also higher job satisfaction.

  1. Test your knowledge and skills 

And the last main benefit of getting certification is that it will help you test your knowledge and skills of Java.

You won’t get certificate instantly as you need to complete some exam, do some training and preparation before you attempt the exam and getting the test can help you retain your knowledge over along period of time.

For example 81% of the people who have taken Oracle certificate of Java have reported that they have retained the knowledge of Java for extended period of time by taking the certificate test so it also helps you retain your knowledge of Java and skills for extended period of time taking the certificate exam. 

Getting the certificate of Java can definitely help you alot in your career whether it is increasing the credibility of yours to the employer or getting higher salary, job promotion or just retaining the information and knowledge you have gained over the period, improving your problem solving skills and productivity, these all the potential benefits of taking certifications but it all comes at cost, and if you are willing to spend money to get the certificate from right platform like Oracle and you are willing to spend time doing your preparation and training before you get the exam then you should definitely try it once and you can check more details of the Oracle certification here.

Will Java certification get me a job?

Now that you know Java certifications are definitely worth it in my opinion this is another frequently asked question that will Java certification get me a job, and I think if you get Java certification from right platform like Oracle or any other website which has good credibility online then you are good to go because at the end of the day certifications only help increase your credibility with the employer that you have the skills necessary to get the job done and you can still get your dream job and get higher salaries without any certifications unless and until you have right knowledge and skills and you have a portfolio to show to your employer and you make your resume stand out from the competition when applying for jobs.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the reasons why you should be taking Java certification.

Do let me know what are your thoughts about taking Java certifications or programming certifications in general in the comment section below.

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