11 FREE Alternatives to SEMrush in 2022

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In this blog post you will learn 11 best free semrush alternatives.

All of the tools mentioned in the list below are great free and freemium alternatives to semrush, there is no premium tool which you cannot access without a free version or free trial in the tools mentioned below.

Without further ado let’s get started.

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What is semrush?


Semrush is an All-in-One digital marketing tool that helps you in different aspects of your digital marketing strategies.

You can get a lot of things done with single tool called semrush in your digital marketing efforts like,

  • You can do all the necessary work of SEO like keyword research, building backlinks, seo audit.
  • You can create interesting and helpful content for blogs with this tool.
  • You can get all the things related to PPC done.
  • You can get all the things done regarding social media marketing.

But the tools mentioned below are not a complete package of digital marketing but they are good alternatives for different features that semrush offers but you get these tools for absolutely free of cost.

11 best free semrush alternatives;

Here are top 11 best free alternatives to semrush.

Let’s take a look at all the tools and their top features and how you can use them in detail.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Answer the public.


Answer the public is one of my all time favourite keyword research tools and it is a perfect alternative to semrush in terms of finding keyword ideas.

It is the freemium keyword research tool. You can only use two searches per day with this tool for free, you will have to upgrade to the premium plan in order to use unlimited searches every day.

What this tool does is that,

Whenever you enter a particular keyword or a phrase in the tool it brings up all the related keywords in the form of Amazing questions and Keyword ideas which people are searching for from different areas like Google auto suggestions, Google keyword planner and forums.

This is one of my go to tools whenever I want to do a Keyword Research and look for keyword ideas for my blog posts.

Some of the top features of this tool is that,

  • You can easily select the location and audience before targeting your seed keyword through the tool.
  • You can also select your desired language before finding the content ideas with this tool.
  • You get different types of questions for different words and all of them are organised in Easy way.

Whenever you are running out of Keyword ideas and content ideas for your blog post I highly recommend you to check out this amazing tool which you can use for up to two searches for free everyday.

You can find lots of Amazing questions and keyword ideas that people are searching for on the Internet that you can target on your blog posts and get lots of traffic to your website.

And the best part of all the process of doing keyword research with Answer the public tool is that you will find amazing low competition keyword ideas for your blog posts.

2. Ubersuggest.


This is another good alternative to semrush.

For those of you who do not have an idea about ubersuggest it is a freemium SEO tool.

It is a freemium SEO tool owned by a well known Digital marketer called neilPatel.

With this amazing tool you can get a lot of things done for absolutely free of cost like,

  • It can do an SEO audit of your website and tell all the issues that your website is facing and how you can solve them.
  • You can also do keyword Research and find keyword search volume, difficulty levels and cost per click using this tool.
  • You can also find backlinks and top performing pages of your competitors in terms of backlinks, social shares and traffic to some extent using a free plan which you can target on your blog posts.

Using the free version of ubersuggest, you will have access to use the tool for three searches everyday,

if you exceed the limit you will either have to purchase the premium plan or wait for the next 24 hours completion so that you can use the next free searches of your bucket everyday.

3. Google keyword planner.


Google keyword planner in the name refers to a tool provided by Google which is another good alternative to do keyword research but absolutely free.

If you are thinking about and looking forward to running PPC ads then Google keyword planner is a great tool because it will give you lots of Keyword ideas and search volume and it will also give you the CPC for keywords along with the competition and a lot of other various metrics.

You can easily find amazing keyword ideas by either entering a seed keyword or entering a URL of your website or competitors website in keyword planner just like you would do with other premium SEO tools like SEMrush and you can easily export and download all the keyword ideas on your desktop.

I would highly recommend you to try using Google keyword planner at least once, it will give you lots of Amazing keyword ideas for your PPC campaigns and all of the data comes straight from Google so you know it’s legit.

4. Google search console.


Google search console is a great alternative for semrush.

It is a complete free tool that Google allows bloggers and webmasters to use in order to analyse different aspects of the website performance in Google search results.

With Google search console you can perform different activities and check different metrics of a website like.

  • It helps you identify all the technical issues that your website has and how you can solve them.
  • It helps you know the average position of your blog in Google results.
  • It helps you know the total number of clicks and Impressions you are getting to your blog and the traffic source.
  • It also gives you all the people who are looking at your website. It will also give anchor text that the majority of people are using to link to your website.

When you learn how to use Google search console properly you don’t need a lot of these premium SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush in order to optimise your blog posts and drive more traffic to your website from Google.

It is highly recommended that you first of all connect your website with this tool and start using and understanding this amazing tool that Google gives for all the bloggers and webmasters for free.

5. Rankmath.

rank math

Rank math is a freemium and number one SEO plugin in WordPress and it is a great plugin and a perfect alternative for some of the features that you find in SEMrush.

By using this plugin you can accomplish a lot of things on your wordpress website like,

  • You can check and improve the on page SEO score of your blog posts.
  • You can check and manage all the broken links on your website.
  • This tool will also create XML sitemaps for your blog automatically.
  • This tool will also do an SEO audit of your website and give you a report of all the important issues.

It is not a big brainer on why rankmath is the best WordPress SEO plugin.

Because it is very powerful.

If you have a website on wordpress then I would highly recommend you to start using this amazing SEO plugin rankmath, there is also a premium version of this plugin that you can purchase and that can solve a lot of more problems and give you more options and solutions for your SEO journey and make your SEO easy at affordable prices.

6. Grammarly & Hemingway editor.



These two are amazing tools when it comes to content creation.

For those of you who do not know what grammarly and Hemingway editor is grammarly is a free Chrome extension that you can install on your browser and

what it does is that it will identify and autocorrect all the spelling mistakes that you have on your content like blog posts, it will also help you understand and set the tone of your blog post for your audience depending upon your interests and settings you configure.

And when it comes to Hemingway editor, it is a free tool for creating content and with this tool you can improve the readability of your blog posts.

All you have to do is to copy the blog post content that you have written on your blog and paste it in the Hemingway editor and it will give you a rough score of readability of your blog post.

You can improve the readability level of your blog posts by acting upon the recommendations which are given in the tool.

The ideal practice is to maintain readability level of 7th grade when you are writing a blog post.

The combination of these two tools can help you create amazing pieces of content for your blog posts for free.

7. Siteliner.


Siteliner is another popular freemium tool that you can call as another good alternative to some features of semrush.

With siteliner you can check different issues on your website mainly,

  • You can check all the duplicate content issues on your website.
  • You can also check all the broken links and redirects on your website.
  • You can also compare your average page loading speed, size and total number of words with other pages on the internet.

Siteliner is primarily and largely known for its duplicate content finding,

you can easily find all the words and text phrases that are duplicated on your website word by word and it will also give you a percentage of duplicate content on your website.

As mentioned earlier siteliner is a freemium tool, you can use the tool to scan over 250 pages on your website for free and if you have more than 250 pages on your website then you need to purchase the premium plan,

for every extra page beyond to 250 pages you will have to pay one cent which means,

for example if you have website of over 300 pages then you will have to pay extra 50 cents to siteliner in order to scan those 50 pages because remaining 250 pages are scanned free of cost and you can only scan a single website inside siteliner once for after every 30 days.

8. Google trends and Exploding topics.


If you have experience and knowledge in digital marketing and SEO, you must have heard and used the tool called Google trends.

Google Trends is a tool that Google offers which lets you know the trend and search volume of any keyword and phrase in Google search engine and on the internet in general so that

you can decide whether or not you should decide to target those keywords or niche for your blog posts.

Google Trends will give you a bird’s-eye view of how a Keyword phrase or topic is performing on the Internet and the interest of the topic among people and whether the interest is increasing or declining every year or based on a period of time, location.

Apart from that there is also another tool called exploding topics, 

This is an SEO tool owned by a SEO expert called Brian Dean from backlinko.

Using this amazing freemium tool, you can target lots of Keywords and topics before they become trends so that you can drive maximum traffic to your website from search engines.

Here is what exploding topics mean, Exploding Topics analyzes millions of searches, conversations and mentions across the internet. And find trends before they’re trends.

You also have the option to switch to a premium plan of exploding topics but because we are talking about the free alternative of semrush, let’s stick with free and with free plan.

A good idea would be like you first come up with idea that you first find on exploding topic and then you to search for amazing keyword ideas using tools like answer the public and ubersuggest and

check the keyword difficulty and target those keywords in your blog post, write quality articles and you can rank for those keywords in Google top positions and when the keyword gets to the peak according to exploring topics and becomes the trend,

You can drive lots of traffic to your website at the end.

9. Ahrefs webmaster tools.


Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is a recent update that the company announced which is available for all the webmasters and bloggers to use for absolutely free of cost.

Using this amazing tool of Ahrefs for free you can accomplish a lot of tasks of your blog like,

  • This tool will tell you all the technical errors and issues your website has like broken links, 404 errors, thin content, slow loading pages and it will also let you know how you can resolve the issues on your website and improve your SEO health score.
  • This tool will also tell you all the keywords that your blog post rank for and their search volume and difficulty levels.
  • Unlike other premium tools this tool will give you a list of all the referring domains and backlinks to your website and using this tool you can find all the toxic backlinks from the backlink profile and you can disavow them if you want.

If you have learnt using Google search console then you should probably also use this tool for your website because it will give you a better understanding and more detailed information about issues that you will not find with Google search console.

It is completely free and you don’t need to invest money in order to use this tool.

And while we are talking about Ahrefs tools, there are lots of free tools that Ahrefs offer which are also a great alternatives for semrush like,

  • Ahrefs backlinks checker- using this tool you can check the backlinks of any website on the internet, it is a free tool of Ahrefs so you will only get a limited amount of backlinks data of a particular domain name for free.
  • Ahrefs keyword checker- you can check the keyword position of any domain name in 229 different countries.
  • Ahrefs keyword generator- you can get a small list of Keyword ideas of any target keyword along with search volume and keyword difficulty for Google, bing, YouTube and Amazon depending upon the location you choose.
  • Ahrefs difficulty checker-you can check the keyword difficulty of any keyword to rank in top positions of Google and decide whether you should target the keyword, you will also get how many backlinks and different domains you need in order to rank in top positions of Google for that target keyword.
  • Ahrefs broken link checker- you can easily check and remove all the broken links on your website by using this free tool of Ahrefs, you can also use this tool to find broken links on your competitor websites so that you can build backlinks through broken link building.

Make sure that you definitely check out and start using the amazing free tools of Ahrefs.

10. Screaming frog.


Unlike other tools mentioned in the list, screaming frog is an application that you need to install on your desktop and what this tool does is that when you enter the domain name and website in this tool,

the tool will crawl the website and find out all the issues that the website has and gives you options and ways you can fix all the issues with your website.

It will crawl your website just like how search engine bots crawl and show you all the issues that your website has and how you can improve them.

You can do the following things with this amazing tool,

  • It will instantly crawl and identify all the broken links on your website so that you can resolve them.
  • It will find all the temporary and permanent redirects on your website so that you can fix them.
  • It will also Discover all the duplicate and low content pages on your website which are holding your performance in search engines.
  • It will also generate XML sitemap for Website instantly.

Of course there is a paid version to this amazing application that you can install on your website but the free version is good enough right now and you can easily do an SEO audit of your website with this tool for up to 500 urls,

for example if your website has more than 500 URLs then you have to purchase the premium plan in order to do SEO audit with this tool which costs around 150 UK pounds,

and you can easily install the application on your desktop from the official website of screaming frog and start running audits of websites for free.

11. Buzzsumo.


Apart from being the top SEO and PPC tool, semrush is also a social media marketing tool and helps you schedule and publish content on social media and

also find amazing content ideas to publish on social media and a good alternative for that which you can use for absolutely free is buzzsumo.

  • You can find lots of content ideas related to your target keyword which already have a lot of engagement in terms of social shares and traffic on the internet.
  • You can also track your performance of your website and find relevant influencers who can promote your business on social media platforms.

Of course you get a premium version with Buzz sumo which will give you lots of amazing opportunities along with a 30 day free trial or 100 searches limit but

in the free version of buzzSumo you have limited access to the results the tool gives and you only get 4 searches everyday for free.

These are all the popular alternatives to semrush for free of cost. With that said let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks;

There you go these are all the things you need to know about free alternatives to semrush.

Do comment down what you think about the blog post and alternatives to semrush, which tool you are going to try First.

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