6 reasons you should use bluehost for wordpress

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Why use bluehost for wordpress?


Bluehost is an American based web hosting company which offers different types of web hosting services along with domain registration for websites and e-commerce stores,

founded back in 2003 it is one of the top web hosting companies in the world and it manages over 2 million websites on the internet so far.

Whereas, wordpress is an open source content management system which was released in 2003 and it was created by a developer called Matt Mullenweg,

wordpress is the only content management system which powers more than 40% of the website on the Internet including mine, this is because wordpress is a complete solution for creating websites that has lots of options for customisation and it is highly flexible and scalable.

Now in order to create a website on wordpress you need web hosting and domain name because wordpress is an open source software which is free to use and we will look at why bluehost is a perfect option for building a website on wordpress especially for beginners.

There are 6 main reasons why you should use bluehost for wordpress websites.

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1. Recommended by WordPress.

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One of the most important reasons why you should use bluehost hosting is because it has been officially recommended by WordPress since 2005 which is approximately 15 years so far.

This is one of the biggest factors why you should use bluehost for wordpress websites especially for beginners, because your job will get easier by using bluehost mainly while handling the WordPress,

it does not necessarily mean that you need to buy only managed wordpress hosting of bluehost but even if you purchase the shared hosting of bluehost,

you will have similar performance and experience of using WordPress with bluehost, this is probably the reason why even WordPress recommends bluehost since 15 years as their top 3 web hosting companies.

2. Managed WordPress hosting.

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Apart from that, you should also use bluehost for wordpress because it offers managed wordpress hosting service other than shared and dedicated hosting, here are some amazing features of bluehost managed WP hosting service which is very great for beginners and WordPress users.

  • You can easily install the wordpress software on your hosting account with a single click, you don’t need to deal with all the technicalities of installing WordPress on your hosting account.
  • You also get free and automatic wordpress security updates.
  • Bluehost also offers a Staging website where you can test the changes on your website by creating a duplicate version before you make the changes on your live website.
  • Security of wordpress website is a huge deal, because wordpress is an open source content management system and highly vulnerable for hacks, your web hosting plays an important role to make your website secure and bluehost does a good job at it, they have constant Malware scanning, free SSL, SSH & SFTP access, Firewall protection, DDoS protection, hotlink protection, you can also activate and use two factor authentication for your bluehost account to make your account secure. 
  • You also get Jetpack and automatic daily backups in managed wordpress hosting of bluehost.

The only drawback i found is that you can only create one wordpress website in the managed hosting plan and if you want to create more websites then you need to purchase another hosting plan for the specific website on managed wordpress hosting of bluehost, and you have unlimited website options in shared hosting plans of bluehost but apart from that,

When you are a complete beginners to using wordpress it can be quite complicated and difficult for you to learn and implement the best practices on a wordpress website so bluehost offers a free service called blueflash,

It is a service where a wordpress expert and specialist will talk and assist you through all the important settings and themes and plugins,

you need to install based on your work, needs and interests if you have no idea how to do it yourself after purchasing Bluehost hosting. This is a great deal for beginners for using WordPress.

3. Great speed and uptime.

Your Website loading speed and uptime is also a huge important factor and also important for your wordpress website.

Your website loading speed is very important for 1 main reason, nobody on this planet earth would like to wait for a website to load. Due to the constant decline in the attention span of human beings we human beings want things to load and appear fast.

Because website loading speed will directly impact the user Experience so it is also an important factor to rank your blog in search engines. Considering all the things, take a look at the bluehost performance metrics and values.

After study and test of bluehost hosting, the average uptime of bluehost hosting for 12 month period is 99.96% and the average server response time is 688 ms.

Now, other than having a fast loading website and uptime. Bluehost offers lots of additional features that help in contribute to faster loading speed and uptime of the websites like,

  • It has SSD storage drives instead of HDD which help in contributing more speed and performance of the hosting servers.
  • It has integrated with cloudflare cdn which helps in improving the speed and uptime of a website.
  • It had advanced server level caching which also helps in loading websites faster.
  • It offers the latest PHP versions which is also an important factor in improving the speed and performance of wordpress websites.

All these things make bluehost one of the fastest wordpress hosting options.

Important note: Just because the bluehost hosting is quite fast and quick does not always relate to quick and fast loading speed of your website if you Host on bluehost because website loading speed will also depend on various factors like,

your website theme, html JavaScript files, images size/format used and plugins use on the website, but if you properly optimize your website for Speed and performance from your side, then you will have no issues with loading speed of a website if you use bluehost.

4. Easy to use.

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One of the important things to look in about Web Hosting companies is how easy it is to use Especially For Beginners and non-techies like me.

Thankfully bluehost offers a control panel which is very easy to use and clutter free.

You can easily use any feature in the C panel within a matter of a few clicks in the bluehost.

For example, if you use Bluehost shared hosting then you can easily install the wordpress on your website within a matter of few clicks and you can change different settings of wordpress website like PHP versions and gzip compression in a matter of clicks.

In the control panel of bluehost hosting you can manage the domain name and all the other important settings of domain name like renewals and transfer and,

you can also manage email accounts you can also create and delete new email accounts for your website. The control panel of bluehost in the dashboard is very easy to use and manage.

If you don’t like and enjoy the service of bluehost you can get your money back within 30 days after purchasing the hosting with no questions being asked.

And because Bluehost is also integrated with mojo Marketplace so you can get access to lots of of apps, themes and scripts that you can easily install and implement on your website within a matter of clicks but in most cases you need to buy the apps.

5. Good customer support.

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Customer support is also an important part in web hosting service because, when you are starting a website with WordPress, you will be dealing with lots of things.

You should learn the fact that WordPress is not just a simple blogging platform like blogger, it is a complete content management system where you can create lots of different things including a blog like online store and a membership website as well.

When you are absolutely new to using wordpress then you will definitely mess up things around with a wordpress website like,

  • You can mess up with plugins that can conflict and break down your website.
  • Your website can get hacked due to improper security measures from your side.
  • You mess up with some setting in the cpanel.
  • You can mess up changing the code of your website theme which can in turn change the appearance or break the website.

In such case, the only place you will look up to is the customer support of the web hosting company because it is going to be the most important asset for you to solve the problem when you are completely beginner to using WordPress.

And thankfully Bluehost offers lots of customer support options like, you get a 24/7 live chat, phone call, social media, and email support from bluehost.

Other than human level interaction in customer support you also have a lot of extensive and comprehensive resources at your fingertips.

There are a lot of blogs, guides, and video tutorials, which can come in handy while solving problems with your website.

In customer support wise I should say bluehost is definitely a good option to choose Especially For Beginners because it will be quite hard for them to use WordPress.

6. Extra features.

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Bluehost hosting is a good value for money because of the number of extra features that it offers in hosting package.

Here is a list of 3 extra features that bluehost hosting offers for free.

  • You get a free domain name of any extension of your choice for 1 year in all the hosting packages of bluehost so that you can save $15.
  • Bluehost also offers 1 website Migration of wordpress websites to its hosting for absolutely free of cost.
  • You can also sell unlimited products and services using bluehost managed hosting of wordpress website and receive payments to your website from 60 plus countries worldwide integrating with PayPal.

Because of all these amazing reasons I would highly recommend you to use bluehost hosting for your wordpress website Especially For Beginners who are new to using WordPress.

You can visit bluehost and buy the managed wordpress or shared hosting with my special link and activate the 65% discount on your hosting plan.

You can also read my ultimate guide on how to start a blog on wordpress using bluehost.

with that said let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks;

There you go these are all the things you need to know about why use bluehost for wordpress.

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