How to start a lifestyle blog and make money in 2022

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In this blog post you will learn what a lifestyle blog is and how to start a lifestyle blog and make money.

After reading this ultimate guide all of your queries and doubts regarding how to start a Lifestyle blog will be answered it is my guarantee.

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What is a lifestyle blog?

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A lifestyle blog is a type of blog where the author shares his or her interest and creates content from his own ideas, experiences , opinions and interests and adds value to other people’s life from his or her blogs and content.

Now lets see some popular examples of lifestyle blogs and then see why you should start a lifestyle blog and then how to start a lifestyle blog in practical steps and make money from it.

5 Examples of popular lifestyle blogs:

Here are 5 popular lifestyle blogs which you can have a look at and take inspiration from.

  1. Say yes-they write about home, travel and family life relationships related topics.
  2. A cup of Jo-they write about, design, travel, and relationships.
  3. Goop– they write about beauty, travel and health related topics.
  4. Love taza-they write about parenting, motherhood, wellness related topics.
  5. Wellness mama-they write about parenting, DIY household hacks and beauty tips related topics.

Now let’s see why you should start a Lifestyle blog.

Why should you start a Lifestyle blog or a blog in general?

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There are various many reasons why you should start a Lifestyle blog or any blog in general and I have written a detailed guide on why you should start a blog?

But to summarize it quickly, here is a list of 5 reasons you should start a Lifestyle blog or any blog in general.

  1. You can start a Lifestyle blog in order to make money, there are many Lifestyle bloggers who earn a lot of money every single month which you can only imagine earning that figure in one year from any job.
  2. You can become a blogger in order to share your ideas, opinions and experiences and you can also become an influencer to a particular group and build an audience of like minded people online.
  3. You can start a blog in order to improve your writing skills and communication skills and networking skills which you will learn and improve over the period of time.
  4. You can start a Lifestyle blog or any blog in general and you can live a purposeful and happy life because you will be helping different people worldwide by sharing your opinions, perspectives and information, as a blogger you will have the capacity to change the life of people with your blog worldwide.
  5. You can start a Lifestyle blog in order to grow yourself both mentally and physically, like in order to write blog posts you will have to read and understand different content and you can gain a lot of knowledge in the process which can help you alot at any point of time in your life.

These are all the five main reasons I have found because of which you should be starting a Lifestyle blog.

Now let’s look at and understand how you can start a Lifestyle blog and make money successfully.

How to start a lifestyle blog and make money?

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There are five important steps that you need to follow in order to start a Lifestyle blog and make money from it in 2021.

Let’s take a look at the steps in detail.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Important steps to take before starting a lifestyle blog.

Before you think about starting a Lifestyle blog and making money from it, you need to get a few things right in the first place and the most important thing among those is to decide on a topic and a right niche for your lifestyle blog.

Which topic are you going to choose to blog about and publish content around.

If you want to start a lifestyle blog where you want to share your own experiences and ideas and opinions about a subject or

you want to share your day to day life experience on your blog like a personal diary then you cannot expect to make money because you are not helpful to anyone.

You can only make money from your blog as long as you are helping someone solve their problem and query from your blog posts.

So now let’s get straight forward and decide how you can come up with the topic for your lifestyle blog that can attract visitors on the Internet to your blog and you can make money from them in future.

In order to come up with topics for your lifestyle blog you need to ask yourself a couple of key questions which are,

  • What is the topic that I am really interested in learning about in my day to day life?
  • Is the topic something people are searching for also?

Of course Lifestyle blog is all about sharing your own experiences and information as a person on what you have learnt from your day-to-day life but

you will also have to make sure that what you are sharing is actually helping the reader solve his or her problem on the internet.

Let’s for example there are different lifestyle blogging ideas like health, parenting, food, home decor, travel, beauty and skin care, fashion, business etc.

You can select any one of them depending upon your interest and before you decide the topic you must ask an important question to yourself which is,

Can i write atleast 50 blog posts on this topic on my blog, if yes then you should choose that topic.

You can use tools like Google Trends and other keyword research tools in order to find whether the people are actually searching for the topic on the Internet or not and then you can decide whether you should target that particular topic on your lifestyle blog or not.

After you checked and decided that people are searching for the topic and you are really interested and passionate about writing blog posts on a particular topic then you can move forward and select that topic.

A Pro tip:

When you are initially starting out as a Lifestyle blogger it is highly recommended that you select a narrow niche and topic for your blog.

For example if you have interest in topics like health and fitness, just choosing a broad topic like health and fitness can be quite difficult and not a good option for your lifestyle blog, by choosing a broad topic for your lifestyle blog, you will have to face a lot of issues like,

  • You can’t target a specific audience.
  • The competition is tough.
  • You can’t make a lot of money from it.
  • You can’t be a subject matter expert on it.
  • It is going to take a lot of time for you to be successful in that industry.

This is the reason why you should always select a narrow niche when you are initially starting out as a lifestyle blogger, you can easily grow faster and competition also will not be there very much.

A good example of a narrow niche in broad niche of health and fitness would be like, 

Healthy eating and nutrition for children or for people of a particular age.

Over the period of time when you establish the authority and a following and a good audience around your lifestyle blog in that narrow niche,

you can slowly expand your topic, go broader and increase the audience of your blog.

Now back to the point, Because you have interest and passion about the topic even if you don’t have any knowledge and skill about it at present you can learn and grow yourself on the topic and

share all the information and content that you have learnt along the way with your audience and continue publishing content on your blog without even seeing any results and

this way you can build a good audience and following on your blog and social media platforms in long term.

After you decide a topic for your blog then it’s important that you need to identify and understand your audience and their characteristics.

This is the second most important step you got to take.

For example if you select to start a Lifestyle blog on topics like skin care then in order to find and understand your target audience and their characteristics you need to ask a few important questions to yourself like,

  • What is the age and gender of my target audience?
  • What is the qualification and Employment status of my target audience?
  • Where does my target audience live?
  • What are the most important problems and pains my target audience faces?
  • What factors motivate your target audience buying decisions?

By understanding your target audience deeply and analysing their different characteristics you have a better idea and chance to connect with your audience through your blog post and content on social media platforms.

You can build a long lasting relationship and trust with your target audience on yourself if you are able to understand their pain points and if you are able to emphathize with your target audience properly.

And the third important step you need to take after you understand your target audience is to decide a unique selling proposition of your blog.

You need to ask yourself a simple question which is how can you make your lifestyle blog different and better from other blogs on the same topic on the internet and still continue to make money.

Of course when you are starting a Lifestyle blog on any topic there are very few chances that you are not going to be the only one blogging on the topic so,

you will have to come up with a unique selling proposition and differentiate yourself from your competition in order to attract your audience and build a following.

There are a couple of ways you can use to identify a unique selling proposition for your blog by,

  • Whenever you are writing a blog post for your audience in your lifestyle blog make sure that you differentiate your blog post style by adding your own experiences, voice and unique perspective and share your ideas to your audience.
  • If you want to sell a product to your audience from your lifestyle blog then you have to have a unique selling proposition and you can do this by showing how your audience can get benefited by purchasing your product and how your product is different from other products and help your audience better like in terms of price, value proposition, ease of use, performance, flexibility, etc.

For Example my blog’s unique selling proposition is that I always share actionable and highly practical and trusted information to online entrepreneurs on my blog in similar way,

you can decide your own unique selling proposition for your blog and that will help you differentiate from other blogs on the topic on the internet and that will also give readers and audience a reason to visit your blog over others.

Now after you complete all the three steps it’s time to get some work done and you need to start your lifestyle blog journey now by getting into the technical stuff of creating a blog.

Start a lifestyle blog?

Now that you have selected a topic and at theme of your lifestyle blog and it’s time to start a Lifestyle blog on a blogging platform and I would highly recommend you to start a blog on wordpress using bluehost hosting.

Now for those of you who do not know what wordpress is, it is a content management system which powers over 40% of the websites on the internet.

If you want to make money from your lifestyle blog then you have to invest money first by starting your blog on WordPress.

By using wordpress for your blog you can customise and monetize the website however you like and WordPress is an open source content management system which means you completely own your website.

Now in order to start a blog on wordpress you need something called domain and web hosting and a domain name is the name of your website whereas a web hosting is the place where your website will be stored on the internet.

There are many web hosting companies on the internet but I would highly recommend you to start a blog on bluehost hosting.

You will get lots of features like free domain name and highly optimised web hosting for wordpress by starting a blog on Bluehost.

Now while you select a domain name for your website here are 5 tips which can help you choose a domain name.

  1. Make sure that you choose domain name, it is old and good.
  2. Make sure the domain name is very short and sweet and it is easy to Remember and read.
  3. Avoid using any numbers, hyphens and brackets in your domain name.
  4. Don’t spend a lot of time thinking and coming up with a unique domain name you can instead try a name generator if you don’t find a new one yourself.
  5. Avoid buying exact match domain name because if you want to expand the niche of your blog in future then it becomes hard for you to do that, choose a broad domain name where there is a room to grow with your blogging niche in future.

You can get started on bluehost for as low as 2.95 dollars a month and you will also get a free domain name for 1 year with this link.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can decide a domain name and buy web hosting for your website using bluehost so that you can start a Lifestyle blog on WordPress.

Step1: First of all Visit bluehost with my special link and activate your 65% discount on your hosting plans.

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After you visit the bluehost official website click on get started as shown in the image above.

Step2: after you click on get started you will have four different shared hosting plans and you can select any one of the shared hosting plan but for now I will select the choice Plus plan because it has some amazing features at good prices.

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Step3: because you will be getting a free domain name with your bluehost for one year you can either select a free domain name here or you can select a domain name later it’s completely dependent upon yourself.

I will select a domain name now and click on continue, you can select a domain name later if you want by clicking on select domain later below.

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Step4: now you need to include all the relevant details and address information in Bluehost.


After you fill all the important details about your address which bluehost asks, scroll down below to decide your web hosting period and select if you want to buy the addons the bluehost offers.

Just uncheck all the addons the bluehost offers because all of these are not really worth it and you have a free alternative for this in WordPress plugins.


Step5: fill the card details and purchase the web hosting plan.

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After you purchase the hosting plan you will get email to your account with necessary login details which you can enter along with the password into the Bluehost account,

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 after that you can install wordpress with a single click and after you install WordPress I will lay down all the important steps you need to take below.

After you install and run wordpress on your website hosting, first of all you need to install a theme on your wordpress website and

you can do this by clicking on the appearance section and clicking on themes and then click on add new.

There are different types of wordpress themes that you can install but some of the most popular themes are astra, generatepress and Divi, all of these themes have their free versions and

you can also purchase their paid plans if you want but you can search for these themes in the search bar of themes in WordPress and install and activate these any one of the theme on your website.

Now there are lots of settings and configurations needed to do after installing and activating the theme of your website and I will not walk you through all the things you can read the below resources that have already been published on my blog.

Now you have successfully installed wordpress on your hosting account, now it’s time to get some real work done.

Start content writing.

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Now after you start a blog on wordpress for your lifestyle blog it’s time to start publishing relevant content and blog posts on your website.

If you are completely new to blogging you can read my blog on how to write a blog post for beginners and important blogging mistakes to avoid doing.

I will share with you a couple of helpful tips in order to start writing content for your lifestyle blog.

  1. Before you start writing blog posts you first need to do keyword Research and find the topics that people are searching for on the Internet so that you can target those topics and write blog posts related to those and drive traffic to your website from social media and search engine and you can read my blog for that on how to do keyword research.
  2. You need to publish content on a regular basis like at least 3 blog post every week when you are initially starting out on your new blog and it will help you build more authority and credibility from Google and it will also increase the chances of getting traffic to your website faster.
  3. Make your blog visually appealing by including lots of beautiful and attractive images frequently, you can also use infographics and beautiful graphics and post them on your blog and you can use tools like Canva to do this.
  4. Choose a simple theme and the font size must be around 16 pixels to 18 pixels. This will make your blog easy to read for the audience on any device.
  5. Always build quality backlinks to your website from other websites using strategies like guest posting and broken link building.

Now after you write a blog post it’s time to optimise your blog posts for SEO and because we are starting a blog on wordpress you can install an SEO plugin called rank math which can help you optimise your blog post on page SEO easier.

After you make all the necessary changes on your blog post it’s time to publish the blog post on your website.

After you have a bunch of blog posts on your website like at least 15 to 20 high quality blog posts

it’s time to do the marketing of your website and promote it on different social media platforms and bring some people on your website.

Get your blog out in the public.

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Now after you start a Lifestyle blog and start publishing content on your blog it’s time to get your blog out in the public and

you can do this by sharing your blog on different social media platforms especially on Instagram and Pinterest because we are especially talking about a Lifestyle blog.

You can easily grow a large audience and follower on these two social media platforms for your lifestyle blog.

For example if you start a lifestyle blog on the topics related to health and fitness then you can drive lots of traffic to your website from Pinterest and

you can also build a lot of following and audience on Instagram because these topics are highly popular on these platforms.

You can use graphic design tools like canva to create beautiful Pinterest pins and attractive Instagram posts which you can publish on these platforms.

You can also use tools like hootsuite to schedule and publish content on these social media platforms consistently.

Apart from that you can also use medium to republish your content.

For those of you who do not know what medium is, medium is an online content publishing platform which has a traffic of over 150 million plus worldwide and it is one of the top 25 social media platforms according to buffer.

You can easily export whatever the content that you have published on your blog to medium and to avoid duplicate content issues, medium also gives you a Canonical tag to your blog.

You will also have to learn Search Engine Optimisation and optimise your blog post so that you can get traffic from Google.

When you start promoting your blog actively on different social media platforms and channels and when you start getting traffic to your blog along with search engines then you can think about monetization.

How to make money from lifestyle blogs?

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In order to make money from your lifestyle blog there are many popular ways you can choose which I will explain below.

  1. Obviously you can display and show ads on your website and make money  by joining relevant ad networks like AdSense and Ezoic.
  2. You can also accept and publish sponsored content on your website from different brands and companies of your industry.
  3. You can also sell relevant affiliate products to your audience by joining affiliate networks like Amazon Associates and shareasale and make money whenever people purchase the product through your affiliate link within a period of time.
  4. You can also start consultation and coaching services depending upon your lifestyle blog niche and audience type and charge a specific amount of money for hourly rates for consultation.
  5. You can also sell your own physical and digital products on your website depending upon your niche. You can easily create an online store on wordpress with woocommerce.
  6. You can also become a brand ambassador of a company and make money, and because you will be an influencer to your audience you can start promoting their products and increase the brand awareness of the company on your blog and on your social media channel like instagram.

This is how you can make money from your lifestyle blog.

Now i think i have answered all the queries regarding how to start a lifestyle blog and make money.

With that said let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks;

These are all the important steps you need to take in order to start a Lifestyle blog.

Do comment down and let me know if you are starting a lifestyle blog or not.

Consider sharing the blog post with your family and friends if you have found it helpful.

Sharing is caring.

I will catch you next time till then keep learning and keep growing.