WordPress personal vs premium vs business plan: A quick comparison

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Comparison between different wordpress plans.

wordpress personal vs premium vs business

Here are 5 different plans comparison of wordpress.

Plan and price



Free – 0 rs.

– free domain with a subdomain attached.

– free security & backups.

– Free storage up to 3gb.

– You don’t own the website.

– WordPress shows ads & links on your website.

– You have limited themes and plugins.

– Less customization  & monetization.

– No support from the wordpress team.

Personal-160 rs.

– 6gb storage.

– free themes.

– Ads of wordpress on your website are removed.

– basic level of customization of the website.

– unlimited email support

– you can’t install plugins.

–  You can’t install themes.

–  wordpress.com branding link on your website is not removed.

– No FTP access.

– You can’t use google analytics.

Premium-280 rs.

– Jetpack’s essential features.

– Free custom domain and SSL for a year.

– 13gb storage for free.

– live chat support.

– unlimited premium themes and templates.

– Advance design customization.

– Integrate with google analytics.

No FTP access.

– You can’t install plugins and upload themes.

– WordPress.com branding link at the footer of your website is not removed.

– You can’t download the backup.

– No access to SEO tools of wordpress.

Business-640 rs.

– 200 GB storage for free.

– Remove ads and wordpress branding links.

– Unlimited free and paid themes.

– Use SEO tools by wordpress.

– Better video support.

– Install and upload themes and plugins.

– Download backup and FTP access.

– No eCommerce features.

– No personalized expert support sessions.

Ecommerce- 1152 rs

– All business plan features.

– Product selling.

– SEO tools and themes free and premium.

– 200 GB of storage.

– Expensive.

Here is the overview of the plan and also whether plans are worth the price or not explained.

Different wordpress plans overview.

wordpress personal vs premium vs business

Here are all the 5 plans of wordpress discussed in detail.

Keep reading.

WordPress free plan overview.

If you want to start a blog on wordpress.com free plan then you can start without investing a penny.

You have,

  • Free domain name with a subdomain attached.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Free backups and security of your website.
  • Good hosting speed and uptime of your website.

You should not worry much about your website but what you should consider is,

You won’t have the chance to download any themes and plugins for your website

WordPress shows its ads and a link that shows the website is created on wordpress.com as branding on your website

Technically you don’t own the website you create on wordpress.

You are very limited in terms of the customization you can do on your website.

It is very similar to blogger and Tumblr like it is a free blogging platform.

Is it worth it?

If I ask you one straight forward question, is building your website on wrodpress.com is worth it or not?

I would say, it is not.

The main reason is you don’t own the website you build.

Another thing is there are wordpress ads all over the website.

Another reason is that you have fewer themes and no plugins to access which is very limited and you should not expect much from a free platform.

You can’t integrate google analytics, that’s a disappointing factor about the free version of wordpress.

Overall, I would not recommend you going with a wordpress free platform.

WordPress personal plan overview. 

The price of the personal plan in wordpress is around 160rs INR.

What you get for that price is,

  • Free custom domain with SSL.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Free themes, wordpress ads are removed.
  • You can get payment by selling products on your website,

Is it worth it?

You don’t have access to any of the plugins and analytics,

You are very limited in terms of customization of the website.

You don’t have access to FTP and download the backups of your website.

Although you have very restrictions in terms of what you can do but compare to the free plan and the price of a personal plan I don’t think the wordpress personal plan is worth it.

WordPress premium plan overview.

In the premium wordpress plan, you get,

  • You obviously have a free domain and SSL.
  • You have access to premium themes and templates.
  • You can integrate with google analytics & advanced social media analytics to schedule your posts & updates.
  • You can sell stuff using the pay with PAYPAL button.
  • You have live chat support along with email support.
  • You have 13 GB of free storage.

When you are talking about the cons, you first have to understand,

  • You still can’t download plugins and upload themes.
  • You can’t download backup and get FTP access.
  • WordPress.com’s branding link is not removed from your website footer.

Is it worth it?

If you compare the plan with what you get, the main con of that premium plan is that you can’t install plugins on your wordpress website.

That is really something which can make a big difference but if you just want to go with wordpress.com.

You should choose the premium plan instead of the personal plan because you have better features and options as compared to personal.

Is it worth it,

I say, both yes and no.

You can get self-hosted wordpress for your website without any restrictions on hosinger at the same price you get the premium plan in wordpress.com.

What makes the wordpress premium plan worth it is the support you get, if you go self-hosted on your own servers, you have to hang up on forums and watch wordpress tutorials to solve problems on wordpress all by yourself.

But having a premium plan you have live chat support and that can solve any issue of your regarding WordPress.

You also have premium themes and advanced customization on your website.

And that’s great with the premium plan of wordpress.

WordPress business plan overview.

With a wordpress business plan, you have all the features that are missing in premium and personal plans.

Here are some quick benefits of a wordpress business plan.

  • FTP access and download backup.
  • Better support.
  • Install plugins and upload themes.
  • Video support and wordpress SEO tool.
  • Remove wordpress ads and links.
  • 200 GB storage.

The only con is that you don’t have personalized expert support sessions.

Considering the business plan with a premium plan of wordpress.

You have access to FTP, backups, plugins, and SEO tool and support.

These make a huge difference in terms of what you can do on a WordPress website.

You know, the bad thing about the whole plan is that it is really expensive.

Is it worth it?

You can go self-hosted in half the price you spend on a wordpress business plan but you lack,

  • Incredible support.
  • Premium themes and plugins.
  • Awesome security of the website.

With wordpress.com business plan if you go self-hosted you might end up paying for premium themes and plugins but you get many premium themes for free on the business plan.

I think the wordpress business plan is worth the price and the plan.

WordPress e-commerce plan overview.

There is nothing much to talk about it.

You have all the business plan features but mainly you have expertly personalized support sessions in your plan.

That’s the addon to your e-commerce plan.

And you have all the features you would expect with an e-commerce website on your plan.

  • You can accept payments from more than 60 countries.
  • You have premium themes.
  • You can sell unlimited products.
  • You have e-commerce marketing tools.

The only con is that price is slightly higher and expensive.

Is it worth it?

Without a doubt. it is worth it.

The only question is if you want an online store you can blindly go with an e-commerce plan if not just stick with a business plan.

WordPress personal vs premium vs business plan: which is the best & why?

Among the different plans, you have with wordpress.com.

I think the best WordPress plan is the premium plan in terms of both price and features.


  • You have access to unlimited premium themes.
  • You can start selling products on your website with a simple PayPal button and receive payments.
  • You have advanced design customization with complete control of the CSS of your website.
  • You have unlimited email support with free domain and SSL.
  • You can earn money through wordads advertisement on your website.

What some important features you lack with a premium plan are:

  • You cant install plugins and upload themes.
  • You cant download a backup of your website.
  • You cant access to FTP and database of your website with the server.
  • You don’t have 24/7 live chat support.
  • Though there are no wordpress ads, you have a wordpress.com branding link in the footer of your website.

Comparing with other plans in wordpress overall, the wordpress premium plan stands out and is the most popular and best plan in wordpress paid plans you can buy.

It is good in terms of support, security, and wordpress features.

2 reasons not to use wordpress.com to build your website? 

is wordpress worth it

Let’s get straight forward here,

The reasons why you should not use wordpress.com overall to build your website is,

  1. Price.
  2. Ownership.

Let me explain the reasons in detail.


You see, in the premium plan, you can start your own self-hosted website on opensource cms wordpress.

The money it costs in the premium plan is enough to build a self-hosted wordpress website.

You can use hostinger to build your website on wordpress for just 2000 rs a year

You don’t have any restrictions on plugins and themes you can use on wordpress.org.

You have good support on forums but not the one like on the premium plan of wordpress.com.

The security of your website is dependent on yourself and your web hosting.


By going self-hosted on your wordpress website you own the website.

But having your website built on wordpress.com means though you have your website built on a premium plan you still don’t have complete ownership of the website.

Read the following image carefully.


It is the terms and conditions of the wordpress.com website.

They clearly stated that they can and will limit or delete access to your website if it violates T&C.

And that too,

With or without notice.

You own the website going self-hosted on wordpress, not wordpress.com.

So no one can delete your website other than yourself.

Ending remarks.

There you go, I have answered all the queries regarding wordpress personal vs premium vs business plan.

Comment down which plan of wordpress you want to purchase.

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