Advantages and disadvantages of blogging

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What is a blog and its advantages and disadvantages?

what is a blog and its advantages and disadvantages

A Blog is an informational website.

The one you are reading is the blog.

The one who runs a blog and writes content and manages the blog is called a blogger and the work is called blogging.

A blog is different than a website, a blog is a frequently updated website.

The main purpose of the blog is to provide useful and relevant information to people and engage the audience on the website and earn money.

There are different types of blogs focusing on different niches.

For example, there are blogs focusing on topics such as,

  • Food.
  • Fashion.
  • Health.

If you want to start a blog but don’t know which topic to start on, read my blog on how to select a niche for your blog.

Now learn the advantages and disadvantages of blogging.

3 Advantages of blogging.

Here are 3 advantages of blogging you should know if you want to start a blog.

Here is a quick overview.

  1. You can earn money.
  2. It increases credibility.
  3. You can live a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Let’s learn the advantages in detail.

1. You can earn money.

future and growth in blog vs podcast

This one I feel to be the biggest advantage of blogging.

It is that you can actually earn money blogging.

The way you earn money blogging is not rocket science.

It is through,

  1. Placing ads on your website.
  2. Selling affiliate products on your website.
  3. selling digital products on your website.
  4. Doing paid consultations.
  5. Selling online courses and memberships.

There are people who are earning millions through blogging, using some of the above monetization methods.

Financial gain is one of the biggest advantages I would say in blogging if you are in it in the longterm.

Well thinking you can earn money does not translate to you can earn money easily, it needs a lot of dedication, hard work and patience.

And you need to first invest money in getting the right tools for your blogĀ  such as,

  1. Web hosting.
  2. Domain name.
  3. SEO tools.

If you have no clue what web hosting is read my guide on web hosting where I have explained everything you need to know about Webhosting.

Read my guide on domain name where I have explained everything you need to know about the domain name.

If you are wondering which blogging platform to start your blog on, I would highly suggest you start with

Read my blog on why blogging platform is the most important thing and why you need to invest in wordpress.

You need to invest some money in SEO tools as well.

But comparing the return of the investment in blogging is really worth it.

You should really invest money to earn money in blogging and believe me it is one of the best online businesses where you can start a business in the least investment possible with high ROI.

2. It increases credibility.

expert in podcast

You know when you are actually blogging readers view you as the expert on the topic and it increases your trust with the audience and builds your influence on them.

You know blogging is one of the most important strategies in content marketing and finding new clients if you already have a business.

  1. Blogging helps you build a level of expertise in yourself on the topic.
  2. Blogging helps you gain confidence.
  3. Blogging helps you help people genuinely.
  4. Blogging helps you get new clients to your business by ranking on search engines globally.
  5. Blogging helps you gain influence and build an online community of like-minded people.
  6. Blogging helps you increase your fame and popularity.
  7. Blogging helps you take charge of your life and time.

There are incredible benefits of blogging if you haven’t started you should start.

Read my guide on why blogs are important for business and SEO.

3. You can learn many skills and live a meaningful full life.

What amazing about blogging is that you not just write content. you are actually improving yourself every day by growing your knowledge and upgrading your skills.

With blogging, you can learn many other important skills such as,

  1. Content marketing skills.
  2. Copywriting skills.
  3. Web design.
  4. SEO.
  5. Communication skills.
  6. Networking skills.
  7. Most importantly Discipline.

You know, I feel the most important skill you will learn is a discipline in blogging.

Coming back to the advantages, you will live a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Your every blog post if it is good quality will be recognized and rewarded and fruit you money every month and year.

The calculation of the time you spend your work equal to the money you get does not work anymore.

It is that more time you spend creating a much useful resource, you can enjoy the fruit of your labor a couple of years after it.

It is totally different from what you have with a 9-5 job.

With blogging, you can see exponential growth in your life, career, and finances and more importantly you live a boss-free life.

You can live wherever you want and work from any part of the world you want to, unlike a job.

You have the flexibility in work-life and you can spend time with your family and children at the same time.

With blogging, every day you are actually gaining knowledge and creating content, and being a part of the internet.

With blogging, you can share your views and thoughts freely without restrictions and give an outlet for your creativity.

You are actually helping someone in need.

4 Disadvantages of blogging.

Here are 4 disadvantages of blogging.

  1. There is a lot of competition.
  2. There is always uncertainty.
  3. People might not understand your work.
  4. You need to deal with a lot of technical stuff.

Let’s learn each reason in detail.

1 . There is a lot of competition.



There are over a billion blogs on the internet and over 4 million blog posts are released on the internet every day.

That is massive.

You have so many blogs out there that is enormous.

And there are over 547200 websites are created every day.

That is gigantic.

Everybody on the internet is fighting for that attention of the audience very badly.

Because there is a lot of competition in blogging in general.

You need to put that extra effort and invest extra time and money in blogging to see some fruitful results on your blog.

It is not that easy at all.

When you are starting out in blogging it is almost like a ghost town and nobody visits your website.

Google said that new website rankings will fluctuate in google rankings.

So you need a lot of motivation and discipline and invest a lot of time and energy in blogging without being able to see results.

It is really bad.

Read my guide on how to select the right niche for blogging and have a great start in blogging.

Read my guide on blogging mistakes you should avoid and save years of your time in blogging.

  • There is always uncertainty.

When you are blogging mainly you look for higher rankings in search engines to get more traffic.

It is the case with all the people but what’s the uncertainty is that.

Google which is the largest search engine in the world always changes and updates its ranking algorithm.

Google does this in order to present the most relevant results for the users and give the best result possible for users but with bloggers..

You are always biting your nails hoping not to get hit and lose rankings and traffic.

It is a very common thing with bloggers.

It is always an uncertainty of,

  1. Traffic.
  2. Income.
  3. Rankings.

Because one update from google can tank your traffic and rankings and income a lot.

This has happened in the past many times with hundreds and hundreds of bloggers.

Some major google updates like,

  1. Google panda.
  2. Google penguin.
  3. Google hummingbird.
  4. Google featured snippets.
  5. Medic and YMYL update.

There are different reasons and purposes for each update from google all serving the main purpose.

Giving the most highly authoritative, relevant, and correct answer to the search query of people in search results and punishing sites that try to trick Google for more traffic.

Altogether it is always an uncertainty of income and traffic.

If not your website might get hacked and you don’t have knowledge or backup of your website.

You are not always in control of your blogging life.

3. People might not understand your work.

Well, when someone asks you what you do,

It gets difficult to explain what you do and the chances of getting misunderstood are relatively high.

The problem with this thing is that you would have to be lonely with your work.

The problem there are high chances of ending up with mental problems.

A lot of lonely work without being able to share the problem with your friends and family members mainly is one of the worst feelings you can experience during the low times of your blogging journey.

Spending more time in front of computers and social media can cause a lot of obesity and back pains.

It is my own personal experience with blogging for a year now.

Blogging largely for most people on the internet is a lonely pursuit.

4. You need to deal with a lot of technical stuff.

advantages and disadvantages of tumblr

Look a blog is an informational website.

When you are blogging It means you are actually maintaining a website and adding content to it.

The problem with it is,

You need to deal with a lot of technical stuff such as,

  1. Html work of your website.
  2. Website design and structure.
  3. Website coding and javascript.
  4. Customization and settings of your servers and website.
  5. Data management and website security.

Well, if you are a non-techy guy like me, you better know this upfront.

You will have to deal with a lot of technical stuff with your website.

You can skip it by hiring a freelancer for you but it is not the option for the majority of bloggers.

You need to learn and have some knowledge and experience in coding and HTML work on the website so that you won’t get a nervous breakdown during the problems on your website.

Well, it is totally not a big issue, you can easily deal with things but mainly for beginners, and especially those who are not very experienced in these HTML work like me, it is really terrific.

With that let’s end the blog,

Ending remarks.

There you go, I have answered all the queries regarding what is a blog and its advantages and disadvantages for people and students.

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