How to rank website in specific country & audience like USA

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How to target country specific audiences & traffic on blog & website like USA audience?

There are 10 different ways you can target country specific audience and drive traffic to your website or blog.

I have taken the example of the United State of America in this blog and

I will let you know how you can drive traffic to your website from the USA specifically because the audience from these countries have more purchasing power and they convert well in Affiliate marketing and they are also very attractive for advertisers.

Let’s take a look at all the ways in detail and how we can do it.

1. Target Local keywords.

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Keyword research in the most important part of content marketing and blogging and if you target certain type of Keywords which only US traffic and audience will search for on search engines like Google then,

if you are able to rank for the keyword in Google top positions then you can drive lots of traffic to your website from your specific location in this place USA.

Take a look at some of the examples of local keywords that people search for from audience of USA.

  • best seo company in new york.
  • how to become lawyer in usa.
  • best food recipes in los angeles.

If you write high quality blog post related to these keywords and do SEO properly and if you are able to rank for this keyword then you can definitely drive lots of targeted traffic from USA to your blog and website.

But make sure because you are targeting these local keywords, you should optimise your blog post content for the local people and make sure that you use proper words and sentences that those local people speak in their life.

2. Country level Website backlinks.

Another popular way to drive traffic to your website from a particular country is through getting backlinks from those countries based websites.

For Example if you want to target US based audience and drive traffic to your website from USA then you should probably build a bunch of backlinks and referring domains from different websites which are based on America audience primarily.

You can use many tools like similar web, semrush and Ahrefs to analyse different websites rankings and determine whether a particular website has a lot of audience and traffic from USA by

looking at their keyword rankings in that particular country and traffic from the above tools and then you can decide whether or not you should build backlinks from that site.

You will not only get additional traffic and link juice from the backlinks from those websites to your website but your overall ranking of your blogs will increase in those country specific search engines.

You can use many popular link building strategies in order to get backlinks from these websites and some of the popular strategies are just guest posting and broken link building.

You can check all the popular ways to build high quality backlinks to your website here.

3. Domain name extension.

If you want to target a specific country audience for your blog and website like USA in this case then when you are registering a domain name for your website make sure that,

you include a country specific domain extension in your domain name which can give you Upper Hand and more chance to drive traffic from that specific location.

Depending upon your desired location you can use country code top level domain names like,

  • for the United Kingdom.
  • .us for America.
  • .au for Australia.
  • for India.
  • .fr for France.

This can also increase your percentage of getting traffic from that specific location audience.

You can easily purchase the domain names of these extensions from top registrars like bluehost and Godaddy for very cheap prices.

4. Use Google trends.

You can use many tools like Google trends in order to find what is the trending topic in USA and you can target those popular keyword from Google trends depending upon your desired location and target that topic in your blog and

if you are able to rank in Google top positions for those keywords, you can drive lots of traffic to your website from that specific location.

For example lets search for topic,

Affiliate marketing in google trends.

target country specific audience

We know the topic has good trend and you can see the squared box as related queries and you can target those queries in your blog posts which have been searching by people quite heavily.

This is how you can use google trends to drive traffic from specific location to your website.

5. Use Google search console.

Google search console is a free tool that Google offers for webmasters so that they can analyse their website performance in Google search engine like clicks and Impressions of their website.

Apart from this, you can check lots of things of your website like, your website keyword rankings, what is the majority of audience country are coming to your website, you can also check the gadgets people are using to visit your website.

Interestingly there is a feature called international targeting in Google search console.

What you can do with it is that, 

With this feature you can choose any country  and tell Google that it is a Priority for Google to show your blog ranking in those countries specific search results so that you can drive maximum traffic to your website from that specific country.

target country specific audience

All you need to do is to log into your Google search console account and click on legacy report in the sidebar and click on international targeting and you can select any country audience as your primary audience and click on save changes.

6. Use social media.

You can use many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and medium in order to drive traffic to your website from specific locations worldwide,

There are some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter which have a lot of audience from countries like USA, but it is quite hard to drive traffic to your website from these locations because,

the organic reach of these platforms is very low and these platforms are highly competitive whereas there are other social media platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr and

Reddit which are also listed among the top social media platforms of United States and you can drive lots of traffic to your website compared to the other social media platforms.

You can use many graphic design tools like Canva to create beautiful pins that you can publish on Pinterest and link all those pins to your blog post that you published on your website and whenever people click on your pins in pinterest they land on your website directly.

You can also use platforms like tumblr and Reddit to republish your existing content on this platforms and link back to your original website as a source and if the readers wants to learn more about the topic they can visit your website.

7. Run PPC ads.

Many social media platforms organic reach is declining every year,

in such a case if you have your target audience using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and you want to drive traffic to your website from specific country locations like America then you can also run paid advertisements on the social media platforms.

PPC ads are paid advertisement campaigns that you can run on many platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and target different locations worldwide.

For those of you who do not know what PPC is it is called as pay per click which means every time a visitor Clicks on your ad on the site, you need to pay money to the platform, 

The PPC value varies on many things like,

  • Which country audience are you targeting?
  • The competition with other advertisers for that Keyword on the platform?
  • What is your website niche?

But if you want to use a paid PPC ads method, you need to pay money for each visitor who visits your website from the specific location that you targeted.

You will continuously get traffic to your website from running paid ads as long as you continue paying the Platforms.

8. Use Local SEO.

If you have an eCommerce Store or a local business and any general store then you can use local SEO like Google my business.

You can add relevant information about your business like mobile number, address and all other relevant details about your business.

Because a lot of people use search engines like Google to find and locate relevant local shops and restaurants and other businesses near their area before they visit them.

As a matter of fact, 

50% of “near me” Google searches done via mobile result in a store visit.

You can also create relevant social media profiles of your local business so that,

you can stay interacted with your audience, Ask them for their feedback and experience when they visit your business and get more reviews that can help people read your reviews and visit your Store more often over others.

9. Submit your website with local search engines.

Another popular method to drive traffic to your website from a country specific audience is by submitting your website to different local search engines and web directories.

Here is a list of all the local search engines that you can use and submit your website to other than Google.

By submitting your website to other search engines and web directories you can get additional traffic to your website from people who are not using Google but searching for things from your target location using various other alternative search engines like bing and duckduckgo.

10. Web hosting server location.

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Your website hosting server location will also play an important role to drive traffic to your website from a specific country audience.

For example if you want to target it and drive traffic to your website from countries like United States of America,

you should choose a server which is located near America and you can choose many popular hosting providers like bluehost which has all of its servers located in the USA.

By choosing the server location Which is located nearly to your primary audience it can help you reduce the loading speed of your website and

when people visit your website from your primary country your website will load fast because the server is located very close to the audience location.

And we all know that website loading speed is a huge ranking factor and this can positively affect you to get more traffic to your website from a particular location and country in the long-term.

For those of you who do not have their webhosting servers located to their primary audience, you can use content delivery network like cloudflare,

it is a network of servers which are connected worldwide and a copy of your website will be stored on the servers so that,

whenever people visit your website from any part of the world the closest server which is connected to the CDN will send the website request to the user so the loading speed can get reduced.

There you go, these are all the popular methods and strategies which you can use to drive traffic to your website from specific locations and audience worldwide.

With that being said let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks;

These are all the popular methods you can  use to drive traffic to your website from a specific locations worldwide.

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