Is HTML CSS & JavaScript enough to get a job & web development?

In this article let’s take a look to see if learning HTML CSS and JavaScript is enough to get a job and for web development, create a beautiful looking website or not in detail.

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Is learning HTML CSS and JavaScript enough to get a job & worth it?

Yes, learning HTML css & JavaScript is worth it and you can definitely get a job by learning these three languages.

Basically by learning HTML css and JavaScript and some frameworks and libraries of JavaScript like angular, bootstrap and react you can learn & become a front end developer and get a job as well.

If you basically see the function of each language like HTML is used for structuring the data like adding headings images buttons links paragraphs tables lists and other things whereas CSS is used for adding colours fonts layouts, styling purposes and JavaScript is used for making the website more interactive and adding dynamic behaviour on the website.

So as you can see you can definitely create a basic website for many small businesses and companies like startups using your knowledge of front-end development.

But I would like to mention something quickly here that it is more important for you to show your skills by working on some projects and sharing your projects on platforms like GitHub rather than just learning the skill with any programming website like free code camp or code academy or udemy course and apply for a job because there are so many people who are good at front end development of the website as learning HTML css and JavaScript is actually not very hard so if you want to stand out and get a job then you will have to practise your skills and create some projects like some websites that you can show to your employer.

And let me tell you from my own experience of learning front end development it is not very hard and difficult to learn HTML and CSS, You can easily learn both HTML and CSS within a couple of months and JavaScript might take you three or four months more time to learn and you can easily learn the front end development within 6 or 8 months if you regularly practise it from various online websites like code academy and free code camp, learning front end is much more easy and fast as compared to learning backend languages like Python and Java.

Should i learn html and css before javascript?

Yes you should definitely learn HTML and CSS before JavaScript because first of all learning HTML and CSS is actually very easy for beginners because it is not a programming language, HTML is used for structuring the website or web page by creating text paragraphs tables images and CSS is used for colouring and learning this languages would not take you more than a couple of months as I mentioned earlier, there are many free online websites where you can learn this languages and you not face many bugs and errors while learning these, and by learning HTML and CSS first it helps you understand front end development more easily and you will get used to coding by learning HTML and CSS first before JavaScript because JavaScript is a real programming language unlike HTML and CSS so it is going to be a little tough and hard to learn compared to the previous ones so HTML and CSS is definitely something you should be learning first because it is easy to learn, beginner friendly, and it is the right path of learning web development or front end development at least.

And after you learn JavaScript you can then learn any JavaScript frameworks like those I mentioned earlier and move to backend development if you want and become a full stack developer by learning languages like Python and Java.

What are the jobs you can get by learning html css and javascript?

Now that you know you can get a job by learning HTML CSS and JavaScript, you may be wondering that what are the jobs you can get if you have the knowledge of these three languages then let me tell you a few job opportunities you can get like,

  1. Front end developer
  2. Back end developer
  3. Full stack developer
  4. Front end engineer
  5. Freelance web developer
  6. UI/UX designer
  7. Website project manager

The salary of the jobs will vary upon the experience and the skills.

Apart from being a front end developer, you can also become a backend developer or become a full stack web developer in general because JavaScript is one of three languages you will be learning & JavaScript is the most popular programming language for web developers in the world because according to study, more than 90% of the websites on the internet use JavaScript in web development and there are more than 30 million JavaScript developers in the world.

Unlike most programming languages JavaScript is one such programming language which is used for both front and back end of the website which means that you can use JavaScript for both front end and back end and become a full stack developer as well by learning JavaScript and the frameworks and libraries of it like react and angular JS.

So by learning HTML CSS and JavaScript you can work on some projects and show this projects to your employer and get your job as front end developer or backend developer or full stack developer and you can also become a UI UX developer.

Basically (UI means user interface and UX is user experience) developer so by learning HTML CSS and JavaScript and having a good knowledge and grasp on this languages you can get these job opportunities as well because user interface developer mostly work with JavaScript and their main job is to make the website or the software look visually appealing like buttons,sliders,colours, graphics, using the help of front end languages and graphic design skills and user experience developers also do similar work using the front end language help like JavaScript and CSS.

You can easily apply for these jobs on platforms like indeed, glassdoor, linkedin, monster, stack overflow, github, etc.

Now let me tell you that if you just want to be a front end developer then there is a lot of competition out there in the market because learning front end languages is very easy and there is low barrier to entry, so instead of applying for a job you can just become a freelancer or platforms like upwork or you can work for startups and small businesses and help them create website for their business like web development agency using your front end language skills.

Now I guess you have learnt what jobs you can get by learning HTML CSS and JavaScript.

Is HTML and CSS enough to get a job?

So I think you can definitely get a job by learning HTML and css alone but I don’t think it is worth it because first of all it is very easy for anyone to learn HTML and CSS, there are not many jobs out there which give good salaries only with html css, and learning this both languages can take you not more than 2 months long.

Now as I already mentioned earlier that HTML is used for structuring the website or web page like adding headings images tables text paragraphs links and all of the stuff whereas CSS is used for colours layouts fonts etc things so basically these 2 are not programming languages these are just very basic markup and normal languages in web development.

And if you see frontend developers are basically developers who have the knowledge of both HTML CSS and JavaScript so there are a lot of developers who have knowledge of both the 3 languages and They have higher chance of getting hired for job because they have more skills than you as I mentioned earlier JavaScript is most popular programming language in the world as it is used in more than 90% of the websites on the internet and use it for both front and back end of the website.

But anyways if you only want to learn HTML and CSS and want to get a job then here are some job opportunities you can get like,

  1. HTML email developer
  2. Technical virtual assistant
  3. Email marketing specialist
  4. Entry level web developer
  5. Website support specialist
  6. WordPress developer 
  7. UI UX designer 

These are some possible job opportunities you can get by learning HTML and CSS but after getting a job it is highly recommended that you learn further languages like JavaScript and the frameworks of it like angular and react that I mentioned earlier which are most popular at the moment and you should be working on some projects and share it on platforms like GitHub and regularly interact and build a network on LinkedIn with other developers to get jobs in future.

With that said let’s conclude the article.


These are all the things you need to know about learning HTML CSS and JavaScript.

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