How to get Backlinks from EDU sites?

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What are Edu backlinks?


Edu backlinks are backlinks that you receive from .edu domain Websites,

These are the most popular educational institution websites on the internet.

These are websites of universities and colleges for graduations.

Read why backlinks are important in general.

Why are Edu backlinks important?

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The Edu backlinks are important for the reason that,

Edu Websites have been there on the internet for a long time now and many popular websites link to them.

Google looks at these websites to be highly authoritative and trustworthy because the higher the domain age of a website is the higher the authority the website gains in Google’s eyes.

Many popular Edu Websites have been publishing quality content on their website to educate the students of the university,

and this is also why Google loves these sites because they produce good quality trustworthy, and genuine content on the internet.

Because these websites are highly authoritative and trustworthy for Google and these websites are not managed by bloggers like us and in order to get a link from these websites you might need an educational certification, 

Backlinks from EDU Websites are highly powerful and important.

How to find these sites?

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In order to find these Edu sites, all you need to do is a quick search in Google,

You can use the Google search operators like,

When you search this in Google, it will show up all the results domains in the URL.

Now you got a list of Edu sites from where you can start building backlinks to your website.

Depending upon your niche you can even narrow down the results to any specific keyword or topic.

Like if you want all the sites related to digital marketing,

Search something like this, digital marketing

Now Google will come up with all the results that are related to digital marketing.


Now that you know how to find these sites, let’s take a look at the strategies to build backlinks from these sites.

How to get backlinks from Edu sites?

Here are 7 important and Highly Effective strategies you can use to build backlinks from powerful Edu sites.

Here is a quick overview of the strategies you are about to learn,

  1. Broken link building.
  2. Helping University students.
  3. Helping University faculty and students with discounts.
  4. Interviewing prominent University staff and students.
  5. Publishing research-based content or ultimate guides.
  6. Local link building.

Let’s take a look at the strategies in detail

  1. Broken link building.

how to get backlinks from edu sites

This is one of the oldest yet Highly Effective link building strategy which you can use to acquire a backlink from Edu sites.

Let me explain how you can use this strategy to find link opportunities in a few easy steps.

  1. Install check my links extension on your chrome browser.
  2. Find relevant Educational institutional website [.Edu domain] pages from where you want to get a link.
  3. Run the check my links chrome extension on that page to find broken links.
  4. Contact the person who runs that page and let them know about broken links and offer your link as a placement.

To see how it works in practice,

Let’s take an example,

First, install the chrome extension in your chrome browser, if you don’t want to install the extension, there are lots of resources online from where you can find broken links on a page.

To find relevant Edu pages to get a link you can use Google search and search something like this, your Keyword.

For example, I have a blog about influencer marketing without a Website and I want a link to one of the blogs from popular Edu sites.

I search something like this, influencer marketing


Run check my links in each result and check for broken links.

It is a time-consuming process but it can work sometimes.

When you find relevant pages and found a few broken links,

You can start an email outreach campaign to let the webmaster of the website know that you found a broken link and replace the link with yours as a resource.

According to the databox, the conversion rate of broken link building is 5-10% so it is a numbers game, the more websites you visit and send an email for, the more chances of getting a link back.

It becomes even harder because you are trying to build backlinks from Edu sites which are very difficult to acquire unlike normal Websites because they are not run by normal bloggers so you should not expect a conversion rate of more than 5%.

2. Helping University students.

backlinks from edu sites

Here are some effective link-building strategies in order to get backlinks from powerful Edu sites.

Because these educational institutions have websites in order to help their students learn and grow.

To increase chances of getting a backlink to your website,

Why not try helping students, you can do 2 things like this,

  •  Give scholarships to students.

You can choose to give scholarships to the students of any university from where you would like to get a backlink to your website.

The scholarship doesn’t just benefit students but also helps universities because more students can afford to study.

Before creating your own scholarship, first research some relevant sites which accept external scholarships,

You can do a quick Google search like this, external “scholarships”

In the listings, you can see all the


Here is one of the sites about the external scholarship i found.


As you can see the arrows are the links to other websites which have given scholarships to students,

You just need to do some research about the universities and see you can get the link through scholarship or not.

  • Give jobs to students.

Other than scholarships, You can offer jobs to students of universities and get a link to your website.

You can create a specific page of jobs on your website so that you have therefore created a linkable asset and you can reach out to popular Edu sites asking them to link your job page in their job listings so that it could benefit the students of the university.

3. Helping University faculty and students with discounts.

backlinks from edu sites

Everybody wants discounts because everyone loves to save money while shopping.

Including university staff and students.

Many popular edu sites have dedicated pages for discounts for students and faculty staff of the university.

You can get a backlink to your website from such edu sites by creating a product and offering a discount to that product for the university staff and students and get your product listed in the listings of the discounts section on the site.

It is better to do some research before Creating your discount on the product,

Just like other methods we can use Google search to find relevant discount pages of educational sites and see what type of products they list in the discount so that you can make a highly relevant product and get a link back.

You can search for something like this in Google, discounts


Now check out a bunch of listings from the results, reach out to the university with contact info or email, and ask them to include your product in their discount list.

4. Interviewing prominent University staff and students.

backlinks from edu sites

This is one more popular link-building strategy to build backlinks from University websites.

you can ask popular professors and Ph.D. students of the university to have an interview with you or you can request them for expert opinions for writing a blog post related to your niche.

Because you are taking interviews of popular professors and students who have some network with the university website,

After getting your blog post published on the internet, you can share your blog post on social media to that professor.

The professor or the student is more likely to link out your interview blog post in their biography page of the website.

It is called ego bait, look it is common sense, who does not like to promote themselves as best?

To find the best and popular professors and students of the university you might have to do some research on the university program pages and connect those students and professors on social media.

This strategy takes time but it is one of the Highly Effective link-building strategies to acquire backlinks from Edu sites.

5. Publishing research-based content or ultimate guides.

graphic design and copywriting

Another popular way to build backlinks from edu sites is,

  • Publish research-based Content like statistics and case studies.
  • Publish ultimate guides.

When you publish such amazing linkable assets on your website,

You can get your blog post featured and linked on the resource page of the Edu sites.

Because the resources you published are highly useful and valuable to the students and users,

The Edu sites are more likely to link out your article as a resource because it helps the students learn and understand the concept better.

This is an effective strategy, 

Here is how to find opportunities,

Search something like this in Google, your Keyword resources.

For example, let’s have a look at a keyword like affiliate marketing.

I search something like this, affiliate marketing resources.


Here is how you would get a backlink to your website as a resource.

How to get Backlinks from EDU sites

All the arrows you see in the above image are backlinks to the different websites from a popular edu site sourced as a reference for the topic.

Click here to see some examples of resources of these edu sites.

6. Local link building.


If you have a local business like a restaurant or a hotel or even a retail shop and want a link from a university website as the university is near to your area where your business is located.

Because the educational institution websites are created to help students in all the ways possible,

Many of these sites also include local resource pages,

Use Google search engine to find websites that have specific categories like local resources.

You can contact the Webmaster who runs the page of that site to include your business in the local listings so that the University students can find your local business easily.

For example, if your business is located in Paris.

And you want to get a backlink from one of the educational institutions’ websites to your business located near you.

You can search for something like this, Paris local resources.


You can now communicate and contact the Webmaster to include your local business into the listing and give you a link back to your website so students can find the Business easily.

Well, these are all the popular link-building strategies to acquire backlinks from powerful Edu sites.


Backlink quality is based on multiple factors like,

  • Anchor text must be natural.
  • Website authority is sending the link to your website.
  • Website relevance linking to your website.
  • Backlink location must be within the content.
  • Whether backlink is Do-Follow or NO-FOLLOW.

You can learn more about backlink Quality here.

Because backlink location is important to decide whether it is a high-quality backlink or not, 

There is a popular strategy of building backlinks from Edu sites through blog comments but,

Because you are not getting backlinks from within the content of the website, even if you get a backlink from Edu sites through blog comments, it is not useful and effective.

Stop building backlinks from blog comments, they are simply ineffective strategy.

With that being said, let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks.

There you go I have answered all the strategies on how to get backlinks from Edu sites.

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