6 best blogging platforms for writers

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In this blog, you will learn the 6 best blogging platforms for writers.

All these platforms are divided into three sections, we will talk about the features pros and cons, and pricing of each platform in detail.

So without further ado let’s get started.

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Best Blogging platform for writers:

best blogging platform for writers

Here is a list of 6 best Blogging platforms for writers,

All these blogging platforms are easy to set up and start writing blog posts for writers.

You don’t need to worry about technical issues and all these platforms mentioned below have very little learning curve required.

Take a look at the quick overview of the list.

  1. Tumblr.
  2. Medium.
  3. Wix.
  4. WordPress.com.
  5. Ghost.
  6. Squarespace.

Let’s learn the platforms in detail.

  1. Tumblr.


Tumblr is an American-based microblogging and social networking platform which is currently owned by automatic, the company which created WordPress CMS and runs the wordpress.com service.

As a Matter of fact, Tumblr hosts more than 500 million blogs on the internet.


Tumblr is a free blogging platform and social media site, let’s take a look at the 5 top features of the platform.

  1. Easy to use with a user-friendly interface and easily upload any media you like within a few clicks.
  2. Unlimited storage.
  3. No ads placed on the website.
  4. A blogging+social networking platform.
  5. Free subdomain and easily connect custom domain with SSL enabled.

You can read the complete review of Tumblr here

Pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using Tumblr for your blog


  1. User-friendly interface.
  2. Great for microblogging and publishing different types of content.
  3. It is a blogging cum social media site.
  4. Unlimited storage for blogs.
  5. No ads displayed on the blog theme by the company, unlike Wix and wordpress.com which shows ads on free blogs.


  1. Fewer themes and templates to customize the website.
  2. Difficult to monetize the website.
  3. It an only a single-page website with no menus and navigation system.


It is free with no premium plans so far.

  1. Medium.


As far as my opinion is concerned, Medium is the best blogging platform for writers,

Medium is another American-based online publishing platform founded by Evan Williams who was one of the founders of Twitter.

It’s very easy for writers, experts, and thought leaders belonging to different communities to share their points of view and information in long-form on the platform to the public.

As a matter of fact, medium receives over 150 million-plus monthly visitors on the Internet.


  1. Easy setup and publishing stories.
  2. Easily follow other authors and publications.
  3. Recommend, share and bookmark content like social media.
  4. Easily write long-form in-depth content with good formatting, highlighting, and lots of multimedia uploading inbuilt.
  5. Easily measure your growth through inbuilt stats features.

Pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the medium platform with pros first.


  1. Easy to set up and use the platform, you don’t need to worry about the technical stuff of the website.
  2. You can write blog posts and also follow your favorite blogs like social media.


  1. There is less analytical data to track progress.
  2. It is not easy to convert traffic into leads.


If you are looking to write a blog post as a writer the platform is absolutely free.

It has a paid subscription plan of 5$ a month or 50$ a year for readers to have unlimited access of content on the platform.

  1. Wix.


Founded back in 2006,

Wix is an Israeli-based free website builder.

If you are a beginner in website creation or do not have much knowledge and experience in creating websites, 

Wix is a perfect option for you as it is a free website builder,

It is highly known for its easy to create websites where you can create websites just from drag and drop features and its powerful AI system.

Over 200 million users use the platform worldwide so far.


Wix is a freemium website builder which means it has both a free and paid plan, let’s see the top features of the platform.

  1. Custom domain and SSL free for a year.
  2. Unlimited bandwidth.
  3. Professional logo maker.
  4. 24/7 premium customer support.
  5. Lots of free themes and templates to use with the drag and drop features.

Pros and cons.

Let first see the pros of using the platform and then the cons.


  1. Fast website speed and 100% uptime guarantee.
  2. Lots of templates to choose from to design to build the website and add new features easily with Wix apps.
  3. Easy drag and drop website builder with no coding or technical knowledge and no learning curve required.
  4. Great customer support system.
  5. Wix helps you with optimizing your website for SEO.


  1. Wix shows ads on the free plan.
  2. Wix doesn’t allow you to track your performance in Google Analytics in a free plan.
  3. It is difficult to migrate from Wix to other platforms like WordPress.
  4. You cannot change the theme after the website is published and live.


Wix is a freemium Blogging platform and Website builder, in the free plan you can have a subdomain like yourdomain.wix.com as a website with 500 MB storage and bandwidth.

You can add a custom domain for 4.50$ a month and premium plans start from 8$ a month.


secure wordpress alternatives to blogger

WordPress .com is a business organization of the company which launched wordpress.org which is Automattic.

The company Automattic offers free website hosting and a free subdomain to create a website on WordPress for free although the features are limited in free plans.

As a matter of fact, Over 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages each month.

Click here to learn all the WordPress features and plans.


WordPress.com is a freemium platform and here are 5 top features from both free and paid plans.

  1. The free custom domain name for a year.
  2. Unlimited email and great customer support(24/7).
  3. Download and install themes and plugins.
  4. Free SSL certificates and good website loading speed and Uptime.
  5. Unlimited storage and e-commerce features.

Pros and cons.

Let first see the pros of using the platform and then cons.


  1. Company will take care of backups and WordPress security.
  2. Easy to get started, you don’t have to manage the technical stuff.
  3. Excellent customer support feature.


  1. They place ads on your free website and upgrade to higher plans to remove ads.
  2. You cannot use and upload themes and plugins in the free plan of WordPress,
  3. You cannot use google analytics in the free plan


Just like Wix, wordpress.com is also a freemium Blogging platform, in free wordpress.com plan comes with free subdomain like,

Your domain.wordpress.com

The price for the premium plan starts from 4$ s month to add a custom domain name.

  1. Ghost.

blogging platform for writers

Ghost is a free and open-source blogging platform that focuses on writing and editing blog posts.

Ghost is a perfect alternative for WordPress users who just want a blog feature.

Ghost started in 2013 and so far,

Some of the well-known websites like,

Freecodecamp, tinder, and Cloudflare are hosted on the ghost.

You can click here to see the list of all popular websites that are hosted on ghost.


Take a look at some of the top features of the platform.

  1. Improved control panel with analytics of your website setup by default.
  2. Lots of native themes to change the look of your website.
  3. Use amazing email newsletters features.
  4. Easily integrate with other tools like push notifications, payment gateways, desktop editors, etc.
  5. Use dark mode in the dashboard.

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using this platform.

Pros and cons:

Let’s first start with the pros then see the cons.

Pros of ghost:

Here is a list of 5 pros of using a ghost platform.

  1. The platform is more focused on writing and blogging.
  2. Clean and user-friendly interface.
  3. The platform is flexible and can be used with other external software like push notifications, etc.
  4. It is open-source software.
  5. The websites built on this software load fast.

Cons of ghost:

Here is a list of cons of using this platform.

  1. There is little room for customization.
  2. The hosting is pretty costly.
  3. It is only focused on the blogging area.

Now let’s know what the pricing of the platform is.


Just like WordPress ghost is another open-source software that is free to use but you need to take care of web hosting and domain name,

the pricing for hosting and domain name for ghost websites from an official company starts from 9$ a month and extends to 199$ a month.

  1. Squarespace.


Squarespace is an American-based website building and hosting company that was founded in January 2004.

Just like Wix, Squarespace is another closed source Website builder.

Squarespace is considered one of the best platforms for creating professional websites with high-quality design and features on the market.

Today more than 1 million people use the platform to build and design websites on the internet.


Here is a list of the top features of the platform.

  1. Highly customizable website templates.
  2. It has a Custom WYSIWYG Editor.
  3. Easy to create photo galleries.
  4. Easy to create a membership website.
  5. Lots of Amazing E-commerce website features.

Pros and cons:

Let first see the pros of using the platform and then the cons.


  1. Highly customizable templates and designs.
  2. Excellent customer support.
  3. Amazing features for blogging websites.
  4. Its Image management options are excellent.
  5. It comes with a built-in email marketing tool.
  6. You can use the platform for a 14-day free trial but it is a paid platform.
  7. Amazing and user-friendly mobile App to edit your website from the phone.


  1. Slow website loading speed due to heavy templates.
  2. There is no autosave for pages and posts.
  3. No content versioning is available.

Now let’s have a look at the pricing of the platform.


Square space is a premium Website builder which offers a 14-day free trial and the pricing for annual plans starts from basic 12$ a month and extends to over 40$ a month.

Ending remarks.

There you go, these are all the best blogging platforms for writers.

Do comment down which blogging platform do you think is the best for writers.

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