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In this blog post, you will learn whether freelance copywriting is a good career option or not along with the pros and cons of freelance copywriting in detail.

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Is freelance copywriting a good career?


Freelance copywriting is definitely a good career to be in,

In fact, many brands and companies are hiring freelance copywriters like crazy mainly for their website’s copywriting and landing pages after this Corona pandemic when everything shifted online.

It depends upon the individual skills, interests whether they like writing and research or not, based on the individual skills and interests,

They should decide whether they have to move with a freelancing copywriting career or not,

But to make things easy for you to figure out whether you should pursue freelance copywriting as your career or not, 

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of a freelance copywriting career.

Pros and cons of a freelance copywriting career.

is freelance copywriting a good career

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of a freelance copywriting career in detail.

Let’s first have a look at the pros and benefits of it and then talk about the cons.

Pros of freelance copywriting career:

Here is a quick list of the pros and benefits of a freelance copywriter career.

  1. You need less investment.
  2. You don’t have to worry about the future.
  3. You can learn things new every day.
  4. You can make good money within a short span.
  5. Copywriting can’t be outsourced.

Let’s see the pros and benefits of a freelance copywriting career in detail.

  1. You need less investment.

Is copywriting still in demand and profitable skill

One of the best things about a freelance copywriting career is that you don’t need much initial investment to get started.

You do not either need a college or educational degree certificate or be specialized in any tool or software apart from your skill of writing copies that convert people into potential leads and customers for you to earn money.

As a matter of fact, you can take lots of online courses which are available for both free and paid to learn copywriting.

Heck, there are lots of books you can easily download online and read if you don’t want to buy them for learning copywriting.

Overall copywriting business is one of the best online business ideas to start with the least amount of investment possible with high returns in the future

  1. You don’t have to worry about the future.

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Copywriting is one of the skills you can learn which are also going to be evergreen business models even after the arrival of AI  because, 

At the heart of copywriting, it is about creating content that engages with the audience and promotes the product which ultimately drives sales for the companies.

And every company wants profits, no one wants losses.

So as long as businesses are there who want to sell products to the audience both online through Websites, blog posts, and social media or offline through TV advertising and others,

Copywriting career will go nowhere.

I have explained in a detailed way why AI can never replace copywriters in copywriting, click here to learn more about it.

In short, copywriting requires a lot of creativity, emotions, and empathy which should reflect in your copies so that different audiences can better connect with the company and the product and buy it, and AI can’t be emotional and creative.

  1. You can learn new things every day and get creative.

graphic design and copywriting

Another benefit you have with a freelance copywriting career is that,

You can learn a lot of new things Every day.

The most important part of copywriting is creating and writing copies and what makes a copywriter create a good piece of copy that makes the audience covert well is the fact of research.

Before any copywriter start writing and creating copies for the company,

They will have to do a lot of research on the type of audience that the company is trying to target with that product or service, the likes, and dislikes of the audience, audience gender, and mindset.

It is because every audience is different and whenever any company tries to sell a product they choose a specific audience group rather than all general audiences because the audience is more targeted and marketing is more effective.

You can’t expect a copy that may work for converting an audience to buy candies to convert for buying a house or apartment.

It’s just a weird example but you got the point isn’t it?

Copywriting also helps you be more creative in your work because, at the end of the day, you are actually creating copies from your knowledge and experience that convert for your clients.

  1. You can make good money within a short span.

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Copywriting is one of the highly paid skills you can learn online for free.

The reason why copywriting and other online businesses like affiliate marketing is so heavily paid is because of the one single reason,

  • The skill directly deals with sales of products for companies.

Here is the deal, If a business hires a copywriter to write a copy for a landing page of their website through which,

The company can sell a digital product or anyone of their product for the next couple of years to come and earn thousands of dollars in the future,

Why would those businesses not like to pay a few hundred bucks to a copywriter to get the task completed,

Like a one-time payment for such awesome ROI they would get in terms of more sales and engagement of its brand with the audience.

Here are 2 facts on the earnings of copywriters.

  • The Avg salary of a copywriter a year is $62170.
  • The Avg salary of a copywriter on hourly rates is $29.89.

You can learn more about how much money copywriters make here.

And also because of the fact that you are freelancing not an employee to a company,

Depending upon your experience and Portfolio,

You can get hired by, any type of company both small and large scale and you can work from any part of the world as long as you are having an internet connection with your computer,

Because of the flexibility you can work for multiple clients at once and choose to work in different time periods and grow your revenue,

You also have the Independence to work with the clients in the future and choose your clients with whom you want to work, unlike regular employment,

Because of the diversity in opportunities for working with many people at once,

Even if any one of your clients does not pay you well, you have other options as backups to work for other clients and earn money and pay your bills.

This is the reason why freelance Copywriters who have good skills in writing copies makeover 5-6 figure income within their first year in the business.

  1. Copywriting can’t be outsourced overseas.

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If you have other skills like programming, Website design, and digital marketing skills, 

Companies have many options to outsource the work because skill is the same everywhere.

And many companies like to hire engineers and freelancers from countries like India at low cost than hiring from their own countries because,

The Indian cost of living is small and they can pay less price due to excessive competition in the industry.


It is not the same with copywriting,

Copywriting for a company based in America who are trying to sell a regional product or service can’t be outsourced to a freelancer to do the work who is based in India, because of 2 reasons,

  • Language.
  • Cultural nuances.

Even though if the Indian freelancer is highly fluent in the English language,

The freelancer can’t get replaced by an American freelancer to write the copy for that particular company because of the fact that,

Regional people have an advantage over others that, they know, culture, audience mindset, language better so that,

Those copywriters can create copies that connect well with those regional audiences and make sales,

Although this does not apply to people all the time but only for companies that are small scale and selling regional products.

This is one of the best benefits you can have as being a freelance copywriter career.

Now let’s have a look at the cons and drawbacks of being a freelance copywriter career.

Cons of freelance copywriting career:

Here is a quick list of all the cons and drawbacks of a freelance copywriter career.

  1. You need a lot of patience and persistence.
  2. Freelancing disadvantages.
  3. It is not passive and scalable.

Let’s see the cons in detail,

  1. You need a lot of patience and persistence.

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Freelance copywriting career options is one of those freelance options where you need a lot of patience and persistence because,

Even though copywriting is a highly demanded skill, 

The competition is such that,

Initially, when you start in the career, you will have to face a lot of rejections because copywriting is a skill that is also quite subjective because it is a form of writing, different people have different opinions about it, 

It is also a skill that you will learn only through a lot of practice of writing and deep thinking with a creative mind which can take off all your mental energy.

And most of the freelancers get started on platforms like Upwork, I have answered why Upwork is bad here.

Overall, freelance copywriting is going to be tough.

There is no exception for the fact but if you keep on moving with patience and persistence, 

You can achieve a 6 figure income through a freelance copywriting career.

  1. Freelancing disadvantages.

why freelance is bad

Even though it is copywriting, it doesn’t mean it is any different, at the end of the day it is freelancing only,

But the problem with freelancing is that,

It can and is going to be a lonely pursuit.

Just you sitting on your desk, managing the work in the limited time you have, and getting things done as soon as possible.

This might seem all fine but the problem with this is,

If you are an extrovert you would have time to spend with your friends work in a group mostly and do some commuting and chill. It is not the case with freelance,

You, your desktop, and your pet that is it. No group work and socializing for relaxation and stuff, you gotta be on your toes for completing the task.

Another disadvantage of a freelance copywriting career is that,

It can be a quite mentally challenging and stressful job because,

Many people say that freelancing is about being your own boss, I have explained why it is not here in detail.

A freelancing career is all about working for companies on a temporary basis, 

You will have new clients and new temporary bosses for every new task you take.

When you are creating copies, Apart from just having to do research, you also have to match the expectations, ideas, and deadlines of your clients ALL THE TIME.

Mainly in copywriting, You will have the majority of your clients who are business owners which means,

They have different ideas, beliefs, pride, and egos, it can get hard initially when you don’t have much experience and a Portfolio in the field to get along.

Because dealing with such people can be hard but it is what freelancing is all about.

And yeah competition is always there, 

There is nothing much to talk about this because it is a common factor in all businesses and jobs.

  1. It is not either passive or scalable.

why freelance is bad

Freelance copywriting is one of those least investment required online business ideas but highly profitable.

But unlike most other online business ideas like,

It is not either passive or scalable.

You need to be manually present all the time and work with your clients in order to make money.

If you get sick and want a holiday leave, you simply can’t make money because the more time you put in this career equals more money and the money you make is always active not passive which means it is not a scalable business model,

There is no such idea of making money sleeping like passive through freelancing.

Although you can find the same thing to be happening in other freelancing careers and other jobs like programming,

Website design, and graphic design services because freelancing is one of those least investment online businesses,

So it is worth mentioning the fact that it is not passive and scalable like most other online businesses mainly those highlighted above in bullet points.

These are all the benefits and drawbacks of a freelance Copywriting career.

Let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks.

There you go these are all the things you need to know about freelance copywriting.

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