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In this blog you will learn what is copywriting, is copywriting still in demand and profitable, is freelance copywriting good, and how to learn copywriting and will AI replace copywriting with facts in detail.

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What is copywriting?

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To explain Copywriting in simple words, it is all about writing a text or sentences,

For the purposes of increasing brand awareness and persuading people to take some desired action like to either buy a product or service or become a lead for some company.

Copywriting is one of those very few career options where you can still manage to earn a lot of money like 6 figure income even if you don’t have any educational certification in it.

You can easily become a copywriter within a span of six months if you want to and start earning money through various channels like,

  • SEO.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Guest posting.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Freelance.

In copywriting, degrees and educational certificates don’t matter at all, it is your ability of writing copies within deadlines, your skill set of persuading people, and the results you drive to the companies with a good portfolio that matters.

Because there is no minimum requirement of any degree educational qualification in copywriting and you can work as a freelancer for companies,

It is just a skill that you can learn through various courses online and get started.

This means anyone who is interested in such an industry and looking to earn money as a freelancer can become a copywriter.

To get started in Copywriting requires the least investment possible (you can read many books on copywriting to learn the skill for free online) and,

It can provide you high returns in the future as it is one of the best online business ideas to start.

Now that you know what copywriting is, let’s head over to the main question of the blog post, is it in demand and profitable to acquire.

Is copywriting still in demand?

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Copywriting is one of those very few career options which were, are, and will be in demand and an excellent income source for people, 

It is because, 

The main job of a copywriter is to write a copy that persuades people to take action mainly sales and,

Making sales is what every business cares about at the end of the day whether it is of their own products or their affiliate products.

Copywriters are very important for the following reasons,

  • They help a lot in branding and advertising a product and marketing.
  • They play a crucial role in digital marketing strategies because at the core of all digital marketing campaign be it SEO, SEM, SMM, email, etc it is content or the value of information which is there whether it is a blog post or social media posts that convert the audience into leads/sales and copywriters help you achieve that.
  • They play a crucial role in working on your landing pages of Websites and create a good impression and trust of your business with the audience.

If you are not still convinced that copywriters are important and in-demand then here are 5 stats that help you know that copywriting is a highly demanded skill.

  1. Three quarters (74%) of web users pay attention to the quality of spelling and grammar on company websites.
  2. 47% of consumers view three to five pieces of content created by the company before talking to a sales agent from the company.
  3. 81% of people perform some type of online research before making a large purchase.
  4. 60% of B2B marketers struggle with creating engaging content.
  5. Nearly 67% of businesses rely on outside help to create their online content. In other words, they hire external copywriters.

Source: Optimonster, writemysite, junto digital.

As a matter of fact, many popular tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, etc,

Assign copywriters the job to write the product descriptions or passing the message of the company to the audience and,

Let users learn more about the product so that it compels them to buy it as copywriters are the best people for the reason.

Copywriting is one of those very few skills that people can acquire as they are highly evergreen and in demand always because,

No business whether it is offline or online cannot survive without copywriters as,

They help build trust, good relationships and make sales for companies from their target audience by words and text.

Now that you know copywriting is a highly demanded skill, let’s see how profitable it is with some facts and stats.

Is copywriting profitable?

Is copywriting still in demand and profitable skill

Undoubtedly, yes!

It is a basic rule of business,

Wherever there is a need, there is a demand, there will be money and profit to be made.

Copywriting is one of the most highly demanded and profitable skills you can learn to grow your revenue.

Let’s get a little more specific on how much money you can make through copywriting and stats about it.

According to the US Bureau of labor statistics,

  • The Avg salary of a copywriter a year is $62170.
  • The Avg salary of a copywriter on hourly rates is $29.89.
  • Top 10% of highest copywriters earn over $121,670 a year.
  • The Avg salary of the top 10% of the highest copywriters earned on hourly rates is $58.50.
  • The Avg salary of the top 10% of the lowest copywriters earn over $31700 a year.
  • The Avg salary of the top 10% of the lowest copywriters earn over $15.24 an hour.
  • According to Glassdoor, the Avg salary of a freelance copywriter is 448K INR a year. 

All these salary figures are just average estimations,

In Fact, some copywriters earn thousands of dollars every month others only make a few hundred bucks.

The earnings in copywriting vary on various factors like,

  • What is your job?
  • From which country you got the job aka location of the work?
  • Your portfolio and experience.

Depending on these factors, copywriters’ earnings vary and it is completely normal for a copywriter to earn 6 figure income within their very first year in the industry.

Here is a practical explanation of why copywriting is such a profitable skill.

Copywriters help in persuading people to take action. Businesses want more sales of their products.

So businesses hire copywriters to help them get more sales,

For example,

If a business hires a copywriter to write a copy for a landing page of their website through which,

They can sell a digital product and earn thousands of dollars in the future,

Why would those businesses not like to pay a few hundred bucks to a copywriter to get the task completed like a one-time payment for such awesome ROI they would get.

Now that you know copywriting is a demand and highly profitable skill,

But people doubt the reliability and future trend of the skill very much,

With upcoming trends like AI, they think copywriting will die in the future due to AI,

Is it really the case that can happen with copywriting, let’s have a look.

Will AI replace copywriting?

Is copywriting still in demand and profitable skill

To answer the question very quickly,

No, never.

AI will never ever replace copywriting entirely as it would do with other careers.

It doesn’t mean, Ai cannot influence the copywriting industry today or anytime in the upcoming future.

AI is going to replace a lot of work we manually do, in fact,

According to a report by 2055 half of the works we humans do manually might get automated.

AI can and will influence the copywriting industry and many businesses and companies are,

In fact preferring an AI to automate things over a copywriter like Chase, where the main skills of a copywriter are not into play.

But still in many important aspects like marketing a product or in SEO blog posts and,

Creating content for digital marketing campaigns human copywriters are the only choice to consider not AI,

Also because of the fact that these AI machines are very expensive to hire for companies compared to real humans copywriters who are far cheaper and productive.

Copywriters are in no way going to lose their jobs as copywriters at least not due to AI because of 1 thing.

Copywriters are real human beings so they have emotions and creativity that AI don’t.

Emotions are what separates humans from AI,

The same emotions drive sales and play a huge role in the success of any copy and marketing strategy.

Humans are emotional creatures, it is very easy to influence people using emotions and feelings.

As a copywriter, you have an advantage over AI,

When copywriters are involved in any marketing strategy they look at, analyze audience interests and characteristics before creating copy,

So that their work can influence them because every audience is different for every marketing strategy.

AI will be of course used to automate many works in copywriting which really doesn’t have much value in marketing strategy but when it comes to the main aspect of copywriting.

No AI or tech can beat humans in copywriting because,

We humans have empathy, emotion, and creativity which AI doesn’t which can help us be more effective in creating copies that sell but,

More importantly, connect with the audience and build trust with the brand because at the end of the day trust is more important than profit for any brand and anyone.

To think of it from another perspective,

AI can help copywriters to think more creatively and work on things that actually matter and highly valuable by getting the machine to work on things that both are not really of high value but,

Takes a lot of time producing like identifying trends, patterns, and,

Collecting the data so by easily automating the process with an AI so copywriters can focus on what’s important which drives results for the company.

Now let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks.

There you go, these are all the details you need to know about copywriting.

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