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This is the second page of the ultimate guide on how to build do follow backlinks to your website for free in 2021, in this blog you will learn the remaining 10 strategies you can use to build dofollow backlinks for your website.

You can refer to this guide to in first page to start learning how to build dofollow backlinks for your website in 2021.

So let’s dive right in.

12. Build profile backlinks.

Building backlinks from profile creation sites is one of the easiest ways to build high quality follow backlinks to your website.

Although such backlinks don’t help you with improving search engine rankings, it can make your backlink profile much more natural, diversified and get you some referral traffic along the way with if you have a brand new website it can help you index your website faster in Google.

There are many popular profile creation websites that offer DO-follow links like,

All you have to do is to create a profile on this website and add/connect your website and you can get a high quality DO-follow link.

For more information you can read my ultimate guide on how to create profile backlinks?

BTW here is a huge list of DO-follow profile creation sites which can help you get links.

13. Get links from forums.

There are two main purposes of building backlinks to your website.

  • Get link juice and authority and help in rankings.
  • Get some high quality referral traffic to visit your website from those links.

So building backlinks from Popular forums related to your industry is not a bad idea because you can get high quality referral traffic for sure and sometimes it can also be a do follow link which can pass link juice and authority to your website as well.

Forums are basically websites where people discuss and answer questions around a particular topic on the internet like Quora, reddit.

It is like an open discussion of people on a topic virtually.

Here is how you can start;

Let me tell you the exact process you can use to build these popular backlinks from forums.


Use Google search engine to find related forums of your industry.

Here is how you do it!

Search something like this in Google,

Your keyword+forums.

Example if you have a blog that writes about sports like football and cricket then you can search something like this in Google,


You can find a list of Amazing results of forums that discuss football and other sports in their forums and discussions which you can visit and read their guidelines and also look at the forum authority using Ahrefs authority checker.

Short list the forums list from hundreds to only a dozen.


After you read the guidelines, if you are satisfied with them, you can select those forums. You need to get active and start having conversations and discussions with people on the forum and help people solve the problems by answering their questions.

You should think about how you can add value to the people on the forums instead of trying to get a link back to your website as soon as possible.


When you engage with the people on forums for a couple of weeks then you can think of adding links to your forum

answers to let people know more about that question if you have published a similar blog post on your blog for people to know more about the information on your blog.

Because first you have added value to the forum by helping out people and you have built some relationships with those forum moderators so even if you get a couple of links from those forums it

would definitely be worth it because you are not trying to spam the forum with backlinks which most people try to do.

In order to find whether the link that you have got is to Do follow or not you can click on inspect after right clicking on your mouse on that specific link and see whether the backlink has any “rel=no follow” attribute to it or not.

If you find such a nofollow attribute in your link then it is a no follow link.

But still you will get high quality referral traffic coming to your website.

Another popular benefit of working on forums answering questions of people is that you get to know more about your blog industry by answering the questions of the people and learning about things that you have not thought about yet in your niche.

An interesting fact is that most keyword tools that you use to do keyword research get keyword ideas related to your industry from such forums only.

  • This also results in more ideas for your blog topics and posts that you can publish on your blog.
  • Eventually you know exactly what the problem that people are facing in your industry is. Since you are engaging with those people constantly on forums you can create a product that solves that problem or find a good affiliate product that solves that issue with people and make money.

Since I have a blog about blogging and digital marketing so my majority audience would be hanging out on platforms like Quora and Reddit so I constantly engage with people and answer their questions on these platforms.

14. Feature influencers and let them know.

This is another popular strategy you can use for link building.

All you need to do is to feature any popular brand, influencer in your blog post and let the brands and influences know that you have mentioned them in the blogpost.

It is as simple as it gets but This works for it.

Since you have already linked to their website or brand which helps the brand get more exposure, and awareness from your audience and if your content is really awesome and unique.

Most people and influencers would definitely like to share that content on their social media handles and even sometimes possibly link out to your blog as well.

There is a strong psychological factor behind this called the law of reciprocity which means if I do something good for you there is a strong possibility of you doing something good for me in return.

You can collect and send email to those influencers whom you mentioned in your blog along with your blog post and most people would share it with their audience on social media and on email lists, and a few people would also consider linking to your piece of content.

It is all because of the law of reciprocity and these are universal laws that never fail.

15. Convert mentions into links.

You will definitely agree with me when I say it is hard to get backlinks from websites which did not link you before or don’t know You at all in the industry compared to those who have an idea about you and your work.

Isn’t it?


It is not that hard to get those links from websites which already mention your website brand name or use your content with just a brand mention.

This is called web mention as people don’t link to your website or web page but mention your brand name on their blog post like in plain words without any link attached to it.

You can use many SEO tools like Semrush or free tools like Google alerts to find brand mentions of your website online.

Then, if you find any of the websites which mentions your brand name or website name on the blog post or

press release but do not link out to your website then it is a wonderful opportunity to contact the Webmaster to let them know to link back to your website from the web mention.

Again you will have to use email Outreach method to connect with those webmasters or you can also contact the website owner from the contact form of the website as well.

16. Register your blog in web directories.

Registering your blog in web directories is one of the oldest link building strategies that you can use even now as well.

Even though such links would not help you improve your search engine rankings, it can drive you referral traffic and get more brand exposure as well.

There are many popular web directories like blogarama, blog engage and yahoo.

All you need to do is submit your blog and add a piece of code in your blog theme to verify ownership and when verified it is done.

You have registered your blog with these directories and subsequently got a high quality do follow link to your website.

So easy and so simple.

17. Target Low competition keywords.

Targeting low competition keywords is one of the best ways I have found to build quality backlinks to my website because,

By targeting these low competition keywords generally you don’t require many backlinks in order to rank in top positions of Google and

because the keywords are low competition which means not many websites are trying to target those keywords, and when people want to link out to such topics of those low competition keywords.

You can get links naturally because you are mostly the only source of quality information which people would find in Google.

Because people wouldn’t have other choices, they will give you links to your website naturally and

you don’t have to do a lot of work to acquire those links to your website like email outreach since you have covered that topic in such detail in that low competition keyword.

But the question is about, how do you find the low competition keywords which people would definitely link out to in future, for this exact reason I have written a detailed guide here on how to do keyword Research and find these low competition keywords that nobody knows.

18. Host events or sponsor them.

You don’t necessarily have to work online on your blog in order to get backlinks to your website.

You can also get backlinks by working offline like in this way,

All you need is to host any event, meetup or sponsor any event related to your industry.

If you do this you can expect the people to link to your website who are having those events conducted even if you sponsor them with financial aid.

If it is a meetup or a conference of bloggers and digital marketers then some people would also share their experiences and also link out to your website since you have sponsored or hosted the event.

You might also get the media coverage, news sites would publish that story and get your blog featured on some media outlets.

This is also one of the best strategies you can use to build high quality dofollow backlinks to your website and grow your authority.

19. Consider blog commenting.

Commenting on blogs is also considered Highly Effective strategy to build backlinks to your website.

These backlinks are not contextual backlinks so it does not help you with improving your search engine rankings much but it can help the audience by finding more information about the content on other websites from blog comments as well if it is not performed like spam.

Here is how you can do it;

All you need to do is to select any relevant and target page that you want to get a link from and start commenting on those pages which don’t look like spam but genuine and high quality comments.

Instead of commenting,

  • Very nice post.
  • High quality post.

Or something very generic.

Try to be a little specific, appreciate the author of the blog post with any of the pieces of content they have published on the blog like any strategy or idea that you liked and really appreciate them in the blog comment.

This will let the author of the blog know that you have actually read the blog post and not just you are doing fake appreciation & flattery.

Human beings in default love and strive for appreciation. So,

Such types of comments that are quite specific and not generic will definitely stand out and

help you build good relationships with the blog author over a period of time and then you can think of either guest posting on their website or sharing useful resources published on your blog in the blog comment.

In most cases the author of the blog will definitely agree and allow you to publish that comment with the link to your website because you already

have built the trust and relationship with the author by publishing smart and specific comments and appreciating them in the Other comments of your blog for their work which are genuine in nature.

As per law of reciprocity, you can get a link back through blog comments and also build a good relationship with the blog author.

20. Consider edu backlinks as well.

Backlinks are huge factors in Google.

But there are only a few types of backlinks that really impact SEO performance.

In a few of those, if you can you should definitely consider getting backlinks from .edu websites.

Such websites are educational institutions and can really help with your SEO performance.

.edu and .gov website backlinks can really help with your SEO performance at a different level if done right.

You can build such high quality backlinks by many popular methods like,

  • Giving scholarships to students.
  • Build links from resource pages of these universities.
  • Interviewing faculty and other prominent members of the educational institutions.
  • Giving discounts to institution faculties.

You can read my ultimate guide on building such edu backlinks to your website.

21. Publish the ultimate source of information on your blog on evergreen topics.

This is also one of the best strategies you can use to build follow backlinks to your website from both high and low authority websites.

You can consider publishing ultimate blog posts like,

  • Ultimate guides.
  • Ultimate checklists.

Any piece of content that covers complete information about the topic for a beginner to understand in a single blog post and answers all the important questions as well.

Such types of blogs are great link magnets.

Because they are really awesome for beginners, they don’t have to switch and read multiple blogs for some topic.

One of the best example of this type of blogs is,

Moz beginners SEO guide.

This guide has 


Here is how you can do it;

There are 4 steps in this process.

Step1: find a proven topic that gets lots of links/ shares in your industry using tools like buzzSumo and ubersuggest.

Step2: Look at that content, pages which have those links, look for improvements.

Step3: Create skyscraper content, you can read the 2nd strategy of this list to learn about it, you can read it from here.

Step4: Promote that post with your audience on social media and in email list, you can use buzzSumo to find influencers who shared one of your competitors posts and approach them to share your post as well.

That’s it.

These are my favourite Link building strategies.

Hold on, the blog is not over, like I said, there is more to it.

3 tips for ranking high on Google other than link building;

Here are 3 tips for ranking high on Google.

  1. Focus on internal links more than external ones.

I feel most people only focus on building quality external links to their website but, focusing on internal linking structure is equally or even more important than focusing on external links for your website let me tell you why.

  • Internal linking will pass the quality link juice from one blog post to another blog.
  • Internal linking will help improve your website structure.
  • Internal linking will help all of your blog posts and other important pages on your blog get indexed faster in Google.

Instead of trying to build a lot of backlinks to your website focus on quality backlinks and increasing your referring domains number and focus only on quality of the backlinks rather than the quantity and Google also stated that the number of backlinks pointing to your website does not really matter much.

  1. Create silo structure for your blog.

Apart from link building you also need to focus on creating the silo structure for your blog.

Here is how such structure looks like,


By building such a structure for your blog and making sure that you only get backlinks to pillar posts of your blog and then connect all those posts with these pillar posts and then it passes link juice to other important pages of your website.

It is also good for User experience on your blog as users can find important pages within a matter of a few Clicks on your website you can improve the dwell time and decrease the bounce rate

  1. Invest in personal branding.

The last thing I want you to focus on is to improve your personal brand and focus on digital PR.

Try to promote your blog as much as possible to the right audience so that you can get those quality backlinks to your website just by getting your blog viewed by the right audience at the right point of time.

Consider investing money in digital PR.

This will help you increase your branded searches for your website and it can directly help you with their rankings of your website in Google as well.

With that said, these are my favourite and best link building strategies to get high quality dofollow free backlinks to your website.

Ending remarks.

Now I want to know from you which strategy you like the most for your blog.

Comment down below this blog and I am happy to know.

Share the blog if you have found it helpful, sharing is caring.

I will catch you next time till then keep learning and keep growing.