how to create a website on wordpress without hosting [for free]

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In this blog, you will learn exactly how to create a website on wordpress without hosting & domain name.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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What is wordpress and how does it work? is the thing we are talking about when we are referring to wordpress, it is the largest content management system powering 39% of all the web.

WordPress is open-source cms & a powerful website builder for free which means anyone can install the software from the official website.

You should notice something called open source here, which is the cms powering a large percent of the web today is open source means there is no owner or company that owns this CMS,

It is software available for free for anyone to download on its official website.

Web hosting is the tool or I should say a remote computer that helps you be able to install and store the files of the wordpress and your website on the computer where people can access your website on the internet.

If wordpress was a closed source CMS then you would not need to actually invest in hosting to be able to use wordpress like Rivista, Wix, haven nexus & Sitecore, etc.

How to create a website on wordpress without hosting.


If you want to create a website or have a feel of a wordpress website without hosting or without investing in one, you are left with 3 options,

  1. Try using
  2. Install and run wordpress on your computer.
  3. Try a free hosting provider.

You will learn step by step how you can do all these things in this blog in detail,

Let’s see, each way, and their top features in detail, so without further ado let’s dive right in.

1. Try

This is a free website platform and also the business part of the wordpress cms where the founder of wordpress can make money through wordpress hosting and cms.

If you want to start a website on wordpress without either investing in hosting for some reason or don’t want to get into the works or technical issues of managing hosting for your website.

This is the exact solution you can go for, all the hosting technical works of your website are managed by the company or the platform, not you.

Here take a look at the top features of the free plan of the platform,

  • Free subdomain with SSL certificate for free.
  • 3 GB storage & unlimited bandwidth for free.
  • No download or any configuration of server settings required, just signup and get started.
  • Easy to use and custom wordpress dashboard.
  • Excellent loading speed and uptime of the server.
  • There are premium plans available with better features and easy upgrades.
  • Great website security and regular backups of the website.

Although this is not the best solution for creating a site on wordpress without investing a single penny in hosting or domain name, if you want to start a website or a blog on wordpress then, is the go-to solution in the first place.

But, you don’t have the real feel of wordpress as a CMS with

Take a look at the cons of using the free plan.

  • You can’t install or upload any themes or plugins on your wordpress website.
  • A limited selection of themes and plugins which are not that professional as well.
  • There are wordpress ads on your website placed so technically you can’t monetize your website through ads.
  • No direct access to FTP or the database of your website.
  • You can’t install google analytics to see the stats of your website.
  • You don’t own the website, it is owned by the company.
  • You are constrained in the limited settings and customization of your website.
  • You can’t monetize your website the way you want it in the free plan.
  • You don’t have any technical support from the company or the wordpress company.

Despite all, if you want to create a website on wordpress without hosting or any domain name, is the number 1 place to go.

You can create a website on this platform within a matter of clicks with a subdomain like this,

With limited customization and functionalities and control over the website.

You have actually created a website on wordpress without investing a penny on hosting or domain name.

Isn’t That wonderful.

Well, if you are looking for some of bit more control and better features of wordpress,

If you want to have the actual feel of a wordpress website with no limitations of customization and monetization on your website,

Here are alternatives and ways you can actually create a website on wordpress without hosting and domain name.

Let’s learn the other alternatives with their top features and how to start a website on wordpress.

2. Install and run wordpress on your computer aka localhost.

What you read is true.

You can actually install and run wordpress on your computer or laptop for free.

Remember, it is free but it needs some technical work to be managed.

There are free software and virtual servers that you can download and install on your computer,

This will create a server-like environment on your computer and you can install and run the official wordpress software cms from its official website on the server which you have on your computer and you can get started.

Isn’t it awesome!

Here you are ultimately creating and managing the hosting of your website by yourself.

Let’s see what those are methods and how you can do it by yourself?

First, you need to understand something called,


Here windows are the operating system of your laptop or your computer just like mac or Linux which are other operating systems.

Apache is server software, one which helps in serving web pages to your browser when requested.

MYSQL is a database management system that helps manage and store relevant information on your website like content and media, etc.

PHP is the code language that is used to write and create wordpress, you remember the numbers and upgrades of wordpress like php7.1 or php7.3.

These are the latest versions and updates in the wordpress software.

Just like if you have a MacBook or an Apple laptop or computer you have MAMP and if you have Linux operating software you have LAMP.

You might be wondering, What’s the meaning and purpose of these things with wordpress?

Let me explain.

This WAMP, MAMP, LAMP acts as a local host or server on your computer which you can use to install and run wordpress and test the features and have a feel of a wordpress website without investing in hosting for wordpress.

After installing this software on your computer which is FREE by the way,

You can install the wordpress software from the official website and paste the files of wordpress software into these servers which you have installed already as a local server on your computer.

There you go, after configuring and working on some technical works and stuff, you have a wordpress website on your computer without hosting.

Click here to learn how to install wordpress with all the technical works on windows, mac, and Linux systems in detail.

Other than this stuff, you can also install and run wordpress with less technical works,

You can use the following software and applications on your computer like,

  1. Bitnami- It is an application environment that actually helps you able to access wordpress and other 130 open source software on your computer for free in few clicks, you can install the latest wordpress version without any technical works like those with WAMP and MAMP things, click here to learn how to install wordpress with bitnami.
  2. Desktop server-It is an application which allows you to host as many wordpress sites as possible right from your computer just like WAMP OR MAMP, but you don’t have to deal with any technical works in installing wordpress, it is a matter of clicks, click here to create your own site with this, It is like Bitnami but only for wordpress, also checkout good alternatives to this software.
  3. InstantWP-.As the name sounds, it is free portable software [for windows only] through which you can instantly get started with a wordpress website without any hosting & technical settings hassles, in just a few clicks create a website on wordpress and, test new themes and plugins on this local website before you implement on your real live website, click here to learn how to get started.

With that said, let’s see how else can you start a website on wordpress without hosting and possibly without a domain as well.

3. Try a free hosting provider instead [not].

If you want to create a website on wordpress without hosting, it either means, you don’t want to invest in hosting or you don’t want to face the technical work of managing the hosting.

Here, if you have the reason for being unable to invest in hosting for your website.

You can try the following 5 hosting providers on which you can start a website on wordpress cms for free,

Here is a quick overview of the hosting providers and then you will learn about them in detail with features.

  1. Infinityfree.
  2. Byethost.
  3. Googiehost.
  4. Accuwebhosting.
  5. Free hosting.

Let’s see each hosting company, their top features explained in detail.

  1. Infinityfree.

This is a free unlimited web hosting service for users with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

This hosting service is owned by the parent company IFastNet which has a cloud hosting solution.

Here is a glance at the top features of this hosting service.

  • 400 MySQL accounts.
  • 99.9% uptime of the website.
  • No ads.
  • Free subdomain or host any domain.
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • MySQL 5.6 available.
  • Full Htaccess support.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • Php 7.3 support.
  • 1 click wordpress install.

You can host over 3 accounts and sites per user on this platform.

Other than wordpress there are over 400 other software tools that you can access for FREE.

Now let’s see the other free hosting service.

  1. Byethost.

It is the fastest free web hosting service in the world.

This is another hosting service that is also owned by iFastNet which also owns infinity free hosting service.

This hosting service has been rated and reviewed as the fastest free web hosting service by the largest free web hosting review website,

Here is a glance at the top features of this hosting service.

  • 5 GB storage and 50GB bandwidth.
  • 1 click wordpress install.
  • Full server FTP access.
  • Unlimited Mysql databases.
  • Excellent 24/7 support.
  • Free SSL and unlimited addon parked and subdomains.
  • No ads of the hosting company are placed on your websites like branding links or ads.
  • Php 7.0 which is the latest wordpress version.
  • Site builder with templates available.
  • The premium plan is also available for higher resources and storage.

Just like infinity free, other than wordpress you can install and run over 333 other software for FREE.

  1. Googiehost.

It is a web hosting company based in India that focused on providing free and shared hosting plans for all.

It was founded in 2011.

There are over 2lakh plus happy clients of this company.

Take a look at the top features of this hosting service for free.

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Free subdomain and SSL.
  • Free website builder with drag and drop feature.
  • 1 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth.
  • 2 Mysql databases.
  • Free Cpanel.
  • Excellent customer support both email and live chat.
  • Php 7.0.1 version which means the latest wordpress version available.
  • Hotlink and spam protection.
  • No-ads placed on the website

You can host only 1 website on this platform for free by an individual user with all the above features.

Even this too, this hosting as well as a soft-aculous auto-installer just like above 2 free hosting providers you can install over 300 other scripts and software other than wordpress for FREE.

  1. Accuwebhosting.

This is another free web hosting provider mainly known for wordpress hosting for free.

This hosting was founded in 2003 which offers windows and Linux hosting with many types of hosting services like VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting services.

This also gives a free cloud hosting service for wordpress.

Here is a quick glance at the top features of this free hosting service, Take a look.

  • 2 GB storage and 30GB bandwidth monthly.
  • 5 FTP accounts and 25 custom email accounts.
  • 10 Mysql database.
  • 1 website with ads free.
  • 768 MB ram & free SSL certificate.
  • Free Cpanel & Php 7.0 supported.
  • Fast loading times and highly secured websites optimized around wordpress.
  • Free complimentary backup of your website.
  • Pre-installed wordpress blog ready to use.
  • Free existing wordpress site migration.
  • WordPress auto-updates and free hyper caching plugins.

This is not the best wordpress hosting out there like limited customer support but among other free hosting services, it stands in a great position.

  1. Free hosting.

It is what the name sounds, it is a free website hosting service.

It has been in the business for 22 years and offers free website hosting with limited resources.

Take a look at the top features of this hosting service here,

  • Free hosting for a lifetime with no free trials involved.
  • 10 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth.
  • 1 website with 1 email account and 1 Mysql database.
  • Free Cpanel.
  • Php 7 supported.
  • Free site builder and design website with 170 plus predesigned templates.
  • 1 click wordpress installation and activation with no further configuration required.
  • Email filtering and spam protection.
  • Hosting for your domain name even if you buy at another place by connecting the DNS with your website.
  • 24/7 availability of the website and good uptime of the servers.

Although the features look fine and good, you don’t have subdomains for free which means you have to invest in the domain name to be able to access free hosting of your website with this hosting service.

You don’t have much support or I should say no support at all in the free plan.

Other than wordpress you can install over 400 other software due to its soft-aculeus installer.

And it is all for FREE.

You might be wondering how these companies make a profit by giving free web hosting service for people with such awesome features,

Here are some things you should know about these free hosting companies.

  1. Most of these free hosting companies attract people for free and convert people into premium plans by upgrading them or earning money through affiliate marketing.
  2. Most of these companies have temporary Terms and conditions so they can change and add any feature in the free plans.
  3. Most of these companies place ads on Cpanels and customer support forums other than websites of their customers and make money from it.
  4. Most of these companies are using cloud hosting services which are quite affordable, unlike traditional hosting methods.
  5. In the free hosting plans these companies have limited features and customization options most of the time.
  6. These companies have strict rules of sharing the resources by users and have the power to terminate accounts of users if they consume more resources than usual.
  7. It is about satisfaction and convenience to users which matters also for these companies.

You should not have any complaints regarding fewer features or customization options in the free plans of these hosting companies, the truth is being available for FREE is a great deal.

In a free plan you can’t expect to enjoy the features you would have in a paid plan.

If you really want to make a career or a business in the online marketing space, it actually all starts with domain and hosting, and having a website or blog is a very important thing for almost every business in 2020 and beyond.

You must invest some money in the domain name and hosting of your website for wordpress if you are serious about online marketing stuff,

With that said, these are the 3 specific ways you can start your website on wordpress without investing a penny in hosting.

Ending remarks.

There you go, these are the ways you can actually start a website on wordpress without hosting basically for free.

Do comment down, what do you think about this wordpress without hosting things and which one are you going to choose to start your website without hosting.

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