WordPress faqs: 10 important things you should know about it

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In this blog, I would like to answer 10 of the most frequently asked questions regarding WordPress.

Without further ado let’s get started,

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WordPress FAQs list:

wordpress faqs

Here is a quick list of the questions which I will answer in this blog post.

  1. Can you build a wordpress site without a theme?
  2. Can you create a wordpress site without domain and hosting?
  3. Can you use wordpress offline?
  4. Can you build a complex website with WordPress?
  5. How long does it take to learn WordPress?
  6. If I update my WordPress theme will I lose everything?
  7. How to log in and access WordPress without wp-admin and domain?
  8. how to earn money from a free WordPress blog?
  9. why can’t I install plugins on WordPress?
  10. Can you code in WordPress?

So let’s get started with learning the answers to these questions.

  1. Can you build a WordPress site without a theme?

Ans: no,

You cannot build a wordpress website without a theme,

You need a theme for your wordpress website or any website in general, 

A theme will be the face of the website on the internet.

A theme gives a website a look and a design and a control to customise your website.

Although you can design and use your own custom theme if you don’t want to use the themes in WordPress.

But overall it is just not possible to build a website without a theme.

  1. Can you create a wordpress site without domain and hosting?

Ans: yes, you can create a wordpress website without investing money in Domain and hosting.

There are many options that you can choose like,

  • Starting on WordPress.com.
  • Using free WordPress hosting like infinity free and Googiehost.
  • Download the hosting on your computer like software mainly bitnami or xampp.

In fact, I have written a detailed guide on how you can start a WordPress website without domain and hosting, 

Now let’s look at the next question.

  1. Can you use wordpress offline?

Ans: yes.

You can use wordpress offline,


You can use the official wordpress mobile app to make changes in your posts and pages mainly edit and draft them.

At the same time, you can also install wordpress on your local server and use it offline like installing xampp or wamp.

Overall it is definitely possible to use wordpress offline but in order to make changes on your existing site like installing a plugin or changing a theme, you need to be online.

  1. Can you build a complex website with WordPress?

Ans: Absolutely yes.

You can build any website you want using WordPress be it a simple or complex one.

  • You can create a forum.
  • You can create an eCommerce store.
  • You can create a government website.

There are over 55000+ plugins and thousands of free and paid themes which are there for you to install and use on your website or WordPress.

Any feature you can think of like you can easily add it on your website using either both free and paid plugins.

Apart from that, you can easily add multiple people to your website to manage the work assigning different roles, and automate or schedule the work.

Overall you can build a complex website with WordPress but with the use of some developers and,

If you are looking for an alternative to WordPress for building Complex websites then Drupal, Joomla, and Squarespace are good ones to help you.

  1. How long does it take to learn WordPress?

Ans: It would take a week’s time maximum to be able to learn WordPress.

If you just want to get used to the dashboard and learn the features of WordPress to create a basic wordpress website or blog.

It should not take you more than a week to get with that,

There are lots of resources that you can follow online to help you achieve that like,

Even I have lots of resources to help a beginner get started with building website on WordPress,

If you are looking to become a professional wordpress developer,

And start your own freelancing career,

You might need to invest a couple of months to a year time learning all the things you need to know about WordPress including things like site migrations, recovering the hacked wordpress website, creating a custom theme and plugin,

Adding new functionality in your website with code etc,

Along with taking training and courses with constant practice and learning a bit of coding language.

  1. If I update my WordPress theme will I lose everything?

Ans: no you don’t lose any of the features that you have made to your existing wordpress theme if you update it.

If you customize your website through plugins like elementor or Divi, in such a case, updating your wordpress theme will not impact or erase your existing theme changes at all.

Your website menus, widgets, headers, colors, and layouts will not be affected by theme updates.

These changes are stored in your WordPress database and you can only remove these settings from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Other than that, if you have manually added any code to add custom features in your theme in the functions.php file or style.css file, it will be erased and impacted by the theme update.

Whenever you have a update whether it be of a theme or plugin or of WordPress software, you should always update it for 2 main reasons,

  • Security of the website.
  • New features to the website.

Even though I still believe that updating your wordpress theme can damage your data and customization which you did to your existing theme,

It is always a good idea to practice security measures like,

  • Taking backups of your website.
  • Making changes with your theme on the staging website.
  • Download, run, and test changes to your website on your locally hosted WordPress website.

Now let’s look at the next question.

  1. Can you code in WordPress?

Ans: yes.

You can easily code in WordPress.

In fact, you can apply your own custom codes for plugins or add a new customization feature to your theme.

  • Does WordPress require coding?

No, absolutely not.

WordPress does not require any coding.

You can do a lot of things which could only be possible with custom coding on other platforms but not on WordPress due to its flexibility.

To manage and run a basic wordpress website you do not need any coding knowledge at all, although you might need some HTML knowledge if you are looking to build an eCommerce Store or anything that way so that you can easily handle the platform.

  • Is WordPress better than coding?

Absolutely yes,

WordPress is a lot better than coding.

Thanks to its flexibility in nature, and a package of over 55000 plus plugins and thousands of themes both free and paid which you can install on your website.

You can manage wordpress without touching or editing a single line of code right from your wordpress dashboard.

  1. how to log in and access wordpress admin without wp-admin and domain?

Ans: No,

You simply cannot log in and get access to your wordpress admin dashboard without entering the domain name.

Although you can log in to your wordpress admin dashboard from your web hosting account but in most cases,

You can only get access to wordpress admin only through your domain name.

  1. how to earn money from a free wordpress blog?

Ans: if you are thinking of monetizing your blog from a free wordpress.com plan,

It is just not possible to earn money from a free WordPress blog,

Thinking about Ads and affiliate marketing, you cannot do either of them in your free wordpress blog in free plan, as WordPress.com does not allow you to do that in the free plan.

You will have to upgrade to at least a personal or premium plan to be able to monetize your blog.

If you want to earn money through ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, donations, and selling products,

You will need to upgrade, premium, and business plan to be able to earn money through those mainly wordads (Official ad network of WordPress for websites built on WordPress.com) by removing the default wordpress ads on your website.

Unlike blogger, you cannot monetize your free wordpress.com blog even with ads or affiliate, you need to switch to higher plans.

  1. why can’t I install plugins on wordpress?

Ans: Although it’s very easy to install plugins on WordPress website,

If you are facing problems with plugins like you cannot install plugins then there might be some issue like,

  • If you are starting a website on a free wordpress.com plan, you cannot access WordPress plugins as it is not included in the plan, you will have to upgrade to a business plan in order to access and install plugins.
  • You are not either using the admin dashboard or you don’t have the access of using plugins for your role in WordPress.
  • It can also be due to memory limit issues that you could not install Plugins on your website, you can solve this issue by increasing the memory limit in your wp-config.php file.
  • If you are using free wordpress hosting like infinity free, Accu Webhosting, etc, due to their limited storage access, if your free website exceeds the storage limit, you can no longer install plugins due to fewer storage issues.

In such cases, you may not be able to install plugins on your wordpress website.

Ending remarks.

There you go I have answered 10 FAQs regarding WordPress.

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