How to create, start a blog for FREE & make money in 2022

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In this blog post you will learn everything related to how to create, start a blog for FREE and make money in 2021.

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How to create a Blog for free and make money?

do you need a blog to do affiliate marketing

There are many platforms on the Internet which can you use to start a blog for free like,

You can easily start blogging and design a beautiful website with lots of customisation within a matter of minutes but the problem is that we cannot make money on these platforms, 

If you are looking to earn money blogging for absolutely free of cost then these platforms mentioned above or not reliable option.

The blogging platforms mentioned above absolutely allows you to create a free website but

they also place their companies advertisements on your free blog so that you cannot make money from advertisements and they also have Limited storage and bandwidth which is also a huge problem,

Blogger is totally opposite to this, they dont show any ads on your free blog so you can make money from FREE blog, There is no premium plan in blogger as well,

and you have unlimited storage and bandwidth by starting a blog on blogger as your website will be hosted on google cloud service which is the fastest in the world.

Because of all these reasons I do not recommend you to start a free blog on these platforms rather I would recommend you to start a blog on Google’s official platform called blogger.

It is a service that Google is offering for people for absolutely free of cost that they can easily create a blog within a matter of minutes and start publishing content and make money from their free blog.

As a matter of fact I have started my first blog on blogger before I moved it to WordPress so I will walk you through everything you need to know about how to start a blog on blogger and make money and everything you need to know in between.

Let’s dive right in.

Start a blog on Blogger;


Look, before you start a blog on blogger it is a quick reminder that you are building a blog on blogger which is a service of Google and you don’t own the blog it is Google which is letting you use the platform.

So, make sure that you follow the terms and conditions of using the blogger before you start a blog. If you violate the terms and conditions of Google while using the service of a blogger then Google may delete and suspend your account.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to create a blog on blogger.

Step1: visit the official website of Google Blogger and sign-up with your Gmail account.

If you do not have a Gmail account of yourself you can easily create it here within a matter of minutes.

blogger vs wordpress

Step2: Click on get started and you will get like this, where you can choose the name of the blog.

start a blog for free

Step3: After choosing the name you will have to decide the domain name for your blog and remember that you will get a domain like this,

start a blog for free

Step4: After choosing the domain it is the time to choose the display name of the blog.

start a blog for free

Step5: Now you have successfully created the blog for free on blogger. you can make all the changes in the left side bar like seo settings and theme customization.

start a blog for free

Now you can click on any section in the left bar to look at that section and make changes about it on your website and you can easily create a new blog post that you can publish on your website by clicking on new post and you can see a dashboard like this,

start a blog for free

The dashboard is very clear, user friendly and in the right bar which i highlighted in the rectangular box you can make lots of changes like edit permalink of the post, change the published date and lot more which you can see in the image above.

You should click on posts to publish content on your website rather than pages,

pages are content on your website which doesnot gets updated and posts are the actual content on your website that ranks on google and should be updated with latest information.

You can also easily check the stats and views of your blog posts with in built stats feature in the blogger.

We have successfully created a blog on blogger for absolutely free of cost now it’s time to start publishing content on blogger and make money from it.

What to do after creating a blog on blogger?

top wordpress plugins for bloggers

After you have created the blog on blogger there are a couple of things in it to do like,

  1. Make sure that you connect your website with Google tools like Google Analytics and Google search console so that you can easily analyse your website growth in search engine and track your website traffic.
  2. Make sure that you published some important pages on your website like about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer and terms and conditions, all these pages will help you make your website look more legitimate and trustworthy and also safeguard you from legal issues, dont worry you can create all these pages on the internet for absolutely free of cost.
  3. You can easily customise your website theme and change different templates of your website in blogger in the left bar and click on the themes and choose your favorite one and you can change the layout of your blog in the layout section.

Now after you complete all the three things mentioned above it’s time to start publishing content on your website and publish content regularly.

Select a niche:

why start a food blog

Now you might be wondering what topic should I select to start publishing content. This is the major doubt many people have in mind regarding what topic they should select.

Although I have written a detailed guide on how to select a topic for your Blogging journey which you can check it out here.

I will explain it quickly here on how you can select a topic and a niche for your blog.

  1. Just brainstorm different topics and ideas you can think about in your mind.
  2. Select the topics and ideas that you are really passionate about learning and ask yourself can I learn, write and publish at least 50 blog posts on this topic, if yes you should go with it.
  3. Search your topic and ideas in Google trends to know is there anyone searching for that topic on search engines and avoid ideas if the trend is going down or has a seasonal topic, always choose evergreen topics.
  4. After deciding all these things now we need to decide what is the money making potential in this topic and all you need to do is to ask yourself can I sell any product or service to my audience on this topic, if yes it is fine.

These are all the steps you need to know in order to select a niche for your blog.

You can click here to check top blogging niches that make money.

A quick reminder:

While you are deciding which topic you choose to start blogging about, I would highly recommend you to avoid topics related to health, fitness, food and Finance because these topics are extremely competitive industries in blogging world,

there is very little chance for a new website to crack in this industries and drive traffic to the website from search engines because,

you will be fighting with large websites and big brands and companies with thousands of Writers and You alone with a free blog, as much as possible please avoid such industries and topics.

Here is a list of top blogging topics.

Now, I assume that you have selected a topic for your blog now it’s time to publish content on your blog related to the topic.

Keyword research and content publishing:

Keyword research is a process of finding topic, ideas, queries, questions that people are searching for on search engines and social media related to your topic which,

you can select and start publishing content related to that query on your website and drive those people to your website from search engines and social media platforms.

I will not go in depth on how to do keyword research. I have written a detailed guide on it that you can check out here.

Now after you get a bunch of blog ideas that you can start publishing content on your website it’s time to write and publish content.

I want to share a few quick and useful tips for people who are writing blog posts.

  1. Whenever you are writing a blog post on your website make sure that the tone of your blog post is in a conversational mode and think about it this way that you are having a conversation with your friend online and you’re explaining a problem and solution to it to your friend online.
  2. Make sure that you embed lots of internal links from your previous post to your post that you’re publishing right now because it will increase the time users spend on your website and this can help you a lot in boosting your rankings in search engines.
  3. Make sure that you regularly add attractive and beautiful images on your blog, an image can tell a Thousand Words for sure and it can also make your blog look more appealing and attractive to read for your audience, you can use many copyright free images from website like pixabay and download images that you can publish on your website but make sure that you compress those images before you publish on your blog and this can reduce the loading speed of your website enormously.
  4. Make sure that all of your blog post paragraphs are not very long and break down long paragraphs into short paragraphs and improve the readability and grammar of your blog using tools like Hemingway editor and grammarly.
  5. Make sure that you publish longer pieces of blog posts rather than shorter articles. Ideally you can publish blog posts around 1800 words as this is the average word count of the top ranking page in Google and more often than not higher word count blog posts tend to rank higher then shorter blog posts.
  6. Make sure that you publish blog posts on your website on a regular basis like at least 2 or 3 blog posts a week, because this can increase the link velocity of your website and this can help your website get indexed by Google faster and rank fast, this can also build trust and credibility of your website with Google.
  7. Make sure that you properly optimise your website for search engines by doing proper on page SEO of your blog like you should insert your target keyword in important places of your blog like beginning of your blog and in title, meta description, URL.

For more information on best SEO techniques for blogging you can check it out here.

How to make money on blogger?

how hard is it to have a successful blog

Now that you have written a bunch of blog posts on your website like let’s say 15-20, just let your blog to get a little old and then you can monetize your blog from the following methods explained below.

  1. Display Google AdSense ads.

advantages and disadvantages of Google adsense

Google AdSense is the official ad network of Google, it is a network which connects advertisers with Publishers.

After you publish a bunch of high quality blog posts on your blogger blog like 20 posts, just let your domain to get a little old like 4 months, after that you can apply for Google AdSense and

if your application gets approved by AdSense team then you will get a mail to your account and then you can sign up for Google AdSense and place the adsense ads on your blogger blog.

You will make money from Google AdSense ads depending upon the Clicks on your ads and Impressions of your ads.

The earning in Google AdSense will depend upon different factors like, your traffic location, the niche and topic of your blog, the CPC of your blog, how users interact and engage with your blog.

But on average you can expect to earn around 3$ for a click on the ad and 7$ for 1000 ad impressions.

It is a great opportunity for bloggers to make money.

  1. Sell affiliate products.

You can also sell affiliate products on your Blog by the way for people who do not know what Affiliate marketing is it is about, recommending and promoting other companies products on your website and

whenever people purchase products through a special Link from your website or content which is called as affiliate link within a specific period of time (cookie window) you will make money as a Commission for making those sales for the company.

You can easily join many popular affiliate networks like Amazon Associates and start promoting their products through affiliate links that you can insert and post on your blog in product reviews and comparisons, by this way you can make money.

You can learn more about the pros and cons of affiliate marketing here.

  1. Accept paid guest posts-

best blogging platform for writers

If you consistently work on your blogger blog and build some domain authority & traffic over a period of time, you can then accept paid guest posts and sponsored posts on your website,

you can join networks like flyout and adsy to make money publishing sponsored content on your website.

Just join these networks, if you get approval and you will get sponsored content offers to your website which you can publish on your website and earn around 50 to 60 dollars for a link placed in the sponsored post,

the money you make will depend upon your website authority, niche and traffic you get. After you start making money from your blog you can then migrate from blogger to wordpress and make your blog professional.

These are all the things you need to know about starting a blog for free with that being said let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks;

There you go these are all the things you need to know about how to start a blog for free.

Do comment down what you think about the blog and if you are starting a free blog or not.

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