Niche vs micro marketing: difference, pros & cons

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Here are the definition and differences explained of both types of marketing.

What is Niche marketing?

Niche marketing is an advertisement strategy that helps you in focusing on a specific group of the audience over any and all types of audience related to a niche or topic.

It targets only people who are interested in a particular product, topic, or interest rather than all the people and the general audience.

What is micro-niche marketing?

Micromarketing is an advertisement strategy similar to niche marketing but within niche marketing.

Here the people targeted In this market are highly specific to the niche market.

The characteristic and factors can include llike,

  • Age.
  • Profession.
  • Demographic.
  • Gender.
  • Income.

You get my point.

With this you narrow down the line within a niche market and target a highly specific group within a niche market, you will learn the pros and cons of this later in this blog.

Learn more about it here.

Difference between both.

The only difference you have between both types of marketing is the audience type.

In niche marketing,

You focus on the larger broader type of audience without going into depth of different characteristics of the audience in a topic, and in micro marketing, you target a more deep audience who are interested in a specific product or a topic.

Here you will learn the pros and cons of selecting a niche and micro-niche for your blog or your online business because,

Online business is the best way you can target a niche market and micro-market.

Online business in the sense it is,

  • Blogging.
  • Dropshipping.
  • Freelancing.

Let’s learn them in detail.

Pros and cons of each.

pros and cons of blog vs podcast

Here is a list of the pros and cons of both niche and micro-niche marketing explained in detail.

9 Niche marketing pros and cons.

Here are the quick pros and cons of niche marketing, let’s see the pros first.

4 Pros of niche marketing.

Here is a list of the pros of niche marketing.

  1. Large audience.
  2. Less dependent on SEO.
  3. Many ways of monetization.
  4. More choices.

Let’s learn about them in detail,

1. Large audience.

pros and cons of fashion blogging

The biggest advantage of niche marketing instead of micro marketing is that you have an audience base that is larger and stronger.

With having a large audience there are many pros in itself including things like,

  • Higher visibility of the brand.
  • Higher blog awareness and can help more people.
  • You can gain more credibility and people will see you as the expert more and more.
  • You can increase your authority in the niche.
  • You can have more connections and collaborations with similar webmasters and bloggers of your niche.

2. Less dependent on SEO.

Another advantage of niche marketing over micro marketing is that you can be less dependent on SEO.

You can start your own,

  • Youtube channel.
  • Facebook group.
  • Pinterest account.
  • Telegram channel.
  • Email list.

There are many ways you can generate traffic and drive it to your website in niche marketing which you cannot be able to do with micro marketing.

3. You have many ways of monetizing your website.


This is the big one.

With niche marketing, when you establish that trust and traffic to your website.

You already have some content and blogs on your website and some traffic coming to your website.

With that traffic, there are many things you can do with that traffic in terms of monetization like,

  • You can do an affiliate marketing of course.
  • You can sell your own info products like ebooks.
  • You can sell your own online courses.
  • YOu can run ads.
  • You can start your own consulting business or own membership website.

Click here to learn all the ways you can monetize your website other than affiliate marketing which you will do in micro marketing.

You are not always largely dependent on a single stream and source of income for revenue, you have multiple streams to help you earn the bread and butter.

4. You have more choices.


You might be wondering, what the heck is more choices?

With more choices I mean,

You have more keywords and topics you can target in your niche and more ways to bring traffic to your website.

This is pretty similar to the above one but,

With keyword research especially when we are talking about niche marketing in a blog,

It is the most important thing,

With keyword research, you can choose whichever keywords you can target in your niche,

You have that FREEDOM.

You don’t feel suffocated in a topic.

You can choose your own keywords and topics and create a micro-niche site within a niche site and target those groups of keywords separately and you can keep on exploring new topics and dig deep in your niche.

You will feel less a constrained thing.

With that said here are 5 cons of niche marketing you should know in 2020.

5 Cons of niche marketing.

Here is a quick overview of 5 cons of nice marketing.

  1. Fewer sales.
  2. Not that engaging.
  3. Competition is high.
  4. It Can be confusing.
  5.  You have more work.

Let’s learn each con in detail.

1. You would have fewer sales and less ROI.

Yeah, this is something you should worry about.

With niche marketing, though it is targeted to a specific topic it is not highly targeted to a specific topic of a topic like a micro-niche is,

Here is an example,,

Your blog niche is about boats,

Boats is your niche and you write blogs on topics all related to boats like,

  • Why boats are so expensive?
  • Which boats did the carnival sell?
  • How do boats float?

All like these,

These keywords and topics are very broad and serving a different audience altogether.

The problem with this approach is that keywords though are targeted to a particular niche which is about boats but they are not highly targeted.

There are many sub-niches in boating like,

  1. Pontoon boat.
  2. Kayak.
  3. Skiff.

You just google them.

Here though the boating niche is targeted to a niche it is not highly targeted.

The audience on the blog or the website is not highly targeted so you won’t be able to generate higher sales than what you can do with micro marketing,

I will explain to you in pros of micro marketing part.

2. Not that engaging for the audience.

Another thing about niche marketing in a blog is that it can be not that engaging for the audience.

Not all types of people who like boats want to read or want to know about different types of boats and details about that,

If your blog or you are creating content on a super broad topic like a boat instead of a specific boat like a pontoon.

People won’t be interested in learning about all types of boats and specifications about them, so it can be not that engaging for your audience on your website with niche marketing.

3. Competition is high.

Another thing worth noticing about niche marketing is that competition is usually higher as compared to micro marketing.

There are obviously more people writing about boats and stuff like that so not just blog,

Even in any business, there are a lot of people in general ideas who are producing content and marketing in it,

You take an example of some highly competitive niche markets like,

  • Health.
  • Cooking.
  • Fitness.
  • Personal finance.
  • Boats.

All these niche markets are highly competitive so in order to succeed in blogging or in any other field, you need to niche down a bit.

4. It can be confusing.


We are mainly talking about blogging and content creation in this blog on niche marketing and micro marketing.

Niche marketing though it gives you space to write down on different topics and dig deep in your niche in different sections of the niche.


If you are not calculated enough,

You might end up wasting a lot of time and effort in content creation.

It can be pretty confusing sometimes.

You have targeted so many topics in your niche in your blog or website that it can feel that it is a totally directionless thing.

It is my personal story,

In this blog, targeted different topics, I ended up targeting way different topics that do not make sense to my primary niche of my blog.

Yes, it can feel directionless when you have not focused on one primary topic and you cannot either master this one neither the one you kept on digging and exploring in your niche.

5. It is more work and time.

When we are essentially talking about niche marketing in blogs and content creation for websites,

It is usually a more time-consuming process in a niche market then,

You will have to create more pieces of content on more topics and keywords.

You will have to do a lot of work in promotion and link building.

It is just a lot more time than you can think of with niche marketing blogs and businesses.

With that said here are 9 pros and cons of micro marketing.

9 Micro niche marketing pros and cons.

Here is a list of the 9 best pros and cons of micro marketing explained in detail.

Micro-marketing pros.

Here is a quick overview of the 4 pros of micro marketing.

  1. More sales.
  2. Less work.
  3. Higher engagement.
  4. Less competition.

Let’s learn about the pros of micro marketing in detail.

1. More sales.

The biggest advantage of micro marketing is that you can drive more sales.

Whether it be a blog, a youtube channel, or a business model.

You are only targeting a highly specific, with a specific character trait of the audience in your business.

Talking about the example of Boats,

When you blog or create content around a specific type of boat like a pontoon boat,

You can create different pieces of content revolving around that piece of the topic.

The advantage of this approach is that,

You can be highly targeted with your audience.

For example.

In pontoon boats,

You can write blogs on different types and specifications of pontoon boats like this,

  • Why pontoon boats are expensive.
  • Why pontoon boats are the best in the business.
  • How to ride a pontoon boat.

You got my point.

All of these keywords and topics are highly targeted to a single topic and serving a single audience type all the time.

With this approach, when your content and your keywords are targeting a highly specific topic,

The chances of you getting people to convert into sales are more because you can solve each and every tiny to large question and query of the audience on your blog.

This is the single biggest power of micro-niche marketing for your blog and business.

2. Less work.

Another advantage of micro niche marketing is that you can have less work than usual with niche marketing which you usually have.

Of Course, in fewer blog posts or in less content you can drive more sales and in less targeted keywords you can shoot and rank high on search engines.

If you get all the things in this micro-market right and in perfect order then you can create a perfect passive income source for your life.

3. Higher engagement of the audience.

This is what I am Italian about.

When you are targeting a specific and highly relevant audience then who so ever is interested in that niche will visit your website and will stay on your blog and stay engaged with your website.

It is because you are creating and solving their problems with your problem-solving products and content.

4. Less competition.


This is another benefit of micro marketing,

You usually have less competition than usual,

Fewer people and businesses will likely to target these groups and micro-markets as they might either being,

  • Ignore the potential.
  • Or underestimate the potential.

You can capitalize on the thing and make it through with your online business.

With that said, here are 5 cons of micro marketing you should know.

5 Micro-marketing cons.

Here is a quick overview of the 5 cons of micro marketing.

  1. Small audience.
  2. Fewer choices.
  3. Looks like spam.
  4. Less visibility.
  5. More dependent on SEO.

Let’s learn about the cons in detail.

1. Small audience.

The biggest disadvantage of micro marketing is in the name itself.

Micro means small.

Though the market is highly targeted because it is highly targeted people who are interested and fall into that needs can be very small.

So the audience of the micro-market is and will be small as compared to the higher audience in niche markets.

2. You have fewer choices.

Another thing about micro markets is that,

You can have fewer choices.

You might be wondering about what fewer choices am I talking about?

It is about topics and content pieces you can create and target on your blog and in your online business.

It is not just about the blog here,

Even if you have a dropshipping business in a highly targeted micro-niche market, you obviously have fewer products to target so,

It can be hard for you to do things in the micro markets.

3. It looks like spam.

Well, most of the micro markets revolve around a particular product like in the case of boat pontoon boats which was our example.

It is a good example but,

When you are creating a blog targeting a micro-market the content can appear like spam for the audience.

Like all the topics related to and revolving around a product.

This does not happen all the time with all micro-niche markets blogs but if they are not taken care of properly then,

There can be a high chance of getting it to appear like spam.

If it happens, and all your content revolves around a single product like you want that sale as soon as possible without trying to be helpful on your website.

It can create a bad user experience on your website and that can hurt the engagement which we have spoken in the pros of the micro-market.

This applies mainly to blogs only.

4. Less visibility.

visibility of news

Another thing worth noticing about micro-niche markets is that it can have less visibility of the brand.

With a small audience, you have small people looking for that thing in your website and your website or your online business is converting into a brand and online authority in the niche.

There are fewer chances of that.

Because the audience is small.

5. You can be more dependent on SEO.

The majority of micro-market blogs on the internet have a major source of income through SEO.

They don’t have the benefit of things like,

It is just about SEO and the problem with this thing is,

Mainly google which is the largest search engine,

One algorithm update in Google can make or break your revenue from the micro-market website or business.

This is the risk you have with micro-market business and blogs if you want to target them as your blogging or business niche.

Let’s get to the final question?

Niche vs micro niche marketing: Which one is the best?

We have taken blogging as the primary standpoint to analyze which one works best for your online business and which one does not.

Considering the different pros and cons of both markets and strategies,

I would want to conclude that,

Both are unique and you need to capitalize on both.

With a micro-niche market you can target a specific group though it is small you can master that group and get high conversions.

With niche markets though the audience is not highly targeted it is large so you have different things with that.

To say which one s the best depends a lot on the intentions and goals of your business and your blog.

You want less work more returns like a passive income go for micro-niche and if you want to play the long-term game, build a brand, go for a niche market, not micro one.

It depends on your interests and intentions of your goals in your business.

Even niche markets are targeted to a topic which you can capitalize not highly targeted like micro one but can be worthwhile for the longterm game.

With that said let’s get to the conclusion of the blog.

Ending remarks.

There you go, I have answered everything related to niche and micro niche marketing,

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