21 FREE affiliate marketing tools you can use in 2022

Hi I’m Praneeth Kumar.

In this blog post you will learn my top 21 best FREE affiliate marketing tools which you can use to get more traffic and conversions.

All the tools I mention in the list can directly or indirectly help you get more conversions for your Affiliate marketing campaign.

So without further ado let’s get started.

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21 free affiliate marketing tools;

Here is a list of top 21 free Affiliate marketing tools.

All of the tools mentioned in this list are either free or have a free plan which,

you can use and but the tools can directly or indirectly help you get more leads and conversions for your Affiliate marketing campaign.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Answer the public.


Answer the public is a freemium keyword research tool which you can use in order to find keyword ideas, questions and

topics that people are searching for on forums, search engines and social media related to your target keyword.

Unlike most other keyword research tools this tool will give you access to lots of keywords in the form of beautiful long tail questions.

Before writing and publishing any blog posts on your website make sure that you search and get some ideas from this tool and include the questions in your blog post to rank higher in search engines and get more traffic to your blogs.

Unfortunately you can only use 2 searches every day for free and you will have to upgrade to a premium plan to get unlimited searches.

2. Canva.

Canva is a popular freemium graphic design tool.

Using this amazing graphic design tool, you can create a lot of amazing graphics for your blog, YouTube channel or social media.

With drag and drop features, you can create beautiful infographics, custom images, YouTube video thumbnails, social media posts and banners and so on.

I would highly recommend you to check out this amazing tool of graphic design.

For more information you can check my canva review.

3. MailChimp.


MailChimp is a freemium email marketing tool that lets you collect and send emails to your audience.

If you are doing affiliate marketing through blogging and content marketing then you should definitely consider email marketing.

By just collecting email addresses of your target audience on your website and blog you can build a constant relationship and

trust with them over a period of time and then you can sell different types of products to them like you do with affiliate Marketing.

But in order to send emails to your audience you first have to collect email addresses and

mailchimp is a perfect tool if you want to build an email list specially without investing money in it because email Marketing software is very very expensive.

In the free plan of this tool, you can collect emails up to 2,000 and send upto 10000 emails every month. You will have to upgrade to a higher plan when you exceed that limit.

If you are a newbie and want to build an email list of your own audience for your affiliate marketing purpose then I would highly recommend you to consider using this free email marketing tool.

4. HubSpot ideas generator.


This is a tool from HubSpot which you can use to generate over 250 different ideas/topics around a particular keyword

if you are just running out of any topic ideas related to any keyword for writing a blog post or making a video of it.

This is an absolutely free tool, there is no premium plan in it and you can also export and download the data of every keyword idea to your desktop.

I would highly recommend you to check out using this tool at least once, you can get lots of topics you can write about around the single keyword within a matter of a few seconds and a couple of clicks.

5. Link track.


Link track is a freemium link tracking tool for affiliates.

This tool will track all of your clicks and monitor the results.

This tool also gives you real time data and where the traffic is coming from which is clicking on your affiliate links.

You can also get all the conversions that have been tracked and you can also download all the reports to your desktop.

Using this amazing tool you can check which Affiliate links are getting the most conversions and money so that you can create more of those links in other blog posts and increase your revenue from affiliate marketing.

6. buzzSumo.


buzzSumo is a freemium tool through which you can use to find top content ideas, blogs and topics related to any keyword depending upon total social shares, links and blog ideas that are performing well.

More social shares of any blogs means users are really interested in that topic.

Using this tool, you can decide the top performing content ideas in your niche and topic.

This can help you in creating content that is really interesting and engaging for users and can get You more traffic and more Affiliate conversions at the end.

7. Survey monkey.


Surveymonkey is a freemium software that lets you create and collect information from your audience through different types of surveys.

You get lots of Amazing features to create surveys using this tool like you have free templates, analytics and insights of your surveys, export the data and much more.

Using this tool you can instantly create a survey to get some interesting data about your customers and collect data for market research to create products within a matter of a few minutes.

This is an important tool for affiliate marketers because,

  • Using surveys you can identify the pain points and problems of your target audience on your blog posts.
  • Using surveys you can collect interesting data which you can consolidate and create statistics.

Using this amazing tool, this can help you identify and recognise the problems and pain points of your target audience.

You can select and right Affiliate programs and promote the right Affiliate products because affiliate marketing is all about recommending the products that solve the problem and pains of your target audience.

8. Rankmath.

rank math

Rankmath is a freemium WordPress SEO plugin.

It is by far the best free SEO wordpress plugin I have used it so far because it does a lot of things like,

  • Redirections.
  • Structured data.
  • On page SEO.
  • Broken links.
  • Sitemaps.

All of them in a single plugin.

I would highly recommend you to install this plugin on your wordpress website, this plugin can make your on page SEO easier and on page SEO is important aspects of ranking a blog in Google.

9. Anytrack.


Anytrack.io is a conversion tracking platform that syncs your onsite and offline conversion data with your Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and your ad networks, so you can easily make sense of any paid or organic traffic.

This tool will also track things like,

  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Multi-Touch Attribution.

This is yet another great and free tool for Affiliate marketers.

10. Pixabay.


Whether you are doing affiliate marketing with your YouTube channel or on social media or on your blog you need visual and images in every content format that you publish as videos or blogs.

Using images in your blogs and videos make your content visually engaging and appealing to read and watch.

If you don’t have enough money to buy premium stock photos from platforms like shutterstock at expensive prices then

there are definitely free alternatives to those stock photos that you can easily download on platforms like pixabay and unsplash.

You can easily download high quality PNG images from these platforms to your desktop for absolutely free of cost.

All the images and visuals that you download from this free stock photo platform are royalty free and you can easily use them for any commercial and non-commercial purposes.

If you have ever wondered or looking to download images for videos or blog posts definitely consider using these platforms.

11. Siteliner.


Siteliner is a well-known free tool that you can use to run a technical audit of your website Especially to find some important issues on websites and blogs like,

  • Duplicate content.
  • Broken links.
  • Low quality content.

You can use this tool to scan upto 250 pages on your website for absolutely free of cost or you can upgrade to a premium plan where you can scan up to 25,000 pages on a single website.

I would highly recommend you to use this tool if you feel your website is not getting enough traffic even if you publish a lot of blog post.

This tool will especially point out all the duplicate content on your website which you can immediately fix and

if you want to learn more about duplicate content and why it is a problem then you can read my guide on everything you need to know about duplicate content.

12. Ahrefs free tools.

You can find lots of free tools from ahrefs in footer section of its website.


You must have only know Ahrefs as a popular and premium SEO tool which you can use to do keyword Research and build backlinks to your website.

But, do you know about some amazing free tools from Ahrefs that can help you boost your traffic and sales in Affiliate marketing.

Yes, there are tools like,

Make sure that you use these amazing tools of Ahrefs to grow your search traffic and thereby Affiliate conversions as well.

13. Bitly.


Bitly is a freemium link management tool.

Most people are familiar with this as a link shortener tool but bitly is more than that like,

  • brand and customize links.
  • track real-time click data.
  • learn your top referrers and locations, for each link and for all links, in aggregate.

You can easily include the bitly links in YouTube descriptions, podcasts descriptions, social media posts and so on.

14. Emv headline analyser.


The title of your blog post or video is the most important aspect of your content on digital platforms because

it is what is going to drive people to click on your blog or video and get People watch it for a long time then build trust with yourself and buy products from you eventually.

Hence, you cannot afford to mess up with the titles of your blogs and videos.

Your titles/headlines are the first impression of your content on the Internet and even if you have the world class information and content on your website and in videos but if you package it in a wrong way, there is absolutely no use of it.

That is the reason I would highly recommend you to use this amazing and free tool.

This is a tool which is used by many popular copywriters and whenever you are writing a title for blogs or videos or podcasts, enter those headlines in this tool to get a score of how effective the titles are.

The scores are divided in different percentage numbers and higher the percentage number the better it is, meaning there is more chance of people clicking on your content and consuming your content over others.

15. Grammarly.


This is a freemium spelling and grammar checker tool.

You can easily install this tool as a free Chrome extension on your browser and whenever you write a blog post or any YouTube video description,

this tool will scan through all the text that you have written and identify and show you all the spelling errors and sentence formation errors in those text so that you can easily correct them within a few clicks.

This tool will also give you some amazing insights on how your sentences are sounding, whether they are friendly or aggressive, so you can better optimize them by setting specific targets.

If you are not using this amazing free Chrome extension already, I would highly recommend you to install this extension on your browser because this tool can save you a lot of time in identifying and

removing spelling errors and sentence formation errors in your blog and video descriptions.

Look, you cannot afford to ignore spelling errors in your blog posts and video descriptions because

those are the ones which will be that most read on your content and your content will be the important asset of your digital marketing strategy and

if you don’t take care of your content properly then and it will create a bad impression about your content with users and you cannot build the trust required with users.

Definitely consider using this amazing tool especially when you are writing blog posts, this tool can save you a lot of time and effort in finding spelling/ sentence formation errors in your copy rather than finding them manually.

16. Hemingway editor.


If we are doing affiliate marketing on blogging and content marketing like publishing blog posts then I would highly recommend you to use this free and amazing tool called Hemingway editor.

This is an absolutely free tool, there is no premium plan that you can use.

This tool will give you the readability score of your copy and highlight all the important paragraphs and sentences in your copy which are quite hard to read for users so that

you can improve and optimise those paragraphs for better readability and improve the User experience overall.

Look, most people on the internet are not the experts on any topics and when they are expecting to read any blog posts related to any query in Google

they would be expecting the content to be free from jargon and technical stuff and if you fail to do that by including a lot of jargon and words which are quite hard to read and understand then

it is a bad User experience because most people are not experts on this subject like you are.

If users are not really understanding the content that you have written on your blogs then they will not be happy with your website and they will Bounce away from your website and

read other articles especially of your competitors Affiliate posts and buy products from other websites Affiliate links not yours so you will be losing a lot of conversions and money at the end.

So make sure whenever you are publishing any blog post on your website before that, always use this tool to check the readability score and improve the readability by working on paragraphs which are hard to read and understand.

Another important thing is that whenever you are writing a blog post, explain the concept and solve the problem in your blog post thinking that your target audience is very beginners and not experts on the topic.

You should be writing blog posts in a way that even a 7th grade student can easily understand what you have written.

Explain the concept and solve a problem in a simple and easy manner without using a lot of jargon and technical stuff in your copy.

17. Google analytics.


This is a free tool by Google which lets you to analyse how your website is and have some interesting data about your website traffic like,

  • Users dwell time on your website.
  • Users bounce rate.
  • Total traffic.
  • Traffic growth.
  • Traffic channels.
  • Audience age, device, location.
  • Real time status of your website.

You can get all this data for absolutely free of cost if you just insert a little snippet of code in the header section of your website after creating a free account with Google Analytics.

By analysing the different metrics of your website and how your website traffic is you can optimise your website for a better User experience and

thereby improve the conversions by looking at which pages of your website get most traffic so that you can drive traffic to other pages like product pages and affiliate post on your website through internal linking and make money.

You can also improve the User experience on individual pages by improving the design and layout by looking at individual pages metrics like Dwell time and bounce rate.

I just loved using this tool to optimise my website and improve my affiliate conversions overall.

18. Google search console.

Overviewngf free affiliate marketing tools

You can call this tool the brother of Google Analytics and this is yet another free tool from Google for webmasters and affiliate marketers who have websites and blogs so that they can optimise their website especially for search engines.

Unlike Google Analytics with this Google search console tool you can check how your website is performing only on search engines like Google.

You can have some interesting data regarding your website performance like,

  • Your blogs Impressions in search.
  • Your blogs clicks.
  • Total clicks and impressions along with CTR and average position.
  • Traffic location, device.
  • Your website technical errors.
  • You will get a notification and update if your website gets a penalty from Google.
  • You can also have a backlink profile of your website and Anchor text used.

Unlike most other premium tools for SEO, you get a lot of data with this amazing tool of Google search console for absolutely free of cost and the best part of all is that you will get this tool straight from Google.

So you know the data is legit, using this amazing tool of Google search console you can highly optimise your blog posts and website to rank better and higher in search engines and get more traffic to your website so that

you can get more conversions for your Affiliate pages and guess what? make more money eventually.

19. Microsoft clarity.


This is a freemium tool from microsoft which shows a heat map of your website.

Heatmap is basically a graphical representation of how users are engaging on your website like,

  • Which place users have clicked most on your website or blog post.
  • How far did the user’s scroll down to the blog post to read the post.
  • Which place on your website users found non engaging and did not click.

Using this amazing data of your website and blog post you can optimise and improve your structure and layout of your website to maximize the conversions by

embedding call-to-action in places that have been engaged the most by the users and increase your affiliate commissions.

20. Thirsty Affiliate.


This is a popular freemium wordpress affiliate plugin that you can easily install on your wordpress website.

This plugin will help you do different things for Affiliate marketing like,

  • You can easily cloak and shorten the affiliate links.
  • You can easily nofollow all the affiliate links on your blog in a single click.
  • You can easily manage all the Affiliate links at a single place.
  • You can also safely redirect your affiliate links.
  • You can also embed Graphics, images apart from text for Affiliate links.

I would highly recommend you to consider using this plugin for your affiliate marketing if you have a wordpress website it is definitely worth it.

There is also a premium plan which you can purchase with more features.

21. Google alerts.

Google alerts is a free tool of Google that let you to create alert and send emails as notification to your inbox whenever a new results appear in terms of a,

  • Blog post.
  • Newspaper article.
  • Any scientific research and case study.

Whichever the source of information that matches your search term.

This is essentially important for your affiliate marketing campaign because

you can identify what type of content that your competitors are producing around the keywords that you are targeting as well.

This can help you analyse and optimise your blog post and create better resources than your competitors and rank higher in search engines and get more traffic.

This can also save you a lot of time in searching for your competitors’ articles and you can focus on other important things like creating content and keyword research for your affiliate marketing campaign.

Bonus tool:

22. Affjet.


It is a freemium tool that you can use to monitor and analyse different and 100 affiliate networks at a single dashboard so that

you don’t have to switch to a different network every time to see the metrics and performance of your affiliate links and conversions.

As myself being an affiliate marketer, I know how valuable time is for affiliate marketers.

This tool can save you a lot of time in affiliate marketing and monitoring your affiliate networks and

conversions in a simple dashboard and I would highly recommend you to use this tool for your affiliate marketing campaign.

These are all the top free affiliate marketing tools I have for you right now with that being said let’s conclude the blog post.

Before that if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing you can follow the guides mentioned below.

Ending remarks;

These are the top 21 free affiliate marketing tools I have for you right now.

Do share your comments regarding which tool you prefer the most and you are going to use the most for your affiliate marketing campaign next time.

Consider sharing the blog post with your family and friends if you have found it helpful. Sharing is caring.

I will catch you next time till then keep learning and keep growing.

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