Why are coding Bootcamps so expensive, do they work?

In this article let’s take a look at all the reasons why coding boot camps are so expensive and also look at if it is really worth joining the boot camp or not and do coding boot camps really work, can you get a job in detail.

Apart from knowing why boot camps are so expensive you will also learn whether it is worth joining or not and will you be getting any job or not from joining a boot camp so keep reading the article through the end before deciding whether you should join the bootcamp or not.

So without any delay let’s dive right in.

Why are coding Boot camps so expensive?

There are many reasons why coding boot camps are expensive like the boot camps even though they are not accredited and recognised but they try to teach you all the latest skills related to programming and coding that are in demand in the market,

They have updated syllabus which are not present in most engineering colleges In countries like India, if you choose offline boot camps then there will be costs of the boot camp like rental costs electricity water and other bills to pay, most boot camps also offer mentorship to the students, It is basically a combination of multiple factors which cause coding boot camps very expensive especially offline bootcamps.

Compared to offline, online boot camps are slightly cheap and affordable to the students.

Now let’s take a look at all the reasons for why boot camps both online and offline are so expensive.

  1. Most coding boot camps offer a personal mentors to the students so that they can solve their doubts from the mentor, They can keep the guidance from him and the mentor can regularly interact with the student to know about his situation and keep track of his progress
  2. Most coding boot camps teach you latest skills and languages of programming which are in High demand in the market and also syllabus of the boot camps are frequently updated based upon the changes in the industry which is not usually the case if you learn programming from college and university because the syllabus is not updated frequently especially in Indian colleges
  3. Most coding boot camps also have a community of people who engage with each other on places like forum and social media groups, ask and answer their doubts related to coding and in order to maintain such community of active people online it also costs money
  4. If you choose offline coding boot camps then students would learn programming in physical classrooms so it costs rental fees electricity fees water and other bills which are included in the overall bootcamp course fee
  5. Most coding boot camps also guarantee you job after completing the course within a couple of months so in order to get the jobs in top companies they need connections and relationship with HR’s which will come at a cost
  6. Also coding boot camps have great faculty and professors teaching the skill and languages to the students so it also comes at a cost
  7. And the last factor is demand and supply analysis, As You might already know that there is a huge demand for coders and software developers in the world and good software developers enjoy great salaries in top tech companies but most of the software engineers who graduate from low grade engineering colleges in India end up being unemployed, since there is a lot of demand for coders, and there are not many good coding boot camps out there Which actually work so it is also one reason for expensive fees.

At the end of the day even the boot camps are like businesses, private companies so they spend a lot of money in marketing of their service, in giving salaries to the people who are teaching skills to the students, in maintaining an active community so that existing

students can interact with other students online, in building relationships and connections with HR’S of various companies for providing jobs to the students, in regularly updating the course and curriculum because in every couple of months a new technology and language will be created in software industry & these companies also need money for all these expenses so, the only way this companies make money is by increasing the price of the boot camp.

I believe this has helped you understand why majority of the boot camps are expensive.

Is it worth joining coding bootcamp, do they work?

Yes, It is definitely worth joining the coding bootcamp and yes boot camps will in most cases work for sure.

For example let’s take the situation of a student in India, It will cost you approximately 8 lakh rupees to get your computer science degree from a good engineering college in India but still there is no guarantee of job because there are hundreds and thousands of engineers who are unemployed in India after graduating from the college, on the other hand if you join quality coding boot camps like

scalar academy and CCBP and others then these boot camps although cost you around three lakh rupees depending upon the type of program you choose and duration but most of the time because the syllabus of this boot camps are updated with latest skills and knowledge,

and they offer personal support to the students and guidance, You can easily get a good job of anywhere between 5 to 15 lakh rupees per annum after getting the course, You just have to look at the return of investment you are getting by joining the bootcamp.

Some popular jobs You can get After joining a boot camp are,

  • Ui/UX designer
  • Block chain developer
  • Cyber security analyst
  • Software product manager
  • Artificial intelligence engineer
  • Software developer
  • App developer
  • Data scientist
  • Database administrator
  • Full stack developer

In my opinion joining a boot camp is definitely worth it, what if you can’t afford the fees of the boot camp, well, there are several coding boot camps which don’t charge a lot of money to you at the beginning and after you get a job and work by completing the boot camp, some percentage of your salary will be deducted until the bootcamp fees are received, You can also take student loans on low interest, also take boot camps on EMI option for paying the boot camp fees.

But I also want to mention here quickly that not every boot camp can get your job, in my opinion boot camp can only provide you guidance, mentorship and support, but it is up to you who is going to put the effort in learning coding and programming languages, if you’re not willing to put hard work and time learning the languages and skills then no matter which boot camp you join, It won’t be successful.

And before joining any boot camp make sure that you do some research on it like check the reviews of the good camp on trust pilot and quora, check the testimonials of the boot camp, and learn more about the boot camp online before you join one.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the things you need to know about coding boot camps.

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