13 benefits of graphic design you should know

Graphic design is considered as one of the best online business ideas you can start without much investment from any part of the world.

This like blogging is one of the best career choices to choose in 2020.

In this blog, I will explain in detail what is graphic design, what is the importance of graphic design, the 13 best benefits of graphic design for businesses in 2020, and the benefits of graphic design services.

Make sure to read the blog till the very end to get a clear cut idea of how exactly will graphic design benefits both in the context of as a skill and choosing graphic design as a career.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is an art of creating visual content to send and communicate a message, by using typography, typefaces, colors, images, all together to meet users’ needs and focus on a specific topic by displaying interactive designs and optimize the user experience.

An example is logos. book covers, infographics, etc.

Importance of graphic design.

You see there is a big difference in communicating to a person or an audience verbally and visually.

In the case where verbal communication fails to impress people, visual communication does convert them into your customers where the form of communication could be your website design, product packaging, logo, infographics, banner ads, etc and graphic designers play a crucial role in these attempts of visual communication.

We, humans, are visual creatures, it appears that a single image has the potential to represent a thousand words incomplete.

The other important reason for graphic design is it creates a good first impression about your brand in the mind of your visitors and you know the first impression is always the last one and good graphics captivate the eye of the visitor and very important in advertising a product.

The last yet important reason which follows with the first impression in visitor’s mind is good designs do convert visitors into leads, I have explained in detail how good graphic design will increase in sales boost in benefits part so make sure to read the blog till the very end.

13 Benefits of graphic design.

The benefits of graphic design which are listed below are included both in the context of a professional designer and any one thinking to be one.

1. Employment in any industry.

Graphic design essentially is about creating graphics and designs and it initially originated to be used in logos and advertising for companies and brands, today you see all these companies one way or the other have to promote their product to people.

In that case,effective advertising obviously becomes key and in this busy world where the attention span of people is declining, the only way these companies ads would succeed and is through creating eye-catchy yet simplistic visuals and that is what graphic designers do.

Ultimately, the best benefit of graphic designers is that they have the opportunity to get employed and start working in different companies and industries.

2. Never get bored as a designer.

Its all about experimentation in the graphic design industry, every day you will have to create something using your creativity, it won’t be like any other profession as getting stuck to a process of going to the office, sit in front of PC, and work for hours and come back home.

It is a continuously changing landscape, you cannot afford from being open-minded and relevant that you constantly improve your craft and skills in design.

You need to deal with different customers, different people and thoughts, views and analyze all of them and make a design which both matches their expectations and your skill and liking.

in Graphic design, you need not go anywhere to work and you need to think and be creative in every piece of work that you do.

You can express your thoughts and emotions freely with creativity and experiment.

Graphic design as I stated earlier is all about creativity and you get full freedom to completely involve your thoughts and emotions in the design to make the best out of it.

3. Good income because of high demand.

You see, it is obvious to understand the importance of graphic designers today with a decrease in attention span of people, brands and companies want to captivate their visitors and attract to them, they will only be successful in doing that with good graphics which captivate the attention of the user.

On top that, with the increase in startups frequency there is an increase in demand of designers and obviously they will be paid high if they match up to the expectation of their clients

If you are anxious about the future of graphic design and its clash with AI, I would strongly recommend you to refer our other blog on the future of graphic design where I have answered answers to all your common queries, check that out once.

4. Work from any part of the world as a freelancer.

Graphic design is more or less freelance work which basically means that you do not need to work under some company or corporation, or most people prefer freelance instead of working as an employee but I am not declining the reality of even working as an employee for some corporations but.

What that means is, you can work from any part of the world, or you can work right from your home, you do not necessarily have to go to the office or places like that, its work is done online, you can spend quality time with your family and obviously you can earn a good sum of money with an increase in your experience and the better your portfolio gets.

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5. Strengthen the brand with a great design.

Look at Apple’s logo or Microsoft logo for a moment.

Whenever you see these companies logos you will definitely have that attraction in your mind and you know what the first impression which a brand creates to their visitors is through their logos and website design and layouts.

The first impression is the last impression.

Graphic design helps create an amazing first impression of the company in front of the visitors, make them stay on the site for some time or like and admire the product and let them feel and have a positive image about the brand as they leave the place.

As I stated earlier, the company’s logo, typeface, colors, layout, design, and structure of site all create a beautiful first impression of the brand in the visitor’s mind which is really important in the success of any company.

All these things might seem small to you, but in place of a visitor they give a hint about the companies values like is the company detail-oriented, traditional vs trendy, fun vs serious in their work.

All these things created by designers create a positive image in the eye of a visitor which then strengthens brand value in the market.

6. Attract and keep customers on the blog and increase engagement.

Content marketing is considered to be one of the important strategies used by advertisers in order to market and promote their product or service to people.

It is not me, but 53% of marketers are saying that blogging is their top content marketing priority.

In that case, blogging is one of the best content formats in order to market the product, in that case, we all know image speaks louder than texts and words if you include an infographic which is designed attractively by designers and includes them in the blogs the engagement of your blog increases.

A single infographic is equal to 1000 words in a place.

These infographics are created by graphic designers which play a huge role in success in content marketing by advertisers.

Other than infographics if you see offline marketing like marketing of a product like food products like chips for example in these physical products packaging of the product takes an important role because it attracts the customer in the first place among the thousands of other products being there, it creates a sense of curiosity in the visitor despite learning its nutrition label to know what’s inside of that beautiful packaging of the product.

7. Learn and beat the competition.

The only thing that beats competition is experience and creativity.

It again boils down to benefit of attracting the customers which are the designers because they will be key people in advertising campaigns of companies, they will be having important information regarding the insider knowledge, secrets, and marketing techniques and strategies of specific companies, they can share so it becomes essential to hire a designer and they are doing so, you can see the increase in demand of designers.

It is a win-win for both.

In the context of a designer as well, you will have to keep yourself updated with technologies, trends, and practices regularly to stay relevant and enjoy the benefit of beating the competition with your experience and creativity in the game.

8. Helps in companies have a good image and move on the right path.

Graphic designers help companies move in the right direction and meet with company goals whether it is having recognition in a crowd or building an online brand, increasing audience engagement at site or brand, increasing the authority of site and brand, increasing sales, or expanding business and targetted other audiences, communicate with your audience effectively.

These designers help companies build trust among people on them by designing professional logos that stand out with effective use of visuals and better social media pages and posts which are key in building a positive image of the brand and the more professional, yet simplistic and authentic these things appear the easier it gets to build the trust of new visitors.

Gone are the days where people will believe only on voices and audio, it is a digital generation, the image speaks louder and heavier than sound, or audio.

As I said earlier, I want to repeat again, people do judge a book by its cover and here the cover is well pictures of the company by a graphic designer.

9. Increase sales for businesses.

Graphic design is directly or indirectly helps in increasing sales, don’t believe me, let’s see how.

It is quite obvious to know if the people’s engagement on your site or brand is better because of eye-catchy graphics, good content then people would perceive you to be expert in the field, in that case, they believe in your content and take your suggestions and you will eventually become an authority in that industry.

What’s interesting is becoming an authority in that industry will help in many ways like increasing sales as one of the important reasons because people listen to you, they take your advice, and because you create graphics which create a positive image and perception of your brand in the visitor’s vision in that first place,

Even, if they do not become your customer.they, would recommend your product to someone.

These things work if a business has a site or blog, other than having a blog, if you have an attractive and visually appealing logo, and your product packaging, your first impression will be clear that you are quite serious about your work in the perception of your audience, that impression somehow influences the decision of visitor becoming a buyer of your product.

Because we humans always judge a book by its cover.

Let’s take a test here.

You want to buy a book of food recipes, there are 2 books in the market on that topic, in that case, one book has a very attractive cover and beautiful colors, typography, packaging and presented beautifully like captivating attention of user instantly but the recipes in the book are is not in-depth whereas the other one is quite ugly looking with wrong colors and bad typography but recipes are super in deep.

Which one would you prefer to buy?

Let me know in the comments below.

10. Influence the workplace environment.

Graphic designers are key people in creating a healthy workplace environment.

Let me tell you how in detail.

A healthy workplace of a company is reflected in employees’ mindset and impressions of the company in the first place if the employees are not impressed and committed to the company’s growth they won’t work to their best in the company’s progress.

Healthy workplace deals with small things in the management and of the company.

A good graphic design about a company is very important that we have spoken many times starting from the logo, to website design and layout of the website, business cards, etc.

If you cannot impress and satisfy the employees of your company with your company’s website design and logo and structure how can you expect your customers to like it?

The company’s product is core and supreme there is no doubt about that meanwhile.

The opposite is true as well if your employees are supercharged and impressed with your company’s first impressions and site structure they will work hard and committed to the further growth of the company as well.

It becomes a pride for customers that they are working in a great startup as employees and giving their part in the success of the startup.

11. The evergreen business even after AI.

Almost everybody is scared about the arrival of AI.

They are scared because Ai would swallow their jobs.

What about the graphic design then?

Well, I don’t think Ai would do any harm to graphic designers as it is doing to many other professions.

As a matter of fact, by 2055, half of the jobs we do will be totally replaced by these technologies and algorithms, then why not graphic design included.

Ai is popular for its speed and accuracy in work but not recognized for creating new works.

It needs input in order to create replications of some existing products.

Graphic design is about creating new designs that depend on your creativity and your thinking.

Ai doesn’t create new things, it understands patterns in existing things and makes millions of replications fo it similar to it.

Hence, graphic design is going to be relevant and exists for humans to work through it will be in partnership with AI but surely not replaced by AI.

To get into mere detail, read our blog on graphic design and AI.

12. Skill and experience speak louder than a degree.

Today in order to be a graphic designer you do not necessarily need a degree to be working in big corporations or even working as a freelancer to earn bread and butter.

Yeah, there is no doubt that even many people invest their time and money in acquiring an official educational degree certificate in order to work in companies, it is not mandatory now.

You see very few people like to work in corporations in graphic design field those people might want to work in those corporations because it could be their dream to be working in or could be earning more and having stable or gaining some exposure and experience other than that even these corporations hire the designer not just on the basis of a degree but skill and experience.

In fact, those who have better skills and experience and appealing portfolio and performing better both in freelance and corporations than those who just move around with a degree in hand.

As a matter of fact, in freelancing which I kept emphasizing most of the time, you will be hired by customers on the basis of your portfolio not degree.

This field is the best career option in this generation because the career opportunities are great, the future is good which we will later talk, almost no investment required, very easy to learn a skill which is just a matter of learning few software and practicing them, high potential of earning, amazing benefits in the field like you are reading

13. Meet with other designers, build a great network of professional people and CEOs.

You see the most important thing in any and every business is not revenue or money or advertising?

Guess what, it is the Networking of people.

As you get good in graphic design, obviously you will be hired by some corporation or in freelance and if you perform well there and match with expectations of the client or corporation and

help them succeed in their goals with your designs, you will end up with good pay and a good relation even with the CEO’s of the startup which will help you immensely in that later part as you grow.

Money can be lost, businesses can fail but having a strong network and relations of people will definitely elevate our position of life.

In your career as a designer, you will meet with many other designers of like-minded and make friends and network with them which will definitely help you in life.

Ending remarks.

There you go, I believe I have listed some convincing benefits of graphic design in the context of both a professional designer and if anyone wants to choose the designing field.

I cannot emphasize it anymore but I want to say it one last time, if you are suspicious about the future of graphic design, you please read our article where I have discussed the upcoming trends in graphic design along with explaining the past with infographic for easy understanding.

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