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What are the profile backlinks?

Profile backlinks in the name itself refer to placing backlinks of your website in the public profile you create on the platform by signing up for free.

Here is an example of Pinterest.

are profile backlinks worth it

You create a profile and business account and drop your link was asked of your website and save the changes.

Now your profile and your website are public on the platform and you got a backlink to your website from the platform for just signing up on the platform in a couple of minutes work.

Are profile backlinks worth it?

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Profile backlinks are worth it even though they don’t help you in increasing your website rankings or passing page rank,

They add value to your link profile by diversification and recognition and are useful for your website for sure,

It is a question of when and how you use the profile creation sites for your website to check if it helps for your website or not.

Here are 5 main benefits and drawbacks of profile backlinks you should keep in mind.

5 Pros and cons of profile backlinks.

Here is a table of the pros and cons of profile backlinks. Pros Cons
1. Profile backlinks help Google crawl your website faster They are low risk, low reward links
2. Profile backlinks can increase EAT.
3. Profile backlinks can help diversify your link profile.
4. Profile backlinks can increase visibility and drive traffic to your website.

Let’s understand the pros of profile backlinks.

Pros of profile backlinks.

Let’s understand all the pros of profile backlinks in detail. 

  1. Profile backlinks help Google crawl your website faster.

One of the earliest and the best benefit of profile backlinks can be,

With profile backlinks, if your website is completely brand-new, it helps Google’s crawlers and bots to visit your website faster and crawl your website sooner.

Profile backlinks help crawling and indexation of your website faster by Google’s bots among millions of websites on the internet.

There are some websites on the internet where Google regularly crawls and indexes new stuff like websites to find new information,

If you happen to create a link to your website on such platforms, your website will be indexed faster.

You will learn all the websites where you should create a profile link to get your website crawled and indexed fast.

  1. Profile backlinks can increase EAT.

Another benefit you have with profile backlinks is that it can help you boost your EAT.

EAT means Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness.

When you are brand-new in online business, blogging, and content creation,

It is hard for Google to trust your website’s content, the trustworthiness of information, and you as the author and owner of the website.

In this situation,

Profile backlinks help you get that initial boost by letting Google’s bots and algorithm know that you do not just have a presence on the website rather you are active on certain platforms. 

By being active on certain platforms and connecting your profile to your website,

Adding value to users on different platforms Google observers this as a signal that this guy is present on other platforms so he is kind of established,

He is sharing information and adding value and helping others means he knows something about the topic and kind of an expert in it rather than being just a complete newbie.

There is a difference between being established, having expertise, and experience that Google wants us to have rather than just a newbie in the industry.

Of course, building backlinks from authoritative websites are the number one way to establish EAT in Google’s eyes but profile backlinks are one of a few ways you can establish that required EAT initially to your website.

Read more ways to boost the EAT of your website.

This will help in the initial boost of your website and help in recognition of your website as more established in Google.

  1. Profile backlinks can help diversify the link profile of your website.

One of the good things you have with profile backlinks is that it brings the diversification of the backlink profile of your website.

Your website’s backlink profile will look more natural with the addition of profile links.

The ideal and natural link profile of any website will contain the following links,

  • All types of links including profile forum and quality directory listings.
  • A few spammy links from bots.
  • A few organically built natural and high-quality backlinks from relevant websites with natural anchor texts.

If you have lots of quality links with less or no bad links or from a few domains,

It would look like you are practicing either PBN or any link scheme, or if the velocity of quality links is fast then,

It would look unnatural to Google for the website to get lots of quality links in less time unless,

Something extraordinary happens like being featured on an authority website or going viral with content.

Besides that, This will leave a manual action and penalty on your website from Google.

So, it is highly recommended to add profile backlinks to your website to maintain or,

Build the diversification of the link profile of your website which is the natural process of having a pure link profile of the website.

This will make your website backlink profile look more natural and trustworthy to Google with variation in anchor text can lead to less chance of getting a penalty from Google.

  1. Profile backlinks can increase visibility and drive traffic to your website.

Another benefit you have with profile backlinks is that,

If you provide value to the audience on the platform where you created the profile backlink then people would prefer visiting your official page and website or rather search your website in Google.

Look, when people search your website directly in Google it is called branded search and it is one of the biggest factors in building EAT of your website.

Anyhow, people can visit your official website to see more work of yours and follow your social media handles listed along with your website listed in SERP’s.

Here is an example, 

Search for entrepreneurshipera or anything that you prefer like a brand in google,

And you will see all the places where I created profile links including the organic listing of my website.

This way, profile backlinks will increase traffic to your website or increase the visibility of your website and direct your organic traffic to different platforms where you created the profile in SERP.

Let’s consider the cons of profile backlinks.

Cons of profile backlinks. 

Let’s see the cons of building profile backlinks,

  1. They are low risk and low reward links.

The only problem you have with profile backlinks is that it is a low risk and low reward asset.

You will not get a penalty from profile backlinks unless you are spamming of following link scheme, 

Most of the profile backlinks are NO-FOLLOW.

So, even if the link helps you in getting your website crawled faster or boost EAT or increase visibility and diversification, it does not pass the page rank or the link juice.

Profile backlinks do not help in higher rankings of websites.

They just are useful in the initial days of your website, they contribute in no-way at higher rankings in Google.

Even though, If you get a follow link from profile creation, Google’s web analyst, John Muller has said that they don’t add any value even if the profile link is Follow.

So don’t expect any higher rankings in Google by creating a bunch of profile backlinks to your website or web page,

The natural editorial backlinks are the ones that boost rankings of websites in Google with natural anchor text.

How to create profile backlinks.

It is not a big deal to create profile backlinks,

You just sign-up, create a basic profile or a business page on the platforms and insert your website link on the page.

Here is the list of 15 platforms where you should start building profile backlinks as soon as you start blogging.

  1. Facebook.
  2. Twitter.
  3. LinkedIn.
  4. Pinterest.
  5. YouTube.
  6. Reddit.
  7. Quora.
  8. Flipboard.
  9. Telegram.
  10. Medium.
  11. SlideShare.
  12. Digg.
  13. Bloggers.
  14. Google sites.
  15. Flickr.

Here is a complete list of websites where you can create a backlink to your website by creating a basic profile on the platform.

Also, connect your website with Google analytics and search console for faster indexation of your website in Google if in case your website is brand new.

It hardly takes 10 minutes to create a basic profile on these platforms but it can help you a lot in terms of helping in EAT and getting faster indexation of your website in Google.

Ending remarks.

There you go, I have answered everything related to our profile backlinks worth it.

Do comment down, what do you think about profile backlinks whether we should build them or not, or

Did I miss to mention any benefits or drawbacks of it in the comments below.

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