Ubersuggest review:

Hi I’m Praneeth Kumar.

In this blog post I am going to review the popular SEO tool owned by a popular digital marketer Neil Patel called ubersuggest,

I will let you know whether it is worth the price and if it is accurate along with the benefits and drawbacks of using the tool in detail.

Without further ado, Let’s get started.

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What is Ubersuggest, features and price?

Bought back in 2017, ubersuggest is an SEO tool which is currently owned by Neil Patel.

This tool has started becoming popular in the late 2019 period when Neil Patel started offering a large percentage of the features of this tool for free which you can only expect to use in the premium tools like Ahrefs & SEMrush.

Later on with constant publicity and frequent changes and development in the tool, 

It has become one of the most widely used and popular SEO tools you can find and a good alternative for industry leading tools Ahrefs & SEMrush at a cheap price.

Using this tool you can do a lot of tasks that can improve your SEO of your website like keyword research, link building and finding new content ideas and also identify and fix seo errors, etc.

Ubersuggest is a freemium tool, it has 2 different pricing plans, monthly and lifetime.

I think ubersuggest is the only seo tool which offers a lifetime subscription deal.

Let’s see the pricing of Ubersuggest.

  • Individual plan for 12$ a month
  • Business plan for 20$ a month
  • Agency plan for 40$ a month 

And the pricing plans of Ubersuggest for lifetime plans.

  • Individual plan for 120$
  • Business plan for 200$
  • Agency plan for 400$

Now let’s see whether purchasing ubersuggest is really worth your money or not.

Let’s dive right in.

Ubersuggest review: is it worth it?

Yes, Ubersuggest is totally worth it. It is one of the best SEO tools you can find especially for keyword research, finding new content ideas for your blog and building backlinks to your website from competitive research,

 it has some amazing features which can really help you with your SEO campaign all of it in a small amount of money.

Using features like projects, this tool can save you a lot of time by letting you know the keyword rankings and much more data right on your dashboard, 

but I personally like to do the keyboard research process using amazing features of this tool.

To get a much better idea of the tool lets take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of using the tool and decide whether it is worth your investment or not.

Benefits of using this tool

1. Simple, Easy to use layout and structure

Believe it or not, a website layout and structure will play a huge role for success because first Impressions are very important as they say people always judge a book by its cover.

Here is the dashboard of Ubersuggest.

If you are a beginner using the tool it can seem to be overwhelming with the amount of features you have and the numbers and 

values that are there all across the dashboard but you can easily get used to the tool after you use it for a couple of hours, it does not have a steep learning curve.

Talking about ubersuggest it is by far one of the most beginner friendly and attractive and easy-to-use SEO tools I have found so far.

It is neat, clean and you can access all the features in the left row like this which is beautiful looking.

2. Great for keyword research & blogging

From my experience of using this tool for more than 6 months,

 I can assure you one thing which is that despite all other things ubersuggest is by far one of the best and free keyword research tools you can use to find Amazing keyword and content ideas for your blog post.

First things first, you can find lots of keyword ideas and other variations of keywords using this tool, all you gotta do is,

Enter a 1 word or seed keyword in my case, I would take web development as an example, 

When you enter that keyword, you can see In the screenshot below, 

It will list down the estimated search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, and trend along with clicks on both mobile and desktop versions.

You can also see different versions of keywords from questions to prepositions & comparisons like you would find amazing keyword ideas in popular tools like answer the public.

In most of the cases, Ubersuggest gets most of  the keyword ideas from places like Google keyword planner, social media sites, Google autosuggestions, forums like Quora, etc.

And best thing about ubersuggest is that you can either select individual keywords and copy them to your clipboard or you can export & download all the keywords to your desktop

At the same time there is a content ideas feature which is a mixture of HubSpot content ideas generator and buzzsumo.

If you’re looking to write a new blog post and searching for amazing keyword and topics then

 Using the content ideas feature of this tool you can find amazing topic ideas from top pages of any keyword based on

total estimated traffic, total estimated backlinks and social media shares, especially on Facebook and Pinterest.

For example if you want to find amazing content ideas related to digital marketing

all you need to do is to search that keyword in the content ideas Section and it will give you amazing content ideas which can be potential topics from the popular pages.

This will help you generate new content ideas which are popular and give You more ways to build backlinks through stealing links from your competitors.

3. SEO audit is good 

Even when it comes to an SEO audit report in ubersuggest, it is a good deal.

Although the feature is not in depth like a screaming frog or semrush, it can’t be ignored either.

It helps you identify and fix important issues of your website that are holding your SEO performance back like through the recommendations like, 

website loading speed, SSL, word count, duplicate content errors and issues & how you can fix them.

It will also give you an overall health score of your website so that you can instantly get an idea of how good your website is from that figure.

You can easily get report within a couple of minutes, in fact it took me 10 minutes to get my site audit report using ubersuggest, which is quite fast, depending upon the total number of pages on your website it can even take half an hour to get the report of site audit.

So, overall it has a good site audit feature which cannot be ignored but it definitely has some room for improvement.

4. Excellent tool for competitors research

Competitor research is one of the best strategies you can use to increase your SEO efforts and get higher rankings in Google.

Basically all you try to do is to identify and analyse your competitors websites, their blog post content, their link building strategy etc &

 try to replicate those strategies on your website so that you can now try them with better content and more improvements and occupy their position and get more traffic.

And competitive research is one of the best features you can find on this tool ubersuggest which I am reviewing.

You can find lots of different things about your competitor websites like,

  • Their top ranking pages as per total estimated traffic, backlinks and total number of social media shares.
  • You can see the monthly search traffic of your competitors along with the search traffic Trend of multiple competitors websites in a single graph.
  • You can also see the backlink profile of your competitors along with the anchor text, domain and page authority of the website which is linking to your competitors and whether the link is do follow or not.
  • You can also see all the top ranking keywords of your competitors and keywords that your competitors rank for which you don’t, which is also called as keywords gap feature which creates you more opportunities to create content and outrank your competition.

This is one of the best features you can find on ubersuggest.

5. It has a lifetime deal

The most interesting feature of Ubersuggest is that unlike other seo tools Like Ahrefs, semrush which are direct competitors to ubersuggest,

 which have costly monthly plans which start from $99 and extend up to $1000 depending upon the plan you choose, but when it comes to ubersuggest it is quite different.

Ubersuggest has a lifetime deal which costs around 120$ and a last plan of 400$ for life.

This is what makes ubersuggest amazing.

In a single Ahrefs or semrush 1 month subscription plan, if you add a few dollars more investment, you could get ubersuggest lifetime deal for just 120$ starting.

No monthly or yearly charges and renewals, nothing.

That is incredible.

Along with a lifetime deal, you also get email support, Neil Patel’s course videos, worksheets and templates and also a chance to get your questions answered by Neil Patel itself through live qna calls.

And to be honest, even though ubersuggest has its own disadvantages with limited data which you will learn in the disadvantages of ubersuggest in this blog but,

 this feature is mind-blowing, lifetime deal for just 120$ starting price can save bloggers and digital marketers like us hundreds and thousands of dollars investing in premium SEO tools like 

Ahrefs as you can get 90% of all the features from those tools in this tool for just 1 month subscription price but for lifetime using ubersuggest.

This is by far the best advantage ubersuggest has compared to other tools i have used over the period.

Note: you can purchase the lifetime deal of ubersuggest subscription for 120 dollars in the mobile version and you can get the lifetime deal of desktop version for 290 dollars as mentioned earlier, but it is very important to know that the subscription fees is extremely cheaper compared to other SEO tools.

6. Projects save your time

Using this tool you can add something called projects,

Here are the following benefits of using projects in this tool.

  • It can track your keywords ranking in Google both on desktop and mobile devices and give you a estimated organic monthly traffic number
  • It can track your backlinks profile and data
  • It gives you a report on page SEO score of your webpages 
  • It can also give you birds eye view of your competitors websites, their growth and decline, so you can keep an eye on them
  • It will also give you all the SEO issues like broken links, slow pages, pages with low word count, that your website has through SEO analyser so that you can work on them to boost your rankings

All these things are really amazing and the projects feature of this tool can save you a lot of time.

7. Frequently updated

Another popular benefit of using Ubersuggest is that it is frequently updated with the latest features.

Neil Patel who is the owner of this tool is constantly adding lots of different features into the tool and 

frequently updating it to make it more effective and useful for bloggers and digital marketers and giving a tough competition for other premium tools like Ahrefs & semrush.

The benefit is that we bloggers can get all these amazing features for the cheapest price you can imagine.

8. It also has a chrome extension 

Last but not least even the tool has a free Chrome extension that you can instantly download on your browser and

 it will let you know some important keyword research Metrics right on the search results page whenever you do a Quick Search on Google as shown in the image below,

Example it will let you know some important metrics related to whatever the keywords you search in Google like

  • Estimated traffic of the URL ranking in SERPs
  • Total number of social media shares of the page ranking in the SERP
  • Total number of backlinks and referring domains of all the pages ranking in top 10 
  • Domain authority and page authority of the pages ranking in the top 10 of Google.
  • Keywords CPC, difficulty, trends data, etc

To be honest you do not actually need to do keyword research in a special tool entering the keywords in ubersuggest rather

 you can find all those amazing keyword metrics right on the search results page which can save you a lot of time.

Because of the amazing benefits of this Chrome extension it has more than 300000 Plus people installed The extension with 4 star rating on their browsers.

You can also find all of this amazing data on YouTube and Amazon apart from Google.

There is a Popular Chrome extension called moz bar and Ahrefs toolbar which both offers most of the features that you get in ubersuggest Chrome extension but 

you need to purchase the premium version of the both tools which cost at least $100 per month in order to access the data.

This is also the reason why I love ubersuggest, you get all of the data for free.

The chrome extension is awesome, it can save you a lot of time finding search volume, CPC and other Metrics right on SERP.

Drawbacks of using this tool

It is not all good with ubersuggest there are a few drawbacks which I really want to address here, but I would like to let you know that,

 not every tool or software on the planet is 100% perfect, each has its own benefits and drawbacks even other premium seo tools like Ahrefs, semrush and the same applies to this tool as well.

So the drawbacks are,

1. Keyword difficulty is not reliable

As I mentioned earlier that I really like ubersuggest because of the amazing features that it provides when doing keyword research like finding amazing ideas and

 other important metrics like search volume and cost per click along with the serp overview but what I don’t like is the keyword difficulty metric on the tool because I feel like it is not really accurate & misleading.

Let me explain why I think so, 

Let’s first define what keyword difficulty means?

Keyword difficulty  is a metric that defines how difficult it is to rank that keyword in Google.

Normally even without using the tools you can easily judge a keyword difficulty by observing the search results page and by analysing the links.

For example,

There is a keyword,

most used digital marketing tools.

When I search this in ubersuggest, it shows the keyword difficulty as 5 as you can see it in the screenshot below.

When I look at the search engine results page.

I see all the top and most authoritative websites in digital marketing industry ranking in the top 10 results for this keyword, 

When I look at the link profile of the websites ranking high for this keyword in ubersuggest.

It is no way possible that this is a low difficulty keyword because there are most authoritative websites ranking for this keyword,

in the top positions and they also have tons of backlinks pointing to their page and they also have high quality content published for that keyword.

If you are a brand new blogger and you would like to target this keyword, from my experience of SEO for 2 years, I think, having a brand new website you would not rank on top of Google very easily for that keyword.

This is something of a bit of a worry with ubersuggest because it does not properly measure a keyword’s difficulty and competition.

The main disadvantage of this is that many people who are unaware of it might start targeting such keywords which actually have a lot of competition in reality but,

 they see low competition in ubersuggest and start targeting those keywords without knowing the fact that 

they do not have the authority with their website to be able to rank higher on Google for that keyword

which basically means if you can’t rank in Google for that keyword it is just a waste of time writing the blog post.

It is also very important to know that almost all the keyword research tools you can find online like Semrush & ahrefs also provide unreliable keyword difficulty scores, most keyword tools identify the keyword difficulty based upon the backlinks to the individual pages ranking for that keyword in Google but

it is also very important to consider the authority of the website ranking for that keyword and for a brand new website which does not have any authority and trust from Google, it would be hard for it to rank for any keyword outranking the authoritative websites in the search results.

You can read this guide to learn more about how you can identify the competition of a Keyword in Google search result itself.

Apart from the keyword difficulty there are not many disadvantages of using this tool.

So, with that let’s find out whether ubersuggest is really accurate in its Metrics or not.

Is Ubersuggest accurate?

The answer is yes & no, 

In my personal experience of using the tool for more than a couple of months now,

 ubersuggest is definitely an accurate tool when it comes to link building and finding websites that link to your website even though the backlink data is not as big as Ahrefs, it is also partially accurate in determining the estimate organic traffic of a website, 

you must keep in mind the word estimate, it does not say it is the precise & exact organic traffic.

Ubersuggest is also accurate in terms of cost per click but,

In my personal experience it really lacks a lot in identifying the competition of a Keyword in Google search results.

You can learn more about it in the disadvantage of Ubersuggest above with examples.

So, Ubersuggest is one of the best, cheap yet Highly popular tool you can find online which is direct alternative for most popular SEO tools like Ahrefs, 

it is not perfect like any tool and software, it has its own faults and limitations, both positives and negatives of the tool.

So, if you are looking for a free or cheap alternative to premium SEO tools with better quality features, and benefits to boost your seo efforts,

 I would highly recommend you to purchase and start using ubersuggest especially the lifetime plan which is a mind-blowing deal for Digital marketers starting just from 120$.

With that said let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks;

This is the most comprehensive guide and review of Ubersuggest SEO tool.

Share this blog post with your family and friends to let them know the benefits and drawbacks of using Ubersuggest. Sharing is caring.

Do comment down your favourite feature of using Ubersuggest.

I will catch you next time till then keep learning and keep growing.

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