7 reasons Java developer is a good career & worth learning

In this article let’s take a look at seven main reasons why Java developer is a good career and worth learning in detail.

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Is Java development is a good career and worth learning in 2022?

Yes, java development is definitely a very good career option and worth it because Java as a programming language is not just very simple and highly secured language but also it is a stable programming language since it has been released in 1996 and there are several updates in the language ever since then,

the language is also used in various websites backend like Google Facebook Microsoft Amazon etc and you can also use this language for other technologies like app development big data machine learning and data science etc.

Now let’s take a look at all the reasons why learning Java is definitely worth it and a good career option in future.

7 reasons why Java development is a good career and worth learning

It is in high demand & high salary

One of the main advantages of learning Java language is that it is in high demand.

There are more than 10 million developers who use Java worldwide and some top companies which are using this language are as follows Amazon Airbnb Google Microsoft Spotify Netflix uber eBay Instagram, etc so as you can see many large companies are still using Java because it is one of the oldest ones in the world.

This is 6th most popular programming language in the world according to statista, being a Java developer is one of the top 10 jobs in America according to Glassdoor.

And Java as you know is a backend programming language for web development and more than 4% of the internet websites use this language in the back end so you can clearly see from all the data that there is a huge demand for Java developer out there because of that the average salary of a Java developer in America is around 109000$ per annum.

It is platform independent

Another advantage of using Java is that it is platform independent which means that you can write your code in one operating system and you can run it on anywhere else just by using Java virtual machine.

This means that if you write your code on windows operating system and you can edit and execute the code on other operating systems like Linux and Mac iOS and this is for platform independent means.

And because of this it is easy to maintain any code and software and people using different operating systems can collaborate and contribute in the code.

And also because of being a platform independent language it is also very cheap and economical to maintain because it is not dependent upon any infrastructure and hardware to maintain the code.

It is simple and secure

Another advantage is Java is very simple and secured programming language.

For your kind information Java is a high level programming language and the basic definition of high level programming languages is that they are very user friendly and the syntax is natural, They are easy to run and maintain.

And it is also very easy to learn Java because it is high level language and more importantly the language is also very secure.

There are some features in Java which make this language so secure like APIs, Security Manager, auto Memory Management, No Concept of Pointers, Compile-time Checking, Cryptographic Security, Java virtual machine and exception handing, etc.

Because of all these it makes Java one of the safest and secure programming languages.

It has lots of features and possibilities

Another advantage of using Java is that it has a lot of features and possibilities.

Some of the amazing features of Java are mentioned below,

  1. Java has object oriented programming which is concept of “objects”, That basically has both data and code, data can be in the form of fields and code is in procedures, the main benefit of this is that it increases the productivity of the programmer, This allows program to be divided into small parts and solve them easily
  2. Java also has several libraries and frameworks that you can use like hibernate, spring struts Apache etc which can help you speed up the development process using this frameworks and libraries
  3. Another feature is that the Java is very portable language as I mentioned earlier it is platform independent and you can run the code on any operating system as long as you have Java virtual machine on it.
  4. Another feature is that this language also provides automatic garbage collection which means it will check automatically which objects are in use and which are not in use and it will delete the ones that are not in use to manage the memory more effectively so you do not have to maintain and run extra code which is not necessary
  5. Another feature is that the Java as a language is distributed programming language which will share the data and program in multiple computers so people using different computers can work on the code, This will improve the performance and increase the scalability
  6. Another feature is that the language also offers several development tools like eclipse gradle Jenkins, etc
  7. Another feature is that there are several APIs you can get from Java which can help you during development process

Other than these features, Java as a programming language is not just used in web development as a backend language but also used as programming language for Android app development, as a matter of fact Java was the official programming language for Android app development until recently kotlin

was replaced as official language for Android app development from Java but still many popular apps in Android are developed using Java, You can use this language in other technologies like, in big data technologies, Enterprise applications scientific applications gaming applications cloud-based applications and many more.

Using this language you can not only apply it for web development but also use it for machine learning and data science so you can clearly see that the language has several real life applications of it.

It is open source and has a great community

Java is a open source programming language and and it is now supported by Oracle but it was actually released in 1996 period, This language was built on using C & C++ libraries and frameworks.

And since it is released almost two decades ago so it has a great community of developers who are using and working on the code.

You can easily find and interact Java developers on forums like stack overflow, oracle, GitHub and reddit.

And as I already mentioned earlier that there are more than 10 million developers who use this language and it is one of the top six best programming languages in the world at present so there is a huge community of developers who are using the language already which means you can get a lot of support if you want to learn the language and there are several websites which teach the language for free of cost like code academy, udacity, free code camp and the Odin project, etc.

Apart from that there are several online courses you can find which teach Java programming language on platforms like udemy and Coursera and more importantly you can also find amazing programming books on Java language on Amazon and other e-commerce stores, there are several YouTube video tutorials teaching Java for free, you can also attend a coding boot camp, learn Java full stack development and get a job.

Java is a stable language

Another advantage is that It is a very stable language.

As you can learn earlier that this language was released back in 1996, It is way older than my total age as I born in 2002, and since then it has been regularly updated fixing the errors and bugs.

Currently the language is maintained by Oracle corporation which acquired the language in 2010, and a new update will be released in the language every 4 years so this language is not just old but also frequently updated and very stable programming language in general.

Because of this many popular websites like Amazon Google Microsoft Facebook and many large games like Minecraft elevator saga asphalt etc use this language.

It has multi threading

And the last minute advantage of using Java as a programming language is that it has multi-threading feature which is really great.

Basically It is the ability of CPU to get multiple threads and execute them simultaneously in the operating system, for basically maximum utilisation of CPU power because at the end of the day all the code that you write in Java has to be converted into machine language using a compiler and that machine language will then be executed by CPU and creates an output.

The main benefit of multi-threading is that It increases the performance and efficiency and speeds up the process.

These are some of the main reasons why I believe learning Java is definitely worth it and becoming a java developer is a good career option for the future.

Although there are some disadvantages with this language as well like it is slow language, You need to write a lot of lines of code for simple output, the popularity is decreasing with emergence of new languages like Python and JavaScript, no backup facility,

requires a lot of space in memory, and code can be quite complex sometimes but above all Java is definitely a very good language for programming because of the reasons I mentioned earlier and I believe the advantages of this language beat the disadvantages.

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These are all the things You need to know about being a Java developer.

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