HTML vs Python: Which one should I learn first?

In this article let’s take a look at what HTML and Python is, all the differences between the two and which one should you learn first if you want to learn programming or web development in general, I will also talk about what are the frequently asked questions related to HTML and Python Which many beginners have in mind.

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Definition of the two.

What is HTML?

Hypertext markup language aka HTML is not a programming language.

This is the language we use to describe how the web pages look like, using this language we can create things like headings, paragraphs add images text links tables buttons, etc so basically this is used to structure the web page.

One of the main advantages of learning HTML is that it is very beginners friendly and easy to learn, It is also very accessible and can run on almost any browser, It is highly popular and open source, and almost all the websites use html, and a combination of html with CSS Which is also known as cascading style sheets and JavaScript, We can create front end of any website.

CSS on the other hand is used for styling like background colours, layouts, animations, fonts, spacing, sizing and JavaScript is used for making the website interactive by adding features like pop-ups sliders image carousels buttons timers drop downs playing audio and video files on the website.

So HTML is used in combination with CSS and JavaScript for front end development of the website and the best part of HTML is that it is easily integrated with other languages, We can also use HTML for app development and other development process like software development apart from web development.

This is the definition and application of HTML.

What is python?

Python is a backend development programming language along with SQL, windows used for maintaining back end of the website like security, database, servers, logic, API, architecture, etc.

Back end of the website is everything of the website that you can’t see or interact with the website and they are foundation and essential for website operations.

Unlike HTML, python is a pure programming language you can use for developing websites, automate tasks, use in machine learning and data science, use in data analysis, You can also use Python for software development and app development as well, Python can be used in daily life applications as well.

What’s amazing about Python is that it is a high level programming language which means it is easy to understand,

What’s amazing about Python is that it is a high level programming language which means it is easy to understand as It has simple syntax like English language, It has object-oriented programming, It is easy to write as you don’t have to write many lines of code to execute, It is easy to read, It is free and open source language and more importantly it is a platform independent language which means you can run it on any browser using any interpreter, It is interpreted language, there are many popular frameworks and libraries you can use, etc These are some main benefits and features of using Python.

This is the definition and application of Python programming language.

The difference between the two languages.

The main difference between both the languages is that HTML is a front end markup language which is used to structure the web page whereas Python is a backend programming language, another difference is that you cannot simply create a front end

website just by using HTML as you need to have the combination of HTML with CSS and JavaScript to create and interactive and user friendly website in the front end and you can easily create and manage the back end of the website with Python.

Another important difference between the two is that HTML is mostly used for web development but Python on the other hand can be used for various programs and development processes like web development app development machine learning data science automating the daily tasks, data analytics and data visualisation, language development and game development etc, so overall Python has a wide variety of applications as compared to HTML.

And more importantly HTML can be learnt within a couple of weeks but you need to spend more time learning and practising python and you need to spend at least five or six months learning it.

These are all the major differences between the two languages.

Which one should you learn first and why?

Now the main question that people have in their mind is regarding which language they should be learning first and why, in my opinion you should probably learn HTML CSS and JavaScript first compared to Python

especially for web development because if you want to learn web development or full stack development in general then you need to start with front end development and in order to learn the basics of front end you need to have the knowledge of HTML CSS and JavaScript.

In fact according to a study the combination of HTML CSS and JavaScript is used by more than 90% of the websites on the internet so without these three languages you cannot create a website in the front end as I mentioned earlier HTML is used for structuring of the website like headings and paragraphs and adding images on the other hand CSS is used for styling and

adding colours whereas JavaScript is used for making the website more interactive with adding buttons and drop-down menus, pop-ups etc but Python is used by only one percent of the websites on the internet and there are other alternative languages you can learn for backend development like JavaScript Java PHP golang, etc.

But there are no alternative languages you can learn for front end development apart from HTML CSS and JavaScript.

So, It is highly important for you to start learning the front end by HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then you can proceed to backend development with Python to become a full stack developer.

And it can take you anywhere between 6 to 8 months to learn frontend development if you regularly practise it.

But if you want to get into other fields like machine learning or artificial intelligence, data science, data analytics and data visualisation, software development and other fields then you should probably start with Python because it is the most preferred language at this moment.

As I already mentioned earlier the main benefit of learning Python compared to other languages is that it is not just easy to learn, high level programming language, It is platform independent and object-oriented language, and it is actually used in many popular websites like Google Spotify NASA etc.

So, in terms of web development you should start with HTML and in other cases you should probably choose Python and this depends upon your situation and interests.

Now let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about both the languages before ending the article.

Frequently asked questions about html vs python

  1. Is HTML easier or harder to learn than Python?

Ans: yes, HTML is a lot more easier to learn as compared to Python, HTML is not a programming language, It is a markup language and you use tags in HTML, You use HTML for structuring the website.

  1. Is HTML necessary for python?

Ans: HTML is necessary for Python because it is useful for structuring the content on the website, without HTML you cannot properly structure the website or web page or You cannot add images tables paragraphs headings etc on the website.

  1. Is HTML more useful than Python?

Ans: Only in terms of web development html is more useful as it is not a programming language but a markup language use it for structuring the website and there are many alternative languages you can use apart from Python for backend of the website like

PHP Java and JavaScript but in other cases Python is much more useful than HTML like in automating the daily tasks and in using Python for data science machine learning data analytics app development game development software development etc.

These are all the frequently asked questions I have found on the internet regarding both HTML and Python.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are the things you need to know about html vs python.

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