3 best & fastest ways to make money blogging

Hi I’m Praneeth Kumar.

In this blog you will learn 3 best, fastest and quick ways to make money blogging.

after reading this blog you will have a clear idea of how you can make money faster and which are the best strategies to make money from a blog and why those take more time than you think.

So without further ado let’s get started.

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3 Fastest ways to make money blogging.

Lets take a look at the fastest ways of making money blogging in detail.

  1. Sponsored posts.

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Accepting and publishing sponsored content and posts on your website is one of the fastest ways you can make money blogging.

Publishing sponsored content is a great way to promote a product or service for a brand on reputable websites and audience.

All you need to do is to either approach a particular brand and company to let them know that you are open for sponsored content or

you can join many popular networks like flyout and adsy where many companies approach these networks so that they can publish sponsored content on highly reputable blogs and websites.

You can join those network, after applying for them if your application gets approved then you can join and accept sponsored content and publish them on your blog and make money from those networks.

The amount of money you make from the sponsored content will vary upon various factors like,

  • The total traffic to your blog– obviously, a blog that gets 1 lakh visitors a month makes more money from sponsored posts compared to a blog that gets only a few thousand visitors a month.
  • Traffic demographics and location– you can obviously make more money if you get a lot of traffic from Western countries especially America and England and comparative to a blog that gets traffic from Asian countries like Vietnam and India because that traffic from Western countries has more purchasing power.
  • Your blog niche– without a doubt your blogging topic will also be huge factor on how much money you can make from publishing sponsored content, obviously if you have a blog that talks about financial stuff and starting a business you can expect to make more money publishing sponsored content compared to a blog that publishes content related to movie reviews and gossips.

On average you can expect to earn anywhere between $100 to 1000$ a post publishing a sponsored content on a blog.

You can also consider selling links from your website to other websites and companies.

The amount of money you can charge for each backlink that you can sell on your website will depend upon things like,

total traffic on your website and your blog audience and your blogging topic and niche and also on how authoritative your blog is on the topic in the industry, etc.

But always make sure that whenever you are publishing a sponsored content on your website you follow the FTC guidelines and disclose the relationship with the brand and

let audience know that the post is sponsored and you are getting paid for publishing it on your blog otherwise you may get into some legal issues.

The drawback of publishing sponsored content on your website is that it is not a great income source for your blog.

What I mean by this is that you won’t be able to generate income consistently over a period of time because you can only publish a limited number of sponsored posts on your website.

This leads us to the next monetization strategy which can give income consistently and faster than other monetization strategies through blogging.

  1. Sell service.

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Another popular and fastest way to make money blogging is by offering different services depending upon your Blogging industry.

This depends upon your blogging niche, industry and your audience characteristics.

For example if you have a blog about freelancing and Digital marketing like SEO and social media.

Most of your blog target audience would definitely be people who have websites, entrepreneurs and digital marketers in general.

You can start offering services related to that like,

You can offer,

  • Freelance writing and SEO services.
  • You can create websites for your audience.
  • You can help your audience become a better freelancer by coaching them.

This is similar to selling a product but it is more active way of making money.

You will directly work with your client.

When people visit your blog and website and consume your content through blogs and websites.

They already know and experienced your content value and how you will work.

So there are more chances of you getting hired to work for your audience as a freelancer offering services related to that industry.

When you have a blog about a industry more often than not you will be perceived as an expert on that topic by your audience.

This is why you can get more clients from your audience who can accept your service because they are already seen your value and work on your blog.

They perceive you as experts on the subject and as humans our psychology is such that we only take suggestions and advice from experts on the subject.

In order to start offering a service on your blog related to that industry, first of all you need to create a dedicated page to let people on your blog know that you are open to giving services.

It is a simple hire me or service page you can create and publish on your website and you make sure that all the services that you offer are listed in a beautiful order in that page.

Make sure to add a few other important details like your skills, experience, expertise in the subject,

you can also include some of your work testimonials and work samples in your service page to let people know what they can expect from you.

You should also make sure to add the price range of your service to let people have an overview and idea of your service cost.

You need to make sure that your service page is highly visible for your audience and

you can place that service page either in the menu section of your blog or in the footer section where it is highly visible for the audience so that they can easily contact you for the Service.

You can also consider creating a profile and registering on freelance platforms like upwork and fiverr to get more clients for your business and

you can include your blog and the work that you have produced on your blog as a sample of your work in your portfolio while applying for jobs.

Your chances of getting hired will be more because you already have experience in the field and most people want to work with people who know their work well rather than beginners.

A Pro tip:

When you are brand new to blogging and you don’t have a lot of audience and following on your blog then it is quite hard to let people believe in you and buy your services in such a case,

I would recommend you to consider guest posting on other websites apart from your website so that you can grow your audience and have connections and relationships with other bloggers and influencers related to your industry and increase your network.

Also consider collaborations with other influencers of your industry like go for an interview or guest on a podcast.

The more relationships and connections you build over a period of time with other people in the industry the more business opportunities you can get and grow your blog and audience.

You can also consider building a social media presence and following especially on LinkedIn because it is great for people who are looking for jobs and professional people and you can connect with those bloggers and other influences related to your industry on the social media platforms.

You can also get a lot of clients and customers to your service through the social media presence as  well.

This is also an excellent way of making money from a blog faster as compared to other strategies but

the only drawback of this method is that it is quite Limited and active process as long as you are not involved in offering the service you will not be making money.

This leads me to the third strategy.

  1. Display ads.

digital marketing vs network marketing

If you have a decent number of traffic and people visiting your website then you can also consider joining relevant ad networks related like,

When it comes to making money with displaying ads, you can do that in 2 ways,

  1. CPC- the amount of money which the advertiser is willing to pay for every click on the ad shown on your website.
  2. CPM- the amount of money which the advertiser is willing to pay for every thousand page views of the ad shown on your website.

On average for most niche websites you can expect to make around in between 10-100$ for every 1000 page views from most premium Ad networks.

The CPC value will vary depending upon the blogs, traffic and niche as the customer value for advertisers will not be the same in most cases in most niches.

Most premium Ad networks pay you on CPM basis.

Once again your earnings from these display ads will vary upon a lot of factors like,

  • More traffic you get can get you more income from ads.
  • Your blogging niche, if you write about things like finance on your blog, you can make more money than about camping because the customer value for an advertiser is more in finance related blogs compared to camping.
  • How users are engaging with your blogs, obviously more good content, they will see more ads which can get you more money in return.

The interesting thing about earn money from showing ads on your blog is that it is a great passive income source and

you don’t have to do a lot of things to make money from that, as long as you are consistently getting traffic to your blog you can expect to make money from your blog by atleast displaying ads.

All you have to do is to apply for this ad networks and submit your application, when you submit your application to this ad networks, your application will be reviewed by a particular person from this company and

if your application gets approved then you will get an email to your account and then you can login to the network, connect your website with the adnetwork and start showing ads on your website.

The interesting thing about working with these premium Ad networks is that,

  • They show contextual ads on your website that is related to the blog post topic.
  • The ads are not that distracting and annoying for users.
  • The ads don’t take a lot of time loading and doesn’t cause any huge layout shifts.

You will also get exclusive support and security of your ads and website from these ad networks.

But make sure when you apply for these ad networks mentioned above, you follow all the terms and conditions of the ad networks and obey all the guidelines.

Most premium Ad networks from whom you can expect to make good amount of money don’t prefer working with websites which publish content which are related to,

  • Porn.
  • Politics and news sites.
  • Gambling.
  • Gossips.
  • Illegal downloads.

They want to work with niche blogs that get targeted traffic from many western countries like America, UK, Canada and Australia.

Again because of these people have higher purchasing power.

And most importantly, before you apply for this premium ad network especially Ezoic, mediavine and ad thrive make sure that you follow the Google ad policy guidelines Because most premium ad networks are official partners of Google ads and

they refuse to accept websites which don’t adhere Google ad policies or have got a ban from Google AdSense.

You can check whether your domain name is banned from Google AdSense or not here.

These are the top three fastest ways you can make money .

An important note on making money fastly in Blogging;

To be honest with you there is nothing like quick and fast way to make money Blogging.

I have been blogging since 2 years now and the first $100 I made was after 11 months of working on my blog consistently every day and week.

It takes lot of time to rank on google for a blog and get traffic from search engine and social media as well.

My biggest advice for new bloggers is that I would highly recommend them to select a blogging topic that they really are passionate about learning because your blogging topic will help you sustain The curiosity and

motivation to write blog posts and publish them on blog especially in the phase of time when you are not seeing any results from your blog whatsoever even if you are putting ineffort like getting no traffic and money.

And I selected a topic for my blog which I absolutely LOVE to the bottom of my heart which is,

definitely one of the main reasons why i have continued to work on my blog even if I didn’t see any results on my blog interms of money and traffic in the initial period of my blogging journey.

But I would like to clarify that,

If your intention towards blogging is that you want to start a blog and make money within a couple of days/months then

you should change that mindset because it definitely can take more than six months or at least 10 months before you start making some money from your blog.

There are lots of things involved on how much money can you make from blog like you need to produce content consistently and you need to select the right keywords with low difficulty and competition and

your blogging topics will also play a huge role in how much money you can make from your blog and especially the content quality, Domain age and many more factors.

Blogging is not a one night game you will have to work on the blog consistently over a period of time like at least a year to see any results in monetary.

A few helpful guides you can read:

The monetization strategies I mentioned above will help you make money faster only if you have decent number of traffic visiting your website every month.

The most important monetization Strategies for any blog is,

  1. Affiliate marketing- selling other companies products and services and earning a  commission for each referral sale.
  2. Selling products- selling your own products and services like e books and online courses.

But in order to make money from these strategies for example in affiliate marketing,

you will have to select the right affiliate Network and right affiliate product for your audience and

join the affiliate program get approved create the right type of content related to the product and start promoting that content to your audience and

build an email list and do a lot of other things before you start making money where as in selling products and services of yours on your website you should be doing things like building an email list, creating a product or course that

you want to sell and growing your audience trust with yourself and building a sales page and funnel, getting testimonials, interviews etc before you can start making some money.

Compared to these strategies, the monetization strategies I mentioned above can help you make money faster with less work and energy involved in the process.


  1. Accepting and publishing sponsored content.
  2. Selling your own services.
  3. Displaying ads.

So these are the fast and quick ways to make money blogging.

With that said let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks;

There you go these are the best and fastest/quick ways to make money blogging.

Do comment down which strategy you like and use on your blog.

Share the blog with your family and friends if you have found it Helpful.

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I will catch you next time till then keep learning and keep growing.