Should i start a fashion blog, is it profitable or is it too late?

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What is fashion blogging?

fashion blogging

It is a blog that covers topics related to fashion, beauty tips, clothing accessories, and many other things all related to fashion and outfits.

It is one of the most famous blogging niches you can start your own blog on.

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Let’s see the top 10 pros and cons of fashion blogging.

10 pros and cons of fashion blogging.

Here are 10 pros and cons of fashion blogging,

Let’s first start with the 4 pros and then 6 cons of fashion blogging.

4 Pros.

Here is a quick overview of the 4 pros of fashion blogging,

  1. You can get your favorite clothes and accessories for free or at less cost.
  2. You can get that celebrity fame and follow from people.
  3. You can make a good sum of money
  4. You can increase the network of people.

Let’s learn each reason in detail.

1. You can get your favorite clothes & accessories for free or at less cost.

free accessories

One of the best advantages of fashion blogging or being a fashion blogger is that you can get your favorite clothes or clothes of high quality on a low budget.

Fashion blogging is all about letting the audience be aware of the new fashion news, trends, and clothes of brands.

Because the fashion bloggers have a direct connection and relation with the audience, people and businesses tend to accept giving some of the clothes to fashion bloggers for low cost or for free so that their clothing can get promoted.

Not just clothes for free you can get those handbags and other beauty products and accessories you can think of buying you can get them for free.

With fashion blogging, you get the chance of working for and with big brands featuring their dresses or clothes or products in your posts and stories which benefit both you and your brand.

This often goes hand in hand with a good advertisement for the brand without being seen as an ad.

With that said, the following thing is pretty similar to it,

2. You can get that celebrity fame and follow from people.

pros and cons of fashion blogging

When you are a fashion blogger, Of course, you will have to start your own website to handle and own the things but.

Social media mainly Instagram can be the biggest asset for you,

With features like,

  1. Instagram reels.
  2. Instagram stories.
  3. Instagram posts.

With these different things you have to post on Instagram, you have a great opportunity to be a social media influencer.

People like fashion a lot.

If your pictures are good, unique, attractive.

You can get that desired goal achieved pretty fast like followers and fame and recognition.

Instagram can be a great weapon for success for many people mainly fashion bloggers if used correctly and it can be a huge revenue source for most people.

3. You can make a good sum of money.

Another advantage of fashion blogging is that you can make a good sum of money doing it.

You know fashion is something that people are showing more interest in these days and it is going to stay like this for some time now.

Once you achieve that success and following on Instagram and social media and that popularity and fame among people,

You can get awesome brand deals for promoting the products of brands on your social media channels.

The interesting thing about this fashion blogging is that you, as the fashion blogger are creating a personal brand of yourself on the platform by frequently posting regular photos and videos of yourself.

You are creating that human level of connection with your audience and the trust will automatically develop between you and your audience as you stay active on platforms like Instagram.

With building a personal brand, there are many advantages out of which getting to promote products of brands is one such advantage you can have being a fashion blogger and social media influencer.

Other than this you can sell your own products or accessories like handbags or your own merchandise, it is all the perks of building your own personal brand online.

And the future of influencer marketing is very huge, there is a lot of scope of earning and a lot of brands are investing a lot of money shifting from digital marketing sources to influencer marketing just for its benefits.

Here is a list of top fashion bloggers and their earnings,

I hope this answeres your query regarding whether is fashion blogging is profitable or not.

4. You can increase your network of people.

pros and cons of fashion blogging

Another advantage of fashion blogging is that you can create and maintain those long-lasting connections and network with other people like,

  • Brands.
  • Other social media influencers and fashion bloggers.
  • Fashion designers.
  • Tailors, stylists.
  • Businessmen and CEOs.

It is just awesome that you can create and maintain those relations and value networks of people as long as you are working in the field of fashion blogging.

You really get such advantage of being able to have such awesome connections with other people so much better than what you can have with fashion blogging.

With that said, here are 6 cons of fashion blogging you should know.

6 Cons.

Here is a quick overview of the 6 cons of fashion blogging.

  1. It is a competitive industry.
  2. Looks matter more than your skill.
  3. You don’t have the freedom of your diet.
  4. Social media has its own cons.
  5. It includes a lot of work and maintenance.
  6. You can be confused between your genuine friends and your fans.

Let’s learn each reason in detail.

1. It is a competitive industry.

This is something you should be pretty aware of and use to.

Fashion blogging is not that kind of business where there is a lot of freeness and no competition to succeed.

No, you have some genuine competition there, not as much as you compare in other businesses but there is competition for sure.

So, it takes time and patience to see the results of your labor on the platform.

2. Looks matter more than your skill.

pros and cons of fashion blogging

With fashion blogging though it is blogging and you need to write down things but it is not all about writing.

It is about taking pictures of yourself in different outfits and dresses and different clothes, makeup and stuff like that.

You know if you are not pretty looking woman or man, you can have a hard time in the business.

With fashion blogging, you must look young, beautiful, slim, attractive, pretty and you know what I am talking about.

If you have a bad facial structure or bad body, you might end up wasting your time in the business of fashion blogging.

You are actually promoting yourself on social media channels where people do judge the dress by the people who wear it.

If you as the book is bad looking then people might judge you badly.

So it is a hard truth but an important one to be noted that people do judge a book by its cover.

3. You don’t have the freedom of your diet.

pros and cons of fashion blogging

Cancel your milkshakes and your pizza, burger orders as you should keep a check on each fat and calorie that goes in your body.

You must be very extra careful with what kind of food you eat and that goes into your body.

Because it straight away impacts your appearance and your whole business is built on your appearance and social media.

So, you cannot afford to eat whatever you want to eat.

You should keep a check on your intake and the calories and fats you consume.

4. Social media has its own cons.

With being a fashion blogger. you are building that following and community on the social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

Of course, you can create your own website for business purposes but your main source and the following is on social media channels.

You don’t have control of the people on the social media channels,

If Instagram or that respective social media platform found you to be violating their terms and conditions of the platform. it takes a few minutes for them to delete your account with or without giving you a hint of it.

What I am intended to say is that you actually don’t have much control over your career as your recognition and income is dependent on social media.

Another problem with social media is the negativity and privacy issues you might have to face.

There are all types of people on social media platforms and you can’t satisfy all people with your posts.

You might get trolled by your haters for bad pictures or looks or bad activities with or without your involvement.

There are some serious bad effects about social media like people might use your pictures for bad purposes like editing your pictures, badly and exposing your pictures with you being naked or bad looking or blackmail you for money.

You got my point.

You might end up being affected badly by rumors, memes, and fake news as they are the fastest ones to be spread on social media channels mainly on Facebook and Instagram which can affect your mental state badly.

Your privacy might get disturbed as people can DM you or call you or irritate you. as they always want to know what you wore and what you are doing as they are curious to know about your personal life.

There are many ways you can get targeted negatively on social media.

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5. It includes a lot of work & maintenance.

Another big con of fashion blogging is it costs a lot of maintenance,

Maintenance of what?

It is of,

  1. Your clothes.
  2. Constant traveling for new locations and places.
  3. Always taking so many pictures & photoshoot cost from different angles and different clothes.
  4. The high cost of the makeup process.
  5. Huge editing of your pictures.
  6. Always planning for next posts and further content ideas.
  7. Planning for getting new clothes and new outfits.

It is a lot of maintaining and time-consuming process for being a fashion blogger instead of just blogging.

6. You can be confused between your genuine friends and your fans.

Another big disadvantage of fashion blogging or being a fashion blogger is that you don’t know who are your real friends and who are the fans of your skill and your beauty.

You know it is pretty philosophical but just think about it,

When you are a fashion blogger you will have so many invitations from so many brands and bloggers who want to do the collabs with you and you know,

You will be able to make new connections with many people but at some point in time, you would realize that most of the people have connected with you for the sake of your Instagram account followers or your beauty like lust.

It might look all artificial and not worth it as beauty and that slim sexy looking body is not going to last forever and fashion is all about how you appear and after some extent, it might be not that important for people.

Coming back to the main point,

It is just hard to differentiate and live with people who are really genuine with you, who see the real beauty, and who care for you irrespective of your Instagram followers and your popularity or your sexy body [lust].

It can make your life small even after achieving and earning a lot of money, fame, and success,

You might end up feeling lonely that you have accomplished nothing but people who are with you for your popularity and your beauty.

It might not give you happiness at the end of the day, you know.

You know fashion only covers the appearance of a person but life is more than just physical appearance like inner values, health, family, joy, care, etc.

It is not that easy to find people who genuinely care for you in terms of that, not just about fashion perspective,

Ending remarks.

With that said, I have answered all the 10 pros and cons of fashion blogging.

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