11 blog niches you should avoid that are saturated

Whenever people want to start a blog they will always be looking for things like how to select a topic & niche for blog and niche ideas for Blog, and it is also very important step to select the right niche for your blog because

it is the basic foundation which will determine how much money you can make and whether you will be successful or not with your blog in future but I feel what is more important is to know what are the niches you must avoid and prevent yourself from starting a blog when you are selecting a niche for your blog.

So in this article let’s take a look at what are the blog niches you should avoid if you want to start a blog in 2022 and beyond.

So without further ADO let’s get started.

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11 Blog niches you should avoid

Your money, your life related niches

This is the first category of blog topics which you should avoid.

You can call this as YMYL topics, and there are many niches come under this category including,

  • Health & fitness
  • Relationship advice
  • wellness medical news and information
  • Personal finance and investing related information
  • Taxes and insurance
  • Information related to law and legal issues
  • News about something like business and stock market or politics, Technology, exams, etc

The primary reason why you should avoid these topics is because, first of all the topics that I mentioned earlier which come under your money and your life category are extremely competitive topics and almost all the keywords you can find in any keyword research tool have high level of keyword difficulty score in order to rank on Google.

For example if you want to start a blog related to health, wellness, fitness then you will be facing competition from highly popular media websites such as healthline, medical news today, Mayo clinic, nerd fitness, American medical association, webmd, kids health, and the list goes on who have been publishing such articles since a long time in this category and have great trust from Google.

It is also important to know that health and wellness is an evergreen topic which means there is high search volume and people will always be searching for tips to gain or lose weight and become healthy and it is also highly lucrative niche for blogging so as a brand new blogger with a new website it is quite hard to break in this niche due to extreme competition from other websites.

And the second reason why you should avoid this topic is because they are related to health and money of people so Google has made drastic changes in its algorithm by introducing updates like Medic update and EAT updates which make it hard for any brand new website to rank for any of the keyword that is related to health wellness or

any of the topics mentioned earlier because if any brand new website ranks for any keyword related to health then if the information provided in the website is not credible and trustworthy, false then it can negatively influence the Life of The reader so

Google’s algorithms make sure that it only ranks highly authoritative, and trustworthy websites in that topic for example in health industry you can find websites like healthline, medical news today and everyday health and many more websites ranking quite frequently for almost all the terms in health industry because they are powerful websites in that category and

Google does not easily trust new website because it is new and as long as you are not a doctor or some one who has got some education qualifications in personal finance and investing I would not recommend you to start a blog in this category because it takes a lot of time, energy, a lot of money and patience in order to make your blog successful in this industry because of extreme competition and Google algorithm updates.

Web hosting, wordpress, Blogging and digital marketing

This is another important topic in blog which I want you to avoid as much as possible.

This may not directly comes under the category of your money and your life but the fact of the matter is that web hosting, blogging and digital marketing related topics are great for blogging but they are highly competitive space.

We have some large media websites and big companies in these niche like Neil Patel, backlinko Semrush, ahrefs, entrepreneur, shout me loud, wordstream, hubspot, search engine land, social media examiner, social media today, Yoast, search engine journal, wp beginner, quick sprout, crazyegg, optimonster, Forbes, hootsuite, get response, copyblogger, adam enfroy, website builder expert, pcmag, tech radar and many more websites.

Any popular keywords which you can search related to the topic I mentioned earlier for example web hosting in Google more often you will find any one of the websites I mentioned earlier would be ranking in top 5 positions of Google for that keyword and I am not saying that it is impossible to outrank these websites for specific keywords it is just a matter of a lot of patience and building more authority and trust on Google over these websites which is quite hard to do to because of competition.

The primary reason why you should avoid these topics is it is highly competitive space whether it is web hosting or wordpress, blogging and digital marketing related topics because it is highly lucrative industry and you could make a lot of money if you had started your blog a couple of years ago when the competition was not much as it is today.

It becomes quite difficult for any bloggers and SEO to find low competition keywords initially today when you don’t have much authority with a brand new website to rank on google, get traffic & make money.

The list of websites I mentioned earlier are popular websites in this space because they have been publishing articles since a long time like a couple of years now and Google view’s these sites credible and authoritative in this space and they are large multi million dollar companies, if you are individual blogger with a small team or solo blogger then I would not recommend you to start a blog in this topic because it takes a lot of effort patience, money and time in order to make money in this industry.

Food & recipes

Another niche you should avoid is of food and recipes blog niche.

Because food and recipes is an evergreen topic and almost anyone on the planet will search for recipes of food in order to cook it both men and women so food and recipes was a most popular topic for blogging since long time because of high market size and traffic volume and it is also lucrative topic to blog about but starting a food and recipes blog in 2022 is not a right option in my opinion because of competition.

Some popular websites in this category are cookie and Kate, love and lemons, minimalist Baker, budget bytes, damn delicious, serious eats, sprouted kitchen, pinch of yum, recipe girl and many more.

For almost all the recipes and food reviews you can find will be occupied by the websites I mentioned earlier and these websites are really hard to beat in search results because they are very authoritative and they have established the trust and credibility with Google since they have been publishing content from a long time.

And if you want to start a blog about food and recipes, it would take a bunch of years for you to start seeing some traction and getting some traffic to your website because of extreme competition in this category and you will need a lot of patience money time and determination in order to become successful in this category.

You can learn more about the pros and cons of food blogging in detail by clicking here.

Beauty, cosmetics & fashion

Beauty and fashion is another niche of blogging you should try to avoid as a beginner.

You should avoid this category of niche for two main reasons which are that because it is a beauty fashion and cosmetic industry and it can slightly affect the life of reader when he consumes your content online so it does come under YMYL category and

you need to build the EAT which is expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness in order to rank high on Google for the keywords in this category and the second reason is it is highly competitive topic to blog about and almost all the keywords in this niche are occupied & taken by big brands.

As a complete beginner who is just starting to learn how to blog I would not recommend you to start a blog in this category because of competition and it requires a great deal of marketing and promotion to make money from your blog apart from writing content and

stand out in this industry so unless you don’t have a team of writers and great amount of money to invest in marketing and Link building and you do not have the expertise and patience required in this topic, starting a blog about fashion and beauty is a waste of time.

Book reviews

Book reviews is also one type of niche or genre of blogging which is not worth it if you want to start a blog in 2022.

The reason is quite simple whenever you search any review of book you will instantly find Google showing some search features for example if you search the book review of how to win friends and influence people written by Dale Carnegie which is one of the best books in self improvement category then


you will instantly find reviews of people around that book in the search results so most people won’t click the articles ranking for the keyword to read the review of the book which will reduce the traffic to website from SEO at the same time you will also find popular websites like Wikipedia, fs.blog, and many popular E-Commerce websites like Amazon Flipkart and

others will be ranking for some keywords of books so it will be quite hard for you to beat this website to get traffic and make money and even if you monetize your website through Amazon affiliates because

the price of the books is quite small you will also get tiny affiliate commissions so it is not a lucrative niche either to start a blog.

So overall you should try to avoid blogging about book reviews because it is both competitive and not SO lucrative.

Niches that are not friendly with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a strategy to monetize a website by promoting other companies products and services and making money as a commission whenever somebody purchase the product from your affiliate link before making the Purchase,

it is like you will have to get new customers to the company and get commission in return for making deals And selling their products and affiliate marketing is number1 strategy & monetization method which many bloggers use to make money from their blog.

You should avoid niches for your blog that are not friendly with affiliate marketing like,

  • You should try not to select niche for your blog where you cannot sell any product or service to the audience to solve the problem in that niche like
  • You should also stop blogging about topics which are too expensive like Tesla cars, bikes, boats, yachts, houses, insurance, real estate, which are not sold online so you could make money through ads but not Much through affiliate marketing
  • You should avoid blogging about topics and products which are cheap and low ticket products like phone cases, USB cables, books, accessories, oils, etc because they’re cheap products and do not have high affiliate commissions to make much money in the long term

You should try to select a niche for your blog where you can sell some products or services which is neither too cheap nor too expensive and ideal pricing range is between 10$-1500$ cost and the higher the cost increases of the product,

people will take more time researching about the product reading the reviews and taking recommendations and watching YouTube videos and read many articles online before they can purchase the product so

you will not be making much money if you promote expensive affiliate products and if the price of the product is cheap like phone cases, USB cables, which is under $10 or thousand rupees, people won’t read reviews and articles much before they purchase the product online so it is very important to find a good balance between too cheap and too expensive products to make money from your blog through affiliate marketing.

Controversial niches or topics that are not advertisement friendly

Another type of niche you should avoid blogging are controversial topics and topics that are not advertisment friendly and some of these topics are mentioned below like,

  • Politics
  • Gossips & entertainment news
  • Religion
  • Firearms and weapons related content
  • Content around liquors and wine
  • Content around consumption of tobacco
  • Sex and adult content
  • Violence, bullying
  • Shocking content.
  • Harmful or dangerous acts.
  • Hateful & derogatory content.
  • Recreational drugs and drug-related content.

You should prevent yourself from writing a blog around these topics because they are not advertisement friendly which means you can not make much money or make no money at all displaying ads on your website

if you write blog around these topics and secondly you cannot also rank higher because of competition in these topics and it is also not a lucrative niche to make money once you to become expert and authority in this space.

Therefore starting a blog around politics, gossips, sex and adult content and many more which are mentioned earlier is not at all worth it in 2022.


Biographies is niche and genre of blogging which I want you to avoid at any cost if you want to start a blog in 2022.

There are basically two reasons why you should avoid this topic because,

  • It is obviously extremely competitive niche
  • It is not much profitable & lucrative topic to blog about

For example, biography of any popular person you search about on Google, you will instantly find the knowledge panel in the search results page as shown in the image below


This is called knowledge panel, and Google is basically taking out certain sections of information about the biography of particular person from Wikipedia and showing it on the serps but the disadvantage is that it drastically reduces the click through rate to other websites ranking for that keyword in Google and therefore reducing the traffic to the websites & apart from that Wikipedia ranking in the first place and

not many people will click on other websites apart from Wikipedia in order to read the biography of that person and there are other popular websites which rank frequently for biographies of people including websites like Britannica, entrepreneur, biography.com and, many more and to be honest

it is almost impossible to beat these websites for biographies keyword in Google because these websites are highly authoritative and this website rank for almost all the biographies of all people you can search on Google so it is highly competitive and occupied space which does not have much profit so I would not recommend you to start a blog about biographies any more.

Technology & gadgets reviews

Technology and gadget reviews like mobile phone & laptop reviews is also one type of blogging topic which should avoid at any cost if you want to start a blog in 2022 and beyond.

First of all technology is always evolving and new gadgets that mobile phones and laptops will be introduced so you will have to constantly write and publish content in this category in order to make money especially around product reviews and it is also highly competitive industry because it is evergreen industry.

There are many popular and authoritative websites like techcrunch, PCmag, tech radar, the wired, CNET, macworld, mashable, engadget, venturebeat, lifehacker, Gizmodo, etc and it is going to be quite hard and almost impossible for a new website to outrank media websites for any technology related keyword in the search results of Google.

And this niche also comes under YMYL category of blog so it is also hard to rank in Google in this category.

So overall you should avoid technology and product reviews as a niche for your blog because of competition and constantly evolving nature of the niche.

Lifestyle niche

Lifestyle niche is also a type of niche which you should avoid at any cost if you want to start a blog especially want to make money from your blog in 2022.

First of all let’s define what lifestyle niche is,

A lifestyle blog is best defined as a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests. A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated by their personal interests and daily activities.

And if you want to start a blog about your own lifestyle then to be honest people are not really interested to learn about your life especially

they don’t like to read the articles to learn about you, this trend of lifestyle blogging which was popular a couple of years ago is not popular anymore in the blogging industry and there are only a handful of lifestyle bloggers who are successful in this space,

the Trend of lifestyle blogging which was a popular long back is not so popular today in 2022 and the trend has moved to Instagram and social media platforms where you can post about your life and people can interact and

get know about you and people will be more interested to know about you if you are a social media influencer or any popular social media celebrity or any popular person in any particular area of expertise but if you want to start a blog write and

publish content and make money then you will have to provide information and solve a particular problem of your reader, audience in which case lifestyle blogging is not worth it.

You should try to start a blog about a particular topic where people will be having different questions who will be searching them to find answers in Google to get their information and solve their problem and people will be less likely to search about any particular person to

know what he’s doing everyday and what are his interests unless he is a social media celebrity or any popular figure so lifestyle blogging is not really worth it today and in future of blogging.

You can read more about lifestyle blogging and writing personal blogs in detail by clicking here and you can check out the difference between blogging and social media and which one is best in detail by clicking here.

Brand or product specific niches

You should also try to stop yourself from selecting a niche for your blog which is brand specific or specific to any product and company.

Let’s take a look at example to understand, if you want to start a blog about shoes then because it is a competitive industry you might choose any particular brand shoes like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok and

Bata for example if you have selected Nike but the problem is that dedicating your entire website to a particular type of product or brand is really dangerous.

There are many variables and factors that determine the success & failure of any brand including public opinion about the product online, publicity & marketing of the product online, product quality and user experience, etc and if something terrible happens in future and

that Nike brand would go bankrupt then your website will become dead eventually or if you choose any particular brand which has little audience then you will have less chances to grow and broaden your audience so it is always recommended not to select a specific product rather give yourself freedom to Expand & grow in future.

It is like you should not keep all of your eggs in one basket rather diversify them to minimize risks and a good incident for this is when Cristiano ronaldo removed coca cola bottle while addressing press conference, the stock market shares of coca cola brand reduced drastically

and huge losses occurred for that brand, this is one such incident to let you know anything can happen to any brand so it is not a good idea to limit your website to any particular product and service to make money.

Selecting the right niche is only 50% of the work done and other 50% is about creating a blog and doing keyword research, writing and publishing content and you can check out the articles below for further guidance,

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With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the blog niches you should avoid selecting when you are selecting a niche for your blog.

Do comment down what are your thoughts about which niche you have avoided while selecting a niche for your blog in the comment section below.

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