10 content marketing ideas on pinterest in 2022

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What is Pinterest?

pros and cons of pinterest

Pinterest is a visual imagery search engine, to tell simply, it is a perfect mixture of Google and Instagram.

In the name itself, Pinterest is a combination of 2 words, Pin+Interest

The pin is either a vertical image or video and you can upload it on the platform based on your interests.

According to Hootsuite, Pinterest is the fourteenth largest social media platform in the world because it has over 450 million monthly active users using the platform worldwide.

Now let’s have a look at the content ideas on Pinterest.

10 Different types of content ideas on Pinterest;

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Here is a list of 10 different types of Pinterest content ideas you can publish immediately.

We will take a look at all of the content ideas types now.

1. Ideas & Inspiration.

Many people use Pinterest as the platform for inspiration and ideas and to bookmark their different collection of Ideas in their account so that they can regularly visit that Idea.

So you can publish different types of content related to ideas and Inspiration on your Pinterest account like,

  • Motivational and inspirational quotes are one of the biggest topics on Pinterest.
  • DIY things like crafts and designs.
  • Book reviews and recommendations.
  • Provide interesting ideas and perspectives, practical advice towards life apart from quotes.
  • New home decoration ideas.

These are all the types of content ideas that you can publish on Pinterest.

2. Attractive images.

Pinterest is a mix of both a search engine and social media platform so because it is also a social media platform,

you can put some attractive images on the platform and grab the user’s attention and get more views to your Pinterest account by posting some attractive and attention-grabbing images.

Take a look at some examples of content ideas like,

  • Images of cute babies.
  • Images of attractive locations and sceneries worldwide.
  • Images of beautiful animals.
  • Images of weddings and couples.
  • Images of technology gadgets and accessories.

By constantly posting attractive images on your Pinterest account it is a great way to drive more traffic and visitors to your pins.

3. Videos.

Although Pinterest started as a visual search engine dominated by images with very less text involved, slowly videos are getting popular on Pinterest as well.

According to Hootsuite, People watch close to 1 billion videos a day on Pinterest.

That is mind-blowing.

Even the Pinterest algorithm is encouraging its creators to publish more video content.

So if you don’t have an interest in creating beautiful images for Pinterest you can switch to videos.

There are different types of videos that you can publish on Pinterest like,

  • You can publish videos related to entertainment, something that makes people smile, laugh and cry.
  • If you have a product that you want to sell you can publish testimonials & success stories of people.
  • How to do something like DIY, like arts and crafts.
  • Videos by you speaking at a public event and conference.
  • Videos of behind-the-scenes and bloopers.
  • Something that makes people say wow.
  • A helpful tutorial on how to use any product and service.

There are lots of different types of videos that you can publish on Pinterest and get more views.

You don’t need a lot of camera setup and equipment to be able to record and edit videos, you can record a 30 seconds video with your smartphone and without any aggressive editing, you can publish them like Instagram stories.

4. Travel.

Travel is also a great niche and topic you can choose to for publishing content on Pinterest.

You can publish different pins related to travel on your Pinterest like,

  • Different locations pictures.
  • All the planning and budgeting required for traveling places.
  • Give lots of Deals And coupons for people who are looking to travel.
  • You can share your unique experiences and ideas by visiting different places.
  • You can sell all the important products for traveling.
  • You can include videos of yourself visiting different places as vlogs.

You will need to start a travel blog to be able to drive traffic from Pinterest.

These are all the things you can possibly do with traveling topic.

5. Blog posts.

If you are just running out of Ideas to publish content on Pinterest, you can just publish whatever content that you have published on your blog as a pin on the Pinterest platform.

Whether it is a listicle or informative guide or data and unique case studies which you published on your blog,

it is a great idea to make a vertical image of it and publish it on Pinterest and link back to your blog.

Many people use Pinterest as a replacement for search engines like Google but to read articles and learn more information. 

The fact is that about 39% of the female pinners and 48% of male users prefer Pinterest search engine over Google & Bing to search for things.

Here is how you can get started, the best tool to create pins for your Pinterest account is Canva,

you can read the canva review here, this is the exact tool I use to create Pinterest pins and blog post images.

Use canva, Have a pin aspect ratio of 2:3 and include text overlay to your pin which is usually a headline of your blog post, make your text bold enough to be able to be seen by users,

include a logo of your website or branding in your pin, include relevant keywords and hashtag in your pin title and meta description, publish the pin and add the Pin to relevant boards on your Pinterest account.

Pro Tip: if you are just running out of content ideas for your blog posts so that you can publish pins on Pinterest,

you can do keyword research and find the best topic on Pinterest using Pinterest search bar suggestions something like this.

pros and cons of pinterest

You can also use Pinterest trends to find what is the best topic to choose in that location for more content ideas in Pinterest.

6. Repin other pins.

types of content on pinterest

If you don’t have enough time or enough energy to create a new pin for your account you can join relevant group boards in Pinterest and

save pins that other people have published on their account to your account which is also called Repinning in Pinterest as we have as retweeting on Twitter.

Let me tell you something interesting about pinterest, over 80% of the pins on Pinterest are the repins.

Because there is a huge potential of going viral with your content on the Pinterest platform,

whenever you see a pin that goes viral you can save that pin on your account to grow the visibility of your account with other members as well.

But make sure that you don’t always repin other pins. You also have to consistently produce New pins and upload them on the platform.

Always save other pins on your account as long as they are relevant and helpful to your audience.

7. Entertainment.

People also use Pinterest to get entertained and relax so, you can publish different content ideas on Pinterest related to entertainment like,

  • Gifs.
  • Memes.
  • Cute cat, dog, and animal fights.
  • Standup comedy and jokes.
  • Celebrities and interviews.
  • Music.
  • Movie reviews and comedy scenes.

You can publish the content from Instagram and other social media platforms to Pinterest.

8. Women-related topics.

types of content on pinterest

Look, Pinterest is not just any other social media platform for all people, Pinterest is a platform highly dominated by women.

As matter of fact, over 60% of Pinterest users are women, and 80% of US mum’s use Pinterest.

Because the majority of users on Pinterest are women, not men, topics, and content related to women are a great idea to publish on Pinterest.

Some of the best women related topics are you can choose are,

  • Women fashion, dressing style, and clothing.
  • Women’s health, fitness, exercise, and diet.
  • Women’s parenting and baby care.
  • Women’s beauty and skin & hair care.
  • Women accessories like handbags, watches, shoes, etc.

Any topic and Idea related to womens and their daily lifestyle can work great on Pinterest.

9. Food and beverages.

types of content on pinterest

Food, cooking recipes, and beverages is also a huge topic on Pinterest because,

The majority of Pinterest users are mothers and millennials.

So it is not a wonder that food and beverages is a great topic on Pinterest.

As a blogger and digital marketer, You can use different types of content ideas on Pinterest like,

  • Different food & cooking recipes.
  • Different local and seasonal beverages.
  • Cooking tutorials, how-to’s, and guides.

Because most Pinterest users are mothers and household women they will always be looking for more and more cooking ideas which they can prepare at home for their family and children.

10. Products reviews.

types of content on pinterest

Shopping and buying products is one of the main reasons why people use Pinterest so heavily.

As a matter of fact,

  • 83% purchase after seeing a brand’s content or pins on Pinterest.
  • More than 25% time spent on Pinterest is spent shopping.
  • 89% of users are on Pinterest for purchase inspiration.

Because of all this, Pinterest is highly known for shopping purposes.

Whenever people think of buying any product, people head over to Pinterest and search for different things on Pinterest just like Google, and

they click on the search results and by the products depending upon how appealing the images are and their products.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to post product reviews and content related to products on your Pinterest account.

You can either write a blog post around a relevant product in your industry and create a pin,

using tools like canva and publish it on Pinterest which has a link back to your article or you can directly link to any of the E-Commerce Store of the product as an affiliate link and make money.

If you own a company and have a product that you want to sell to an audience,

you can use the audience on Pinterest and sell your products,

you can publish different pins like before and after kind of pins to let the audience on Pinterest know how your product will transform and help audience life.

What are the benefits that people get by purchasing your product?

Take a look at some examples of before and after pins on Pinterest.

types of content on pinterest

These are all the 10 different types of content ideas you can publish on Pinterest.

With that being said let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks;

These are all the things you need to know about Pinterest content ideas.

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