Is filmora good for youtube & worth it?

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Is filmora good for youtube, worth it?

Yes, filmora is definitely worth it and it is one of the best video editing softwares you can use for beginners who do not have any knowledge of video editing earlier and want to learn video editing or create video content for YouTube or for social media channels like Instagram and LinkedIn because there are so many features you get in filmora and you can also use the software in any computer with very little requirements, & most importantly it is a very affordable software, you can also purchase the lifetime subscription of the tool for less than 75 dollars which is insane amount and the main advantage of filmora is that it is very easy and beginner friendly, you can learn video editing of filmora in less than one week time.

There are certain disadvantages of using filmora as well like it is not an advanced tool for video editing and it also has software lag issues so to better understand whether you should get filmora or not let us take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of it.

13 Pros and cons of filmora 

Pros of filmora 

  1. It is free 

One of the main advantages of using filmora is that it is a free software which means that you can use the software after downloading and installing it from the official website and start editing videos like you can add text images transitions and many more things in the free version of the tool which is really great because when we compare filmora with other video editing tools like Adobe premiere Pro or final cut they have free trials not free version so this is a big advantage for filmora.

  1. Affordable pricing 

Another advantage of using filmora is that it is very affordable when we compare it with other softwares and also in general because for less than hundred dollars you can get the software of filmora for lifetime with perpetual license which is around 75 dollars and if you don’t want the perpetual license then you can also purchase monthly subscription or annual subscription.

Both monthly subscription is around $20 a month and yearly subscription is $50 so this is a great thing because for individual creators like content creators and youtubers they can purchase individual perpetual licence and create amazing videos, apart from individual you can also purchase filmora for team and for educational purposes as well, you can check more details of the filmora pricing here.

  1. Normal specifications of computer

Another advantage of using filmora is that you don’t need a high end and top notch computer specifications to use the software.

Some basic specifications required for running the software on your computer or laptop or windows 7 operating system with at least 4 GB of RAM and at least 10 GB of SSD storage, and at least i3 Intel processor so these are some specifications and requirements of the tool which are very basic.

This is a big advantage because if we compare this with obviously other video editing tools like premiere Pro then for premier Pro you will need at least 16GB of Ram and i7 processor so you can run filmora in very basic computer as well without any issues.

  1. Easy to use & beginners friendly

Another advantage of using filmora is that it is very easy to use and also very beginner friendly as a matter of fact that is a very user friendly dashboard and interface and you can easily import all the files like video files and audio files from your computer to the software with drag and drop feature, you can also find all the important features like adding text transitions elements effects color correction adding audio and many more right on the dashboard itself so especially for beginners for trying out video editing or for content creators who want to create content online on social media platform or YouTube, this is a great software because it is not only cheap but also very beginner friendly.

  1. lots of features for video editing

And obviously filmora is a video editing software and since filmora 11 is released, there are plenty of features that are available in the software like you can definitely do some basic editing like add text images videos effects titles captions and many more but apart from these you can also do some advance editing like keyframing, motion tracking, speed ramping split screen, green screen mask and blend, etc.

You can also add more than 10 + billion stock photos, videos, gifs, stickers which are copyright free from websites like pixabay, pexels and unsplash to your video on filmora with drag n drop feature which is really cool because you don’t have to download pictures manually since they are integrated in filmora software itself.

Apart from these, you can also make some changes in the video color correction as well like increase the lighting and remove certain colors from the video and many more color correction effects in the filmora.

Because of all the amazing features for video editing more than 100 million users are using filmora in 150 different countries so it is a widely known and very powerful and popular video editing software for beginners.

  1. Available for both windows, Android and Mac

Another advantage of using filmora is that it is available for both windows and Mac versions which means you can use the filmora software for both windows computer as well as Mac computer without any issues which is really great.

You can also download the mobile version of the filmora app which is filmora go on app Store and Google Play Store, even though the dashboard of both mobile app and desktop app are pretty similar but you cannot utilize all the features of filmora desktop version in the mobile version of filmora go & you cannot download filmora on Linux operating system whatsoever.

  1. Lots of tutorials online 

And as i mentioned earlier that there are more than hundred million users of filmora, and it is a very powerful and popular video editing software for beginners so you can also find lots of plenty of tutorials online on YouTube and on udemy to learn how to use the software and you can also find out lots of articles online if you just do some Google search and comparative to other video editing softwares like final cut Pro and Adobe premiere Pro it is actually easy to use filmora and you can learn video editing in less than one week using filmora because it is very beginner friendly.

  1. Great audio editing features

Audio is an important element of a video file and using filmora video editing software you can also edit the audio file, for example some amazing audio editing features available in filmora are, audio visualiser, auto beat sync, audio synchronization, audio ducking silent detection & more.

Apart from this you can also remove the audio file from your primary video file and attach a secondary audio file to your video and remove all the noise from the audio, you can also add a soundtrack to your video to make your videos interesting and engaging, you can also convert your speech into text and vice versa as subtitles and captions.

So any good video editing software has features for both video and audio editing and the same applies for filmora.

  1. Additional features like screen recorder, auto reframe

Apart from audio and video editing there are also some other features that you get with filmora premium subscription like screen recorder and auto frame like screen recorder is great option if you are gamer or you want to explain some concept to your audience from your computer dashboard and auto reframe will be used to convert, resize videos in different aspect ratios for different social media channels like Instagram Facebook YouTube Snapchat and more.

These are some additional features you get with filmora.

  1. Good customer support

Last but not list they also have a very good customer support as you can contact with the customer support with live chat and also on email and you can also share your doubts and problems on forums.

And after you purchase filmora premium subscription like perpetual license then you can use it for 30 days and if you did not like the software then you can ask for a refund under a 30 days money back guarantee which is really cool.

These are all the advantages of using filmora.

Cons of filmora

  1. Software lags sometimes 

One of the main disadvantages of using filmora is that sometimes when you are using the software and editing any video or especially any high quality video like HD or 4K then the software can get lags sometimes, if you want to edit high quality videos in high resolution like 4K or HD then you obviously need high specifications of your computer like a 8GB RAM or higher processor like i5 but sometimes I have observed that even with higher specifications the software lags here and there so this is a small disadvantage.

  1. Not good for advanced video editing 

Another disadvantage of using filmora is that it is focused on providing lots of features and ideal video editing software for beginners not for advanced editors so if you want advanced video editing features like those you find in Adobe premiere Pro then you will be disappointed because filmora is for beginners and even though in filmora 11, many new features are introduced but still you won’t get advanced video editing options and if you want to make a career in video editing you will need to switch to advanced softwares like premiere Pro & Apple final cut Pro.

  1. Watermark on free videos 

Another disadvantage is that, if you download filmora on your windows or macbook and edit videos for free then after you export the video file and download it on your computer then you will see some watermark of filmora on the video so if you want to remove the watermark then obviously you will need to purchase the premium subscription.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of using filmora.


These are all the things you need to know about filmora.

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