7 huge reasons how have blogs affected journalism.

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Here is a 30000-foot view of the blog.

What is a blog?

blog on blog vs vlog

A blog is an informational website where the information is presented in form of posts called blog posts or articles which are there in reverse chronological order which means the latest one that is published appears first.

Blogs are a part of a website, but what differentiates between a blog and a website is blogs get frequently updated whereas the website generally does not gets updated.

What is blogging?

Blogging is the collection of skills required to handle a blog online.

Skills that include are,

  • Html.
  • Writing.
  • Web design.

The people who handle blogs are called bloggers or authors.

These blogs rank on search engines like Google and Bing and get traffic to their places.

What is journalism?


According to Wikipedia, journalism is the activity or a profession of work of writing and conveying news to people through

  • Newspapers.
  • Magazines.
  • News websites & news channels.

Who are journalists?

Those who collect news, details, information, photographs, evidence, processes, and edits the news to the public through newspapers and magazines are called journalists.

Journalists’ work is called journalism.

Is blogging & journalism both the same?

Blogging and journalism are not the same.

They differ in terms of the source of the information and quality of the information in the news.

Of course, many news corporations have their online blogs where they publish news online, that doesn’t mean blogging and journalism are both the same.

Blogging is regarded for the quality of information and blogs have been considered the 5th most trusted source of information online.

There are both different fields but people in journalism are started adopting the online medium more often than not.

Here are the differences between blogging and journalism.

S/no Blogger. Journalist.
1 News is published quickly within minutes as soon as informed by a journalist or a source. News is published slowly, a lot of processes are involved in publishing news.
2 They don’t work for anyone mostly they are independent. They work for news corporations.
3 Information provided in blogs is both facts and opinions written in an informal way mostly. Information provided in newspapers are mostly facts written in a formal way.

Now that you got to know what are the differences between bloggers and journalists, lets know-how have blogs affected journalists.

Here are 7 ways how blogs affected journalism,

Learn the ways how.

How have blogs affected journalism?

Here is the list of 7 reasons/ways how have blogs affected journalism.

Here is an overview:

  1. Freewriting, and coverage of news without any political strain.
  2. Larger visibility of news.
  3. The accessibility of news is higher.
  4. You have an audience to engage with news and content.
  5. News can be published quickly.
  6. No trp no problem.
  7. Opportunity to choose news sources.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Free writing and coverage of news without any political strain.

longer indepth articles

When things come at covering the news in blogs.

You as the author of the news have the power of writing and covering the news unbiasedly.

You don’t have any sort of,

  • Political strain.
  • Political identity.
  • Political agenda.

To follow.

You can deliver the news in pure form to your readers without making it adulterated, that as a journalist gives you immense satisfaction and a good purpose in your work life which only a real journalist can understand.

Another interesting thing about blogs is,

You are not confined to the following things,

  • Completing the story in a few hundred words/space problem.
  • Writing a formal way.
  • Not covering the story completely and unable to update the news if it goes wrong.

You have the ability to cover the news to the full extent without worrying about the words it is going to take and the space it requires in the newspaper.

You don’t have to worry about writing in a formal way, you can write as though you are having a conversation with readers of the news, like starting a conversation.

You can update the news, make it more thorough and more detailed information, adding perspectives along with facts rather than if once published, can’t retrieve back.

You as an author of the news can even link out to other similar stories of the news in your blog to make it more thorough and useful if you have not covered other aspects of the news.

Larger visibility of news.

visibility of news

When you have a blog to convey and publish news to people, you know it is on the internet.

Having a medium of publishing news on the internet, increasing the reach of the news,

Through search engine optimization for Google and bing, the news article can reach out to hundreds of people worldwide.

You also have the luxury of being able to share blogs on social media platforms.

This increases the news reach in those remote areas where,

  • There is no access to newspapers.
  • No access to televisions.
  • Less availability of current.

Blogs make the information go viral and increase the reach of the news to more people.

The accessibility of news is higher.

faster news accessibility

You know,

Buying a newspaper every day is pretty costly,

You are buying a newspaper to consumer news and throw it away after getting news,

You know, most people can listen to the news on televisions because of a busy work-life schedule like 9-5 jobs.

They can’t afford to sit down and consume news.

Having blogged for news makes it easy to consume news about the world and surroundings within seconds.

You don’t have to worry about the place,

You can read news articles in a car or in your office, whereas reading a newspaper is only good at home, you can’t carry a newspaper to your office and other places.

People can easily get access to news within a few clicks on the internet, but on televisions to get the news people to have to wait for ads to get completed and get the right timing for the news broadcast.

This makes online blog news makes it easy to access news to people.

You can see audience interaction with the information.

how have blogs affected journalism

You know,

Having features like on blogs like,

  • Comments.
  • Shares.

These features give you the ability to understand the audience’s interaction with the information on your blog post.

Through comments on the news article of your blog, you can see how the audience understood the information, whether they got influenced by the news and other stuff which could not be possible with a newspaper.

Having more comments and shares of the news is the result of good audience interaction with the content and the news.

News can be published quickly.

faster news publish in journalism through blogs

Once you got the news, writing some words on the internet, and linking to other resources you can publish news quickly on blogs, not in newspapers.

For journalists, there is a fixed schedule in terms.

  • Timing of the newspapers publishes, mostly everyday mornings.
  • The timing of news magazines publishes, mostly weekly.
  • Timing of news broadcast public, mostly on a timely basis like morning, afternoon.

There is no fixed schedule in the online world, you can upload the news within minutes on blogs.

Publishing news by journalists is time-consuming,

  • They first find the story.
  • They investigate and collect the detail of the story.
  • They check is the information is correct or not.
  • Writing the story takes place.
  • Editing the story takes place.
  • The story gets verified by a senior editor.
  • The story gets printed in the newspaper.
  • The newspaper gets the last checking and distribution.

You know, it is a very time coming process to publish news for journalists on newspapers and television channels but not the same on blogs.

There are no middlemen like the editor or editing of the news or printing of the news.

This decreases the time for the news to get published.

No TRP no problem.

Having a news channel or a newspaper corporation is all about public perspective towards the companies.

If people stopped watching the news channels for some negative reason, that is going to reduce the TRP of the news channel, and people who invested in shares of the corporation obviously withdraw their shares.

Obviously, the corporation goes bankrupt.

In that case, having an online presence like blogs makes it a great opportunity to convey news and inside details, information about the world, and the corporation and keep your audience updated.

You can also take crowd support through blogs to help your news channel corporation to fund you to continue your work.

If you are running out of money and profits through lack of sponsorships of your news channel,

You have ads to be able to monetize your online news blog and earn money.

Opportunity to choose news sources for people.

Having a blog to convey the news to the public given people and journalists to adopt this medium and for people instead of grabbing news from selected news channels, they now have varieties.

If you see all the news channels are talking about an issue which you are not that interested in,

You have the option of consuming news online due to the variation it presents.

You can consume news related to your interested like,

  • Sports.
  • Politics.
  • Health.
  • Education.
  • Livelihood.
  • Business and the stock market.
  • Celebrities/movies.

The decision is all yours.

You as a general audience have many websites and blogs online, you are in control of the news.

This ability for people to choose news from a wide variety of options makes it good.

Ending remarks.

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