5 free & paid google trends alternatives

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In this blog I will walk you through everything you need to know about all the Google Trends alternatives.

So if you are looking for a tool which can help you to identify a trending topic in order to start a blog or YouTube channel or

 Even if you create a product in an industry which is rapidly growing but not very competitive then all these tools in the list can add immense value in your journey.

So without further ado let’s get started.

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What is Google trends & its features?

Without getting into the further details, Google trends is a website by Google which will help you identify the trend & popularity of any keyword, topic, product, website, 

industry in different locations and different time periods on various categories on different Google properties like YouTube, image search, news, Google search and shopping ads worldwide.

It will help you identify whether the topic and keyword is trending or declining in the popularity through a graph between 0-100 and

 if the graph is going up then you can assume that the popularity is also going up and vice versa.

What’s really amazing about this tool is that you can also find and easily compare lots of related topics to any topic and product and 

also compare different products to look at their popularity and trend over the period in different locations worldwide.

And just like other tools of Google like Google docs and keyword planner even this tool is completely free to use without any premium subscription. THANK YOU GOOGLE.

But sadly this blog is not about learning about Google Trends but alternatives of it.

But before we start I would recommend you to read my guide on how to use Google trends to make money online to learn more on the benefits of using Google trends.

5 best free & paid Google trends alternatives

1. Exploding topics

Exploding Topics analyzes millions of searches, conversations and mentions across the internet. And find trends before they’re trends. 

Our tech-spotting algorithm identifies under-the-radar industries, products, and categories months or years before they take off.

There are a few reasons why I believe this tool to be a perfect alternative to Google trends and out of those, the main reason is it is very easy and simple to use and highly beginner friendly.

Just take a look at the dashboard, it takes a couple of minutes to understand what the tool is all about there is no large learning curve involved whatsoever.


One of the reasons why it became so popular is because it was founded by Brian Dean who is a leading SEO expert and founder of backlinko, he is my mentor BTW.

Unlike Google Trends this tool will help you to identify topics which are going to become trend in future which means 

you can create content before it actually becomes an actual trend so you have an upper edge over your competition.

That is exactly what makes this tool very amazing and different from Google Trends and you can find various different types of topics from sports to health to finance to music and various other categories.

It will also give you a rough estimate of the growth of the topic and estimated search volume per month which is pretty amazing, 

You can also check the Trend Topics from various different time periods starting from one month extended to 15 years.

It is a free tool but there is also a premium plan,

In the pro version of this tool you can find to different plans monthly and annual subscription plans,

In monthly plan you get a 67 Dollars per month as a pro standard and $197 per month at Pro complete plan which renews every month, 

Similarly there is also an annual plan which helps you save 30% of the money by costing $47 a month and 137 dollars per month which will be charged for 12 months at a time and renewed after every single year.

You can also consider using this tool for just $1 With 14 day trial.

2. Keyword tool.io

This is another popular keyword research tool and also considered as a good alternative to Google trends.

Unlike other tools which help you identify the trend of any keyword this tool will help you with doing the keyword research at whole from finding the profitable keywords to the search volume,

 keyword difficulty and keyword Trend which you will find in Google trends at the same time cost per click data in a very neat and clean dashboard.

This tool is primarily popular for giving you lots of profitable and low competition keywords in different variations and their search volume, Trend like how the search volume is changing over the time aka popularity to decide whether you should Target that keyword or not which is the feature you get in Google trends.

This tool collects all the keyword ideas from Google autocomplete feature.

This tool is so popular that millions of people use it from 200 different countries worldwide including myself.

What’s really amazing about this tool is that you can do keyword research for all types of websites not just for Google but also for YouTube, 

eBay, Amazon and other popular websites to find what is popular and trending in different countries worldwide.

Even though currently it is a free tool that is also a premium version that you can purchase.

There are two price categories: monthly and annual subscription plans and in the monthly plan you can get it for $199 a month and the annual plan costs $79 a month but it will be billed annually.

Honestly speaking this is such an amazing tool that it is one of my go to tools to gather keyword ideas when I do keyword research.

I absolutely love using it and I would highly recommend you to at least try at once not the premium version but start with the free version.

3. Treendly

Just like exploring topics you can also find topics that are trending and which are growing that you have not heard of.

Here is what treendly is all about,

Treendly scours the web, analyzes thousands of data points and finds proven topics before they take off. Before it’s too late for you to act on.

Additionally, you can also search topics and monitor how they perform over time, so that you can build your own private library of trending topics.

You can click here to learn the difference between Google Trends and this tool.

Some of the popular features of this tool is,

  • It has a popular search feature which helps you to search any keyword, with that you can see all the trends in any country & region, save those keywords privately to analyse the trend before, look at related keywords, etc.
  • You can also see what industries are growing compared to others.
  • You can also have access to lots of Amazing case studies and reports that the officials will write and publish so that you can make better decisions.

But what’s really amazing about this tool is that there is a feature called forecasting,

Where you can analyse what the future of the next 6 months is going to be like in terms of whether the trend is going to increase in popularity or see a decline.

And the best part of this tool is that it has a very neat and clean dashboard and interface.

Thankfully it is a free tool just like exploding topics, but there is also a monthly plan of 49 dollars a month.

4. Under the radar

This is yet another interesting tool you can find as an alternative to Google trends.

Unlike other tools which only help you identify the topics before they become Trend so that you can create a website around that topic or 

Start a YouTube channel but using this tool you can identify and create products or launch a brand around that industry so that you can drive maximum sales.

This tool will help you identify trending products by analysing millions of amazon and Shopify stores, at the same time it will also help you identify what are the brands that are trending and 

it will also give you a good amount of data on lots of untapped and trending markets where you can create a product and get traffic and make sales.

In short if you want to create a product or launch a brand and sell products and services online or offline then this is the exact tool you should consider.

And the best part of the tool is, it will add new Trends and topics every day in almost any niche and topic you can imagine, what makes this tool interesting is that 

it will not only help you identify the product but also the start-up and the brand behind which is making the product so trending and 

successful so that you can learn from those startups and brands strategies yourself and also replicate those strategies to your startup.

Sadly there is no free plan for this tool, 

If you want to get access then you must pay $19 per month and you can also get a discount for this tool by contacting the owner and there is also a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t find this tool interesting and useful.

5. Glimpse

This is another popular tool you can use to see what are the topics that are going to become a trend before they become a trend.

This works like a monthly newsletter is sent to your email address inbox.

Glimpse analyzes hundreds of millions of consumer behavior signals from across the web to surface the most important and fastest growing ecommerce trends that are under-the-radar.

What’s really amazing about this tool is that it will help you identify the growing trend in 3 different categories of like product, companies and industries across the internet.

There are two pricing plans monthly and yearly.

Even though you can subscribe to the tool for free and get a trending topics newsletter to your email address every month.

If you want to get more trending topics to your newsletter you can switch to premium plan of 29 dollars per month and

 a lot more features and the best part is that you can cancel or downgrade your payment anytime you want and there is also a yearly subscription plan.

From my experience of using this tool so far I would say that this tool is pretty similar to the other ones we have talked about like exploding topics and treendly.

In the complete list of top 5 Google trends alternatives I would choose exploding topics and keywordtool.io as my best alternative options to Google trends.

With that said let’s conclude the blog post.

Ending remarks;

This is the list of my top 10 best alternatives to Google trends both free and paid.

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Also let me know your comments and opinions in the comment section below about alternatives to Google Trends and if I missed any other tool in the list.

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