Can I earn money from FREE BlogSpot?

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In this blog post you will learn everything related to how you can Monetize a free Blogspot blog, can I earn money from Blogspot,

If you can how to earn money from Google blogger, is blogger really good for making money or not, and many more in detail.

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What is Blogspot, and Can I earn money from Blogspot?


In short, yes you can absolutely earn money from Blogspot.

At least you can do a few things like running Adsense ads and doing affiliate marketing is possible on free Blogspot, WordPress, and Wix blogs it is just that you need to create and publish content.

But you can not monetize your free blogs by selling ebooks and digital products because there are not enough features therein free blogs,

You will learn more about why not to choose free blogs in detail below,

Blogspot or blogger instead is a product of Google which allows people to start publishing blog posts on their website which can be built under an hour for free using just your email address.

As a matter of fact, I started my first blog on blogger itself.

The platform is owned by Google which it bought back in 2003, since then, 

Google is letting people use the platform for building and publishing blog posts for free on their website.

Blogger is just another product that Google has like Gmail, YouTube, and google sites, giving access for people to use the tool to get things done.

With blogger,

Although Google is going to take care of the web hosting of your blogger websites or blog,

If you would like to invest money in your blog, you could purchase a domain name and connect it with your blogger account.

If not all blogger websites are created on the default subdomain with Blogspot.Com as the domain of the websites.

Here is a typical example of the domain of a blogger website,

My website domain name is called as Is my blog was hosted on blogger, 

The domain name would be something like this,


Because Google does not show advertisements on your free blogger blog by default,

The best method of monetizing a blogger blog is through, 

Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

You will learn more ways on how you can Monetize your blogger blog in the next section.

But for now, let’s answer the important question.

Do free blogs make money?

make money



Free blogs can make money for sure,

Some free blogs sites where you can start a free blog are included below,

  1. Blogger.
  2. Tumblr.
  3. Medium.
  4. Wix.

You can monetize these free blog sites through 2 possible ways,

  • Showing AdSense ads.
  • Selling affiliate products.

Although, specifically in Wix and you cannot earn money showing AdSense ads on your website,

Because you are using the free platform and using the paid resources of the company and servers for free and those things come at a cost like speed and storage.

Companies like Wix and in specific show advertisements on your free blog which helps them make money to pay their bills for providing free services they offer.

Apart from running ads, you can definitely earn money through affiliate marketing on these free blogs,

You just have to sign up to an affiliate program, select a product, Research and write a bunch of articles related to the product,

Insert affiliate links to the product on your blog post, drive traffic and earn money eventually.

It sounds simple and easy and you would stop investing money if you think you can earn money without investing at all in Blogging.


I want to point out a few reasons why you should avoid the free platforms for building blogs through which you can make money in the future.

Why avoid free platforms and services for Blogging?

free blogging platform

Here are a bunch of reasons why you should avoid free platforms for blogging all the time,

1. You simply don’t own the blog on the platform

Like there have been numerous cases in the past where companies that own the platform delete websites of their users like a snap of finger without even warning the user,

You can read the terms and conditions of the platform and they include the right to delete your free blog anytime if they find you either violate their rules or use extra resources.

Just think about a scenario where you invested in a couple of months of time,

Setting up a blog and writing content and bringing traffic but one day when you wake up and sign-up to your free blog, and your blog is deleted by the company.

  • Read my blog on blogger and Tumblr where I have explained how it can happen on both platforms in detail.

The chances are it is definitely a case you would go under with a single mistake of violation of rules and

It has happened to hundreds of people in the past whose free blog sites are deleted and the sad part is that you cannot do anything about it like their years of work were just GONE.

2. Your website will look unprofessional and bad with weird themes and customizations.

it is just going to look unappealing and unattractive to the Reader which would increase bounce rate and decrease the Google rankings and traffic.

In free blog sites like blogger, there are lots of resources on the Internet where you can download custom looking templates for your blog to make it look a little bit more professional but,

It requires a lot of technical skills like coding-related stuff to implement and you got no support to be it email, voice, or live chat from the platform whatsoever in almost all the platforms.

3. Your website will load slowly and you can do nothing about it.

Because your blog is hosted on FREE blog sites which means even though it is a blogger blog hosted on Google itself, 

You should not expect it to load fast because it is hosted on Google or Wix or WordPress.

Unless and until you make some changes in the coding of your theme and website, 

There is no way you can change anything that would increase the website speed because the main source of the high speed of website are servers and with free platforms servers, 

Over dozens of websites will be hosted on a single server which is meant to decrease your loading speed no matter what change you make both on the website or in the coding part of the blog.

And website loading speed is a huge ranking factor in Google for both higher rankings and more Money.

4. Your resources are limited.

Because it is FREE and in today’s world nothing comes at free, everything has its prices.

Your website resources like,

  • Storage.
  • Bandwidth.
  • Higher features and customization options.

All these things are limited at a very basic level like forcing you to level up to higher plans, and mainly in Wix and,

The premium plans are extremely expensive compared to their ROI but because you have started your blog on these free platform, you have to upgrade or quit as you got no other option left.

5. You don’t have control over your website.

It is not just about ownership of the blog and the content,

It is also about things like,

  • Customization features.
  • Monetization methods.
  • Traffic control.

You just don’t have any control over your website whatsoever.

So what’s the solution?


Start your blog on WordPress.

My blog is all about helping other bloggers, how some excellent resources to help you like,

But if you still want to continue going with a free blogging platform, then, read along.

How to earn from Google Blogger?

Like the way I have mentioned earlier,

If you really want to monetize a free blog on platforms like Blogger, Wix, Tumblr.

Mostly you can make money 2 ways,

Let’s see Ads first.

When we are talking about monetizing with Ads, let’s first focus on Google AdSense,

Although there are several other alternatives to AdSense which are quite better than it like,

  • Ezoic.
  • Adthrive.
  • Mediavine.
  • Adversal.

But why AdSense,

Because it is free and best for beginners.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Google AdSense is,

Is Google AdSense free?

does google pay you for blogging

Yes, absolutely,

There are three main reasons why people are mad at Google AdSense,

  1. It is the official ADnetwork of Google.
  2. It is free, you don’t need any traffic to be approved.
  3. It is the largest ADnetwork and you can earn good money with it.

For more information regarding Google AdSense, click here.

Let’s get a little bit specific in terms of making money through AdSense.

There are two ways how Google AdSense or any ADnetwork works on your website.

  1. CPC.
  2. CPM.

For your kind information CPC is called COST PER CLICK which means how much an advertiser is willing to spend if someone clicks on their ads and visits the target page of the advertiser,

You can easily check the CPC value of each keyword which you want to know in Google Keyword planner and,

In most other keyword research tools as a term called CPC metric beside search volume and keyword difficulty score in the tool like Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc.

CPM means how much an advertiser is willing to spend if the ad has got over 1000 impressions or views.

Talking about factors which influence the earning in ads are the following are these.

  1. Traffic sources.
  2. Content niche and type.
  3. Audience age and demographics.
  4. Audience engagement on the website.
  5. Adnetwork you joined.

Another question people have in mind is that how much does AdSense pay,

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

You should expect to earn around the 1-10 USD range although the money earning depends heavily upon the content niche and the traffic sources.

Here you should know an important thing that,

For example, you make 100 dollars in AdSense,

Google is going to take 42% of your income which is around 42 dollars, and only pay you 68% of the income which is 68 dollars in 100 USD.

Google takes the share mentioning 2 reasons mainly,

  • To improve its technology and costs.
  • Because you are using its ad network to monetize your website so it is a commission that it takes like an affiliate commission.

Let’s talk about affiliate marketing now.

What about affiliate marketing?


The basic principle of affiliate marketing is,

You write blog posts or possibly make a video for YouTube or a podcast reviewing a particular product where,

You are recommending and selling products of other companies using special links called affiliate links,

These affiliate links are the bread and butter of your website and life,

If you are using only affiliate marketing to make money because these links track your sales and clicks as you link from your blog post to the product or description of YouTube.

You can view the links and sales in the dashboard of your account of which affiliate program you joined.

And if somebody clicks on your affiliate link within your post or video and buys the product That’s connected with the link Within a specific period of time(based on the cookie life of that affiliate program),

You will get a Commission of the sale from the affiliate program you have joined.

The earnings in affiliate marketing vary on various different factors like,

  1. Audience engagement with your website.
  2. Your reputation and credibility online.
  3. Your traffic sources location.
  4. Your niche commercial intent.
  5. Your audience characteristics.


The common elements which influence earning money through both affiliate marketing and AdSense are,

  • Traffic sources.
  • Audience engagement with your website.
  • Your content niche.
  • Audience characteristics.

The reason being is,

It’s not just about traffic which is important,

It’s important about the context and the quality of the traffic also matters A Lot.

If you have a website that gets 1000 visitors a month from countries like America and European countries,

You can make more money from a website that gets like 10000 visitors a month from Asian countries like India and Bangladesh.

Here in these locations like America and European countries, people have large budgets, buying power, and are earning money.

So when you are running an advertisement on your blog,

Getting traffic from these countries, attract advertisers a lot to invest more money on that website because of the traffic potential.

If the same website gets traffic from countries like India and Africa, where a large number of people are unemployed, have less buying power they are less attractive to advertisers.

So your money-making depends on where you are getting the traffic from.

Because traffic location plays a huge role in earning money through advertisements,

Many premium ad networks like,

  • Mediavine.
  • Adthrive.

You can only get approved by these ad networks if you get traffic from locations such as America, Canada, UK, and other American and European countries.

Another important thing in the advertisement is that,

If you have a website or blog that talks about things like,

  • Education.
  • Loans.
  • Insurance.
  • Lawyers.
  • Health services.

These are high earning niches so advertisers would like to spend 100 dollars extra advertising on your blog and traffic when they would earn back 1000 dollars extra as profit by generating leads to their business.

For example,

If an advertiser spends 10 dollars on a website that talks about pets and dogs it does not really affect many advertisers because,

There is nothing big to sell in such niches and traffic whereas in health,

Advertisers can sell health insurance stuff which can cost thousands of dollars and earn a lot of profit, so they like to prefer investing more money in such niches and websites where they can get more ROI back.

In affiliate marketing is also same,

Audience characteristics like,

  • Is it male or female?
  • What’s the age of the audience?
  • Is the audience earning money?
  • What products can you sell in the niche?
  • What’s the future of the niche, is it a trending one, seasonal or evergreen?

All these factors influence a lot in earning money through affiliate marketing.

For more information about affiliate marketing, 

With that said let’s end the blog post.

Ending remarks.

There you go I have answered everything related to can I earn money from Blogspot and all that related stuff of how to earn money from bloggers and why to avoid free blogging platforms.

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