19 FREE blogging tools you should use in 2022

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In this definitive guide, I have tried and tested over 50 different free tools for bloggers and came up with this amazing list of 19 free tools for bloggers that will both save time+energy in blogging for you.

Get along with me through this list and you will love this ultimate list of tools which you wouldn’t have found else where.

So without further ado let’s get started.

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19 free blogging tools for beginners;

So let’s dive right in and learn what are those tools, why are they important for you to use.

Let’s get started with tool no1.

  1. WordPress

Whenever we talk about blogging and its tools, the first thing bloggers and digital marketers get in mind is WordPress.

The fact is that wordpress manages more than 40% of the websites and blogs on the internet but interestingly wordpress is an open source content management system which is absolutely free of cost and the reason why it is so popular it is because

it has lots of plugins and themes which you can use to add any functionality and customise your website in any way you want which you can think in your dream.

WordPress is very SEO friendly and very easy and simple to use platform.

I would highly recommend you to read my ultimate guide on pros and cons of using wordpress and why wordpress is best compared to other blogging platforms out there on the internet.

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  1. Rankmath 

Rankmath is very popular and number one SEO plugin you can use on wordpress websites.

The reason I have included this plugin as a free tool that you should be using is because it offers lots of Amazing features that you can use in paid plans of other SEO plugins like yoast SEO and all in one SEO.

Things like,

  • Redirections.
  • Schema markup.
  • Broken links.
  • On page SEO and Keyword optimization.
  • In-depth SEO analysis.

And much more for FREE in a SINGLE plugin.

Since most blogs are in WordPress, I would highly recommend WP users to use this plugin since

It will manage lots of things without you installing lots of plugins on your WordPress site which since installing many plugins can cause conflicts with website and increase loading speed of website.

This plugin will also generate sitemaps and give you internal linking suggestions saving you time as well.

  1. Updraftplus

Since I am talking about WordPress in this tools list as a open source CMS, getting hacked is always a option for WP websites.

So the first thing you should be setting up from day 1 is backups for your website so if anything unfortunate happens, you always have a copy of your website that you can restore anytime.

In that context, updraftplus is by far the most highly trusted and best backup plugin for absolutely free of cost you can use on wordpress websites.

Using just the free version of this plugin only you can take backup manually or schedule the backup and you can also export the backups to remote storage areas like Google Drive which would decrease the load from your current website server.

This plugin has over 3+ million active installations and 5 star rating in WordPress plugin directory and you can click here to learn the comparison of updraft plus with other backup plugins in WordPress.

  1. Smush 

This is another free and popular wordpress plugin you should be using on your website because it helps you to optimise and compress the images that you upload on your wordpress website.

Since you are blogging on your website you want to get traffic to your blog and the best way to drive traffic is by optimising your blog to search engines like Google and

in order to do that you should do a lot of things including optimising your blog for Website loading speed and other factors.

And the fact is that the largest loading element on the websites or blogs are images.

If you directly upload images to your blog, it can drastically increase the blog size which can hurt and

increase your blog loading speed enormously which can really hurt your rankings in Google and traffic to your blog.

So, you should be using this plugin which will automatically compress all the images that you upload on your wordpress website so that you don’t have to compress them again and again using third party tools tiny PNG.

This will also help you enormously in improving the website loading speed and also save you a lot of time from compressing the images manually.

This plugin will also help you improve your website loading speed by enabling the lazy load feature for the images.

Take a look at some of my ultimate guides on using wordpress plugins,

Now let’s see some real tools for your blog which are free yet highly effective.

  1. Performance checker tools.

There are 2 important tools every blogger must be using on their blog in order to track their blog performance.

These are 2 free tools of Google.

5.1: Google analytics.

This is a free tool you can use to check and analyse how users have interacted with your website on the internet.

You can check lots of different metrics and data to your website like total visitors, Dwell time of the visitors and bounce rate and real-time data of your website traffic and lots of other things using this free tool.

In order to use this tool, you need to sign up , create an account and add a little script of code in the header section of your website theme and after leaving it for couple of hours or even a day all the data will start falling into the tool of a website.

5.2: Google search console.

Google search console is other free tool you can use in order to check how your website is performing in Google search results and identify and solve issues that Google finds when crawling and indexing your website.

You can see clicks, impressions, CTR and average position of your blog in Google search results.

You can also see interesting data like,

  • Traffic in different time periods.
  • Traffic location.
  • Devices that your visitors use.
  • Technical issues with your website.
  • Total backlinks of your blog.

You can also check whether your website has got any manual penalty from Google or not using this tool.

For more information you can read my GSC review.

  1. Google tools.

There are lots of FREE tools and services of Google you can use which can tremendously help you in blogging, let’s take a quick overview of those tools.

6.1: Gmail:

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google. As of 2019, it had 1.5 billion active users worldwide.

Using this tool, you can send and receive emails of 50mb sizes from across the globe.

It is very organized easy to use with simple interface, allowing you to have multiple accounts, present in various languages, etc.

As a blogger this is important tool because, you need to collect emails of your audience, stay connected with people through emails, for backlinks, brand collaborations, meetings, updates, sending large files etc.

6.2: Google calendar:

Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google. 

This tool helps you create, edit, manage and delete events and tasks at different time periods and help you as a blogger to save the time and stay productive in your work.

6.3: Google keep:

With Google Keep, you can create, share, and collaborate with people on notes and lists. Keep synchronizes across all your devices, so your notes and lists go with you, wherever you are.

If you can’t type the notes then you can also so use the voice and record your ideas into notes through audio files as well.

As s blogger, you need to be creative and come up with lots of creative ideas for your blog and business and sometimes you will get amazing ideas when you are walking and bathing apart from working on your blog so

it is very much important to collect all those creative ideas that you get from your brain, in that case you can use this tool to take note of those ideas instantly.

6.4: Google sheets:

Google sheets is another popular tool which you can use to structure data in tabular form, graphs, charts, share and collaborate with those data in real time.

You can also highlight important data tables in beautiful colours that stand out.

6.5: Google meet:

With Google meet, Google is making enterprise-grade video conferencing available to everyone. Now, anyone with a Google Account can create an online meeting with up to 100 participants and meet for up to 60 minutes per meeting.

This is great for bloggers to conduct interviews of influencers, connect with other bloggers and talk with their families and friends, etc.

6.6: Google docs:

This is a very popular writing tool you can use for many purposes like, writing content, sharing and commenting the blog content, they also have speech to text editor, you can also add tables, charts, graphs, easily.

You can also add lots of Amazing extensions that can help you in the writing process in this Google Docs tool and

all the content that you have written will automatically will be saved in Google cloud storage so that you don’t have to hit the save button again and you don’t lose any content you have written earlier.

This is amazing tool, Microsoft word is good alternative to this tool.

6.7: Google drive.

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. Launched on April 24, 2012,

Google Drive allows users to store files in the cloud (on Google’s servers), synchronize files across devices, and share files. Google Drive offers users 15 GB of free storage through Google.

6.8: Google trends.

This is another popular free tool you should be using for your blog.

Using this tool you can see how popular and trending particular topic is on the internet in a particular location or region in a particular period of time.

You can also get list of popular selected queries related to your targeted topic that you searched in the tool.

Using this tool you can decide whether or not you should select a blog topic for your blogging journey depending upon the trend and popularity of a topic in Google trends and

you can also decide and come up with amazing blog ideas for your blog in future.

These are my favourite tools from Google for bloggers.

  1. Answer the public.

This is a free keyword research tool you should be using for your blog.

Most keyword research tools just scrape data from Google auto suggestions and google keyword planner but this tool will bring amazing keyword ideas from platforms like social media and forums other than the mainstream sources.

You can get amazing questions and comparisons and prepositions in a beautiful form of keyword ideas that you can use to target in your blog or use as a subheadings in your blog.

You can also export and download the keyword data to your desktop.

Btw, keyword research is crucial for blogging, You can read my guides here:

  1. Graphic design tools.

Including lots of custom images and infographics to your blog post will play a vital role for your blog because this can help you get more backlinks and also so make a blog more engaging and visually appealing to the readers.

So there are lots of free graphic design tools that are there you can use to create amazing custom images, infographics, and visuals for your blog.

Let’s take a look at them.

8.1: Canva.

Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. 

You can create amazing graphic designs and logos for your website and also attractive infographics using just drag and drop feature.

The app includes templates for users to use. The platform is free to use and offers paid subscriptions like Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise for additional functionality.

For more information you can read my canva review here.

8.2: Venngage.

This is another popular tool specialised in creating infographics for absolutely free of cost using just the drag and drop feature and readymade templates.

It is also great alternative to canva.

8.3: Infogram.

This is also like Infogram which helps you in creating beautiful and attractive infographics for your blog using premade templates for free.

An important note is that all the three tools have their free plans but if you want more features and advanced customisation for infographics and other visuals you create in those tools there is also a premium plan available that you can always upgrade anytime.

The fact is that infographics can help you a lot in blogging especially in building backlinks to your website & also in getting more traffic and building the user engagement with your blogs.

You can read this guide on how to build backlinks through infographics?

  1. Weava.

This is a free Chrome extension that you can install on your browser and it will help you while doing the research for your blog and writing content and it can also save you a lot of time and energy in the process.

Using this tool you can organise and divide different blog post in different folders and sub folders when doing research for your blog and also highlight and

comment on important sentences that you find while reading other blogs on the internet so that you can keep getting back to them again and again without reading the entire blog every time.

You can also collaborate and share those research papers with other team members of your blog.

This will really help you in blogging.

  1. Grammar checker and proof reading tools.

When you are writing blog post, it is very much important to proofread and edit and remove all the punctuation and grammar mistakes in your content because

if you don’t do that then the people who will read your blog will find this grammatical errors to be very annoying and it will hurt your blog credibility and

does not build the trust and authority with the audience so identifying and correcting the errors in your blog content is very much crucial and in order to save you to time in proofreading the content, here are a few tools which can help you alot.

10.1: Grammarly.

Grammarly is the most popular freemium proofreading tool for bloggers and writers.

This works as a Chrome extension that you can install on your browser and whenever you write and edit any piece of content on your gmail or any document or any other file like a wordpress page,

it will automatically identify and help you in suggesting all the errors in your content and it will let you know how the content is sounding like friendliness or neutral, etc.

There are lots of amazing features you can access in premium plan as well, again this is a great proof reading tool.

10.2: Prowritingaid.

A great grammarly competitors and perfect alternative to grammarly this tool is also like a Chrome extension and it will work similarly to grammarly and will automatically identify and suggest to remove

all the grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes in your content so that you can auto correct them and take your content on next level without any grammatical errors.

10.3: Hemingway app.

Unlike the above 2 tools, Hemingway app is quite different since it will not help you in removing the grammatical errors in your content rather it will help you remove all the complex and difficult to read sentences in your content which are highlighted

in different colours and help you improve the readability of your blog better so that even the beginners of that particular topic can easily understand the blog content and we all know readability is very much crucial factor of a great blog post.

These are my 3 all time favourite proof reading tools i use whenever I write a blog post.

  1. Stock images.

Adding images in blogs is a crucial component.

The fact is that, blog with atleast 1 image gets 94% more views than without images.

Hence including images is crucial because it makes your blog look more attractive and engaging.

Here are 3 popular stock websites you can download images for free of any size you want.

All the images that you download from this Stock image websites are royalty free which means, you don’t have to worry about copyright issues for copyright infringement and you can these images for both commercial and non commercial purposes for FREE.

You can find amazing stock images in different categories from business to life and animals and the sites are,

11.1: Unsplash-There are more than 1 million stock photos for free.

11.2: PixabayThere are more than 2 million stock photos for free.

11.3: PexelsThere are more than 10000+ stock images for free.

  1. Headline checker tools.

Believe it or not the most important element of a blog post is the headline/title of the blog.

So, optimising the headline of the blog for maximum potential and effectiveness is crucial.

In order to make your blog headline that captures attention and increases the click through rate which can directly impact your rankings in Google of the blog so there are a lot of tools you can take the help of which are mentioned below.

12.1: Coschedule Headline analyser.

12.2: Emv headline analyser.

12.3: Link Bait Title Generator.

Always make sure that you properly optimise your blog headline using the free tools mentioned above.

  1. MailChimp.

One of the most important aspect of blogging ways to collect email addresses of the target audience it is called email marketing and using the email addresses you can always stay connected with your target audience all the time since you have their contact information with you.

With the help of those email addresses of your audience you can always send messages and

notifications about your blog post updates and build relationships with your audience and build the trust over a period of time which will help you make money from that audience.

In order to do that, you need to use a email Marketing software which collects and send email to your audience and mailchimp is one of the most popular and well known email Marketing software in the industry.

Email Marketing software is considered to be the most expensive softwares and tools in blogging and digital marketing industry but thankfully in mailchimp

Their is a free plan for those of you who are doing blogging as a beginner you can collect up to 2,000 email addresses and send 10000 emails in a month with 2000 emails in a single day limit for absolutely free of cost.

And obviously the more email subscribers you collect you can make more money by building relationships and selling products to them and you can then invest in the expensive software’s premium plans as you get more subscribers and income overall.

  1. International payment gateways.

Blogging is considered to be one of the best online business ideas for a great reason which is that you can work from anywhere in the world and you don’t have to follow any one rules and regulations like you are your own boss.

Because of this reason initially blogging was only popular and mainstream in American continents but later on spreaded to other developing countries like Asia and even Africa as well apart from Europe and America.

So, in such a case, since American dollar is considered as the standard of the world economy and majority transactions will be done in USD world wide.

So, as a blogger having a international transaction gateways system is crucial.

Thankfully, there are many services which are free mentioned below.

16.1: PayPal.

When it comes to sending and receiving money internationally Paypal is considered one of the best services in the business.

They offer services in over 200 different countries with 25 different currencies.

16.2: Stripe.

Stripe is also another popular international payment gateway.

This service offers over in more than 26 different countries and a great alternative to PayPal.

For more options, you can read this list of top International payment gateways.

  1. Gravatar.

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar. You upload an image and create your public profile just once, and

then when you participate in any Gravatar-enabled site, your Gravatar image and public profile will automatically follow you there.

You can easily create your gravatar account on its official website.

  1. Website speed checker tools.

Believe it or not it does not matter how good your blog is or how authoritative your website is on the Internet if your website loading speed is really long and

people have to wait a long time to let your blog to load on their browsers then more often than not you will fail in blogging because of three reasons,

  • People on the internet are really impatient.
  • People have low attention spans which is less than 8 seconds on the internet.
  • There are lots of alternatives, if you don’t solve the problem, there is someother blog which will grab the users attention.

Hence, optimising and improving your website loading speed is very much important in 2021 and beyond.

Thankfully there are lots of Amazing tools you can use to identify all the issues which are making slow loading website and fix them immediately.

18.1: Google page speed insights.

This is a popular free tool of Google which will help you in improving your website loading speed especially the core web vitals score of your website.

You can also see some suggestions that you can implement which can directly or indirectly impact your website loading speed and see how fast your website loads on the user browser both on desktop and mobile version.

18.2: GTmetrics.

This is another free popular tool you can use to check your website loading speed.

Using this tool you can check your website loading speed at different locations worldwide in desktop version and it will give you a score of your website loading speed along with the Core web vitals score and

it will also show a waterfall of your website loading and give you amazing suggestions and recommendations which you can use to improve your website loading speed faster.

18.3: Pingdom.

Pingdom is another popular free tool to check and improve your website loading speed.

Unlike other tools of this category, using this tool you can see the page size, performance grade, website uptime and performance monitoring,etc.

It will also give you amazing suggestions that you can implement right way to improve your website loading speed faster and obviously your website will be tested from different locations worldwide to check how fast your loading speed is in real time.

These are 3 best free tools to check and improve your website loading speed.

  1. Ezoic.

Ezoic is a very known and popular premium advertising network for bloggers.

It is thought to be a good alternative to Google AdSense which is the world’s largest ad network and a premium alternative to other popular ad networks like media vine and adthrive.

Unlike most other premium ad networks, this one does not have any specific requirements in terms of website traffic and page views.

But, don’t take it wrong, it is a certified partner of Google AdSense network.

It is a free ad network which shows contextual ads and also optimize your website for better user experience with site and ads with AI technology.

This is one of the best tools you can use to make money from blogging.

  1. Bitwarden.

As a blogger you will have to manage lots of different accounts and passwords like affiliate accounts, email softwares accounts, SEO tools accounts, wordpress passwords and much more.

Thankfully using this tool you can easily manage passwords at a single place.

Bitwarden is a free and open-source password management service that stores sensitive information such as website credentials in an encrypted vault.

Bitwarden offers a cloud-hosted service as well as the ability to deploy the solution on-premises.

Using this tool, even if you forget the password of your important accounts you can always get back them using this tool and

this can give you a lot of peace of mind from fear of forgetting passwords and you don’t have to click on forget password every time you login to your important accounts after long time.

  1. Hootsuite.

As a blogger you will have to manage and control lot of things other than your blog like working on your social media accounts and building network with other influencers of your industry, interacting with your audience on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Thankfully using this tool, you can get those things done easily.

Hootsuite is a social media management tool.

In the free plan you can manage upto 2 social media accounts and schedule 5 messages to social media accounts.

In premium plans of this tool, you can manage upto 10 different social media accounts, schedule unlimited posts, bulk schedule posts and add 10 users and much more.

It is a great social media management tool.

This tool can save you alot of time and energy from managing your social media accounts.

And who knows value of time more better than bloggers like us, we know time is money.

Save the time, be more productive in time you have and make more money.

Ending remarks;

Hence, there you go, these are my favourite free blogging tools for beginners.

Do share your comments on your favourite free blogging tool you like in this list.

I would love to hear from you.

Also consider sharing the blog post with your family and friends if you have found it helpful.

I will catch you next time till then keep learning and keep growing.

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