Is Adobe premiere Pro worth it? Pros and cons

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Is Adobe Premiere Pro worth it?

Yes, Adobe premiere Pro is definitely worth it because it is one of the best video editing softwares that is available for both windows and Mac which you can use for professional video editing because it has so many features and it is also very powerful software.

You can use this video editing software to create stunning videos and share them on your social media profiles or you can also edit short films using this software and you can also create ad commercials. 

You can get a 7 day free trial of the Adobe premiere Pro to experience all the features of the software and you can decide whether you want to buy the software as a monthly or yearly subscription or not, the main disadvantages of using the software is that it is quite expensive compared to other video editing software and it is also little complex to use for beginners.

Let us take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of using Adobe premiere Pro in detail.

Pros and cons of Adobe premiere Pro

Pros of Adobe premiere pro 

  1. It has a great interface

One of the main advantages of using premium Pro is that it has a great interface, you can find all the features in the interface itself and the is also a search icon where you can find the features you want so because there are so many features available in Adobe premiere Pro and it has a great interface which makes it a big advantage.

You can find all the important features of the software on interface like color correction effects audio graphics captions libraries assembly and many more so it nature easy to use all this features in the interface.

And there are regular updates of the software so you get lots of regular new features added.

  1. It has lots of features for video editing

Obviously Adobe premiere Pro is a software used for editing videos and creating high quality stunning videos for both social media and also for film making so you can have lots of amazing features for video production like, you can definitely do some basic things like adding custom titles transitions, effects, add soundtracks to your videos and increase the engagement of the video, add custom captions, you can also do masking and tracking of the elements in the software, add different types of animations to your videos and there are lots of templates you can choose from the library, there is also virtual reality support for the videos, apart from that you can also do lots of color correction of the videos like you can increase the lighting, remove certain colors from the video, add shadow effects contrast and more, you can also increase or decrease the speed of the video with speed ramp, you can also use transcription tools and transcribe the audio in premiere Pro, you can also do synchronized editing, you can also have comparison view for better editing of the video, you can also blur and sharpness effects of your videos, and you can also get advanced features for video editing like create multi camera sequence of the video.

You can also reframe the size of the video in different aspect ratios for different social media channels like Instagram YouTube or Snapchat and most importantly once you export all of your videos you can directly share your videos to different social media channels instead of downloading it on your computer and then uploading it on the social media profiles which is amazing feature.

You can also create a team project in  Premiere Pro and collaborate on the project with multiple members of the team like giving the feedback and editing the file and more with Integration.

And you can also download the videos in various types of file formats like MP4, MPG and many more formats of your preference.

  1. It is also useful for audio editing

Apart from video editing you can also do some audio editing and audio mixing in premiere Pro because audio is also every important aspect of video production.

For example you can control and reduce the noise reduction in audio of your video and you can also separate your audio from the video and add your own custom audio that you have recorded and you can also sync your audio with your video and do a lot more things like audio mixing like improve the clarity of the audio and more.

  1. There are so many tutorials online to learn the software

Another advantage is that there are so many tutorials and courses you can find online to learn Adobe Premiere Pro. For example, you can find several courses on udemy and also on YouTube and there are several tutorials to learn premiere pro in the software itself.

You can also find several videos and articles of using Adobe premiere Pro from the website itself by clicking here so in terms of support and resources to learn, it is a big advantage because it is a world’s leading nonlinear video editing software.

  1. You can integrate with other tools with creative cloud 

After you purchase premier Pro you can also get other features like Adobe creative community Adobe fonts,  behance, creative cloud libraries and creative cloud assets, and more.

With all of this you can integrated and get access to lots of libraries and stock files that you can add to your videos in premiere Pro.

With this features you can sync your work and work on your file with different computers and different locations and also collaborate with different people.

These are all the advantages of using Adobe premiere Pro.

Cons of Adobe premiere pro 

  1. It is definitely expensive

The main disadvantage of Adobe Premiere Pro is that it is definitely expensive and you can’t purchase a lifetime subscription of the software and like most other video editing softwares like filmora or final cut Pro.

Basically there are three different plans you can purchase of Adobe premiere Pro which are monthly which will cost you around 31.49$ and there is yearly plan of 20.99$ but you will have to pay every month, and you can also purchase annual subscription where you pay only once which is of 240$.

If we compare this with other video editing softwares then it is definitely expensive software to use because of the pricing models and also the fact that it does not have any perpetual license.

  1. It has a higher learning curve

 Another disadvantage of using Adobe premiere Pro is that you need to spend some time learning the software because it is no doubt every powerful video in software that is used for video editing film making and many more purposes but if you want to really get the most of the software then you will have to spend some time learning it because it is complex for beginners, there are so many features you need to understand but thankfully there are so many tutorials online and courses to learn the software.

On average it can take you anywhere between 3 to 5 months to learn the software.

  1. It requires faster CPU and higher Ram

Another disadvantage of using Adobe Premiere Pro is that it requires some higher specifications in the computer.

For example if you have a windows computer or laptop then if you want to use Adobe premiere Pro on your laptop then you need windows 10 and i7 processor of Intel running on the computer and at least 8GB of RAM is required and 2GB of GPU, SSD storage of at least 10 GB and you can check out all the specifications and requirements of running Adobe premiere to on your computer in detail here.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of using Adobe premiere Pro.


These are all the things you need to know about Adobe premiere Pro.

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