what to see while installing plugins on wordpress website in 2020?

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What to see while installing Plugins of WordPress?

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Here are 10 things to look for when installing a wordpress plugin.

  1. Check the updates of the plugin.
  2. Check the compatibility of the plugin with your wordpress version.
  3. Check the reviews and ratings of the plugin.
  4. Check the installations or downloads of the plugin.
  5. Analyze the screenshot of the plugin.
  6. Analyze the credibility of the developer of the plugin.
  7. Have a look at the support system of the plugin.
  8. Make sure to analyze the size of the Plugin.
  9. Look at the features premium plans and alternatives of the Plugin.
  10. Test the plugins first.

Let’s learn all of these metrics and factors in detail.

We will search for plugins on the wordpress directory and mainly analyze the plugin called updraft plus plugin to see whether we should download and install the plugin on our wordpress website or not.

  1. Check the updates of the plugin.

updates what to see while installing plugins

Always check the recent update of the plugin to make sure that the developer of the plugin is taking care of the plugin or not.

 If you find your desired plugin which is updated Since a year ago Then it is highly recommended to switch to an alternative plugin that has been updated In Less than a month like 2 months back.

Avoid installing outdated plugins that have not been updated for a year.

There are over 50000 plugins in the wordpress directory that There is always an alternative  To every Feature you would want to have on your website In WordPress And that’s the beauty of WordPress.

  1. Check the compatibility of the plugin with your WordPress version.

This is another thing you should consider while Installing a plugin on your website You should see that Whether the plugin that you are installing is compatible with your latest or your current wordpress version or not.

Here is an image above highlighted whether the plugin is compatible with your current wordpress version or not And only install plugins That say that the plugin is been tested with the Your wordpress version and,

Avoid The ones which are not tested As it may cause any Conflicts and breakdowns of the website more often than not.

Look prevention is always better than cure

  1. Check the reviews and ratings of the plugin.


Another thing you should be looking for actively While searching for the plugins you want to install on your wordpress website is the reviews and ratings of the plugins.

More often than not Higher and better reviews and ratings of the plugins Leads to better Performance and User experience of the plugins And Lets conflicts and breakdowns Of the plugins and the website.

These reviews and ratings of the plugin Give your basic understanding of How the plugin is performing On other websites For other WordPress owners,

You can also know Some feedback About using this plugin And much more information about this presents Rather than the plugin description.

If you find any plugin with less or negative ratings and reviews Then as much as possible avoid using the plugin and look for an alternative as there are thousands of Plugins out there and definitely will find another alternative much better than the one we found With better ratings and reviews And.

Stop getting into trouble By downloading a plugin With bad ratings and reviews.

Learn from the experience of others And not repeat it By installing those bad plugins with negative ratings and reviews.

  1. Check the installations or downloads of the plugin.


Another important thing is should be looking for is the number of installations of the plugins. 

you can see the downloads of the plugins On the different wordpress websites on the internet.

 This is the most important factor of all If you find a plugin With fewer installations And fewer users using the plugin Then It is always a best practice to avoid such a plugin.

If you are a developer And developed a bunch of plugins And made them public In WordPress And found that you have the very little download of your plugins. 

 More often than not You will Stop working on these plugins.

The same is applied to the plugin that has fewer downloads, The developer will leave the plugin from Updating it Which can lead to more Vulnerability of attack and Hacks Of your website.

According to a study of WP white security,17% of wordpress website hacks are due to WordPress plugins.

Most of the plugins that cause Hacks and are easy targets for hackers to attack wordpress websites are outdated plugins.

  1. Check and see the screenshot of the plugin.


This is another cool thing you have as a feature While selecting the plugins on your wordpress website.

Instead of reading all the descriptions of the plugins To know what the plugin does to your website Before wanting to download them.

You can have a look at the screenshot section of the plugin To have a feel of the login On your website See how it looks, feels, and user-friendliness and Some features of the plugins.

This is a better way to understand what a plugin does on your website from screenshots know its features Then reading those Boring descriptions of the plugins.

  1. Analyze the credibility of the developer Of the plugin.


Another important thing you should consider Looking at Is the developer of the plugin.

Most of the plugins Published on WordPress Are developed by Reputable companies and developers.

You can find who has developed the plugin in the image below.

Only download and install plugins That are developed by well reputed and established developers And companies who also have some presence on Google like a blog or a website And have some track record in developing plugins.

You can go a little bit further by researching the developer or the Company which developed the plugin in Google and,

Look at the reviews of the work the company does and like it’s all about knowing And understanding the credibility of the company and the developer.

developer company

It is always considered a best practice not to install a plugin created or developed by a random guy on the internet who Does not have any credibility or Or expertise Established On the internet so better don’t trust this random person and their products.

  1. Have a look at the customer support system of the plugin.


Another thing you should constantly look for is the support system of the Plugin.

Check for some of the things like the FAQ section of the plugin and support forums of the plugin and things like how you can contact the plugin support team through email and social media.

Mele look for things like,

  • How fast the plugin customer support team answers or replies back to your emails.
  • How fast the customer support team of the plugin answers your questions on the Forums of the plugin in the wordpress plugin directory.
  • What are the tone and the approach Of the support team while answering the queries and solving the problems of the users regarding the plugin?

Try as much as possible to clarify all of your queries and doubts related to the plugin through the support section and faqs part of the plugin in the wordpress plugins directory.

  1. Make sure to analyze the size of the plugin.

Another important thing you should consider While installing plugins of wordpress is that the size of the plugin.

There are a lot of cons About wordpress plugins Mainly increases the Loading speed of the website.

Here are a few things you should consider Doing To check the size of the plugin And see whether you should continue using the plugin or not Concerning the size of the plugin.

Before installing your desired plugin Check your website loading speed score in In some websites like page speed insights and Gtmetrics Which are free And,

Check the loading speed of the website after installing and activating the plugins On your website and see What are the changes are there Before and after Installing the plugins Both in terms of size of the website and loading speed of the website. 

If you see a dramatic increase in both sizes of the website and the loading speed of the website Consider switching to an alternative to the plugin for the particular functionality.

As there are thousands of plugins And there is an alternative to each function you are looking for And do the same with those plugins And check their sizes

Another way you can find the size of the website or the plugin is through going in the settings and site health And click on the info button and then click on directories and sizes to see plugins size on your wordpress website.

  1. Look at the quality, features, premium plans, and alternatives of the plugins.


Whenever you are installing plugins on the wordpress website always make sure that you check the alternative to the particular desired plugin that you want to install And focus on the Quality of the plugin rather than the quantity of the plugin.

Ask yourself this particular question.

Can I add the feature or the functionality to the wordpress website without using this plugin or not?

If you can add the functionality by yourself Then Most of the time avoid using the plugins For that work.

And Thing you should consider is Always focusing on the quality of the plugins.

 Here is an example of the quality of a plugin.

Let’s take an example of a plugin called rank math.

This is one SEO plugin just like Yoast SEO and all in one SEOpresser plugin.

Here are some top features of this Pravin which it does in a single plugin.

  • It checks the broken links.
  • It helps you redirect the broken link Easily.
  • It creates a sitemap automatically.
  •  It connects the Google search console and Google Analytics.
  • It at the social media integration In less time and work.
  • It has all the schema and structured data markup For free.
  • It does the site Audit and SEO audit of your website And give you scores And feedback to improve.
  • You can target up to five keywords in a single article With this plugin.
  • It helps you in In doing the SEO of the local business of your website.

There are so many other things that this plugin does And this is what a quality plugin is.

With a single plugin like rank math, It is equal to 10 plugins Because this particular plugin manages all the aspects of SEO in a single Software and you can avoid installing 10 different plugins for 10 different functionalities True this plugin.

Ultimately what I am trying to say is that Check for the alternative for the plugin that you want to install Look at the features And,

Premium plans of the particular plugin, Find the premium plan instead Is the premium plan Take care of all the aspects for that particular functionality on the website.

Look at what else the plugin does And install Those plugins Which Can do other works like rank math Other than a single thing like on-page optimization.

This way you will have less plugin installed on your wordpress website The chances of getting attack and website hack is less and the loading speed of the website is Is also less.

  1. Test the plugin first on a local wordpress website.

wordpress without hosting

Before installing any wordpress plugin If you have a large website With Hundreds of blogpost and And Lots of plugins already installed on your website Then it is highly recommended Not to directly install the plugin Automatically Instead. 

Try testing the plugin on a Local website on WordPress On the same version that you have on your main website like 5.3 or 5.6.

If you do not know how to create a local website on wordpress without hosting.

After creating a local website on WordPress That matches with the current version of your main website of WordPress.

Take the backup of your current main wordpress website Using an updraft plus backup plugin Which is a Highly trusted backup plugin for wordpress websites.

Download the backup you just created of your main website on your computer and Upload the particular Backup on your Local website that you have created And.

install the particular plugin you want to install And see weather The plugin is Conflicting or creating any problems with your current plugins which are already existing and check,

If there are any Changes With your current website like a breakdown of the website or slow loading of the website or Any drastic change that you would not like to have on your website.

If the plugin works fine with your local website without causing any changes or Any breakdowns or increase in loading speed of the website Then.

You can install the plugin on your main website on WordPress But always avoid the plugin which causes some sort of conflicts or Disturbances On the local website Because,

If you install the plugin Without testing the plugin on a local website Then You would have Conflicts and break down on your current main website,

Which can cause you To a lot of headaches To deal with those Technical problems And sometimes you may lose your existing content On your main website While dealing with those Plugins issues.

It’s all about creating a dummy version of your current website on wordpress and test The plugins and themes that you want to install on your main website on the dummy version Before making the changes on your main website.

Note: Always use one plugin for one particular functionality on your wordpress website,

Avoid using multiple plugins Despite having different features for a single function on your one wordpress website As it may cause Conflicts between plugins And eventually break down the website Or loss content On your website or blog.

As much as possible try limiting the usage of the Number of plugins on your wordpress website.

How to use plugins on WordPress.

top wordpress plugins for bloggers

Here are three ways you can download and use wordpress plugins.

  1. Automatically install Plugins from your wordpress dashboard by going to the Plugins section and click on add new, search for the plugin in the search bar install and activate your desired Plugin.
  2. Upload the plugins from the wordpress dashboard- You already downloaded them on your computer by clicking on the upload button in the add new section of the plugins and activate the plugin that you have uploaded to your website from your desktop.
  3. Manually upload the plugins files and folders to your WordPress database Instead of WordPress dashboard, You can do this by Visiting the file manager of your website’s hosting provider Control panel, search for the First Transfer protocol (FTP) visit it with entering the login passwords, Select the plugins section and right-click mouse and select on upload plugins and upload the selected folder of the plugin that you have downloaded on your computer to the website database, This way you can install and delete multiple plugins at once to your wordpress website.

Ending remarks.

There you go I have explained everything related to what to see while installing plugins in WordPress.

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