Digital Marketing from banners to Big data, Digital marketing has continuously updated by adapting the situations of customers or brands. 

Today with the technology infrastructure the digital marketing also changing slightly. As before business choose mouth to mouth publicity or outbound marketing.

But present every scenario was changed. The technology changing the user’s mind to do anything easily.

But Everything has the future. It will be a good position in the future or Bad

Future of Digital Marketing.



” You Have To Know The Past To Understand The Present”.-

Carl Sagan.

In 1896 Guglielmo Marconi has introduced ” A public transmission of wireless signals.” He was the first human to demonstrate this.
He is also introduced Radio.  From his transmission strategy, Digital marketing introduced to people.

Armed with this information digital marketing began to take shape in the early ’90s. 

Future of Digital Marketing.
Future of Digital Marketing.- INFO GRAPHIC.

The beginning of the New era 1990-1999.

The people have an idea of marketing but it became a difficult task for them because in the starting 1990 there is no internet and there are not many internet channels like today. 
The first web – ad clickable banner went live in 1993. It is placed first time in Hotwired.com.Hotwired.com was the first commercial online magazine.

The web banner or banner ad is nothing but it is a form of advertising on the world wide web delivered by an ad server. It is the form of online advertisement.

This creates a gateway to new technology in marketing. 

In 1994 yahoo was introduced in the market. This is the first search engine that attracts people. Yahoo ruled the world and achieved one million hits at the end of 1994.
By 1995, there were around 16 million internet users worldwide. Also, it was the decade unusual for search engines and the start of the era of information online.
By observing these many companies were optimized their ads on their yahoo sites.
So yahoo became the core of digital marketing.

At the end of 1996 yahoo makes $33.8 million by the shares of $2. million each share.

In 1997 the first social media platform SixDegrees.com  was introduced.  Andrew Weinreich is the person who invented the first social media platform.

 It is introduced on the basis of connecting with people.

Between 1996-1997 many search engines were introduced like Hotbot and look smart.
Alexa also launched in the year 1996.

At the end of 1997- 1998 is the period which makes a huge impact on digital marketing.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin introduced “Backrub“. 
After they renamed “Google” 
Moreover, this year Microsoft launched MSN, and Yahoo launched a yahoo web search.

In the year 1999 over 200 internet companies went public. Revenue $20 billion experienced the year 1999.

Second Decade of digital partnership from 2000-2009.

In the year 2000, google aimed a target to grasp the customer’s choice. They introduced Google Adwords with 350 customers.
Google introduced many trending sites in this year like:

  • Google Toolbar
  • Image search with 250 million images (2001)
  • Content targeting advertisements (2003)
  • Google maps (2005)
  • Google trends(2006)
  • Google Hot trends
  • Gmail (2004)
  • Google will be developing every year by introducing new things. In the middle of this situation, Yahoo rejected to buy Google.

In the year 2000, the internet bubble burst, and many small search engines were totally wiped out.
This creates more space and opportunities for the giants in the business.

In the year 2001, the First Mobile Marketing campaign introduces by Universal Music.

In the year 2002, pay per click, pop up ads are introduced.

Social Media Enters Scene

Linkedin was introduced in the year 2002. It is the best largest professional app. This app leads to growth in business. That is the reason Linkedin became a famous app for business. 

In the year 2003, few social media apps were introduced and this leads to increase users. 
Skype, hi5, Myspace was witnessed to increase the users.

In 2004 Gmail was launched. This became a great platform for marketers through Email marketing.
With this Facebook was launched by Mark. This app ruled the overall world.

The main basis of Fb is to connect with people by messaging and sharing photos and thoughts.
This process attracted many people and became an addiction to many.

 Marketing makes it very easy because of social media.

By facebook $17.44 billion revenue earning in every year and also have a chance to increase 70-80 percent in every year.

The year 2005 is a golden year for audiences and marketers because of the creation of Youtube & Reddit.
It makes it easy to market by youtube and getting a huge revenue and development in digital marketing. After this many apps are created like: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Watsapp.

Because of social media and Google tools, digital marketing became Well-liked for many users. This is the time WordPress also launched by this content marketing became huge.

The year 2006  was also a remarkable year because search engine traffic reported having 6.4 billion in a single month.
Also, twitter was introduced this year. Present there are 321 million active users are there. 
This site is also becoming a huge public place to market the product.

In 2007, Tumblr was launched. It is useful for business because for every company having an online index makes a huge impact on the audience. Unfortunately,
Only a few companies use these benefits.

The launch of the iPhone also introduced this year.
Also, Hulu was launched in the year 2008. It becomes a famous app in this decade because people are attracting more on video content. So the Hulu app helps to watch movies and web series and live tv streaming.
Spotify was also launched in the year 2008 and became a huge impact on the people.

At the end of this decade introduced WhatsApp in the year 2009 and make a good farewell for this decade. Whatsapp users are increasing year by year.

Also, Google introduced products like Adwords. Which are 3 lines ads that show up at the top or to the right of search engine results, and Adsense which is a cost per- click advertising scheme. 

Between 2000 to 2010 is a decade which makes Simple life.
Life was Simple to choose Smartphones in a few choices and not many and also open a few websites.

In this decade the people have a multiple choice question but whereas In the 2010- 2020 decade. 
There are several options in this Decade by introducing many companies in every industry.
The mindset of people is becoming smart with the market. 

Evolution of digital marketing from 2010-2019.

This decade saw rapid changes in the way consumers operate online.
In this decade the mobile phone ruling the world. Individuals spent hours on a mobile phone, Whether it was to communicate with friends, or paying bills, or taking photos or checking emails.

In 2010, Instagram launched. Instagram plays a crucial role in social media. From mobile phones, this application leads to increased users of social media.  

In the year 2010 also we say many deaths and births of social media platforms. Snapchat was introduced shortly after Instagram.
This year saw an explosion of growth hackers keen to explore this new frontier of marketing.

In 2011 Google+ and Google Panda was launched. Google began ranking sites based on quality as well as relevancy.
This makes for digital marketers it is a piece of cake to market any product or brand.

2012 is the year for social media platforms. many companies have increased their social media budget by up to 64%. They realized that the social media platform spread huge profits for companies.

In the year 2012 social media became a key role in business.

In the year 2013 Amazon dominates the e-commerce industry and make huge profits that are $274 million in that year. also, Yahoo acquired Tumblr in this year.

In 2013 Instagram had already attracted the attention of brands, Celebrities, and regular persons. Instagram first rush into direct advertising.

In 2014 the mobile era was started. The smartphone suppressed pc usage by developing new innovations in smartphones. Also, Facebook introduced the messenger app just for chatting purposes. Linkedin features tailored ads. 
Also, Facebook acquired WhatsApp.

In 2015 content marketing was raised to huge. Snapchat has launched its discover feature. This year developed many new technologies like analytics, wearable tech, and content marketing also invented.

Facebook has also launched ” instant articles” in this year. Marketers had spent the last five years in this decade and came up with a new strategy that they learned that five years and adapting to huge changes. Mobile usage increasing rapidly and increases the percentage of internet users day by day.

In the year 2017 popular social network sites are Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
We will look at how many users are in social media platforms Like:

  • Facebook users 2.50 billion monthly active users.
  • Instagram users 1 billion monthly active users.
  •  you tube 2 billion logged in for monthly
  • Twitter 330 million active users monthly.

So it can be concluded that every day digital marketing is updating and Giving many opportunities for marketers and companies. If you wanna be a digital marketer in this decade so try to choose social media as a key part to connect with the audience and make a commercial success.

From the above content in 3 Decades, there are few points. for a glance at how Digital marketing is in the past, present, and also we can predicate the future how digital marketing would be. The changes in digital marketing huge in the last decade.

So, as you can see the digital marketing is moving fast in this technology world. From 1990 to 2020 AI technology, Video, and interactive content is becoming prominent trends.

This is no time for a business to stand still, as the younger demographics and more tech consumers of today want brands to connect and update in a new manner and exciting ways that the customer journey is must become easier and more enjoyable.

 Before knowing the future of digital marketing Once will glance about Digital marketing. Why it is important in human life?

Digital marketing is nothing but promoting a product or brand with the support of an electrical device.

It helps to promote the product from companies to customers. For customers, It will help to know the specifications of the brand and the Pros and cons of a product.

Digital marketing is one of the major parts of a successful company Because From small businesses to huge industries they have to promote their product to customers.

In Digital marketing there are Two categories They are:


To know about the future of digital marketing just we will discuss the Role of Inbound and Outbound Marketing. What is the future of both marketing pieces?


What Is Inbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing is nothing but promoting a product with the help of internet devices. In this portion, we don’t want to meet with customers directly and Describe your product. The Internet channels help to promote the product and we can make Virtual customers. In this Marketing strategy, the content plays a vital role. So let’s go deep.

What are the channels that are important in this type of marketing?  and it’s future.

In this marketing, content writing and video creation will play a crucial part in profit scale. There are Topical blogs that Many bloggers are creating the content and sharing their thoughts on one theme. In which Niche they are Out and Out.

Present there are 600 million blogs and 2 Billion Websites are there. Also From blogging Many companies are promoting their product or brand. It is also helpful to bloggers.

Because for companies they will pay for promotion to bloggers and The blogger will promote their product to give awareness about the product to the targeted audience.
and Ebooks will create the audience so it is also a good platform to promote the products.

The future of content creation will play a vital role in promotions because day by day they are n number of businesses that are creating From small to a huge business. The online promotion is Foremost.

The next one is Social media. Social media is a huge business present. For every business, social media marketing will Mandatory. In social media present users are 3.5 billion

It is easy to choose the targeted audience and promote the product. because every person who is using a smartphone will use social media to watch the videos on youtube and For entertainment purposes.

This weakness of customers will cash for marketers to promote their product So in the future will be a social media era.

SEO also makes huge sales for marketers because Seo helps to get our page on the rank page. Also, it will give huge traffic which increases the value of the website. And Makes decent profits from marketing.

By observing the above parts we can say the future of inbound marketing will be huge. So by observing above we can take some important points Why inbound marketing will be huge in the future?

Video content.

Future of Digital Marketing.

As above discussed in social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram there is an option to upload the story, and also they can share their thoughts on social media about the daily situation or any commercial purpose.

The video content like the story or making some videos playing a crucial part to promote the product because humans will watch the videos rather than reading the content of the pages. and also it is easy to watch videos like a movie.

They have a high chance to buy the product by customers present and also in the future.

Content is king.

Content Is King.

Every marketer or business owner who uses inbound marketing knows the value of content creation platforms like blogging. Because when you want to promote the product you want a targeted audience.

From the audience of your content creation platforms, you can have a chance to promote them and change the audience to your customers. In this mainly we can choose a targeting audience.

Example: when the companies want to promote mobiles or laptops or any electrical gadgets they will choose the website which depends on technical and high traffic. 

Because on this website the traffic would be technical lovers.
 If they promote on this website they have high chances to buy the products.

  • Chatbot.

Every Marketer discussion will be a great thing to get a good relation with the audience so in this marketing many social media platforms are offering to chat with someone.

By chat we can get good relations with the audience or friends then we can change them into customers. Many business owners are already invested their time into this strategy.

So in the future also have high chances to update this type of strategy and it will help people to buy or sell. In the future also the AI makes it easier to chat with the help of voice search or voice typing…

  • Short and sweet information.

Every person chooses the internet to get information or to work easily and Smartly. The internet also giving great answers to know the content to each and every member.

Every person chooses the internet to get information or to work easily and Smartly. The internet also giving great answers to know the content to each and every member.

Because of this users of the internet were increasing day by day. So because of these users, online marketing also increasing.

In the future when the AI will develop and makes it easy to search because in the future the voice search will be developed. So with this, the users and their searches also increase.  

  • Podcast & Good offers.
Future Of Digital Marketing.

Many Marketers who are Social media influencers choose the podcasts to get traffic for our channel because by podcast with famous persons makes decent traffic while the audience will watch our podcast this makes good value for our channel and we can promote the product to many persons.

Mainly online marketing is going huge day by day because of giving offers or by coupons the audience will be attracted to this and have a huge chance to buy the products.

The future of marketing also has these strategies to get decent sales.

  • Competitive pricing.
Future Of Digital Marketing.

Every customer when they want to buy they will observe the prices must and should in which place we are getting the cheap and the best thing.
So in online marketing, many platforms are giving budget products that the poor people can buy.
So because of this, the customers are growing day by day.

In the future, digital marketing will grow because they are observing more in this strategy.  

  • Smarter Search engines.

Present, Every content marketers would observe the two search engines like SEO and SEM. This makes a huge difference from others. 
To get a good rank and increase our website traffic and also get on the first page. This help to click the audience and read our blog.
For this few marketers will invest the money to get sponsorship from brands to get rank on the first page. So these two are developing in every decade and making a great strategy for bloggers. 
In the future When google updates its algorithms and also AI will be developing the voice search plays a key role so with the keywords the SEO and sem will be in the future.

Statics that shows inbound marketing is the future of online marketing. 

➤  By 2021, 80% of the world’s traffic from Video.

➤ 46% of people read blogs every day.

➤ 86% of women will research on social media before purchasing the product.

➤ Nearly 40% of US companies use blogs for marketing their products.➤78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media.

➤122,500,453,020 Emails are sent every hour

➤60%  of all organic clicks go to the top three results.

➤About 5 billion Youtube videos are viewed in a day.

➤Inbound marketing produces 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing.
(Source: technic blog)


Inbound marketing attracts the audience and making good promotions for companies. And also in the future, marketing will be a crucial part. The marketer will more likely to choose inbound marketing in the future.because of this we can say inbound marketing is the future of digital marketing.

Inbound marketing keeps visitors interested by offering insight-driven, and solving the problems. The longer someone engages with your brand the more likely they are to give you their information and turn into a lead. 
It is exactly the future of marketing because we are living in the digital age and As technology is updating, Customers also. So the future will be more in inbound marketing.


What Is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is nothing but promoting a product without the help of internet devices. Also in this promotion, we can meet the audience to describe your product.

This strategy helps to promote the product directly with customers and we can choose genuine customers directly.
Comparing to inbound marketing outbound is not so great.

There are many channels which we are observing every day.
They are: 

Tv Advertising.

In every house, Watching Tv became a part of daily life. So Tv marketing will more effective for housewives and also in everyone who watches tv.

This strategy targets the exact audience because when the ads will play the people who are watching this can buy that product at any time when they want.

The video content is making huge profits in marketing comparing to articles because many people are interest to watch videos rather than reading.

Many people attracted to ads because when they want to buy something they will dream about that.example: The person who wants to buy the car will watch the ads on tv and fix one car by watching the ads.
# Marketing in Tv makes 95% of profits, internet making 72% and Mobile making 75% of profits.

The future of Tv marketing will be huge because if the technology will be updated also they have to watch tv because we can’t take a subscription for everything in OTT platforms.

  • Cold Calling / Teleshopping.
Cold Calling.

It is a technique to convince the person to buy the product or service. In this, the customers can get information about the service quickly rather than reading. When the customers watch the product in teleshopping they will contact and they will clear their doubts. In this, the salesperson can sell the product to the audience.

Cold calling is one of the oldest and most common forms of marketing for salespeople.# Only 13% of customers believe a salesperson understands their needs.
But the success rate in the cold calling is 2 percent. Depends on some surveys the cold calling will be abolishing day by day because many customers don’t want to respond to this type of calling.

  • Newspaper advertising/ Press release.

This is the first strategy that many small businesses choose to market their product.  It is effective mainly in above 45 plus aged persons and few daily news reading persons. The product should be mainly useful for aged people compared to the young aged group.

In newspaper advertising, the ads will display on one side of the paper. In newspaper marketing, there are many advantages if we can afford then market for a few days. If we can’t just promote our product in a weekly book.

In this digital age, everyone is using a mobile phone. In this situation, they don’t want to pay the money for a newspaper or they don’t want to catch the paper where they go. For this reason, many people are reading E-Paper.

20% Of Americans are reading the newspaper. By this we can say that newspapers will be in the future it may be online or offline. Journalism doesn’t die.

Statistics about Outbound marketing.

Eight in ten( 79%) of newspaper readers took action as a result of reading a newspaper ad in the past 30 days

.➤ Less than 2% of cold calls actually result in meetings.

90% of buyers say that they will observe online reviews and their friend’s suggestion before buying anything.

➤US tv is spending was up by 3.1% in 2018, Finishing the year at $72.4 billion.

➤However, Internet users worldwide are still spending more time with linear Tv than OTT platforms.

➤ Over 92% of Americans age 12 and up listen to radio each week, creating an audience of over 235 million listeners.

67% are listening radio in the car.


Outbound marketing is not may be more effective than inbound marketing but there are few reasons to choose this 
If we want to reach young to the old age group we can choose this platform for Tv marketing, Newspaper advertising

However, many people are saying the tv ads and after that contact with salespeople and buying is more effective.

This is the best marketing strategy when the marketers target a few audiences but many people are busy on the internet nowadays so it is the reason the inbound marketing is becoming effective.

Will AI be Able to Replace Digital marketers in the future?

Is AI replace the digital marketing

Digital marketing is becoming is a good profession to choose Mainly in this generation because Everything is changing like from Post mails to Emails. Old telephone to smartphones.

With this technology the people also choosing Digital marketing rather than traditional marketing. This is the reason many members are wishing to do digital marketing.

Is AI abolish digital marketing jobs?  Is AI will be bad for marketing Jobs? 

Also, Everything not will be Customized Humans have the creativity and intelligence. Depends on customers’ questions they can answer to them and also while we are promoting humans can share feelings but in the machine, there are no feelings this makes the audience may have a high chance to ignore.
     The AI will make the work easy and automated. It is not a result of abolishing marketing jobs.But How digital marketing will be After the developing Of AI Take a look…

  • Digital marketers can use data to make a business decision quickly and smartly.
  • Marketers can improve the relationship with the audience in an easy manner.
  • AI will help marketers to research the audience deeply and give offers or Coupons.  Also with the data, They can target the audience and promote the product.

AI may change the customer’s experience. This made the chatbot which can use to clarify the customer’s doubts.  Also, help to customize the purchasing experience and recommend products. The chatbot can clarify the doubts day and night to customers.

Is Digital marketing is a good career in the future?

Digital marketing is a rapidly and evolving career path. In this generation, digital marketing is a good career to choose because internet users are increasing day by day. So Everyone is choosing digital marketing rather than a traditional one.
There are many jobs to do in this digital marketing Like:

  • Social media marketing
  • Online content developer.
  • SEO Specialist.
  • Brand Management.
  • Web designer.
  • Email marketer.
  • Professional blogger.
  • Search expert.

There are many jobs and online business ideas in this to get a decent income in digital marketing. With these jobs, we can also get a few skills like Selling experience, Content writing, Speaking skill, etc.
It is a good platform.

Jobs That May Change With Ai & How AI Can Effect the jobs?

In many industries, AI is already abolishing many jobs and also in the future have a high chance to destroy the jobs. But In digital marketing is not more effective.

Machines can’t work equal to humans. In the time of designing and solving difficult questions, human work must and should.
Some content generation jobs are removed because of Ai. It can also send email or messages. So Email marketers can also be decreased.AI will help marketers for easy and smart marketing.

What are the strategies to become a good digital marketer in the future?

According to Wikipedia, there are three types of planning to get success in digital marketing.

Digital marketing planning has three main stages like:1. Opportunity2. Strategy3. Action.

These three planning types make professional digital marketers.

1. opportunity.

To create a good Digital marketing plan, First needs to review the marketplace and get smart.
Specific Measurable Actionable Relevant Time-bound.

These objectives help to review current benchmarks and Key performance indicators of the company. Companies can scan for marketing and sales opportunities by reviewing their own outreach as well as an influencer.

 To seize the opportunity the firm should summarize their current customer’s personas and purchase journey from this they are able to deduce their digital marketing.
By research and meeting, new objectives create to leads to increase profits for the company.

2. Strategy.

To create a best strategy to become succesful in digital marketing

A company must and should review their digital promotion. and must communicate it using digital customer targeting techniques.

They must define the online value proposition(OVP).
Ovp means nothing but the company must say clearly what they want to offer to customers online.

The company also chooses one selected target promotion system and personas and define digital targeting approaches. 
After doing this strategy effectively. Review The marketing mix comprises the 4ps like product, promotion, price, and place. and also a few companies added a few more in this. 
Place and physical appearance making it 7ps of marketing.

3. Action.

The third and final stage of planning is Action. It requires a budget and management system. 

The audience reached across all digital platforms. Furthermore, Marketers must ensure the budget, management systems are integrating the paid, owned, and earned media of the company.

The final stage also requires most to create content creation. It must be qualified content and measurable content. Example: Visual or written online media.

After implementing these three strategies once check out each other how the three was an impact on marketing. Then try to create a schedule format of these strategies.
This schedule makes more impact on your business and implementing leads that every social media platform falls in your strategy.

Also, take a deep dive to become a good digital marketer in the Era of AI and new innovations of technology. They are:

  • In this digital era, the marketer should Know about Artificial Intelligence briefly and How AI will be effected. Ai is updating many jobs with this marketer should be updated.
  •   The chatbot is a great strategy to get a good relationship with the audience. So we have to observe how to chat on social media and get good relations.
  • Video marketing is a good strategy in the future because many people are watching videos on the internet and they are attracting to them rather than reading the articles. This strategy plays a key role in the future for marketers.
  • Influence marketing is the best marketing in the future because In this marketing the audience engages with our marketing and with the comments and suggestions of the audience we can update the product and sell it to them. It makes it easy and smart to promote the product.
  • Marketers should be Active in social media to know about the mindset of people.
  • The content marketers should observe on Voice search because in the future the voice search will be increased.
  • The content must be quality and user friendly.   

What Experts are saying about Digital marketing.

With technology development and social media development, marketers should update them. Modern marketers are getting huge profits rather than older ones.

# Professionalization is what happens.

Before digital marketers are doing this as a business and without the skill or certification many members are doing this but whereas in this generation many members are becoming successful. 
Because when they want to enter in this industry they are taking courses and improving their skills in everything because of having many people in this industry.

# Time is an important thing.

In many marketers why few are becoming successful because they are updating them by observing the technology and audience mindset.
To become successful in this industry we have to observe in timing when we have to promote and how can we get huge profits.

Example: The online marketing platforms will give offers and coupons at the time of festivals. Because that the exact time to get huge profits.

# Differentiate.
In this industry, marketers should bethink better than competitors because If one marketer efforts more and made great strategies for success. If the audience once attracts these strategies then that marketer will get huge profits not only once and also in the future.
So try to attract the audience before the competitor does. 

# Strategize.
Take a few strategies to get success in this industry.       In the time of promoting the product and when we are writing the blog and also in the time of cold calling.

when we are promoting in the digital billboards that should be more attractive and The billboard content should connect with the audience. So observe everything in the place of the audience when we are promoting a product.

few Facts about digital marketing.

  • 80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020.
  • 52% of consumers say that watching product videos make them more confident in online purchase decisions.
  • 50% of daily searches are from voice search.
  • 18% of all local searches lead to a sale within one day, 72% of people who visit a physical location will choose one within 5 miles of their original location. By 2021, the mobile device will influence more than $1.4 trillion in local sales.
  • Link building is the most difficult SEO tactic to perform, according to 65% of marketers.
  • SEO has a 14.6% conversion rate compared to 1.7% for traditional outbound methods such as cold calling or direct mail.
  • only 7% of the search will ever see the third page of the search results.
  • 86% of people are looking on google maps to find directions to a location.


You have observed what is the past of digital marketing? how it is changed in this decade. To become a professional digital marketer you must know everything about digital marketing by this you can become a professional.

To become a professional digital marketer and wants to get good profits than for you. From our blog just we want to say a tip that is.

Firstly understand the market and make a process to understand the market.

I want to say, famous digital marketers process that is. 
1. Consumer behavior.
2. Predictive Analytics.
3. Buyer Persona.
4. Marketing strategies.

So, guys, my job is done let me know your views about the blog in the comments section below.

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I will catch you next time, till then, good luck. 

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