What Is Digital Marketing? A Step by Step Digital Marketing Guide In 2020.

Today the Internet is playing a crucial role in the daily life of every person and It creates a great income stream for many business platforms and also many people are depending on the internet in daily life activities like shopping, entertainment, researching papers, read the latest news, etc.

The current estimate of internet users roughly 3.26 billion worldwide.

In this situation, many people are choosing an easy way in daily life by using the internet. 

 So we got a point that digital marketing makes a huge profit and also it is playing a crucial role blah blah… but WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING??? Is really playing a crucial role in your life?  The answer is ??? To replay this you have to read our full blog ……

Digital Marketing Gears


DIGITAL MARKETING is nothing but a promotion of products or brands using  Electronic gadgets. To know about the specifications of a brand, purchasing decision, weakness, and strength of the product or a brand for consumers. 

But digital marketing is not only based on the internet because when the product is promoting in TVs or radios these devices don’t want the internet.

so Digital marketing is not only online it is also offline marketing.

It changes with customer behavior and update of technology.



When a business gets started their main aim should be that their product must be reached as many people as possible. So for this, they must be given time in marketing. 

 Marketing is a term that plays a crucial role in the daily life of humans because It allows maintaining the best relationship between the consumers and their daily life products. Every person who wants to use any product will be attracted to the marketing of products to buy.

  • Digital marketing helps to find a targeted audience in which the company can promote the product to them and get decent profits for the company.
  • It helps the consumer that what is the budget of a product and also for a company gets a knowledge that what is the perfect budget to their audience.
  • It will help to give a perfect goal and how their brand will be different from others for companies.
  • So by this, the company will engage with consumers and offers something that wants for them by taking suggestions with the audience.

 By following this activity makes the audience believe the company confidence to buy every product in one brand,  trust in the quality of a product.

By digital marketing small companies also becoming successful.


ONLINE MARKETING is marketing which will promote the product or brand using the internet devices like smartphone, laptops, etc.


search engine optimization for beginners

It is the process of getting traffic(audience) from free organic or natural search results on the search engines. by using this SEO they will get good quality and high traffic to the websites. so the website will get a good rank on the page, then it has a chance to get on the first page of a search engine then the value of a website will be increase by this the traffic also be increase.  then it will become a good platform to market something.SEO makes the business will optimize in search engines like GOOGLEBING



why the audience chooses only one website for the information that they want. For,  there are many factors like: 

  • KEYWORDS RESEARCH for a domain, title tag, description tag, on the page, etc


It mainly depends on taking actions outside of the website to get the impact on the rank of a website. By improving this we get the information from other websites and social platforms that what is the value of one website in search engines. In off-page SEO also have few factors to improve they are:

  • BUILDING BACKLINKS like natural links, manually built links, self-created links.


It Is relates to non-content elements of the website. It mainly depends on the technology of the page to get a good experience for the audience. for improving this they have few factors they are:

  • SECURITY,etc

To get a successful business in SEO you must create a website or blog which gets higher traffic by following on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO. Then by the factors of SEO & Also choosing  Good platforms like blogger(or) WordPress, domain age, Domain, and page authority you will get high traffic and succeded. More about SEO click here SEO GUIDE.

In this generation everyone is practicing about AI, everyone has one question that how everything will change if AI will be updated totally, For SEO the AI will make easy for the audience because present the AI of the google giving suggestions for their search results so after developing the AI makes the new face of SEO it will give the exact factor which audience want what about their query  to query.the factors that we will change for AI

  • The AI will observe mainly in “VOICE SEARCH OPTIMIZATION”.

👉 By 2022, Voice-based shopping is expected to grow to $40 billion. In the future, the voice search will play a crucial role so when we are writing blog put an idea on voice search and also with mobile-friendly for this there are few factors like:

  1. Optimize for famous answers
  2. use conversational language in a blog
  3. choose long-tail keywords
  4. improve the loading speed of the website
  5. Re-imagine and Restructure our content 



It is a form of internet marketing On the website. It is not an easy task to get traffic for the website.

In SEM the SEO and PPC will cover and get traffic. They help to gain website traffic by purchasing Ads on search engines. It is also a digital marketing strategy which helps to visible our page in search engine. It can be done on many social platforms like Google, Facebook, etc.with SEM the brands pay for ads to appear on the search engine result pages so by these ads they will market their product and also when the audience will click on the AD then it will charge. CPC  (click per cost) is a method that helps give money to the website when consumer clicks on the ad.


 choose a good website which u have an intrest and try to follow SEO rules and try to get good traffic with these rules you can get good traffic with this try SEM method by choosing SEM platforms like Google ad, Bing ad, etc.

The AI plays a crucial role for marketers for-profit sales because the AI will observe the behavior of the audience and show the product which is relevant to them by this the sales will increase so the AI will be very useful for marketers. for this, u must take care of quality content, voice search, mobile-friendly, etc.



content is king always

The title says all about this marketing that totally depends on our creativity in content creation. How we are trying to give information to the audience which they want in their daily life. Through some channels how we are taking care, how we are giving suggestions, how we are honest to the audience from our content by this depends we get a loyal audience which we can target a particular audience and we can suggest our product to them they may have a higher percentage to get sales in this marketing because we have a good relationship with our audience with our content and also with their suggestion, we can predict and suggest our product. 

there are many channels like:

  • BLOG POST to know about this click here


Choose a good niche in which we have intrest or have a knowledge try to give updated content which the audience will attract after some duration the channel like blog gets high traffic depends on how you are associate with that. After getting decent traffic you can promote a product and get fair profits. For getting decent traffic you must maintain a good relationship this has four key assets Information, involvement, community, and control.


Present, there are 600 million blogs are there in the world today and if we add the websites there are 1.6 billion websites in the world. So content marketing in the future will not die it may higher chances to add a great platform for digital marketing because when we query about anything we are getting answers and suggestions so content marketing will be playing a crucial role for people So the content will be always king. Platforms like Linkedin create an environment for companies and clients to get a good relationship for promoting their brand or product. Blogs can be updated frequently and their promotional techniques for connecting the customers. The key factors which we can observe for the future. 

  • Question optimization: For the future, the voice search plays a crucial for this u must be connected with the question which is relevant for the audience.
  • Content collaboration: For this idea collaboration is a key point to get success in the future in our community. so collaborating with two or more makes easy work and quality work and generate great thoughts to get satisfied in this.  


Social Media Marketing

According to one survey, social media marketing spending is expected to exceed 17 billion US dollars in 2019. Almost ten billion increase, compared to 2014.  
In this marketing, we don’t want to say especially about this because nowadays social media marketing is becoming users friendly for both Practitioners and researchers.

 It can be easily helping marketers to market their products. Most of the social media platforms have built-in data analytics tools, enabling companies to track the progress, success, and engagement for ad campaigns. In social media marketing, Marketers get a good idea about the audience because they can be easily connected with the audience, and also we can observe the users generated content like online comments, reviews about the product so its interface will be easy for social media marketers.

 Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Allows built a good relationship with the audience to make E- mouth marketing so by retweeting, re commenting they have a high chance to get relation so we can promote a product easily. so social media marketing will be becoming 80% for marketers. To know more click here social media marketing



There are two basic strategies in social media marketing:

1. Active approach The key to becoming successful in social media marketing is to active in social media channels but what is mean to active is we have to blog every day? Is tweeting constantly, posting Instagram shots every day? There is no exact universal answer for this but it depends on how are you connecting with the audience. Social media platforms itself say the word active users in social media. There are a few factors in this


2. Passive Approach

In this approach, there is no involvement in comments, reviews, etc. social connects with the content which is in the newsfeed, blogs. In this, we can observe from this what are the customer’s reaction, how the customers responding to the product or post, who are the competitors what are the experiments we will do is mainly observed by passive approach on social media.



In the future, social media will become more users friendly by updating security and privacy, chances to have more visual content, may have chances to less personal information,mobile-focused experience, less typing, etc. To become successful in a company or digital marketing the social media is becoming the must according to one survey in the future there will be 246 million social media users will be there.so the AI will also help the audience to interact the social media easily.  



Pay per click means Its a part of the marketing strategy in which the advertisers will pay to sites when the ad will be once clicked by the audience. It is one of the ideas to get organic traffic to the website. The PPC is the key factor of Search engine marketing like it is a type of bidding like when the advertisers have to give ads to websites then they will bid the keyword on the site and they will occupy some space on the site to place an ad. Whenever the audience will click on that then the google ads will pay for sites.


The companies that want to promote their brand or product then they will be pay to google for ads is GOOGLE ADS.Google ads will bid the sites under a few factors like quality score, good content, keywords, etc. Then by the PPC method google will be promoting the companies. In this situation the google gets profits, the company value will increase, the audience gets what is the product. This is a cycle rotation method in PPC. 

Once read about SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING. You have to buy the ads from google ads, and we can get traffic to our site. But how can we get approval from google to place ads there are few factors to observe to get approval like


When you are writing a blog or creating a site you must keep an idea of the PPC keywords list means we have to search the value of the keywords of CPC in a tool like a keyword generator, keyword planner, etc.


 when we are creating we must be added the content in a relevant way and depend on queries by the audience, in a readable manner. Try to observe only in quality, not quantity.


Try to write a relevant topic, and every audience will click when creating attention and grabbing headlines, highlight your unique selling, Stand out from your competitors, etc. By thinking creatively how the audience will open your site.


It will be the review from google depends on the keyword relevance, quality content, creativity, PPC campaign, etc. Advertisers who want to give ads observe these factors.

The future of PPC is good because the PPC  depends on advertising So for every business wants to promote their brand they must promote themselves in the future also. In this, The companies are getting profits, and also google getting profits day by day audience will be increasing so it will be good in the future. And also because of PPC the websites also observing their quality content and giving quality information getting the rank on the website.



It is one of the marketing strategies but it will be effective marketing because the viewers convert to customers and convert one time buyers to loyal. There are 3.9 billion Email users in the world. There are many reasons you should use Email marketing one of the top reasons are:

  • We can communicate with the audience about our content. we get information about what are the updates of content. what are the mistakes?  

 # 76% of marketers choose Email marketing for marketing their content.

  •  You can create your own list from this the subscribers which are from this we can promote our products rather than the social media in social media they have a chance to delete your account or your s content so Email marketing is the best option for the audience.
  • Email advertising is the best option for customers because this has many offers and discounts rather than who are not getting Email offers. and also have ROI (returns of investment.) of 4400%. Everyone will say social media will give huge returns but it is wrong. the Email offers will give huge returns and also have high offers.


Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps to connect with our targeted audience and makes profitable sales just as other platforms Email marketing making huge profits in digital marketing. but we can observe a few factors like:

  • Personalize your messages
  • Send mobile-friendly Emails 

Nowadays everyone is attracting with mobiles from bed to bed i.e, waking up to sleeping I guess when you woke up Our hands slightly go to take our mobile. I will ask a small question in a day on which device are you using more laptops or mobile? I think the answer is mobile. so if the email will send in mobile-friendly is the Email will connect with you, of course, the answer is yes. So when you are generating an email generate mobile-friendly.In this time If the Email will not optimize what the readers will do have a chance to delete or unsubscribe your Email.

  • Why they have to read:       

Think once in the place of the reader why you open the Email. If you are attracted to a person or having useful content or making important lines at first. So when you are creating a Gmail try to give small and sweet content and make an important note in the total content. What you wanted to say about your content and why that content is important for the reader.


The marketing also updates and made a key role in the future so for this Email marketing also becomes future in the future The AI makes to look smarter. so don’t be scared the AI will play a key role to update on Email marketing.

The Email in the future plans in short and great for marketers and also makes mobile-friendly. 

Email marketing users also increase because Email asking questions, giving suggestions, giving the best offers, and making a huge relationship between audience and products.

Email marketing is also becoming a high ROI channel.ROI means the return on investment so making returns on investment.



In the 7 marketing types the affiliate marketing strategy making the people huge profits and making the people satisfactory because Everyone has a dream that they must be earned huge income and also they passively want an income stream that while sleeping, in a enjoy mood they want to earn so in this scenario the affiliate marketing is a great choice. 

It is okay but what is Affiliate marketing?

AFFILIATE MARKETING is nothing but promoting the other brand or product in the sales taking a commission. You can find a product which you wants to promote 


According to Wikipedia, there are 4 cores in this industry we get this in simply.  

1. A Merchant is a person who is involved in a business that buys and sells the goods for their profits.   

example: retail shop owner

2. The network is an Affiliate network that acts as a mediator between the publisher and affiliate marketing programs which makes it easy for the audience in a technical way.      

example: ShareA sale, Awin, Amazon Associates, C J Affiliate.  

3. The Publisher is one of the person or company which

publish something new for the people his work is taking 

responsibility for the overall performance of their publications, strategy for their growth. 

examples: Time magazine, The cut, Smashing Magazine, Advertising Age, Boston Globe.

4. A customer is a person or a company who can buy the goods from the company for their own purpose.  

example: people are the customers.

# Over 80% of brands have affiliate programs.


  • Choose the right affiliates because if you want to influence the customers you must be chosen to work with someone who has trusted by the audience.
  • Attract the audience by giving offers, best coupons, best deals to get huge profits and make the audience fix with our brand.
  • If you have a good experience and have an idea on the audience then try to build your own affiliate network.
  • Affiliate promotions on multiple sources mean You don’t constraint on only one source like Instagram. promote on many platforms by observing the audience hoe they are reacting to you then choose a few this strategy makes huge profits.    


As the number of bloggers and blogs is increasing then the affiliate marketing also making high demand. many blogs are mainly depending on affiliate marketing strategy for monetizing. As AI will develop in the future AI will be a huge point to change the affiliate marketing in the next few years because after developing AI that security will be increase and makes user friendly and also have many changes in a few years like:  

  • voice searches play a key role
  • increase in mobile-friendly content.
  • Influencers will be important for profits
  • E-commerce retailers will expand their affiliate marketing programs.
  • More affiliate marketing agencies will be increased.


DIGITAL MARKETING is a term every one thinks that It is marketing which is promoted by the help of internet devices channels like Email, social media, website, search engines, etc. but It is wrong The fact is digital marketing is in Offline and Also in online.  

I think everyone thinks marketing on Radio, TV, Boardhoardings is also digital marketing but Again you encountered that it is a wrong one.   

Are you are experienced in the restaurant that using tablets ordering your food it is digital marketing. Also when you are on the road you saw many electricity billboards advertising a few brands or products It is also offline digital marketing like this  they are much offline digital marketing you are observing day to day life They are: 




When you are moving from one place to another place is you observed the board and think that wow this movie is releasing on this date? or think that this product is launching on this date? In this thinking situation, the electronic billboards are the main reason Is it correct So are you thinking why this blah blah… is asking because by questioning this you get a good experience with electronic billboards. So take a look at what is electronic billboard takes a deep dive…

In this generation for marketing our product or brand, there are many better platforms which we can give huge success in marketing It is no doubt at all. In many countries the billboard making huge profits in brand marketing because everyone who is going from one place to another place they must observe the road in this situation they must be observed beside the roads in this time billboards is must be covered our eyes. It makes sure that your ad is not only displayed it is also keeping the attention to your audience.   

It is making a huge amount of audience because it is placing in the bus stops, beside busy roads.


# Planning your advertising campaign in a good way. 

  • DESIGN It plays a key role in the board because the design helps to make target to the audience to reach them.   

example: When the person is facing heart problems or lungs problem while he was walking in the road. He saw in the board design that with a hear or lungs picture hospital in that  Cardiologists are have highly experienced than what you think the person will observe that board or neglect that thing? 

In this scenario, they may have a chance that a person will go to that hospital to check his problem...

  • PLACE Is also one of the important things in electronic billboard marketing because while we promoting one product you must choose a place where the road is busy with people in this situation may have a chance that few people may observe our board.
  • PRODUCTION in every company or business the marketing plays a key role in sales So try to update the content on boards and also observe in image media and try to make awareness that why people choose your brand.
  • PERFORMANCE is the main thing to observe before investing in this because every few months how the seasons will change the technology also changing so observe the sales before the billboard and after the board if it fails. Try to change content and design what people want.


The future of billboarding is also huge not effect by anything because having many reasons like:

  • The electronic billboard will appears 24/7 at the night by the lights it must be observed by people.
  • Electronic billboards are cheap and best to go into the people easily.
  •  You can promote two events at a time in one board when the two things are releasing at a time we want to share that so billboard makes it easy to do that.
  • Easy to change in the board we can change or easily update the display.
  • difficult to ignore.

so by these points, the billboards are in the future also.



Radio marketing is nothing but advertising the product or brand in a radio. I think everyone heard the word this program is sponsored by blah blah… or something advertisements so this is called radio marketing.

When did you start to read these many members are thinking that Is radio is hearing these days also? what are you saying? But what I want to say that every year the profits from radio advertising were increasing from the year 2017 to 2020 5 percent of profits were grown i.e, 1875 crores to 2373 crores


  • Live Read

It is nothing but the RJ will explain about our product by following the script written by the creative team in seconds between the programs.  

  • Sponsorship

Many Radio stations implement sponsorship technic for their programs like in the time of traffic news, weather, sports news, etc. You will hear that sponsored by some X company. It is called sponsorship.  

One company is sponsored to one program to promote their product.

the radio channels get money and the company can promote their product.

  • Produced Spot

It is nothing but one person who has a high pitch of the voice can be said or like a song can promote the product in a planning time under the advertising agency or radio stations.


1. The creative brief is nothing but when we want to promote something in the radio you must observe first 10 seconds should be good and creative content and must be attracted by the audience because the audience is so busy they will not hear when the content is not creativity they will directly change the channel so must observe the first few seconds because the First impression is the best.  

2. what is the Message in your content?

When you are promoting something you must bethink about what you want to say. It must be clear and messaging with clearcut words because The Radio is an audience mind theatre. When we say pinpoint words with a message It will connect with the Audience.    

Think each and every point like in a language, saying manner, how much the message will connect to the audience because Everyone would not love the same thing. 

TIP: When we give the offers, coupons, cashback. May have a chance to connect with the audience.

3. When you are picking the script for the ad. Try to give chances to new members because fresh content will have a chance to connect with the audience. So choose a few scripts from new and old productions then choose one by this the production value will increase and it will be worth investing in this type of promotion.FUTURE:

You can’t watch TV in the car. 

You can’t watch TV in the shower.

You can’t use a mobile when you are in busywork.

You cant watch TV while you are in Jogging.

So, Radio has many chances to use and the future of Radio is :

But many members having a question while observing the development in TV, Smart devices, Mobiles that is Is Radio have future???

According to a survey, 90% of Americans follow Radio every day.

this fact gives every answer which you have a question in your mind.

But Still, have a question that Radio will use in the future?  

for this question also have few factors that are: 

  • The radio will be not working in every place.
  • People are attracted to mainly visual content like Youtube and Tv for entertainment.
  • For listening Songs, there are many platforms are their like: jiosaavn, Spotify, gaana, Xbox, etc.

There are many chances to replace the radio but we think a few factors like:

1. Radio has a huge reach than mobile or tv because in every age of people have the habit of listening to the radio at the time of morning or evening.

2. They have many chances in a few times that don’t use the internet or visual content. In this time have chances in FM.

Like: In the time of work, at the time of jogging or something.

By observing the above factors they have equal chances to reduce or increase the usage of radio after a few years.



When you are watching movies or songs middle of this has some disturbance. I think everyone got that what I am saying. It is nothing but advertisements between the movie or songs or any programs.  

In every house, the tv was one of crucial thing by this visual content many audiences was attracted.

# 95.9 % have TVs in their houses.

So tv advertisements are playing a crucial role in every person while buying a new product because everyone will watch tv. So for this many companies invested hugely for promotion on tv. The main reason is mainly the tv gets 90% of profits from the advertising agency.

example: If the channel charges 50k per minute. Between the program, there might have 10 mins then they will charge 5lakhs for that.  

like this, the channel mainly depends on an advertising agency.

And also Teleshopping is big business on the small screen because according to one survey from teleshopping the channels are getting huge profits like in crores. 


Television is the best platform to reach the audience to get huge profits.you must observe a few factors before making an ad on tv they are: 

  • keep a targeting goal 

When you are promoting your product. keep a goal in a commercial way how this ad is making profits. By promoting your new product with good hipe is the best option to reach.

  • Encourage action

When you are spending some amount on the ad. Try to add action frequency in the ad Action means not only the thing fighting or something but depend on ad how the actions are between the person who is acted in that.

example: When the ad is about the medicine which cures knee pains. In this situation, if the old man was saying this medicine is good and I used this so it is the best medicine. This makes attract the audience that

” OK by using this even old man’s pains also getting cure than why my pains will not go then I will buy “

  • Direct Response

In this, teleshopping plays a key role because rather than promoting the product as an advertisement the direct promotion is the best option. By promotion one product with a period of 30 mins by giving numbers like 1800 toll-free numbers and explaining why they have to buy your product makes good relation with the audience by asking a question and when they call to a salesman by giving perfect answers makes a good relationship with the audience and also we know the pros and cons. 

4. Go Local


The main suggestion is to promote the ads with an experienced person with our product rather than any VIP. By explaining that person makes satisfactory when he could say about our product to the audience. Makes more attach to the audience.FUTURE:

Total Netflix subscribers are 182 million.  

Total Amazon prime subscribers are 150 million.

So, Above Apps and figures are effecting the tv according to your point.

Yes, there must a chance to face problems for Tv. But IN NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME many will watch the movies or web series but we are not getting every information only in these two apps.

For watching the news or without internet device TV is the best option

As technology will develop there might be a chance to watch live tv but watching TV is a must with everyone. having few factors like:

  • Easy to choose:  

In a family there are many members like 4or5 in this the four have different tastes in the time of watching like one watch sports, one person watch movie, one will choose programs or serials, one will web series or songs.

In this situation by taking the subscription of ESPN for sports and for movies taking subscriptions from Netflix or Amazon makes a huge amount rather than this by choosing your favorite channels on TV to make low cost.

  • May be commercials are outdated.

In every OTT platforms are based on this method means It does not only depend on advertisement but also depends on monthly subscriptions. Present this is implementing in Tv also but after a few years, they may have a chance to give a subscription manner how the audience chooses the channels. Make a payment of how much the internet is using by the user. By implementation this makes everyone use one smart device to watch OTT platforms and also TV. Depend on Monthly subscription.

  • Technology makes Smart.

In the future, they may have a chance to watch the visual content in a virtual manner or in a 3d manner. present many things in the market make it smart to watch. This is mainly the competition with many companies like Google, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

Example: Now the network is going to be 5G with high speed. SO, Depend on this speed may the usage of the ott platform makes it easy. This development makes develop in TVs also.
Finally, The fastest-growing offline channel is Mobile marketing also has a good future. Sending messages about our product or by calling to a person and explaining our product makes good profits.QR codes and giving coupons and offers in mobile marketing make easy marketing and huge profit.


The two kinds are Inbound marketing and Outbound marketing.



It is a type of marketing strategy which a person doesn’t promote directly with the help of internet devices making promotions are called inbound marketing. The content plays a crucial role which makes virtual customers. This strategy makes customers with the help of social networking platforms. For this mainly the important factors are how the person will attract with your content. By this content makes organic traffic, and by sharing the links with friends, search engine. If the people will trust ones, when they step into purchasing the product then our product will talk about that. It is the best choice rather than directly connecting and saying about our product.


  • Topical blogs
  • Social media platforms ( Facebook.twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Ebooks
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Viral videos

Many companies are implementing inbound marketing. Almost 62% of companies are using inbound marketing. Many NGOs are also mainly depending on inbound marketing to explain about them also, many political issues are using inbound marketing. Many companies like Starbucks, Dell, Cisco are using inbound marketing. If politics use this inbound marketing how the results are? For this, Barak Obama is given a great answer in the time of elections. 

  • He used a personalized landing page to connect with users to know about them and promoting him
  • Also, he participated in Reddit.com to give answers to everyone who wants to ask a question to him.
  • When the people entered the Obama website they will get one popup that Email subscription for promotion before a few months of the election.
  • The Barak Obama campaign team participated in every social platform. 
  • In his website Barakobama.com giving clearly, at last, that audience can donate as much as possible at the last page having with thank you by this page this website encourages to donate. 
  • He used Email marketing, social media platforms in the time of election and won in that.
  • But everyone criticized this type of promotion badly. What do you think…( Source: Neil Patel blog )

out bounding marketing.


It is the type of marketing that promotes directly to consumers or with the help of general media service. In this depends on the journey it may have chances to go to direct with customers and promote your product or in a far situation we can be promoted through cold -calling or by promoting with TV advertisement the promotion will be done. 


  • TV or Radio advertisements
  • cold- calling
  • Newspaper marketing
  • Press releases
  • Trade shows

For older customers will be an impact on this marketing because Nowadays social media and websites and blogs are playing a crucial role rather than these radio ads or newspaper ads. TV is the best option but reading the Newspaper and following the Radio and observing the ads in this is not making more impact. This outbound marketing is mainly targeted by small companies who wants to get a great start because by mouth to mouth marketing makes good profits with neighbors or know persons who are using this. We are observing day to day life in some places or in the morning newspaper having pamphlets This is also effective marketing in outbound marketing. Many companies will use this type which you observe in your surrounding.



The word Digital marketing is started before the 1900s by the inventor of Radio. His name is Guglielmo Marconi. who made a ” public transmission of wireless signal“. He is a father of Digital marketing.


We will Observe the Development Of Digital marketing from 1900 to 2020 in 3 Decades.

First Decade: Mainly In 1990, This digital marketing is firstly invented with the idea of Guglielmo Marconi. The people have an idea of marketing something through channels. But they can’t share and also there is not much easy as today. Because in the starting 1990 there is no internet and also there are not many channels like today.   

 In 1993 – 1994 There are many new inventions were introduced with this updates the Digital marketing also updated. The first clickable web banner ad was introduced. It is placed first in the Hotwired.com. Hotwired.com was the first commercial online magazine So this Hotwired place a few marketing plugins on its website and makes a good income from them.

In 1994 The yahoo was introduced in the marketing then the search engine has attracted the people. Yahoo makes a great decade on the internet and also digital marketing. Yahoo makes one million hits at the end of 1994. So it makes a huge change in the people. Altavista delivers the first internet web index. By observing these many companies were optimized their ads on their yahoo sites. So yahoo became a definition of digital marketing.  At the end of 1996 Yahoo makes $33.8 million by the Shares of $2.6 million each share is $13. Also, Altavista makes a partnership with Yahoo. So by observing these many companies were launched like HotBot, Looksmart, and Alexa. Also Social media platform Sixdegrees.com launched It also makes benefits for digital marketers.

At the end of 1997 and 1998 is the period which makes a huge impact on people and also on digital marketing because the larry page and Sergey brin introduced google real name is “BackRub“. After they renamed as google and also yahoo launched yahoo web search and also Microsoft MN was launched. Sothis makes the year 1998 is a Digital Era. The first decade introduced a w search engine and also makes huge profits in digital marketing and changed people by the usage of google makes it easy.

SECOND DECADE: At the time of 2000, google will be trying to grasp total customers by introducing new things into the customers as Google AdWords started with the 350 customers in this year. by giving keywords targeting. After the google Adwords The google was launched many more like this like:

  • Google Toolbar
  • Image search with 250 million images (2001)
  • Content targeting advertisements (2003)
  • Google maps (2005)
  • Google trends(2006)
  • Google Hot trends
  • Gmail (2004)
  • Google will be developing every year by introducing new things. In the middle of this situation, Yahoo rejected to buy Google.

This point changes Google makes great updates and makes the technology in to new. It makes it easy to make digital marketing with content marketing, Email marketing, Pay per click, Pop up ads makes the marketers easy to market every product or brand. After introducing Pay per click in 2002 makes the companies and customers and websites very easy and makes a huge profit from this. The year 2006 is a commercial year for search engines because only in 2006 they report a $6.4 billion huge traffic in a single month which makes the best record. 
SOCIAL MEDIA Entered into the scene…

Marketing makes it very easy because of social media. The social media era starts in 2001 by introducing Friendster. After this innovation, Linkedin was created. It created a crucial media in marketing and makes a huge business. Present the one share of Linkedin is $196. FACEBOOK was created in the year 2004.

By facebook $17.44 billion revenue earning in every year and also have a chance to increase 70-80 percent in every year. The year 2005 is a golden year for audiences and marketers because of the creation of Youtube & Reddit. It makes it easy to market by youtube and getting a huge revenue and development in digital marketing. After this many apps are created like: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Watsapp.
Because of social media and Google tools, digital marketing became Well-liked for many users. This is the time WordPress also launched bu this content marketing became huge

The second decade is a decade of digital marketing because of Social media and many innovations from Google.
Between 2000 to 2010 is a decade which makes Simple life. Life was Simple to choose Smartphones in a few choices and not many and also open a few websites. In this decade the people have a multiple choice question but whereas In the 2010- 2020 decade.  There are several options in this Decade by introducing many companies in every industry. And also The mindset of people is becoming smart with the market. 

The third decade makes a huge profit as commercially and also options to choose how can we market rather than the two decades.

* Now, what are the changes that occurred in this decade we will observe?

The Digital marketer can easily be market any product because of having many types of digital marketing as we talk above in our blog many things are there. In this Decade we can observe easily that Dominance Of Google and Social media in every aspect whereas yahoo or any platforms was decreasing their dominance slowly with this many new factors are introduced and have many chances to become marketers with their own talents Like If a person has talent on content writing then he has a chance in creating blogs and markets his product and If a person has a  video creation then they have an option in Youtube or Tiktok ( Are Indian people are thinking … Tiktok is banned. why you are saying that word?) But there is a new update on Instagram i.e, Reels.)Like this.

There are many platforms to reach the audience. this is the main reason to promote the product to the audience easily. In Social media the marketing became easy because of a few factors:

Cost-effective it is the main reason for marketing because in every aspect the audience will observe the cost while they are browsing then they will check about every and also in every app it is free to sign in and It makes easy for them to browse and choose on their opinion and also for marketers when they will go on marketing strategy it makes easy with a low investment they can market their products and makes a huge profit just by connecting the audience in social media So it is returns of investment for the audience and also for marketers.

For Marketers the main key is Database means the number of audiences who they have. Social media is a great platform to interact with the audience. Market place awareness is nothing but the marketers having a main idea of customers that what they want and what is the trusted brand the social media will be the best thing to help with a marketer to know about the comments and suggestion of customers. With this customer base, it is also one of the profit things is gets huge traffic they can be many commercial ways through huge traffic.

So it can be concluded that every day digital marketing is updating and Giving many opportunities for marketers and companies. If you wanna be a digital marketer in this decade so try to choose social media as a key part to connect with the audience and make a commercial success.

From the above content in 3 Decades, there are few points. for a glance at how Digital marketing is in the past, present, and also we can predicate the future how digital marketing would be. The key points are:  

  • Search Engine Revolution is a huge revolution in the process of update like the first yahoo ruled the digital marketing but with the Search engine factors like SEM, SEO the Google abolish yahoo, and also many small companies and make a great path for marketers.
  • Given the attention on user’s experience how the users want and how the site will be.    

example: When Apple launched UX terminology in 2007 with iPhone then the UX terminology became a part of the Digital world.

  • Observed in mobile searches as compared before 2010 after 2010 the mobile users are becoming more and observing everything from mobile. So every site observed in optimizing their site to mobile-friendly.
  • Content is king” is became fundamental for every marketer and became easy to market their product through content.
  • Page speed? After creating the site every person is observing in page speed how much time is taking to load the site.
  •   In this situation, Social media makes a huge change for marketers from zero to hero.
  • For marketers when they have many platforms then they have a chance to promote their product for this there are many new techniques was introduced like Email marketing, Google Adwords, social media, PPC, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate marketing & Many more Traditional marketing ways.
  • Also, online payment is a great discovery for Marketers to market and quickly get profits. This Idea first discovered by Paypal so this total credits for the Paypal.

In the future, Marketing will be a crucial point for companies to promote them. So in the future will be more in digital marketing. By observing the above points we got in every decade the new discoveries make human works easily. As AI will develop makes it easy for marketers to market their products with perfect strategies and good budget and also AI makes users friendly So it will play a key role to develop in the future of digital marketing.


1. Neil Patel :

He started his journey at the age of 16“.  
In the present generation, Neil Patel is a good name in digital marketing. Neil Patel is giving good content through his Blog “Neil blog” and also sharing his thoughts through youtube channel. Giving an idea in every aspect like Blog, digital marketing, youtube. social media, etc. And Many More…With his good content and strategies, Maybe he can earn $100000 per month. And with digital marketing, he was also the founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar. So his websites and Youtube channel make it easy for every new blogger or digital marketer or in any profession in technology.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk 

His firstly known as wine businessman
When he was entered into business he started in the wine business and became more success then he expanded that with family after that success he changed his passion that in Digital marketing and social media. In this also he gets huge successes he expanded his business by the chairman of New york-based communication and Also He is a Ceo of Vaynerx subsidiary, Vaynerx media. He is sharing his thoughts with the audience by www. Gary vaynerchuk.com blog and Garyvee youtube channel then Go and check out both and get great tips from a great person. With his content on youtube, he maybe earns $50,000 from promoting products in a month.

3. Larry Kim.
He is the founder of Worlds top PPC software company“.
Larry Kim was Famous on PPC and after he also entered into Digital marketing. Became a huge marketer and also he innovated many companies on social media Like He is the founder of the Marketing of mobile monkey company and also he is the VP in that. It is the World’s best chatbox platform. And also he is great customer support on Facebook, webchat, and Sms. He is a founder of Wordstream that is that Worlds best PPC software company and also Founder of Wordstream Inc. He is also ranked great author in a top 10 position in the Medium. He is sharing his thoughts on Larry Kim’s blog and also on youtube Larry Kim channel. From these platforms, he manages billions of dollars.

4. Rand Fishkin.
“He is a founder of Moz.com.”

He is dropped out of Washington University in 2000 to work in his mother’s small business web design. In 2004 he created a SeoMoz blog. After a few years, it became a great resource for every content marketer and gets a huge response he gets an idea od Moz .com in 2007 he became a Ceo of that company. over 7 years this company gets huge success in the manner of employees’ growth and financial manner like from 7 employees to 134 and revenue from $800k to $29.3mm. Also in the traffic from 1 million to 30 million.

He is the founder of Moz.com and also he created many things like SparkToro. and also co contributed in two books they are Art of SEO and inbound marketing and SEO. He is sharing his thoughts with Moz blog and spark Toro blog and in Moz channel on youtube. So with this content and youtube channel and Moz, he may handle millions of dollars and his net worth is $12 million present.

5. Jeff Bullas
“#1 in global Digital marketing influencer in 2016 “

He is a digital marketer, blogger, keynote speaker, and best selling author. He is an all-rounder to explain the content like in Entrepreneurship, Social media, Digital marketing, Content, and marketing automation. He is listed in Forbes as one of the Top 20 influencers of CMO’s in 2017. He has also listed in Huffingpost Top 100 Business Leadership and Technology Twitter Accounts You Must Follow. He is also an advisor for many things like Blockchain banking and in this Exchange, Investment fund, Credit granting for Cryptocurrency, and Normal Money. He is a Ceo of Jeffbullas.com from 2013. He is sharing his thoughts at www. jeffbullas.com and on youtube.

6. Ann Handley
       “World’s First Chief Content Officer”.

She is a Digital marketing pioneer and also a Chief content officer at Marketing Profs. the leading marketing training company with 6 lakhs Subscribers. She also writes many books in creating Good content and Co-author of Content Rules: In creating blogs, podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars, etc. She is the Wall Street Journal best-selling author. and her Books have been translated in almost 19 languages. She is also Co-founder of Clickz .comHer Estimating Networth is $1million – $5million. She is sharing her thoughts on annhandley.com blog and also Having many videos on Youtube. She is also written books Like:

  • Everybody Writes.
  • New Rules for Business.
  • Content Rules.
  • Content Marketing.

7. Sorav Jain 
 “He is one of the Top Indian digital marketers”.

He is a passionate Digital marketer in India. his cool thing is he wants to make new innovations in digital marketing and he is doing new things and getting huge profits. He started his carer at a Young age in 17 as a Seo executive and Content writer. He hosted programs on personal branding & Leadership, digital marketing 360, Facebook marketing, Content marketing, Social media marketing, etc.he is served with 75+ brands. He has started a Digital marketing agency in 2011 called echoVME.In Sorav Jain Website, he is sharing his thoughts and also giving courses in many things like Digital marketing program, Instagram influencer mastery bundle, Facebook Marketing, Youtube ads, Email Marketing Secrets, and Many more Live sessions. Also in Youtube giving tips through Sorav Jain channel. 
From Top persons in Digital marketing is gave tips that are:

  • Know What you are talking
  • Develop a powerful digital marketing strategy
  • Focus on customers choice
  • Focus on Results
  • Regularly Assess Business Performance.

When did we want to get total information about Digital marketing we have to know about that from where we get total information about digital marketing, what are the skills we want? What are books to study? who are the famous persons in this? what are the top courses to study in digital marketing? From this what we get?



  • Marketing Land 

It is the best option to get information about digital marketing before entering into this career.It is a Top Marketing news website and also it is a perfect website to choose to become Journalism. It stays updated constantly in marketing news.

  • Hubspot.

Hubspot is a great platform for marketers and giving new updates and cool content.This website is useful for marketers, designers, developers across the world. It gives cool ideas on this site when a new person wants to create content. and also this design and content and updates make users friendly.

  • Clickz.

It is founded in 1997. It has grown as one of the largest communities in Digital marketing at present. It provides the latest news.It will give information and also it having Facebook growth and also in youtube growth.

  • Smart Insights.

It is one of the websites which wants to create leaders from their audience because they have taken a few programs for digital marketers.They will provide marketing skills to become a leader. They are observed in every type of digital marketing and through four plans they will explain:Free membershipIndividual membershipBusiness membershipContent membership.
With this and generating new ideas and strategies, they will plan many things to become a good digital marketer.

  • AdAge

It is created in 1930. It is a must-read for every influential audience and who wants to become a great marketer and also success in journalism. Gets daily updated news.

  • eMarketer.

It covers the topic of digital marketing, media, and commerce, a competitive and complex digital environment. In this, we get updated content and give many suggestions in digital marketing like, In the coverage, we get knowledge about advertising, AdWords, marketing, media, mobile, social media, etc.and the next thing is they will suggest the products and Advertise with Emarketer and they will give cool content on news and culture and career.


  • Gary Vaynerchuk 

It is the top youtube channel in digital marketing having 2.77 million subscribers.

  • Jay Baer.

It is the second digital marketing youtube channel having 11.9 k subscribers.

  • Digital marketing institute

It is the third digital marketing youtube channel having 10.6k subscribers.

  • Moz 

It is the fourth digital marketing youtube channel having 69.5k subscribers.

  • Neil Patel.

It is the fifth digital marketing youtube channel having 705k subscribers.

  • Hubspot.

It is the sixth digital marketing youtube channel having 109k subscribers.

  • Wscube Tech

It is the seventh digital marketing youtube channel having 172k subscribers.

  • Sem rush

It is the eighth digital marketing youtube channel having 59.9k subscribers.


  • Digital Marketing For Dummies – Ryan Deiss
  • Epic Content Marketing – Joe Pulizzi
  • Everybody writes – Ann Handley.
  • Permission Marketing – Seth Godin
  • Youtility – Jay Baer.
  • The New Rules of  Marketing and Pr – David Meerman Scott
  • They Ask You Answer – Marcus Sheridan
  • Jab Jab Jab Right Hook  -Gary Vayne 


  • Seo is the first skill that is Good and gets huge profits.
  • PPC Specialist
  • Social Media Expert
  • Email Marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Analytics.
  • Content Management.
  • Marketing Automation.

They are the main skills to get huge success in Digital marketing with our interested platforms like in video creating content creation or with any platforms we get huge success by our commercial growth and also mentally we can be stable. 


  • Digital Marketing Specialists program.

In this, we get detailed info about PPC, Social. SEO, Advanced Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, Content Marketing, Email marketing, and So on…

the best platform is Google digital marketing course ( free certificate and course)

  • Inbound Digital Marketing Course.

In this, we get detailed info about Blogging, Social media promotion, Landing pages, Customer marketing approach. 

The best platform is Google digital marketing course ( free certificate and course)

  • Social media Strategy

In this, we get detailed info about Marketing, Business, Social media, content strategy, Buffer.

The best platform is skillshare.

  • Digital Marketing Profession.

In this, we get detailed info about Business and E-commerce tools.

Social media analytics, Strategies to achieve customer base.

The best platform is Wharton.



When you want to become a professional Digital Marketer you will be observed on few factors Must and should to become Success Like:

Social Media influencers.

How the brands are updating and also how the customers were responding.

Mainly you have to read our Step to step on Digital Marketing Guide.

You Have to observe the few factors To become a successful Digital Marketer They are:

1. Attend Networking Events.

In our surroundings there are many Events are conducting for marketers and also in every profession then when we want to become successful we have to take training from successful people in that.

In every meeting, the people will plan in one office or taking trips and making with you to do in the field to make it easy to get.

and also we can get many skills with this that speaking skills and also make the experience with the new people and seniors in the same industry. 

And also gets how to handle customers? so it makes to you a good Digital marketer.

2. Learn from Digital Marketing Brands and From Entrepreneurs.

If you want to become Digital Marketer you have to invest time on How to become a professional Digital Marketer with successful marketers because they have Experience, knowledge, and where they have to invest the time they will give many tips and strategies to b become successful Digital marketer. 

This Strategy that is “Through leaders” makes you get an easy success in your industry.

Also With the top digital marketers how they started and became rags to hero is observe then we have a chance to become like them like:

Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas and we already discussed many more in the above …

So By connecting with them through social media, youtube and their blogs make you successful.

3. Connect With Like-Minded people:

When We want to succeed in any Industry we have circumstances with a like-minded means what we want to do in our surroundings also the people are same minded because when we want to do something new the people who are in our community will help to find a solution on that.

When we create a Like-minded community that makes the work easy and also creates the new strategies and plans great issues and also when we could not talk with them what is wrong and what is right the community That community does not belong to you.

By the active Community in one thing makes a big project in an easy manner either Online or offline.

4. Find a Digital Marketing Internship. 

In everything first, you have to learn then automatically that will change into Earning.

First when we are doing many great persons will say one thing Without making a mistake we cant do perfectly in anything.

So by joining with a community like an Internship we get that knowledge in marketing. What are the mistakes that will be done?  

This internship helps to grow your business and also makes a good environment to do what we have to do in the next step to become a success.

When you are creating content, when you want to influence the people with social media and also with youtube you want to share the knowledge you must have some knowledge in that everything that makes the people attract to your work?

This internship makes it easy to and gives the few blocks to reach your goal and became a huge success commercially and socially.

5. Become a member of a professional body.

By becoming a member of this helps to become a service-based profession like:

architect, doctors, etc.

Digital marketing is a fast-growing business and also in the future, they have many chances to grow in this industry. Also by this industry, the youth will chase their dreams with this marketing rather than Jobs so it will be the future industry for every youth. 

In this becoming a member of this makes a huge profit because by this we get effective information from many courses like we already discussed above like:

SEO specialist

Email marketing

Social media marketing

Blogging and many more…

6. Practice Continous Learning

The digital marketing skills are updating day by day with the innovations so by this update, we have to update ourselves in our content, Social media, or anything.

As we are in the child doing homework is not a manner in this generation we are not doing this work as homework. you have to do as a professional and practice every day with the update of skills by this makes successes in this industry.



When we choose a platform to get successful we have to observe what things make to choose this platform. They are few factors of benefits in this Like:

  • High Demand for Digital marketing.

Present Internet users are increasing day by day as one survey said that our country is in the second position to use the internet after the china so in this generation every small business or big business wants to promote their business. 

So for this, marketing will be huge in the future also so making digital marketing gets huge success in the future.

  • Good income.

In this industry, doing as a job makes a good salary, and also by doing your own digital marketing business you will get decent income at the starting time and after the experience, you will get a dream income and will be settled in that industry as a rich person.

  • Flexible Work Life.

With a Digital Marketing course, the main benefit is we can do this as a job for your company and also you can do this as a freelancer or you can do commercially with one company so it is easy to earn  Doing as a full time or part-time.  

  • Wide Range of Career Options.

In this Career, they have many options to become successful in the future. Like :

  • Content Managers.
  • Virtual Reality Developers.
  • SEO or SEM specialist.
  • UX Designer.
  • Email Marketing Specialist.
  • Digital Marketing Manager or Specialist.
  • AI specialist.
  • Embark your Own Career.

When You want To be successful in this generation Every one says that You have to study you have come with a Diploma or any pg certificates then you will be a success.

In this industry you will be a success by creating Blogs or any website just observe on the audience You will be successful and also by the process of doing this you will get all Skills and also Money.



1.  In this Generation, Every successful marketer will say Observe in Social Media, Video content, Content Writing, Seo, Email, etc.

2. Understand Your Customer.

 When you observe the customer then Automatically You get information Of Audience Choice and What is the Best language, and what products they want, Focus On End Results. About the company or brand, etc.

3. Focus On End Results.

When we are creating content, sharing thoughts on youtube or Social media, or on any platforms, We want to promote a product and we want customers to buy that So by understanding the customer point and updating information and Many More…  

At last, we have to get good results By the good results to make more professional and also give huge Confidence to do.

4. Use updated content or content should be updated within a duration.

5. Go live and Use Audio

By this Tip makes more audience and has a chance to get a good relationship with you and they can suggest a few things about your content or product in an easy manner.

6. Focus on Mobile Marketing.

7. Try to Ask suggestions or questions from the blog to the audience


  • Forgetting About Mobile Users.
  • Never Offering Discounts or Coupons.
  • Avoiding Social Media
  • Forgot To use Videos.
  • Website page speed.
  • Not changing the audience to customers.
  • Not using Seo.
  • Poor Page Techniques.
  • Not setting goals.
  • Not promoting a website.
  • All want to be done by a single.



1. Can Social Media marketing really help to succeed in my business?

Answer: Of course, Yes because by social media the marketing will be increase and also we get a good relationship with the Audience then automatically Our business will grow.

To get total information about Social media to read above…

2. Is Social Media Marketing is best for B2B or B2C business?

Answer: It is important for both businesses but in different forms.

B2B wants the social to share a variable content.

B2C wants social media fun posts, light-hearted posts.

3. How much can I earn from Digital marketing?

Answer: Exactly, the answer is we can’t say because in the job we can say a fresher can earn 15k-30k and a senior can earn up to 50k per month. So in the digital marketing business, you don’t have to stop at a certain amount many persons are there who are earning lakhs to crores per month. It depends on the person’s work and content.

4. How should I grow my subscriber’s list?

Answer: In Email subscribe, Youtube subscribe Growth we have to give some special content for subscribers, and also give special offers for subscribers. By this, they may chance to increase the subscribers. 

5. How does a website increase sales?

Answer: The primary way a website increase sales is by offering users a convenient way to shop for Products and Services.


Ending remarks

So, guys, my job is done let me know your views about the blog in the comments section below.

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I will catch you next time, till then, good luck. 


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