7 Reasons Why is California So Expensive

1. California, in general, has a strong economy because it is a center for entertainment, tech, and finance like silicon valley.

2. high demand for housing in the state as more people are moving in the state than others, and there is limited land as compared to the number of people who live in the state.

3. home to silicon valley which is the headquarters of companies like apple, google, oracle, cisco, intel, Facebook, etc

4. it is a popular tourist destination because there are many beaches mountains desserts and it has a diverse population

5. The state also has a low crime rate as compared to other states

6. Even the weather of the state is quite warm and the average daily temperature of the state is around 70° f Which makes it more pleasant for people to work and live

7. Even the salaries of people living in California are around $78000 per year so high earnings mean a high cost of living in the state and also a high tax rate