Top Digital Marketing Mistakes That People Make. Explained In Detail.

“Everyone Makes Mistakes. That’s Why There Is An Eraser On Every Pencil”


Digital marketing mistakes

As Digital Marketer, We hope that each of you takes your project seriously to get Satisfactory results. A strong marketing campaign helps to connect with the audience to introduce your product, service, or about your company.

However, when we are trying to get a good result, we are going about it in the wrong way. Because of the Mistakes, Are you going to give up your business?

It is not a good choice to give up every challenge in your life. To achieve your goal just observe your errors and avoid them.

On this page, We will look at the Digital marketing mistakes that people make every single day.
Before knowing about the mistakes of digital marketing once we will look at What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing.

 What is Digital Marketing? How can we do this?

Digital marketing is nothing but Promoting a product, brand, or Service in a digital platform.

Simply, This helps to promote the product into the audience. This makes sales to the company and gets profit from them.

In this program, digital marketers promote the product with some channels like Blogging, Video marketing, mobile marketing, and Social media marketing.

In the process of promotion, every marketer makes some mistakes.
Marketing mistakes can cost our business quite a lot in lost revenue and other expenses. In some cases, marketing mistakes may affect public relations.

So, let us take a look at the mistakes of digital marketing you never want to make…

Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid.

Digital marketing mistakes- Infographic
Digital marketing mistakes- Info Graphic
Digital marketing mistakes- Infographic
Digital marketing mistakes- Info Graphic

1. Not having a blog for your website: 

# 77%  of internet users read blogs.

Digital marketing mistake.

Blogs are important to your business. Why?

This helps to get traffic and we can target our customers and also helps to get a good relation.
This helps to interact with our prospective customers and we can introduce the product.

Blogging is the only platform in which we can take suggestions from your audience in a comment section.

People are taking more to participate in the comment box to give suggestions. This makes good development for our content.

What I want to say is Create a blog to your business and interact with the audience by your quality content. To know more about Blogging click here: Blogging guide.

2. Forgetting about mobile users.

# Mobile users in 2020 are 3.5 billion worldwide.

Also, have predication in the year 2021 Mobile users will be 3.8 billion.

Mobile friendly

Present every one has a phone, Phone became a part of daily life. So just creating the website not makes a huge impact on business.

The mobile users are more than the desktop. So when we are creating the website we have to create mobile-friendly, This helps to get organic traffic to your website. We have to optimize our website to mobile-friendly.

If you have a chance just create the mobile application.

What I want to say is the optimization of a website is a must and should.

3. Never offering a discount or promotions.

# 72% of consumers want to see discounts or sales on brands.

Digital marketing mistake.

You have to offer something to your audience to attach to your product. 9 out of 10 people will open the website when they attract to your website.

By giving promotions create an immediate demand and long term branding and offers make good profits. It also helps to increase sales and good promotions from one person to another.

Coupons help to make organic traffic to your site and increase sales as well.

I want to say that Advertise your sales clearly and attractively. In developed countries like 50% of American people are saying when there are any discounts they will try to purchase.

4. Avoiding the use of videos.

# Video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search traffic than text.

Digital Marketing Mistake

When people start to create a website they will observe only in Social media apps like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But why Don’t Youtube?

Youtube is a great platform to Give your content. Because Watching videos is have a high chance to create an audience rather than reading blogs.

creating videos on youtube and on Instagram you can create a video. In any platform just create video content gives high traffic.

Videos can generate new leads and ultimately lead to conversions. If you have never used videos as a marketing strategy that’s not a big deal. At least, Start now…

5.  Avoiding Social Media 

#  An Average of 3 hours per day is spent on social networking and messaging.

Social media usage - Digital Marketing Mistake

If I ask a question that Why oxygen is important to you? What is your Answer?

Shall I guess your answer? 

It is essential in respiration and at last, the answer is oxygen is must and should. 

Social media also important for business because This is a strategy that is low cost and we get the followers easily and this strategy makes huge traffic for our website

It is a great way to interact with the audience and we can convert them into customers.

It is a strategy that makes interaction with other country people easily because in every country the social media users are there and also easy to interact with them.

If You don’t have many followers don’t choose an option to buy the followers. Take some time and try to give updated and good content the followers increase automatically.

6. Not measuring ROI.

# Individuals who use blogging as a marketing tool are 13 times more likely to get a positive ROI.

Return on investment.

When you are investing in any business it is either offline or online it must give good returns.

Returns on investment are the main key to do any business in life. So Don’t waste your money on digital marketing without knowledge.

First, you have to learn after you will be earned. So don’t throw money blindly, Unsuccessful campaigns make a huge loss in the business by repeating the same mistakes.

So, You need to stick which strategy makes good profits. To know more about ROI.

To know how to calculate ROI in digital marketing click here Measure your digital marketing ROI. 

7. Website speed.

Digital Marketing Mistake

Slow website lead issues on SEO and users relation because we all know that users hate waiting. and also it is a key role to get a good rank to your site on google.

Good pages have a speed 2-3 seconds If the website will be low it affects traffic and Mainly for e-commerce websites, the companies will not like to give promotions on that.

If you spend your time, money, and effort to get traffic to your blog then the audience will be driven back because of low speed the total will be waste.

Every second count to get good rank and traffic. 
How precious is a single second online exactly? ( Source- hosting

  • 1 second delay reduces page views by 11%
  • 1-second delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16%.
  • 1-second delay eats away 7% of the coveted conversion rate.
  • 1-3 seconds in loading time see a very low bounce rate probability – only 32%.
  • On an annual basis, a 1-second delay can lead to $2.5 million in missed revenue if your shop generates $100,000 per day.

Top reasons for the slow loading websites.

  • Unoptimized images
  • Too much flash content.
  • java script issues.
  • Excessive Http Requests.
  • Unclean code.
  • Too many ads.
  • Bad Hosting.

So, try to avoid the above errors and get a good rank to your site.

8. Spamming.

# Approximately 306.4 billion emails will be sent and received daily in 2020.

Spam email.

Are you sending good emails to your subscribers? Don’t spam your customers. If you send spam emails to your subscribers then it will surely affect your traffic.

Because of spam emails a high chance to get a bad opinion on the site. They subscribe to your website because they have trust in you and your content.

Your email should be relevant, educational, helpful.The mails should be filled with good content and must be liked by your audience.

Also, send emails as a wish of your audience. Do they want the email weekly or monthly?

So don’t make them irritated. They will unsubscribe your site and Don’t follow your blog. 

9. Not converting web traffic to customers.

Digital Marketing Mistake

 Are you getting decent traffic to your site congrats…

But the sales will be the same? Why this happening?

How to fix the problems.  Your website is must be easy to navigate by customers.

The navigation is nothing but what are the things wanted by the audience is must get easy and simple to choose. If they don’t happen then it must be led to a decrease in sales.

also, we already discussed a few things like mobile-friendly and optimized images that are must and should
there are few websites easy to navigate Like:

  • Neil Patel website
  • The crazy egg
  • Zappos
  • We3
  • Ensurem
  • Green street coffee.

 10. Not Observing the comments. 

Connect with your audience by your own comment box.

Present everyone is participating to give their opinions on the comment box. Then try to engage with the audience by giving replay to your audience.

Also, say them to give some suggestions in the comment box and try to give replay it makes customers more comfortable connecting with your site.

It also helps to boost your website rank. 

 You will try to comment on other blogs and you can give some suggestions and more content with your blogs by giving links on other comment boxes.

I suggest you invest some time in the comment box to know the audience’s mindset.

11. Lack of research and testing.

Research and Testing.

Many companies make this error because of some reason. But it plays a crucial role in a successful company.

Marketing research helps to know about the past of the product how the people responding to this and they get knowledge about what we have to change.

Also, we can predict the future and promote its products commercially. And we can get profits from this campaign.

Predications are the best strategy in the marketing campaign but you have to know how the people are responded past and responding now then we can predict.

By this, we can get good profits more than your targeted website. 

So, I want to say that Don’t skip research and testing. It is one of the common mistakes done by everyone. 

12. Not Using SEO.

# 92.96 Of global traffic comes from Google search, Google images, and Maps. ( Sparktoro)

Search engine optimization.

If your website is not on the first page then you are out of success.

Because when the people search one keyword your page must be on the search result page.

It helps to get good traffic, clicks than the other page website, SEO is cost-effective but it helps to get organic customers to your site.

So, try to optimize your site with SEO and also observe keywords to get traffic.

I suggest you optimize your site to users friendly.

13. Poor Personalize Customization.


You need to personalize with your customers.

Because if you send Email that Hey everyone makes a bad impression on your customers.

Everyone doesn’t have the same problems Some have SEM problems and some customers want your new product and few basic problems like how to write a blog? How to earn from content marketing? This type of questions. 

Instead of saying Hey everyone you can use your customer’s name and you can say Why the audience has to read your blog because it makes good experience to the audience.

  Rather than using spam or unknown email account use your own Email and send the updates. It makes to customers that you are saying to the audience directly rather than automated content.

Connect emotionally with your customers. you can say to customers how you can solve the problems just by reading the mail they have to get x person blogs rather than anonymous.

14. Trying to do all Alone.

Team work.

You can’t do everything perfectly alone. Hire someone.

If you are not getting good results from marketing because of one reason it is waste.

Rather than taking all in the process of developing the site take a few key things and share the work with our colleagues or friends.

This helps to get success in a short period and If the people of our surrounding have the same mindset and the same goal then we get the success easily and gets huge.

So not sure that one person is perfect in every work so by sharing with another makes easy- You don’t want to hire many persons just give a share to at least one to two.

To get successful in this industry don’t neglect minor mistakes. But by alone it is not an easy task so just hire your friend.

15. Poor budgeting.


If you want to succeed in digital marketing you have to plan a budget on marketing strategy.
If you won’t. it leads to failure.

Another one is you have to invest the budget 100% in marketing.

 Firstly plan your budget and invest in that. It ensures that you will always have enough money for the things you need and the things that are important for you.

Following your plan helps not to take debt from anyone. Help to not get a financial crisis. with this, we can observe ROI. it helps to get success .

16. Not setting goals.

Not setting goal

Everyone should have a perfect goal in life.
Realistic goals.

This helps guide your actions so that you can achieve your goals. Following this makes an impact on your monthly sales and traffic to your site.

You can clarify your ideas and focus on your efforts which allows you to invest your time that most give returns and the highest chance of achieving your dreams

Just make long term and short term goals and implement them as soon as possible.

17. Turning Down Guest post.

# 79% of editors say guest content is too promotional.

Are you thinking that guest posting makes not attractive on your blog

It is correct but it is better than reaching a new audience.

The guest post helps to get traffic from the new audience that may not even know that you and your website exists.

It helps to get backlinks for your blog and gives opportunity to get good promotion in the market. It is a good choice for beginners to get a high-quality backlink to your site.

It also helps to increase Domain authority and also gets the trust of the audience.

I suggest you choose the guest post on your site.

18.  Working with outdated skills.

Digital marketing is updating day by day. By outdated resources, you cant succeed these days.

You have to update your knowledge and try to observe the audience in this generation. By this, we can promote the product to everyone.

This is the common mistake done by every marketer because of this many people will irritate and exit from your site
This leads to waste your efforts and investment on site.

19. Overlooking Email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the best strategy in marketing campaign. This strategy is not dead in 2020.

If you have sent emails in the past and did not get good results

Then update the content and try to send users friendly and attractive content.

Because Email marketing plays a key role. depends on other strategies email marketing is getting huge profits.
also, try to optimize the emails to mobile-friendly. Many audiences are opening emails on mobile. So try to optimize with mobile-friendly. 
20. Target the audience.


Who is your targeted audience? mobile users, or desktop or social media.

It is the wrong answer.
Because when you target the mobile users the body of your blog should be different and Social media is different.

Don’t target the total audience with the same body and content. If you want to target social media the images and content should be small and quality.
Based on your body content and images target your audience and convert them into customers.
By investing in everything also makes it difficult to succeded.

✶ What I wanted to say that To get success in digital marketing just avoid mistakes by avoiding this help to generate genuine customers and increase sales.

They are the common mistakes every marketer makes every single day.


Some Mistakes Are Done by Famous Companies.

Digital marketing mistakes.
  • GAP.

The company gap in 2010 changed the logo to modern its logo. 
But it is changed within 2 days.

Because the people did not understand that and that logo cannot attract the audience. 

It is a daily basic company. Because of people who want to buy the daily basic product have not chosen this trendy style logo. 

logo style is not targeting the daily basic products it is like a trending style by this the customers are decreased.

It is also unsuccessful to target the new generation. So totally failed. Within two days the company gap logo is replaced by the old ones.

The reason is the company does not attach to the customer personally.
So the new design reflects them. Also by personalizing the customers will attract to your products rather than a logo.

  • New York Times.

In 2011, the new york times company planned one strategy to get subscriptions from people who completed their subscriptions. 

They plan to send emails which they want to give offers or coupons if they subscribe at that time.

They thought it will success to regain the old subscriptions.

In the company, one employee sent emails of 8 million rather than 300 on the list.

This effects a company that many people thought these emails are spam and many were blocked the mails.

Some think this is spam email which is hacking our account by Annonymous. Few are given complaints about the company.
After this, the company responded to people and explained about mistakes.
But it is a huge mistake in digital marketing history. So don’t be too speedy.

Once think before implementing the new idea and implement them carefully leads to succeded.

  • Pepsi.

The company Pepsi is a famous beverage company. This company thinks to expand its market to China.

In this process, they promoted the product in china with the same slogans which have. They just translated the slogans to promote in China.

The slogan is “Pepsi brings you back to life.” It is a brand slogan to Pepsi wherever they will promote this drink.

This happens again in china but the slogan meaning is changed in china.
The people in china translated the slogan gets the meaning that ” Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave

Every one is opposing this promotion in china. So the marketing manager of Pepsi explained the slogan and made a change in that.

This is one of the funny marketing mistakes in digital marketing history. 

  • Cartoon Network.

The company cartoon network thinks to promote in the best way and in a different way.

They got one plan to set up the led signs over the cities and promote them into the audience.

So they placed the bulbs over the cities. But it gives a loss of $2million
Because of small mistakes.

The people who observed this they thought it was a bomb and many people called to police and said about these bulbs.
because of this reason many roads, cities, malls are shut down. Many were not went outside of the house.

They thought these things done by terrorists. So after this huge mistake, the company responded and said apologies to people and government.

This happens because of the low knowledge of current events and people’s emotions. Before creating a new strategy in marketing you have to observe the current events.

Also once think about how the people will respond to your idea and also it doesn’t be harmful to people or government. 
This is the blunder mistake done by cartoon network in digital marketing history.

  • Mozilla.

The company Mozilla is a famous search engine company.
Helps to give content to the audience.

But this company made a mistake that they don’t observe on users in the comment box.
The users commented spam in the comment box of few blogs.

Because of not clearing the spam content paid the huge penalty.

The penalty was a big wakeup call for the company and they soon cleaned up their act. Mozilla did not manage the sites and the comment section by this small mistake faced a huge problem.

So you have to observe the spam comments and also don’t use spam content in your site or in emails. 

This are Mistakes done by famous companies. 


Everyone makes mistakes, 

But try to realize by planning. 
First, figure out your mistakes by reading our blog.

We updated the content on how to avoid that mistake.
Don’t ignore the mistakes.

By updating your blog leads to more traffic and also improve customer service, boost your site.

Be sure to test your efforts to see what produces and what needs to be modified. 
I hope you will experience great results in your business.

What are the errors you are making and how you overcome them?

Leave a comment.

Ending Remarks.

There you go.
I have done my part,
I have explained in detail about the common mistakes done by every marketer.

If this blog is helping to find your mistakes then, please share with your marketing friends.

You can read our other blogs Digital Marketing guide in 2020 and Future of Digital Marketing.
Until Next Time, Peace out.

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