Discover 10 things to do before installing WordPress in 2020

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10 things to do before installing WordPress.

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Here is a quick overview of what are the 10 things to do.

  1. Learn the basics of wordpress before installing it.
  2. Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimisation.
  3. Select the right niche and gather at least 25 keyword ideas for your blog. 
  4. Get the right hosting and domain name for your website.
  5. Get your logo designed.
  6. Research the themes and plugins you want to download before itself
  7. Learn the vulnerabilities of the wordpress and also learn the best practices of using WordPress.
  8. Plan your budget.
  9. Get the basic planning done for your online business.
  10. Learn some basics of coding.

Let’s learn all the things in detail.

  1. Learn the basics of wordpress before installing it.

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When I am talking about the basics of wordpress I am referring to things like understanding the difference between,

  • Posts.
  • Pages.
  • Categories.
  • Tags.
  • Plugins etc.

Watch YouTube Videos and read blogs on how you can manage all these things Before installing the wordpress CMS on your host.

The reason you need to learn all the things before themselves is because to make things easier and simpler.

To avoid the feeling of overwhelming.

It’s better to learn the differences and know these things earlier before installing wordpress Because to manage the website on wordpress you need to invest time in learning, Why not do it before itself to make things easier.

Another important thing you should keep in mind while installing wordpress is whether or not to make sure that you are installing The latest wordpress version On your hosting account.

You can check this by visiting the official Website to see what is The latest wordpress version And match it with the WordPress version that you have installed or,

You can communicate with your web hosting Support team to Update your wordpress version to the latest one.

  1. Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimisation. 

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It’s the most important thing that you need to learn Before installing wordpress and starting your blog or website.

You need to have some idea and clarity regarding Some important terms like These

  • What is SEO?
  • what is page Optimisation? 
  • what is off-page Optimisation?
  • what is Technical SEO?
  • What are backlinks?
  • What is keyword research?
  • What are the broken links?

You need to have an idea of all these technical terms of SEO before it is overwhelming For you When you start your blog where you will have to learn all these things at once.

Read my guide on is SEO worth it.

  1. Select the right niche & gather at least 25 keyword ideas for your blog.


This is another most important thing you need to learn Before installing wordpress or before even buying the web hosting for your website.

You need to research Brainstorm and Identify the right niche for your blog because the niche is the foundation of the blog.

You can read my guide on how to select the best in each for your blog in 2020 And beyond.

Now that you have selected a niche for your website, It is better to learn the keyword research process and Gather at least 25 keyword ideas related to your niche for your blog So that,

You won’t run out of ideas and waste your time after start blogging Thinking about what to write And eventually give up.

Read my guide on how to use google for keyword research.

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  1. Get the right hosting and domain name for your website.

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Another most important thing to do Before installing wordpress is.

Make sure that you get the right hosting and domain name for your website.

Domain name and hosting are the backbones of your wordpress website or any website in general.

There are a lot of things that depend On the hosting of a website Like,

  • Speed of your wordpress website.
  • Uptime of your wordpress website.
  • Security of your wordpress website And much more.

Read the benefits of web hosting For your website.

Also coming back to the domain name,

 Select the domain name that is highly memorable And easy to pronounce.

When it comes to selecting the Top-level domain name also known as the domain extension, always consider going one because It is the oldest and Highly trusted Top-level domain extension.

As being a beginner in creating websites on wordpress and online business, 

I highly recommend you to go with Bluehost hosting For your wordpress website.

There are a lot of things amazing about this hosting company such as,

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You can read my ultimate guide on how to start a blog on a wordpress website in 11 easy steps.

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  1. Get your logo designed.

things to do before installing wordpress

Look another important thing you should do before installing wordpress itself is to get your logo designed.

Some people think that logo is not a big deal And It does not affect your blogging or anything like that But.

I agree that Logo does not affect you much in the short-term But as you grow with your business and in your blogging career,

You will have to do a lot of branding and marketing of your blog to be able to separate from the rest and to have some sort of recognition Among a bunch of other Blogs you need a separate identity of your website.

A Logo Plays an important role in stuff like,

  • Branding And Marketing of your website.
  • A logo creates a first impression to the user about your blog or business.
  • A logo grabs user attention on the website.
  • Recognition of your website By users In the crowd.
  • It makes your website look more professional.
  • If done correctly It can Showcase your brand vision To the audience.
  • It also creates brand loyalty among the audience.

Read the benefits of graphic design on your website and business.

Enough bragging about the importance of a logo.

You have two choices On creating a logo You can either hire a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork For a couple of dollars Or you can create your logo. 

If you want to create your logo,

I highly recommend you to check out the Canva.

Canva is a free graphic design tool where you can create all things like,

  1. Logo.
  2. Infographics.
  3. Blog banners.
  4. Youtube thumbnails.
  5. Pinterest pins.

All of these features in drag and drop customization with easy to understand interface.

All sorts of graphics and much more are available with pre-made templates to use,

You can visit the Canva and try their 30 days free trial.

You can get to Canva with this special link,

  1. Research the themes and plugins you want to download Before itself.

things to do before installing wordpress

According to WordPress Currently, There are over 49,000 plugins and hundreds of free themes available to be downloaded on WordPress.

You can search for plugins here and themes here.

If you install WordPress Before knowing what plugins And themes you want to install and activate on your wordpress website,

You will be confused and overwhelmed with the number of choices you have in it to take After installing WordPress.

Always make sure that you List down Top wordpress plugins you want to install and activate On your wordpress site Based on your interests and Functionalities you would like to have on your wordpress website.

Also, consider which wordpress theme you would like to have on your website because there are so many themes already there That you will be confused and overwhelmed On which theme you should be choosing For your website.

I want to highly recommend you to read my guide on,

With that said Let’s see another thing.

  1. Learn the vulnerabilities of wordpress & learn the best practices of using wordpress.

things to do before installing wordpress

Look wordpress is the best content management system In the world as it is powering over 39% of all the websites on the internet.

There is no doubt about it But There are your Cons of using wordpress as well. 

I am talking about things like,

  • Constant update and the latest version of wordpress Software.
  • A lot of security Issues And a large percentage of Website hacks are on WordPress.

Let’s talk about security issues With WordPress cms.

Look WordPress is an open-source content management system Which means anyone and everyone can see the code of wordpress and Modify things a bit As per their interests.

Always be aware of practicing the best Strategies To make sure That you Always have great security of your website on WordPress Because most of the websites that get hack Are Managed on WordPress.

Starting from things like,

  • Having a strong password.
  • Not sharing the password with any other person.
  • Restricting or monitoring the access of your wordpress logins to other users like other roles.
  • Always making sure that you have a backup of your website ready.
  • Make sure that you have Two-step login authentication As soon as you install wordpress.
  • Limiting the installation of several themes and plugins on your website Reduces the vulnerability of attacks.

Just be mindful of Every action you make that you will follow the best practices to avoid any Malware and hack of your website.

  1. Plan your budget.

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This is another important financial decision you should take before installing wordpress and Start blogging For your online business idea.

Of course, there are lots of benefits with wordpress but If you want additional functionalities and customization of your website on wordpress you would have to upgrade to premium plans of the Plugins and themes.

To be honest it is not recommended to invest money in premium themes and plugins unless you have been making some money from blogging or your online business.

But if you don’t plan your budget properly You might end up investing more money into plugins and themes than you had expected.

If your blogging, you would most probably Invest money in premium SEO tools And courses That are not worth it as a beginner.

Every bit of information You want to succeed online is available on the internet For free,

You can get that valuable information by investing a little bit of your time and energy researching things and learning them on the internet.

You don’t necessarily have to invest money in SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush as a beginner and to be successful in blogging or your online business, You have free alternatives of these Premium SEO tools.

Many people use or invest money in these SEO tools for keyword research, 

I am not against these tools but what I am intending to say is that if you are on a tight budget it is not recommended to invest money in buying these SEO tools either because,

There are lots of free alternative like you can try the following tools listed below 

Only invest money in SEO tools when you are fully capable of investing in it rather than Putting yourself on a tight budget.

Let’s face the truth If you want to achieve success in blogging for your online business,

You only need a few things like hosting, domain, nice looking theme or few essential tools and a determination to succeed And with being consistent.

You don’t need much investment To achieve success And Should not depend on an SEO tool or any SEO secret or course to get rich online.

All the information you want to succeed is available for free on the internet, you search for it and you will get it.

  1. Get the basic planning done for your online business.

things to do before installing wordpress

You now have bought hosting, domain, and before installing wordpress or launching a website.

You must figure out a few essential things Like these,

  • What is your content creation strategy?
  • What are your resources?
  • What is the timing schedule to work on your website?
  • If you have a team, who are going to grab and manage the positions like admins, editors, and Other roles. 
  • What is your content marketing strategy and who is going to look after the marketing part of your website?
  • Who is going to look after the technical aspects of the website?
  • Do you have enough content ideas in your niche before launching the blog or installing WordPress? 

With that said Let’s see the last thing you should do Before installing WordPress.

  1. Learn some basics of coding.

things to do before installing wordpress

Look wordpress is an open-source CMS which means no company owns the software.

It is a public Property.

When you are using WordPress If you are a beginner You might fall into a lot of troubles and problems.

Although you don’t necessarily need to manually code things to solve problems or for customization as a lot of plugins and themes and other options & alternative are there to help you figure out things on WordPress But,

During problems on your website like if you mess with some code in theme or any problems with plugins like conflict and breakdown of the website which are normal by the way,

Sometimes You can use your hosting customer support to solve the issues with your wordpress website but,

Most of the time you have to deal with the problems all by yourself Because you are completely responsible for everything that happens on your website.

Humans make mistakes That’s a very normal thing. Even if you can follow every best practice under the sun, You might and will make mistakes.

Things like,

  • While backing up your website.
  • Adding or inserting a few codes on your website header and footer tags.
  • Customizing your website on your own.
  • Changing the Design or layout of your website.
  • Troubleshooting the problems While Changing different themes on your website.

Of course, there are a lot of resources online To help you figure out the problem and solve it Because wordpress cms have a large community base And you can use the WordPress Forum on its official website,

To find solutions or hire a freelancer for that work or your hosting support help.


When you are dealing with the technical aspects And Creation of websites on wordpress, it is always a good practice and a recommended one to know a few basic things of coding.

You can find free resources online where you can learn the basics of coding for free in a couple of hours which is not a big deal.

If you don’t know anything about coding, you might freak out if you screw your website’s code accidentally.

At least with knowing a few basics of coding, you will be fine.

With that said let’s conclude the blog.

Ending remarks.

There you go, I have answered everything related to things to do before installing wordpress on your hosting account.

Do comment on what do you think about What are the things you should do before installing WordPress.

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