20 unique & best online business ideas to start in no investment.

There is no shortage of remarkable ideas but what’s missing is the will to execute them.

Everyone wants to get rid of the rat race and 9-5 jobs or increase numbers on the paycheck.

Starting a business [mainly online business] is a great decision, with the technology which has improved so fast that deciding to start on online business ideas is simply good to go.

Have crystal clear intentions & clear WHY before starting on successful online businesses.

There are 20 online business ideas for beginners which you will know in this blog which is divided into 5 parts.

  1. what is it?
  2. who should try that?
  3. future of it?
  4. earning in it?
  5. how to get started?

But before knowing the online business ideas 2020.

Let’s look at why starting these unique online business ideas is great before ideas.

Keep reading for a clear point of view, my friend.

Why you need to start successful online businesses, why not offline.

Before knowing the online business ideas

Let’s understand and figure out why exactly you need to start a successful online businesses if you have the intention of starting one.

Let’s look at 5 valid reasons to back the point of starting an online business idea than offline today.

  • The first and foremost thing is expenses are less.

What exactly do you want to start an online business?

if you want to start Affiliate marketing, dropshipping, blogging, you will know about these later in this guide.

You just domain name which is going to be the address of your site and Webhosting which is a storage room of your site on the internet.

To create a website and get started.

Among the popular hosting providers, Bluehost is considered one of the best and cheap hosting providers if you are just starting.

They are providing the hosting for 199 rs per month, simple good to go.

It does not cost you more than some 10000 rs to get it running for a couple of years.

Here, no need to mention offline business.

Be it starting a restaurant or cafe or any small business would cost triple the price of what you are investing in an online business idea.

You need storage, inventory, and labor which are pretty expensive today for starting an offline business.

Let’s move to the second reason.

  • You have the freedom as of where you want to do your work.

No restrictions here, you can do your work wherever you are comfortable.

You just need a PC or laptop or most of the times just a smartphone.

You can do the work at a cafe or anywhere, ultimately my point here is to let you know that there is no restriction of location

No need to talk about the offline business, you have to do work at that specific place if not it will not run.

  • Availability of enough time.

It may not apply to all the online business ideas in India or anywhere in the world but it depends.

Take for example of blogging which is considered the best online business ideas

You can set yourself a schedule or period manually and work at that time and chill out the rest of the time.

This thing is not like the time you put is equal to the income you generate.

You need to make sure that you are productive enough and make something of a good quality product in the time you put.

  • it is 24*7*365 open.

Unlike the offline business ideas that you need to manually operate most aspects of your business.

In successful online business ideas like Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Dropshipping though you are not on your PC your product or content is still running and serving others as it is on the online platform connecting people from different places.

For example, you have a website or a blog and the audience is the majority from the UK and the USA and you are from India,

Though you may not be working on your blog it is not disturbing the people in America and London and you can still generate income out of it.

It is called passive income which is generating income even in the absence of you.

What if you have a restaurant in India, you can run in a limited amount of time and acquire the most out of it.

All are okay but isn’t we are missing the most important part of any business, REVENUE.

  • You can grow both in life and finances.

Investing the time and doing the things and practices correctly in the right path, in no time you would be generating a passive income source soon.

Take for example Affiliate marketing, {and you will know about it down the guide}

In this, if you are doing the right practices with the right strategies you will earn beyond you have imagined of.

You can generate money while you are sleeping, that is amazing right.

But in most offline businesses you won’t be able to do that.

This is why you need to start a successful online businesses.

In most offline business ideas you have to be present most of the time during the transactions and other important processes.

But in this case, it is not.

With all these, I am not saying that all these will happen instantly but it will take some enough time and effort in the right place but it is considering the offline business options, online medium is far better.

Respect and income take some time and effort, there is nothing as a one-night success.

A quick remembering of the points.

  • Expenses are less.
  • Freedom of work.
  • Availability of free time.
  • 24*7*365 running.
  • Grow both in life and capital.

Now, as you got to know the most important reasons why you need to move for successful online businesses.

Let’s see the reasons why you should not start an online business.

Why not start an online business.

To have a balanced point of view, we wanted to let you know some points to remember before starting successful online businesses if not all your time and effort on this platform will go into vain.

  • The numbers are not supreme.

If you always running behind the illusion of numbers and get frustrated by that then you should stop doing that

On the online platform to get the most out, you need to build an audience and a community of like-minded people who will be the primary base for your site.

If you fail to have an engaging audience, you would fail in online business in the long term as people like to invest in the places and to the people whom they trust, or relate or like not to a guy from mars.

Look at it this way around.

What if I give you an offer of buying an iPhone 10 for 40000 from a stranger to the same product for 50000 from one of your close friend or relative.

Whom would you buy the phone from?

I would buy it from my friend instead.

That is why engaging the audience and a good community of like-minded people is crucial for success.

  • You want things to happen quickly.

If anyone of you reading the thing want everything quick in the speed of bullet train with no patience then my friend,

You have only 2 options either to leave the hunger for quick results or do some robbery.

Neither you will see results quickly within a week or a month in online or offline business forget about days, everything takes some time to fall in right place.

  • You are not open-minded.
If you are not willing to learn then please stop looking to earn.

Do the same mistake continuously for a hundred times you will not see a change in the result.

Learn from others’ mistakes not repeat them and master the fundamentals of your field are basic things to success.

  • No plan no gain.

No pain no gain everyone knows that.

But no plan will have no gain in successful online businesses as well as in life.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Everyone thinks the wishes but very few live with their wishes in reality.

Tomorrow belongs to the people who plan for it today.

Have a plan work on it with determination, hard work, and perseverance and you will surely succeed today or tomorrow but you will.

Read why not to start an online business for more points for not starting one to come with a crystal clear decision.

A quick remembering of the points.

  • The numbers are not supreme.
  • You want things to happen quickly.
  • You are not open-minded.
  • No plan no gain.

I have served a balanced point of view for ya.

Your turn now. let’s see top unique online business ideas with their facts and earnings in detail

With that said, here are 20 unique & best online business ideas you can start with no investment in 2020.


blogging as best online business ideas
Paper on vintage typewriter with words blog typed on paper

It is an online diary or journal.

Writing about something online so that people looking for that information you are writing can read in the search engines.

Look at it this way, it is a diary or journal you are writing on the internet and storing in a server like a book which includes images, videos, and other multimedia.

It is a frequently updated website.

This is one of the best online business ideas for beginners.

For example, you search query festivals of India in google, you will get a list of websites from which you can get the information, all those are blogs.

Those who are creating the blogs which you have and are reading are called bloggers and the process called blogging.

Everywhere and everyone would say blogging to be one of the unique online business ideas to start with the level of opportunities for growth in both life and finances and resources of information we have today.

Who should try this?

Those who just have a passion for writing, choose any topic you are interested in and give it a shot.

If you have a piece of specialized knowledge in a particular subject then it is cherry on the cake.

Around 380 new websites are created every minute on the internet.

Among that, 91 % of the websites don’t get any backlinks.

Backlinks what the heck is that?

These are links that are pointing to your site or any page of your site from similar sites or blogs of that field.

Don’t get disappointed with the competition as the majority of the websites created on the internet, as we know has no links and provide the least value to users.

What is the future of blogging?

The future is bright for blogging, facts are backing the statement.

  • 77% of internet users read blog articles.
  • Blog posts are considered the 5th most trusted source of information.
  • Big brands approach bloggers for sponsored posts which is one form of earning for bloggers besides Ads because 70% of internet users have the interest to know about brands through articles, not ads.

Let’s look at the most important aspect of any business idea. Guess what?

Income my friend. but before that let me know your views on this successful online businesses in the comments.

what are the earnings in blogging?

Some people are earning six-figure in USD a month from a single blog

As an average beginner blogger can earn $1k – $5k per month

celebrity bloggers like Huffing post are earning $2,330,000 per month in the world

also in India, like Amit Agarwal is earning $60,000 per month

Because of all these facts and earning potential, blogging is one of the unique and best online business ideas out there.

How to get started?

First of all, brainstorm ideas and interests in what you want to write about.

Read how to select the topic for the blog.

As mentioned above, after selecting the topic on which you want to write about.

Select Webhosting, especially Bluehost which already offers a free domain name.

select the basic plan, which costs around 5000 rs for a year.

Download WordPress.org.

Why WordPress, is software for content managing system which is the best in the market as 27% of all the sites on the internet are powered by it.

Select the user-friendly theme, install the important plugins, and get started.

Read the detailed guide on what is blog and how to start a blog for free in 2020 from scratch.

Affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing
Web Marketing banner and icons

The fact is that 81% of brands rely on affiliate marketers as it is less costly & 36% of publishers depend on AM as their revenue source.

If you have no idea who are affiliate marketers and what this affiliate marketing means?

Let me explain it.

For example, you have a website online

let’s consider that you have 15000 traffic to your site a month,

In this case, you can enroll in amazon or any other affiliate programs & after registration, you will be presented a link of the product you choose.

Everything is fine till here.

Add the link on your website and recommend the product to your visitors or audience so that if anyone makes a purchase of that product through the link you added then you will have a good percentage of commission out of it as the purchase has taken place from your link.

Simple isn’t. This is considered one of the unique online business ideas.

Who should try this?

Those who own a website that generates a good amount of traffic and has a good community of audience built on trust.

Will you buy a product from a strange and unknown website, I won’t.

If you are successful in building a targetted audience on the pillar of trust and belief, you can convert most out.

To know who and when to use affiliate marketing, read times to use affiliate marketing.

What is the future of Affiliate marketing?

Well, it is simply incredible. let’s see some facts to know the future of it.

  • Those who can dominate the mobile market or create content in mobile-friendliness due to the increase in usage of mobile phones have more chances to grow in the future.
  • AM is going to grow by 10% in the upcoming years and this business accounts for around 15% of all digital revenue.
  • As mentioned earlier, 81% of brands rely on affiliate programs due to their little cost and more efficiency than ads.

What is the earning in Affiliate marketing?

There are Low-level affiliate marketers who are earning up to $300 per day

There are also celebrity marketers are earning up to $10,000 per day

celebrity affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn said that in six years he earned $3 million net worth

Let’s see one of the top affiliate sites as an example to know and understand the potential of affiliate marketing

THIS IS WHY I’M BROKE is one of the affiliate sites which earn $50,000 income a month.

That is why Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business ideas to try.

How to get started?

You don’t need to be an influencer or own a website which generates some good organic traffic, not everyone will be that, but if you are one then its cherry on the cake.

First and foremost, select the right affiliate program,

Amazon, Google, Apple, Clickbank all these are popular affiliate networks where you can join.

You should probably consider selling digital products such as ebooks and software as comparing to physical products because of the simple reason for a high commission rate.

Click bank is one of the oldest and billion-dollar affiliate networks which specialize in digital products which you must consider joining.

select the right products you want to sell.

Before starting the affiliate marketing, try buying the product to check its quality, the authenticity of the product and give an example of it as a case study to whoever you want to sell.

Promote the product you want to sell using social media among your friends and social groups such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Once you start selling the products among your audience and get some money, you can use paid traffic, which works for example.

You own a blog and you are earning a good sum of money through affiliate marketing, you can use paid ads which help you rank your site in the first rank in the first page to acquire most traffic.

This is one of the best online sources of income anyone can start from scratch.

You just need correct networking skills to keep going which you can learn in the process.


Shipping company people working in office.

Dropshipping is a way of selling other products online by creating an eCommerce website.

Let’s understand how it works.

You create an online eCommerce website. Don’t worry, it takes very little money and a few hours to create one.

if you have no idea of how to create one, Read create an eCommerce website, let’s not go into that for now.

If someone makes a purchase of a product from your store then the manufacturer who has storage will also do the shipping to your customer directly on your behalf.


You will get a commission out of every sale that happens in your online store from the manufacturer.

And that is how dropshipping works my friend.

It is one of the best online business ideas for beginners with low investment and high profits.

who should try this?

Those who are interested in selling stuff or want to help others sell their stuff online and maximize the reach of their customer base to different places or lead the boss free life which almost all online business ideas mentioned in this guide offer should probably try out.

To know more solid reasons for trying dropshipping read solid reasons to start dropshipping.

If you are satisfied with the idea and inspired through it, it will take with very little investment and in no time to get started.

What is the future of dropshipping?

This online business idea does not carry many risks with it, all you need is an eCommerce website to start, and as we have learned in AM earlier that phone usage is increasing.

  • 72% of users of eccomerce sites use mobile phones to shop in these stores.
  • The fact is that 80% of people online bought something from the eCommerce sites and 50% of people online bought some products more than once on the eccomerce sites, this shows that people are now shifting to buying the products online than going out.
  • On top of everything, Corona is cherry on the cake for eCommerce sites as they can buy products just by staying at home. and 27% of online retailers have opted to dropship.

Considering the points, the dropshipping is going to have a bright future for sure.

No worries. With a low investment, low risk, and high returns business model this online business idea has a bright future in the coming years.

What is the earning is dropshipping?

The earnings of a drop shipper are depended upon orders there are many drop shippers are earning $100,000 per month by selling 1000 products per month

There are many Dropshipping companies like Doba and Oberla are earning a high income

The amazing thing about this idea is that you don’t have the risk of buying all the stock and losing money if it doesn’t get sold.

All you need is to generate traffic on your e-commerce store.

Let us know about your views on this successful online business idea in the comment section down the line.

Tip: So if your idea of a successful dropshipping store then at least make 34 orders per day to make $100,000 per year

How to get started?

Just like blogging, here to you need to select the niche or the market you want to capture, You cannot put your hand in the ocean and wait for some fish to get causght in your fist.

You need to focus and grab only one fish among the many.

for example, You want to sell books and stationary materials on your store.

Always makesure in your mind that , though the drop shipping is one of the best online business ideas you can start with low investment in 2020 but its super competitive that you have to compet against the brands like walmart, amazon etc other big eccomerce sites in order to grow in the market.

Select the products you want to sell which has a good demand, don’t consider the competition now because in some cases though product has high demand it may lack in competition because of high shipping charges or low profit margins or supplier issues.

Make your research correctly, before getting started.

The next important thing you need to do is to have a supplier of the one who manufactures the product and maintain a healthy relation with him, if you fail to have a good connection with a manufacturer or a supplier you will undoubdtely fail in dropshipping.

Build few commanilities between both of you like same goals, build trust and belief among eachother.

Invest the money to buy webhosting and domain and create an eccomerce site which takes few hours to create from scratch.

If you donot know how to make one, read how to create eccomerce site from scratch.

Everything is ready and fine but the main thing if you fail to attract the customers on your site and convert them into leads you will fail in dropship.

Start using social media and for example in facebook run campaigns investing some money so that other people can get to know about your site.

Jump into SEO learn and understand it inorder to rank better in search results.

Analyse your site and make it user friendly, regularly give discounts and offers on products and build the trust of your site among people by asking for the product reviews to those who bought.

Most people if they have trust in your site would buy products on your site if you give discounts and offers frequently o your site comparing to the ones like Amazon and eBay.


copywriting as online business ideas 2020
Copywriting outline style icon design with decorations and gradient color. Line vector icon illustration for modern infographics, mobile designs and web banners.

A copywriter is a guy who writes the words that influence/persuade them to take some action.

Copywriter plays a key part in selling a product or a service or popularizing and familiarizing a brand or any business etc.

It includes advertisements, blog posts, presentations, headlines, pamphlets, magazines, etc.

Because the skill is such of high value that every brand and business wants a piece of cake.

No need to get surprised by the amazing facts of the copywriting.

Who wants to lose the chance of persuading people to take some action.

That action could be anything from buying a product to making a brand or name familiar to people.

You can potentially make some thousands of dollars a month which depends on your skill and portfolio.

Who should try this?

This idea does not require a degree in writing but plays an important role in sales which is most important for business and brands.

what is the future of it?

Think about it this way,

You have the skill of persuading people or your clients to buy any product and service or at least make them familiar with your brand or business with the help of words.

Isn’t it awesome?

You might argue!

However, the future is all AI and it would sooner or later, dominate this field, it won’t have a future in the long run as AI is slowly replacing stuff without our awareness.

Yes, AI is going to replace like a lot of work we manually do, in fact, according to a report by 2055 half, the works we humans do manually might get automated.

There have been tests in Chinese company Alibaba where they launched AI on copywriting tool.

Basically what it does, when the user Inserts the link of the product and AI will provide some options to choose like length, text options, tone of voice, etc and after customization, it would copy it.

The same happened in the test where they for a sample took eccomerce sites tmall and AI 20000 lines of copy every second, though AI copied all the tasks humans would typically do.

These AI lacked creativity while copying, which is the most important aspect, and thankfully AI doesn’t have it.

All together what I want to say is don’t worry AI will not replace the copywriting industry because it lacks creativity despite having more efficiency and speed than humans.

What are the earnings in it?

The average earning of a copywriter is about 30000 INR a month and it will increase with growth in experience and reputation in the industry.

The same average salary of copywriter in america is around 60000 dollars a year.

How to get started?

Copywriting is all about persuasive writing.

  • Learn the basics of human psychology, persuasive writing reading some books like

10 timeless persuasive techniques and Robert Cialdini’s persuasion techniques.

  • Learn the core skills of copywriting.
  • Practice, practice, and practice.

The process to understand how to be a copywriter is vast, we will not go into the depth of it now, read how to become a copywriter step by step explained.

This is the unique online business ideas to start in no investment in 2020.

Graphic design

graphic design

If you ever stayed on the website which captivated your attention a bit, looking at its logo design, layout, and other stuff on the website which grabbed your attention then the credit goes to a graphic designer who does all that.

Graphic designing is an art of communicating about a subject visually by creating concepts visually by hand using computer software programs which includes images, words, and graphics that captivate the user’s attention.

Graphic design is a profession where you have to most of the time to work with a group and continuously improve your skills in your craft.

A graphic designer can be given any role such as

  • Creative director
  • art director 
  • package designer
  • visual image developer
  • visual journalist
  • logo designer
  • web designer
  • multimedia developer
  • content developer

The primary job of a graphic designer is to communicate ideas through images and graphics.

They work in creating the layout and design for ads, magazines, brochures, posters.

Who should try this?

There are some specific qualities in order to be a good graphic designer such as’

  • .Being creative, intuitive, expressive with good analytical skills.
  • They are original, innovative, and artistic people.
  • adventurous, ambitious, optimistic, assertive, enthusiastic, etc. 

and above all Passion is ultimate.

If you tick almost all the boxes of requirements, you can be a good graphic designer.

what is the future of it?

This profession requires a lot of creativity and we know how AI performed in copywriting.

Of course, AI would replace many works we humans do after few decades but anytime these human-made machines would not surpass the creativity of humans but graphic design is going to expand to Virtual reality, Augmented reality, and eventually to 3d printing.

The print design is going to end sooner or later in the industry of design.

The demand for these guys is going to increase in every business from small scale to large ones.

For example, In blogging, of course, video content is emerging in this industry.

I want to know it from you ,

Would to prefer reading a blog only with fewer photos, no infographics, and fewer videos and multimedia or a similar blog with many infographics and visual content.

Of course, everyone would prefer the other one with more infographics because we like colors and more visual content in blogs makes it more appealing rather than only words.

Those aspiring to be one must make sure that to get good with these unique online business ideas you must be continuously improving your craft and updating it with learning and mastering.

These are the views of the top CEOs of the graphic designing companies.

Read what they had to say about the future of graphic design.

If you are still unsatisfied with the reality check and future of graphic design,

 let’s dive into some facts about graphic design which prove that graphic design future is in safe hands.

  • As per the bureau of labor statistics by 2020, there will be 13% of demand in graphic designers as many startups, e-commerce sites are getting started majorly on the internet.
  • Marketing and graphic designing move parallel to each other because of the starting from the jeans you wear to the bike you drive to big brands billboards advertising everything you buy literally all these item’s labels are designed by the graphic designers before they start marketing.

what are earning in it?

The average earning of a graphic designer is approximately 22000 inr a month and of course, the better and stronger the portfolio is, you can work aa a freelancer and earn a bigger sum of money by that.

The same in America is around 75000 dollars a year and that is around 56 lakhs.

how to get started?

To get started as a graphic designer though you may not need any educational qualification to be certified as one in the designing field if you do not tick the qualities mentioned in who should try this section, you will probably not become one.

There are a few steps to become one let’s see what are those.

  1. Always passion is key.
  2. Learn the basic skills like drawing and best practices of Webdesign and fonts and typography etc.
  3. Master the software such as adobe photoshop and illustrator.
  4. If possible earn a degree in graphic design and if not also all fine, read how you can be a designer without a degree.
  5. Choose and select whichever area you like to be a specialist in for example logo design, web design, layout, multimedia design, etc.
  6. Select the area on your interests and collect the references for it through Instagram, Behance, dribble, Pinterest, daily life like banners and from books, etc.
  7. Reinvent those designs and get feedback about it.
  8. Do internships and work without fee for others as a volunteer to gain customer experience and building your portfolio.
  9. Practice and improve your craft all the time with the draught practices.
  10. Have a strong portfolio that includes your performance and reviews of your clients working with you, your unique designs examples, and other essential skills information.
  11. You need to both exceptional and creative in your craft.
  12. Keep learning and keep improving.

Follow these steps to get started with graphic design.

Hungry for some tips, read tips for designing, and 8 tips for starting in graphic design.

Technical writing.

Technical writer

When you buy any electronic device like a phone or TV or an AC, you will get a detailed manual guide to operating the device in it.

Technical writer is those who work on that.

There are many misconceptions regarding this field,

Some argue, Writing the manuals of the machines is so much boring, you need to just write, write, and write all the time.

No this is totally wrong, there are so many tasks you are given to handle excluding writing manuals.

 you will have to create videos, tables, graphics, drawings didn’t you see manuals explained in video format which is more convenient and work on lot of visual communication as even the people are preferring visuals than print.

Read the video editor part of this article to understand the facts and future of visual communication.

In technical writing, it improves and lets the writer to know and understand the technology much better and thereby expanding his knowledge boundaries.

While writing the manuals and documentation of the electronic devices, the writer develops many skills eventually such as analytical skills, interviewing skills, skills related to doing research, etc.

Who should try this?

We will talk about earnings later which is also the highlight of this field, but most importantly if you have a good knowledge or at least a love and curiosity towards a technology you will exceed.

As a matter of fact, this field doesn’t require a college degree or a technical background, you will be chosen on the basis of your skills by the companies.

If you are interested, read the common myths about technical writing answered with facts.

everyone wants to talk about the upcoming or better already arrived AI which will occupy half the work humans operate by 2055 when discussing about the future of this field.

Already arrived what the heck are you talking about?

Yes my friend, the Alexis, OK google voice searches you are doing every day are a part of AI.

Recommendations of products you see in e-commerce sites like AMAZON are AI, my friend.

It seems we are moving off the topic isn’t, read AI in our daily life examples.

What is the future of it?

To understand, we will analyze how the present is, what is coming ahead?

At present, Documentation of a product is largely on writing based but in future it is a probability of changing to VR/AR and 3D models which is more appealing and more understandable as it is on visuals which is much clear to understand.

If anyone of you has seen Iron man movies starred by Robert Downey JR. you can see how he works on 3D stuff, isn’t it cool and attractive as you can spin the model you get as a manual.

Unlike copywriting and graphic designing where though AI is coming ahead, it won’t have a large impact on these fields but in technical writing, you will surely be introduced with the 3D and VR/AR tech not so soon but surely happens.

Read about.3D modeling.

It takes its own time, the way we slowly switched from print media to social media similarly it takes some years or a few decades to come.

I am not saying that the Future is quite dark for the technical writers but it will be an upgrade version for the users and the typical technical writing will not evaporate by then but it will be there still to some extent but for sure.

What is the earning in it?

With growing experiences, knowledge, and better networking and personal reputation, a senior technical writer can earn about an average of 7,72,000 a year salary.

Getting started with less experience you should probably reduce the expectation of earning in lakhs, cause everyone knows experience matters and average earning of a technical writer with say 1-2 years of experience earns a salary of 4.1 lakh INR a year.

The same guy in America would earn around 58000 dollars a year ant that is somewhere around 44 lakhs INR.

How to get started?

Having a degree in a technical field such as engineering and computer science allows the clients to help to trust on you than the one who has none as that degree brings with it education.in technical background.

To have technical knowledge, read the top 7 online courses for technical writing.

Besides that let’s look at how to get started as a technical writer.

  1. Because you want to start as a technical writer with no experience in it as a strange bird, you should not miss out on anything in the requirement area such as the skills explained above.
  2. Then try creating some manual or documentation using MS word on your own depending on your interests.
  3. In order to be certified as a technical writer, you must also have some knowledge of languages such as HTML, Java, CSS,  XML, etc.
  4. Create a portfolio that includes your work’s reviews as a volunteer for other companies.
  5. You can be a freelancer and work-life free of the boss and earn a good sum as you gain experience and reputation in the field.

Read to understand how to become a technical writer find detail.

Virtual assistant.

virtual assistant
Modern flat design style layout template of virtual assistant. Vector illustration concept for printed materials or website and mobile development projects.

In the name itself, you might have got an idea of what it is.

Virtual means digitally or not present physically and the assistant is the one who helps or guides you.

You can call it as,

Body absent, mind present.

Basically, it is assistance or service of a particular thing that is offered to a client connected digitally for some fee for time.

For example, scheduling appointments of the client or arranging his travels, helping him manage emails and accounts, making phone calls, bookkeeping, blog writing to somehow the other reduces the strain of work from the client’s head.

Largely, those who are working as the VA have experience in administrative assistant or office manager.

Due to COVID 19, working from home or from remote places is emerging more, those who are skilled with writing blogs can work as a freelancer, content management and those who are well versed in social media can handle those of the big businessmen and some public figures.

34% of people believe that outsourcing the work to VA improves their job performance.

 VA is more or less a freelancer.

You know, big companies like to give their tasks largely to freelancers rather than acquiring an employee to do that.

You can work on freelancer.com or Upwork.com.

who should try this?

Because it is no mandatory for some educational qualification to start working as one, and it is freelance work so you just need a skill to get good at.

It could be anything and can depend on your interests like graphic design or any work like managing calls or like blog writing or managing social media accounts.

If you are well versed in any one of these, build your portfolio and nothing will stop yaa.

What is the future of it?

virtual assistant

AI, AI, AI it seems that this thing will not leave us now.

Search how many google assistants and Alexis are sold to date and the figures are staggering.

As of 2019, 100 million Alexa’s are sold worldwide and increasing.

In 2020, well known Google assistant is going to be there over 1 billion devices over 30 languages in 90 countries with 500 million users a month.

Luckily the assistant is not just limited to mobile devices but in October 2017 in the launch of pixelbook which is google’s official laptop to be included with inbuilt google assistant.

There have been partnerships with the AI assistant companies such as in 2017, Alexa, and Cortana together to integrate where Alexa handles household work whereas Cortana handles the business market.

The virtual assistants are increasing in demand in workplace to complete repetitive tasks and schedule time to different tasks for employees and give them a break in the process.

These AI tools to date do not do creative work like those any virtual assistant would do if he has a skill in it like blog writing or designing or anything creative, the assistant is limited to its algorithm and rules, and these assistants probably lack the security issue.

You might not feel to share some important data of your business or your life to any AI where you have no idea whether it does not use to manipulate you or use in other purposes.

Sooner or later the AI would definitely occupy the industry with the smart assistants enabled even in cars and in homes.

It takes some time until then no harm to the current VA as the smart VA is incapable to do creative stuff that a VA freelancer would be comfortable doing.

What is the earning in it?

The average salary of this one in India is around 21000 whereas the same average salary in the USA is 15 dollars an hour because most of the virtual assistants are freelancers and they charge on a timely basis.

How to get started?

irst, you need to create a menu like when you enter a restaurant they will offer you a menu to select what you want to eat or buy.

similarly, you need to create a menu as this VA offers services about almost everything as a personal assistant.

You can include such as writing, emailing, calendar management, website maintenance, project management, managing phone calls, website maintenance.

Then make a list of clients’ names and their email list with respect to their occupation like lawyers, businessmen, etc.

The third step is to create a business plan where you should know what are your strengths and what makes you unique than other fellow assistants available, what should drive the customer to you rather than others.

Decide the name for your business which as like domain flipping it must be memorable and unique and interesting and must be relevant to what you want to offer.

Get the basic permissions required t start and run any small business despite the platform where you are running it.

A marketing plan to target the limited bunch of clients and customers to make them keep returning back to your service despite the availability of so many options.

At the end of the day, add immense value and stand up on your words and commitments nd walk the talk rather than just talk the talk.

Following these steps, you can surely get started as a virtual assistant.


podcast best online buisness ideas

If you are not aware of what podcast actually is then,

Pod word is taken from AppleiPod and the cast is taken from the broadcast of radio.

To understand it simply,

The podcast is a recorded conversation between 2 or more people.

It sounds simple and you can argue,

Who on earth would be interested in listening to two persons speaking at something?

Well, there are reasons which I am about to share with you to back the point of why podcasts are listened by people often.

  • Let’s say, if you are a storyteller or for better a student and confused about your career like I was,
  • Listening to the podcasts of any expert with career counselors will expand your brain, will give you some insights and new perspectives towards looking at things and in this case your career.
  • You can get inspired by listening to the backstories of successful people listening to their struggle stories from their voices.
  • Listening to these conversations will definitely help you gain knowledge, lets you use the time you have efficiently.
  • To improve your wellbeing, to help to shapen as a better person every day.

The interesting part about these podcasts it that, unlike videos or blog reading which you need to work in specific places because the podcasts are recorded conversations that are available on apps like Spotify and on youtube like Joerogan.

Like music, you can listen to podcasts while cooking, bathing, jogging, driving whenever you want.

  • You see, Around 67 million people listen to podcasts every single month.
  • Those who listen to podcasts spend an average of 105 minutes of audio per day than the American average and spend 25 percent of their total audio time on their devices on listening to these conversations.

But when considering the USA the facts are even more staggering because this thing emerged from there.

  • 1 out of 5 Americans prefer listening to podcasts even in the tight schedule.\
  • About 15% of Americans listen to a podcast at least once in a month.
  • In mobile users, 58% of Americans have mobiles and one out of four Americans play these podcasts in cars almost every other day.

Now you see the podcasts is slowly and steadily growing trend, listening to these conversations is much better than choosing to read a blog or watch a video that cannot be done while working or driving is what makes the podcasts unique.

who should try this?

Those who want to create content with less or no investment with little effort and build a decent audience with becoming the authority in your industry should go for it.

you decide whether you should try a podcast or not I want to give you some valid reasons to help you decide.

the audio content is something as talked above that you don’t need to stay at one single place to complete consuming like a blog or a video, as you listen to a song the very same way you can listen to a podcast anywhere and everywhere.

  • It does not cost much to get started all you need to get started with the podcast is explained in how to get started part of this blog.

You can connect with your audience more deeply than just reading a blog like this, basically, you are starting a conversation every time someone listens to your podcast.

It does not take too much to maintain a podcast, with only a few steps involved with losses investment to get started it is, in my opinion, the best online business ideas to start immediately.

Read 5 reasons why you should start a podcast.

You decide whether you want to try this or not.

what is the future of it?

Considering the increase in growth and interest of podcasts among people, Spotify has invested 500 million dollars in the podcasts startups and launched its own voice assistant to improve the users listening interactiveness.

Through voice command, the users can open and close and easily switch to different podcasts if in case of driving a car, where they couldn’t manually type to switch.

Apple has introduced a full-text podcast search on the podcast app and google’s search engine is ranking those in the search results.

Google has its own network and group of podcasters available/

In China, this podcast industry targeting the niches of education and self-improvement is worth more than 7 billion dollars in 2018 and still increasing.

You see these high tech companies are investing so much and focusing a lot on the podcasts which signal that podcasts are going to stay for some time now.

The trend of podcasts is increasing due to its flexibility and benefits and slowly grabbing pace and spreading into other countries.like in India.

  • Among the 500 million internet users present, 40 million of them listen to podcasts and the number is rapidly growing.

what are the earnings in it?

An average earning of podcasts earn around 10 to 30 lakhs an annum in India whereas in america average learning is around 47000 dollars a year.

You see, the podcasts earnings vary, the podcaster can earn through

  • Sponsorships.
  • Through donations and funding like joining the podcaster through Patreon.
  • Affiliates.
  • Providing exclusive paid content.
  • Selling merchandise.

and above all ADS.

how to get started?

With the facts and statistics backing along with the amazing benefits and flexibility of podcasts, you can start too, to start a podcast follow the steps given below.

  1. To start first select any topic or genre you want to do a podcast on.
  2. Do the basics like logo design, title, and description of your podcast brand.
  3. Invest a little money in buying the right equipment to put an awesome quality podcast on the table such as Microphone and audio recording software.
  4. Find a place where you can host those audio files so that people can listen to that using that platform such as pod bean.
  5. Get started.

I know the information is not detail, it’s about getting started if you are serious about starting a podcast read the ultimate stepwise guide of podcast explained from starting to putting on the table.

Sell photos.

sell photos as successful online businesses
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 21: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

If you love photography go for it.

Basically, all you need is do take some images using your camera, upload it on the platforms like Shutterstock and adobe.

Whenever someone likes your photo, if he buys that on the platform where you uploaded the image, you will get some good percentage of that sale excluding the cut that the platform takes.

It is like dropshipping, you see.

But in dropshipping, you need to create an e-commerce site whereas in this you need to capture photos and the platform is stock industries like Shutterstock, Getty, and Alamy which take some commission just like you have some in dropshipping whenever a sale happens.

You need to make sure that you don’t compromise with the quality of your pictures and that they are a little unique.

Not just images that you can sell, you can include videos and illustrations as well.

You know what,

  • In blogging, Posts with images get 94% of more views and people will like it than with no images.
  • 43% of consumers want video content from marketers.
  • 32% of marketers say that visual images are one of the or for a better most important form of content for any business.
  • Comparing to plain text, video content drives 50 times more organic traffic.

Who should try this?

Whoever has a passion for photography, can go for it.

No educational qualification and no technical skills required to jump in this field.

What is the future of it?

Although now the photographers do not have other options to earn money than from cutting their profit to the platforms they rely on like Shutterstock and Getty.

In the near future, the agency or the platform would probably not there, removing the middlemen in the industry to earn money.

VR and AR would soon be an upgrade to this industry, the stock industry seems to not get completely collapsed as the images and photos are frequently and largely used by bloggers, by video makers.


There are going to be some trends in the upcoming future, wanna know about them.

Read the predictions and trends in stock photography.

The stock video clip is seeming to emerge, these small video clips which could be used in videos, which we can experience on Youtube.

What are the earnings in it?

The average salary of a photographer is around 20000 inr a month in India whereas

 The average salary of the photographer in America is 66000 dollars a year.

Don’t get worried abut the numbers your photos must be unique and interesting and must be of high resolution and match the international standards.

How to get started?

Let’s look at the steps to become one.

  • First and foremost get a quality camera like DSLR but if you have one its great.
  • Invest in buying the right lenses and equipment.
  • Get the required training in photography.
  • Buy, use, and get good at the right editing software for the photos you capture such as lightroom, studio line photo, etc.
  • Practice taking photos.
  • Never compromise in the resolution and quality fo the image.
  • Take the necessary feedback on your photos after editing them.
  • Know and understand the trends of the stock photos.
  • Prepare for it and take photos of it.
  • Be aware of the rights of photos which are
  1. Public domain 
  2. Royalty-free
  3. Rights-managed.
  • If you are not aware of what these rules defy, the photos which are free of cost to use is public domain, they are not for selling, you can find them in pixabay and pixels, many photographers who practice the photography upload the photos here as to improve their craft, Royalty-free is when a user buys a photo and uses that image for multiple times. Rights managed are paying the fee and obeying the conditions of using the photo.
  • Select the agency you want to upload the image like Shutterstock and Getty and learn about their guidelines.
  • Upload the images.
  • Your images must be unique and captivating to the attention of the user.

Business coach.

business coach.

As per a study, only 25% of the startups stay successful for more than the first 15 years. and many businesses that are started will get closed within a year.

This backs the statement that 8 out of 10 businesses will fail after a couple of years.

Lack of sound strategy, good preparation, correct mindset, and guidance or mentor are some major reasons for the large scale of failures.

The job of business coaches is that with their immense knowledge, deep understanding, and experience in the market and expertise in their fields consult the strugglers and direct them to the right path and lead them to success.

who should try it.?

Those who are genuinely interested in solving others’ problems without expecting anything much in return which is also known as genuine helping nature.

If you are one among those and you have some good interest or curiosity to learn about business, how things work in a corporation.

Ask your self some basic questions like

do I have any skill or knowledge that I can offer to someone in need of that and help him or them succeed?

If you have skills such as good communication, leadership, and mentoring skills and are an ambitious guy than you should be going after this


What is the future of it?

You see, in fortune 500 companies, 40% of them take the help of a business coach to train their executives and CEO.

But now, thanks to COVID 19, the remote work is rising so it is not possible to take coaching physically where you can work much better digitally

Webinars, online tutoring, and live chats are some ways of making it possible.

This is one of the successful online businesses.

If you learn to manage coach remotely then you can at a time setting some schedule coach to numerous clients, rather than one.

AI or no AI, no effect on business coaching in the future.

What are the earnings in it?

The average salary of a business coach in India is around 25000 INR a month.

The average salary of a business coach in America is around 71000 dollars a year.

How to get started?

In order to get started as a business coach, you must ask yourself a few important questions such as,

  • Am I really passionate about this or am I choosing this because the clients are going to be businessmen who will pay me a good sum?
  • Now if I love clarifying solving the problems of others, not just businessmen or upcoming ones, do I have the skillset and knowledge available with me to use and share it with others.

Okay, I have these things then.

  • What else I can offer to my client so that he would not leave me like can I mentor him, teach him, train and consult him, counsel him, etc. all together can I help him become a good person if he wants to be one.

With that said, knowing how to be one is quite simple.

  1. Get a degree to gain insights about business in any area of business.
  2. Learn and improve my knowledge and understanding of the craft.
  3. Work as a volunteer to others and help them succeed.
  4. Include your work and success and reviews of people who have been trained under you in your portfolio.
  5. Have a strong network and maintain a good reputation among people in that landscape.
  6. Work as a freelancer eventually.

We will not go into deep in that, read how to become a business coach explained from top to bottom.


Video editor.

video editing

I want to know it from you now.

If I ask you to prepare a typical Indian sweet, for example, Gulab jamun with the help of a blog and a video.

Which platform would you choose?

I would go for a video one., which one will you choose in this successful online businesses.

Even the facts are backing the point of increasing video content demand.

  • Around, 86% of professional marketers use video content as their ultimate marketing tool.
  • In a study, out of 10, 8 people bought software or app after consuming video content.
  • As per some research, an average person on internet watches around 6 hours and 50 minutes of video content in a week. and 84 minutes to be average time spent globally on videos on the internet.
  • It is predicted that by the year 2022, 82% of the global traffic on the internet comes from stuff related to videos.
  • Even, blogging is slowly turning to vlog as even google is ranking video content in the search engine results page when searched about some queries.
  • I have explained all these facts to emphasize the importance and impact of the video editor.

Who should try this?

Anyone who likes in editing videos and has a passion in working in movie editing.

You can learn video editing through some courses online, it’s not a big deal.

What is the future of the video editor?

After reading the facts mentioned about video content compound growth, you should probably don’t ask about the future of video editor.

Simply go for it if you know editing videos and if you are interested in cameras and passionate about it, have a good portfolio that you can develop through making some videos on youtube and working for others free of cost and taking their views of your service.

What are the earnings of the video editor?

The average salary of a video editor in India is 20000.

The average earning of a video editor in the USA is 33000 dollars year.

How to get started?

With the increase in demand and growth in video content consumption, getting started in the career of video editing is a good choice.

There are few steps to follow to get started as a video editor.

  1. Earn a degree in film editing or video editing.
  2. If it is not possible then learn the necessary Softwares which are used in video editing. but having a degree is important in most cases.
  3. Learn any few of the Softwares used in video editings such as adobe and blender, read 15 best video editing Softwares and apps in 2020.
  4. Get feedback and continuously improve your skill.
  5. Work as a volunteer to others and add in your portfolio as an experience.
  6. Do internships to have some experience and build a strong portfolio.
  7. Work as a freelancer.

You see, from 2018 to 2028 the growth of unemployment for a video editor is expected to be 14% which is more than average of all occupations and it is justified with the increase in consumption of video content.

These are steps to be followed to get started in this unique online business ideas and online business ideas 2020.

Social media.

social media marketing

If you have a piece of good knowledge, talent, or skill in any field then you start utilizing social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram as there are already billions of users on these platforms worldwide and they can consume your content.

If the content is in a video it is much better, to know why to read the video editor part of this blog.

With time, as you increase your following and your audience base you can turn it into profit.

Who should try this?

Anyone who is quite active in social media like Facebook and Instagram who has a good amount of fan base and has an audience looking for him can do it.

You can potentially earn thousands of dollars a month reviewing and promoting products for companies and brands.

What is the future of this?

Out of approximately 8 billion world population, around 3.7 billion people are active on social media, with 140 minutes to be average time spent on these places.

Facebook accounts for 2.5 billion users among the 3.7 billion people on social media.

Let’s look at some interesting facts to understand the future of social media accurately.

Corona, no one expected this thing to happen and create such a drastic change in our lives so quickly, there are many industries which are shut down and many more have caught the exponential growth due to this pandemic.

Though the corona started in 2019, we are experiencing the most of it in 2020.

Among those social media is one which is growing exponentially during this time of pandemic and reach greater heights than ever before.

Because physical and social distancing is an important part of curbing the virus, people are now shifting to social media like Facebook and Instagram to digitally socialize.

  • The fact is that around 500000 new users log in to use Facebook with 6 new Facebook profiles every second.
  • The average user spends around 35 minutes on Facebook a day.
  • When it comes to twitter, 500 million tweets happen each day, 6000 tweets per second. with 330 monthly active users active and a fact is that 500 million users arrive twitter without logging in a month.

Talking about social media not including youtube is no way possible.

  • There are 300 hours of video content is added on youtube for guess what how much time?
  • Day Nah? hour Nah?
  • 300 hours of video content uploaded every minute on YOUTUBE.
  • The average person on youtube watches 40 minutes of content a day.

All are fine, what about Instagram?

Let’s see,

  • Around more than, 1 billion people are actively using the Instagram a month.
  • The average user spends 20 minutes on the Instagram app a day.
  • 95 million photos and 4.2 billion likes of the posts take place in a Day on Instagram.

Want to know facts on Snapchat.

  • 210 million users are active, guess what not a month but a DAY.
  • The average user who is 60% of them less than 25 spends about 25 minutes on this platform a day.

oh, what a coincidence 25 age and 25 minutes of average use of this online business ideas for beginners.

All these facts suggest that Social media is going nowhere in fact it is growing exponentially due to COVID 19.

This is one of the best online business ideas for beginners to get started by looking at the future of it.

What are the earnings out of it?

It depends.

The more traffic and larger audience base you build to your youtube channel or any other social media platform.

The more ad revenue you will receive from youtube and potentially offers from third party brands to recommend their brand and product which is called affiliate marketing.

The average earning of one in America is around 102000 dollars a year.

Where as the average in India is around 6 lakhs per annum.


How to get started?

Knowing and understanding fully the facts of it, if you want to start increasing your presence and earning on social media platforms, then I will let you know some steps and tips to get started on the social media platforms.

  1. Know your why which is why you want to be there, what you want to accomplish at the end of the day.
  2. Be smart and select one thing at a time, I mean move to one platform at a time.
  3. Select only a target of the audience, don’t try to attract all the peo[;e because there are people always different not everyone will admire your work and like you.
  4. If you are just starting out then make sure to have a unique, memorable, and interesting handle of your social media account.
  5. Build a team of like-minded people who will manage your account, do all the important stuff of your account.
  6. Maintain a schedule and start adding some value in terms of posting some content regularly on the platforms such as Youtube, not just content but post something you feel will add value to your audience.
  7. Networking is very crucial in social media in order to grow, make connections with your colleagues on the platform, and try to attract a bunch of traffic from there.
  8. Be loyal and authentic to your audience.
  9. Bring some communities with your audience so that you can get connected to them emotionally and in life.
  10. Create an ecosystem or community of like-minded people.
  11. Keep an eye on your competitor and do not do the mistakes they have done in the past to both save time and effort.
  12. If you own a business and want to increase its marketing and sales through social media marketing then most importantly know the perception of that brand in the people’s mind on the platform.


 Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of steps combined together.

You have to keep yourself going but my job is to just help you to how to get started which I have explained briefly, now your turn.


Domain flipping.

domain flipping as best online business ideas

The domain is the address of any website on the internet take for example.

entrepreneurshipera.com is our domain name which we bought from GoDaddy, this idea works in a way that you buy the domains which are unique and sell them with the increase in the value of them.

Look at it this way, You buy the land and with time the price of land will increase from how much you bought, sell the land you bought and gain the profit in it.


You need to choose domain names wisely before registering the domain names which must be unique, popular names having business potential. this can be the best online business ideas for beginners

Who should try this?

There is no exact reason for who should do this, in fact, anyone and everyone can do this its just a matter of timing.

If you are in the right place, with the correct research if you have bought a domain of high potential at right time like cars.com one which you will know in the earnings part of this article.

You can simply earn millions from the right customer in the bidding. of this online business ideas 2020.

I have explained how you should select the domain before the registration of it in how to get started on this blog.

What is the future of it?

380 new websites are created every minute on the internet because these many websites are created every minute they need a domain name which is going to be the address and key thing.

You never know, the domain you registered doing some good research and wisely if any businessman or anyone wants to have the domain you registered.

There is a high probability of that happening because you see the websites created every single minute on the internet is so huge that you cannot afford to ignore it.

As you complete reading the blog, there would be a couple of thousands of websites created already.

And not just that even everyone wants to have a website for many reasons which we will talk about in web developing ideas in this article.

Read the domain flipping complete guide for more information.

What are the earnings in it?

If you choose the domain names wisely before registering and luckily if any big business wants the domain which you already registered you can contact them and sell them to the price you are comfortable with.

There is no exact value or earning of this as in some cases this idea turns into a little controversial but its about timing and buying the right domain and I have explained how to select the right domain in how to get started part.

You know what a domain called cars.com is sold for how much money.

You might guess 1000 or 3000 or a maximum of 100000 rs isn’t it?

No, the domain was flipped for around 872 million dollars which are around 65022990800 INR

It lols and sounds like a mobile number but it ain’t.

This was the sold price for the simple domain which is


This is the reason we called it to be the best online business ideas 2020

How to get started?

As you buy and sell land to gain some profits in the very same way you do this business od domain flipping, you need to find the domain buying a market place, in fact, there are many available but buy the domains in the cheapest price possible and wait for the right time and customer so that you can get maximum of the sale of that domain.

If you want to earn maximum out of this, its about TIMING.

It about the time my friend.

I hope you now understand and realize the true value of this idea.

Follow these steps to get started in flipping.

  1. Search for a domain, you can do that in GoDaddy, hostinger, Bluehost, etc.
  2. Examine the domain on some factors such as,
  • Length.
  • Brand.
  • Relevance.
  • Memorization.
  • Best extension like .com or .orgetc.
  • Friendliness with SEO.

      3. You now buy and register the domain at the cheapest price with a good extension like .com.

       4. Wait for the customer, he will not fall from the sky to ask for the domain you bought but because the frequency of websites created every minute is 380 which is so huge, at some time you will find the right customer.

      5. Sell the domain and make the profit.

App developing.

app development

Andriod is the most bought mobile operating system in the world and mobile apps are used or preferred more than the websites by people.

Who should try this?

Those who love coding and programming and are more on a creative and critical thinking side with problem-solving and conceptual skills and are detail-oriented can and should probably try app developing a career as it can turn out to be the best choice may be.

What is the future of app development?

Because smartphones are everywhere so there are around 2.8 million apps in google play store and increasing as the people in a day opens their phones for 80 times, the majority of the people spend a large amount of time on social media in apps.

Hence, the demand for creative and useful apps is increasing a lot. You can develop an app using programming languages like Java and Kotlin.

The apps do not cost any shipping or storage costs so developing apps can be a good online business ideas.

What are the earnings of an app developer?

A beginner app developer can earn $66,693 per year and also have senior developers are earning $111,035 per year

and Also there are many Apps are making people rich like Facebook, Instagram, youtube OYO, etc are making the founders rich

How to get started?

First and foremost you need some tools to get started as an android studio and android SDK thankfully both of them can be downloaded at a time here android studio.

What is the android studio and why you need to download it, you might question?

The android studio is the official integrated development environment for android app development, where you can put some code and make changes in the app that you are using without being able to restart the app.

Andriod SDK which is a software kit, on the other hand, is a set of development tools used to develop applications suited for the android platform, these include required libraries and relevant documents needed to create an app.

Start a new project then using the software you have downloaded.

Familiarize yourself with the files and software, test the app.

Don’t just limit yourself with reading this if you want to really get started with an app developing a career, you need to take some action and start doing something rather than just knowing it and not taking any action.

This is probably the unique online business ideas.

Want to know the detailed information to get started as an app developer career read app developer started in 5 simple steps for beginners.

Trading on stock market.

stock market
Businessman checking stock market data. He using a mobile phone. Analysis economy data on forex earn graph.

Stocks are a small part of companies so the stock market is a place where the company shares are traded so the public who are participated in trading they can be buy or sell the stock of a company. The people who wants to invest the money to get huge profits they can buy the stocks and when the stock increases the value then they can sell them by getting good profits.

In this stock market, there are two ways of investing like :

1- short term investing :

In this Investors will buy the stock and sell them within minutes or hours or in a day so its also called Day trading.

but in short term trading involves a high risk because we cannot judge the value of company in a day

2- long term investing :

In this, the investors buy the share of a company after a long time they will sell the share it may be months or years

in this trading, the risk is lower than a day trading because by observing the company value in a months or a years we can predict and can buy the share in a good time which will give huge profits.

There are many apps which we can trade online like angelbroking , upstox etc.

Who should try this?

The people who are interested in trading and have knowledge of company values. mainly the person who wants to buy or sell in a trade they must have the knowledge on trading, and which company shares are best and why we have to choose one company share. with zero knowledge if we want to participate in trading they may chance to get a huge loss.

what is the future of it?

present Top entrepreneurs have shares in the stock market so the future of trade will grow because every people wants to become rich in this process they will invest in something so the stock market is a good choice to get huge profits and also the small companies are increasing day by day for them the stock marketing is a good platform and essential one.

what are earnings of it?

There are many traders who are earning huge profits from trading like George Soros made roughly $1 billion through trading.

the earnings of trading depend on the person prediction and knowledge to buy and sell of share the earnings of traders are depend on how much amount he invested in share like $500-$1000.

The earning depend on various factors such as which company you invested in, your knowledge about it, was it longterm or short-term and the economy of your country at that time, condition, and performance of the company at that time.

Basically, you can either earn some billions through investing at the same time lose millions if you are not calculated on your investment.

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How to get started?

  • First and foremost prepare yourself with the correct mindset.
  • You are going to invest money in individual stocks to maximize the earning rather than mutual funds, the money you invest is not only subject to more risk of losing money, effort, and time
  • You need to actively check the company performance, watch the positions of the company, and the reputation and perception fo the company among the people.
  • The second and most important part comes if education yourself with some basic information on how stock market functions, there are many free courses available to teach you investing and stocks.
  • The third important thing is to select a broker, check the best brokers in the market at present.
  • You might argue, why the hell do I need to get a broker in middle.
  • Well, a broker helps you in investing your money at the right time in the right company and also helps you manage the investments you have made in past in the stock market, having experience staying in the stock market for years they can show you the right path to earn through stocks.
  • Do the research now, research research, and research.
  • Look for social proofs and whats the performance of the company in the public, what’s the perception of the company among the people, 
  • Hold on why I am always saying perception of people,
  • Its because if the companies perception is bad among the people then its sales will reduce and its profit will decrease and eventually the company will get into losses and if you have invested your money in its stocks, the value of your stock reduces with the reduction in the money you invested.
  • Be calculated in your investments and don’t let your investments get influenced by your emotions of fear and greed.
  • Fear of losing money and greed of wanting to earn more.

what do you think about this successful online businesses.

SEO consultant.

Search engine optimization

91% of the pages on the internet don’t get organic traffic as 55% of those pages do not have a single backlink.

Search engine optimization is through which websites are ranked on top of rank pages in search engines like google.

Who should try this?

If you have a good piece of knowledge and experience in SEO and have ranked a couple of websites on the first page of google before to others as a portfolio, you are good to go.

What is the future of SEO consultants?

There are 200 million active websites on the internet today & the above facts are evident that there is a huge demand of SEO experts out there.

if you have specialized knowledge in SEO then you can be an SEO consultant to those websites boosting their rankings and traffic in SERPs.

what are the earnings in SEO consultancy?

You can work as a freelancer on the platforms like freelancer.com, fivver.com, and Upwork.com

many SEO specialists are earning $50k – $150k per year

There is a high demand for SEO consultants. Many SEO agencies are paying a huge amount for SEO consultants as per hour 100$+.

This is one of the successful online businesses in the market.

Want some more information, read reasons to hire an SEO consultant, and the job of an SEO consultant.

Because the demand is such that freelancers and agencies bill to their clients about 120 dollars for an hour on average in America.

Whereas in India the average earning of the SEO expert is 3 lakhs annum.

Read the SEO expert types, with key tasks and earnings in India.

How to get started?

  • Learn what is SEO? how search engines rank sites in first pages, what are types of SEO?
  • Get the right training of SEO
  • choose the right tools and practices for SEO
  • Stay informed about the continued changing landscape of SEO.
  • Get to know about changing the Google rank algorithm as it changes quite frequently to not get hacked or manipulated.
  • Follow your SEO experts’ advice.
  • Practice SEO properly.
  • Ultimately patience is the key.

isn’t it the online business ideas 2020 that work.

Digital marketing.

digital marketing

The name itself means the marketing of a product or a service using the internet in the digital platforms.

Approximately, in the 3 billion internet users across the globe, there are 1.7 Billion people have active social media accounts and interestingly 46% of people prefer social media for buying anything.

If you have a piece of good knowledge about Digital marketing you can work as a freelancer for many small companies on platforms such as


There are many courses available online to learn and start capitalizing it.

Let us know your views about the successful online businesses in the comment section below the article.

Who should try this?

Whoever has an interest in learning the marketing strategies and if anyone looking for new jobs this can be a savior.

People aspire of making money from home online. Please go for it.

what is the future of digital marketing?

There are many positives for the digital marketing industry, let’s know them.

  1. Digital is going to be the new trend from now and in the upcoming future because you do not need any manpower or any physical presence in a particular location to manage your work.
  2. The large number of people are using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and spending a good amount of time on it, want to know the statistics read the social media part of this blog.
  3. Those people will be looking for some content mostly to get entertained and being a digital marketer if you add value to them by entertaining them, you can get them connected and engaged to you.
  4. If anyone wants to promote any product that they had created they would probably choose digital media to do so looking at its affordability and to generate traffic and viewership of your product you can use paid ads like Facebook and google ads which are really much better and affordable than the what it costs for ads.
  5. By being on a digital platform you can also connect and target global markets that there is no restriction of one location, you can popularise your product in America or Australia from working in India.

This is why many people are shifting to digital platforms than ever before, but there will be a couple of changes to occur in the present digital marketing strategies and practices. like any other successful online businesses.

Let’s know a few of them,

We have discussed the importance of video content and its consumption which is growing rapidly so video content is getting popular and many people are using this tool for marketing.

Not just that, VR which we spoke multiple times in this article this industry will reach a staggering of 22 billion dollars by 2020.

You see, many people are now preferring to do voice searches than to type to complete their tasks due to its flexibility.

As per some studies, it is expected that 50% of all searches on search engines will be of voice searches by 2020.

AI is not too far to be introduced and slowly play a major role in changing the idea of digital marketing, the AI is expected to make the influencers marketing automated, which basically means when an influencer or a public figure posts on his account then AI will analyze data of the post and determine how well the post is received and it will help to choose which brand is a perfect match to that post.

The future of digital marketing is quite bright, the above facts state that, but like another field, there will be a couple of changes which are inevitable like any other online business ideas for beginners.

What is earning in digital marketing?

Average digital marketer can earn $85,541 -$122,279 per annum., don’t worry the earnings will increase with respect to increase in your experience and knowledge in this unique online business ideas.

How to get started?

If you are pretty inspired by the facts of digital marketing and learning the bright future of it, if you want to start your career as a digital marketer from scratch then I will help you in doing that.

Here are a few steps to obey to start a career in the digital marketer.

  1. As social media marketing, this thing also begins with having a presence online or increasing if you already have.
  2. Know the latest trends and the direction which the marketing and these platforms are heading towards.
  3. Obviously, there is a hell lot of competition that you need to compete with the rest of others and their strategies and rules are tight you need to use your own creativity rather than copying someone’s art to excel.
  4. Networking is crucial, you will get to know many more opportunities and ideas meeting people and making healthy relations with them,
  5. Learn about the marketing campaigns and analytics
  6. During this phase experiment out like hell to check which one will click you.
  7. Be certified as a digital marketer.
  8. Attend networking events so you can take inspiration from the successful marketers in the landscape and take their valuable advice.participate in workshops and gain experience out there which cannot be replaced just learning and reading books about it
  9. Meanwhile, as you attend these events you will meet people of similar minds and goals, make friendships, and grow mutually.
  10. Go for internships for the experience and practicing your skills out there.
  11. Stay updated to the regular changes taking place in this field and keep improving your knowledge.
  12. Create a standout resume with a portfolio that includes your work as an intern and your experiences and skills and what else you know and offer on the table.
  13. Get into some professional digital marketing group that helps you beat the competition that is already there after getting certified as one.

Checkout Professional diploma courses for the digital marketing program. of this online business ideas 2020.

Online classes.

online tutions

Online teaching is simply referred that the course delivered online. there is no physical teaching only online. so online tutor provides instruction to students on a variety of subjects.

Online teaching has grown exponentially during the period of COVID and will grow better in the future.

  • 77% of academic leaders rate the learning outcomes in online education as the same or superior to those in face-to-face education.
  • 62.4% of institutions of higher education have evolved from offering only online courses to providing online degrees.
  • A new high of 69.1% of academic leaders now says that online learning is critical to their long-term strategy.

who should try this?

The person who is an expert in any one subject or course such as education subjects like science history or any computer programming etc.

 They can be taken online classes through smart devices i.e, laptops, smartphones, computers. The people who can’t teach through physically present or they don’t want to go outside for them online teaching is the best option.

this online business ideas 2020 is great time to start

What is the future of it?

 1. Its mainly flexible 

 2. It offers a wide selection of programs

 3. It can save time and money 

 4. for online classes the teachers and students can be anywhere  they don’t want to there at one place 

  5. it’s accessible

The online teacher is better than traditional classrooms because the students who want to get good knowledge on one course and also he was having another goal it’s a good platform. 

This is the best online business ideas 2020.

What is the earning in it?

The online tutors can be earned through their mastered language so earnings mainly depend on the subject some of the teachers get paid

$30 per hour and also few experienced teachers get $50 per hour.

How to get started?

  • Choose a good platform like udemy Teachers pay teachers etc or Ur own trustful platforms 
  • Start an application and fill out some basic instructions.
  • Select a subject which you have mastered
  • connect with students 
  • get paid each week or month 

Just few steps to get started in this online business ideas for beginners.


web design

Web designers are those who create websites and their main responsibility is to make websites that are interactive, dynamic, and attractive while providing the value and information to the people who visit the site.

Using the coding languages such as HTML, CSS, java, the web designers do the coding stuff of the website.

Let’s see some responsibilities of a web designer they are.

  • to plan, design, and structure the webpages.
  • to enhance the experience of the user on the webpage.
  • to make the website mobile friendly
  • to optimize the website for maximum speed and boost the scalability of them at the same time
  • To ensure that there are no bugs or errors in the website

what are the skills required to be one.

  • Having knowledge in SEO and core design principles.
  • good knowledge and understanding in programming languages like HTML java and CSS.
  • Problem-solving skills.

You see, website design is an important factor for determining credibility for 48% of visitors, so the design of the websites has to be on top-notch.

With the fact is that number of websites created on the online platform which is 380 websites a minute and if you see even if you capture a little percent to take your service and create an amazing website design it’s going to worth it.

Who should try it?

Those who have skills such as visual design like typography, grid systems, and color theory, etc.

And those who know how to code and HTML which is a coding language and yeah python is going to be the number 1 programming language as leading companies like Google, Facebook, NASA and youtube and many other international companies are using this programming language.

If you are good at phyton and design software and have knowledge in SEO, digital marketing basics you should probably go for it.

what is the future of it?

There are some mixed opinions about this field.

Talking about security,

 The websites ask us to create a strong password containing characters that we can not remember most of the times and in the future, all the technical things are going to be user friendly that these passwords and pins are going to be totally removed.

Biometric impressions like that of thumb and fingerprint or iris recognization will be the new password and it is impossible to forge this biometric data.

Now let’s talk about AI.

You see, the arrival of ADI which is artificial design intelligence which basically means that an AI that designs websites on its own.

Today in order to create a website you must do some action like either coding or design the websites which are already there but these ADI when comes then no action is required to get the desired website out.

To understand it simply it is a third way of creating a website without hiring a professional or creating by yourself.

Many companies like WIX has released its ADI interface in mid-2016.

Not just that, Godaddy, Bookmark, and the grid are also working on this tech.

It’s about taking the brain of the designer of the website and placing it into the machine so that it functions automatically without our effort.

If you are looking or wanting to be a successful web developer in the near future then this AI should definitely be on your list to be included.

  • Virtual reality is going to be another headache for the web developers because this feature allows the users to access the site in a stimulating environment where they can engage and interact, it will be a totally different experience than normal interface with websites does not offer.

To put it simply AI & VR cannot be ignored as they have almost arrived. with the speedup in the implementation by big giants like Google and Microsoft working on it.

Google’s search, apple’s Siri, amazon’s Alexa, and self-driving cars are some best examples of AI.

You see the top example is the SOPHIA robot shows that we are not so far from the arrival of AI.

Voice search is also increasing drastically, this feature must be taken seriously while developing a website and the designers are looking for ways to incorporate these into the websites.

With the decrease in the attention span and patience of the people in the future, the lesser the user takes action to get the information on the website the better the site performs in the future.

Read what top web developers had to say about the future of web development.

What are the earnings in it?

The average salary of web designers in India is around 3 lakhs an annum. and like any other online business ideas for beginners, it will also increase with an increase in your experience.

there are factors that determine the earning of one which are

  • Experience
  • area or place
  • company
  • skillset

How to get started?

We will see some basic things you can do in order to get started but not actually on the battlefield of creating websites but to just get started to get into some rhythm.

The first and foremost thing is to breakdown the process and starts small. it is the important step for any successful online businesses if you are starting from scratch.

First using Wix site builder or using any other free platform use that to create a website based on your interests and just experiment out the things out there.

the second thing is to gain knowledge by reading as many blogs and articles and watch as many videos as possible about web design and advice of the top designers to the new ones and gain knowledge by immersing yourself with the designing thing that you want to do.

Consider yourself as a cop and you have to catch the criminals then you need to think and act like one to catch them similarly you need to think in HTML which is considered the skeleton of the website design, you start doing this and you will see things much better than what you would have seen earlier.

Apply your designing skills to the website you are creating which must be captivating the attention of the user instantly, rather than a piece of shit.

Start giving more attention to the websites which you are really fond of or which grabbed your attention and which improved your experience as a user, some places where you should be looking at is

  • color.
  • typography
  • design
  • navigation
  • animation

stay up to date with the field because this field is continuously evolving and changing, and in the near future so many new technologies are going to be introduced which has the potential to turn around the concept of web design like AR/VR.

  • Take some classes to have a more deeper understanding of what you want to do, you can find them by registering into platforms like Udemy and Coursera and skillshare.

There are many more things you can do like learning some other languages like java which helps you to insert some complex things into the webpage to improve the user experience on the site which are going to be cherry on the cake and will increase your earning with the increase in skillset.

Above all, never stop learning, challenging yourself, and improving your craft every day with the continuously evolving field you have to adapt to its pace if not others will get ahead of you.

Let me know your views on this online business ideas 2020.

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Play games and earn.

playing games with earning money.

Are u wasting the time in playing games?

Nowadays the internet ruling the world, many children and adults are getting attracted to play games in this era mainly the children are enjoying games.meanwhile if you earn through playing games there is nothing better than that.

It is a fact that more people are watching an online video of gameplay than major cable networks and subscription entertainment services.

 so if u have attracted to play games if u want to become a professional gamer there are many ways to earn a good source in the gaming industry.

Who should try this?

The people who are interested in playing games and have smart devices like smartphones or a laptop then u can earn a good source through the gaming industry which is good online business ideas for beginners in 2020.

What is the future of it?

In the future artificial intelligence makes more users the gaming industry. AI is helping in the gaming industry by responsive or intelligent behavior. by generating it also serves to improve the game player experiences rather than machine learning or decision making. So AI will play a key role to get good experience for the gaming industry.

According to a recent report, the global gaming market will generate $15.3billions in revenue in 2020. that would be 9.3 per year overgrowth and also not only children 30% of adults are also playing online games. so in gaming, there is a future.

What are the earnings in it?

The pro-gamers are earning $1000- $5000 in a month and there are also many persons who are earning high like $15000$ by prizes and extra income sources 

 By the gaming industry, many people creating a video source like the game which they will play their experience will be shared in a video format like in a youtube 

Example:  Pewdiepie is one of the people who is earning $140000 – $1.4 million through gaming youtube channel depending on viewership.

How to get started?
There are many platforms which are listed below, you can start playing games here using your mobile phone or a PC if you have. and start earning money. with this unique online business ideas 2020.

You can start simply recording your gameplay and post on youtube with some creativity and start earning money in this successful online businesses.

Popular games you can start capitalizing are pubg and free fire.

Other than youtube you can start playing games and earn on these platforms which are,





Ending remarks.

There you go, I have done my part of letting you know everything about these 20 unique online business ideas, these successful online businesses are divided in 5 parts to help you understand as spoken in the starting of the blog to help you understand each one in detail.

These are the online business ideas for beginners we have learned in this blog.

Please let us know what you think about these online business ideas in the comments section down.

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