10 Perfect Lifestyle blogs that make money

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In this blog you will learn 10 top lifestyle blogs that make money and also the difference between lifestyle blogs vs personal blogs in detail.

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What are lifestyle blogs?

Is Affiliate marketing a waste of time do personal blogs make money

A lifestyle blog is a type of blog where the author shares his or her interest and creates content from his own ideas, experiences , opinions and interests and adds value to other people’s life from his or her blogs and content.

Lifestyle blog content is mostly inspired from the author’s daily lifestyle and experiences.

Some of the most popular Lifestyle blog niches and topics are focused around,

  • Fashion and beauty.
  • Health and fitness.
  • Food.
  • Motherhood.
  • Parenting.
  • DIY.
  • Travel and personal finance. 

Most Lifestyle blogs are started by women and focused on women as their primary audience.

Now let’s see some misconceptions of lifestyle blogs that most people have in common.

Lifestyle blogs Vs personal blogs: what’s the difference?

Is Affiliate marketing a waste of time

Many people confuse Lifestyle blogs with personal Blogs but it is not the case actually the most important difference you need to identify between the two types of blogs are that,

Personal blogs share stories, experiences of a particular person which may or may not add value in your life,

but lifestyle blogs also share stories and experiences in blogs but in order to directly help you and adds value in your life as a reader by solving your problems.

Personal blogs are diaries and journals of people in digital format where people share their own ideas, experiences and

thoughts like you write in a diary which is a personal blog that can be read by others because of the internet and personal blogs are public not private.

Whereas, lifestyle blogs are blogs even if they come up from author’s interests, ideas experiences and

thoughts but they are not like diaries/ online journals where the author is sharing information related to his own personal life to the public rather,

it is niche focused where the author and Blogger is helping a community of people grow by sharing information over a particular topic including his own stories, opinions, experiences where

it makes sense that he is very much interested and passionate to learn and write about and help others.

Initially when blogging started in 1990 people used platforms like blogger and AD networks like AdSense to start making money by publishing content around their personal life

which we call as personal blogs sharing their experiences on these platforms like Diaries and to connect with others.

People started personal blogging as a way to connect with others like a social media platform by commenting and sharing blogs.

These kinds of blogs where people just write about their own ideas, experiences, their daily activities like an online journal, they can’t be successful in blogging TODAY as long as you are not a huge celebrity or a social media influencer because

you are not adding any unique value to other people and not helping an audience grow so why would anyone search and read your content on the internet.

So, even though lifestyle blogs are also generated from interests, experiences of a person, they tend to focus on a single niche or multiple niches and add value to a community of people by sharing information related to it online and

drive traffic to their website from search engines and social media rather than just talking about their daily activities like people do in personal blogs.

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Now let’s see how Lifestyle blogs make money.

How do lifestyle blogs make money?

Is Affiliate marketing a waste of time

There are five major ways most lifestyle blogs make money consistently.

  1. Most Lifestyle blogs partner with mediavine and other premium ad networks, display ads on their blog and make money.
  2. Most Lifestyle blogs sell affiliate products like Amazon Associates and earn money when people purchase products through their affiliate links within a period of time.
  3. A few Lifestyle blogs sell their own products whether it is a physical or a digital one like an online course or an ebook or any merchandise to their audience.
  4. A few lifestyle blogs sell their services like consultation, coaching and attending conferences for fixed rates and make money.
  5. Most Lifestyle blogs accept sponsored content from big brands and companies and publish those content on their blogs.

As a Lifestyle blogger you can build a larger following of people on social media platforms more than on your website especially on Instagram and Pinterest because

these platforms are highly visual focused platforms and are used by women mostly so you can make a lot of money from those following through sponsored content and affiliate marketing alone and

if you have a lot of following and build a brand you can also consider selling your own products and starting your own affiliate program as well if you want.

For more information you can read my guide on how much money you can make from blogging.

Now let’s look at some practical examples of some popular Lifestyle blogs that actually make money so that you can take some inspiration from them and start your own Lifestyle blog as well.

10 lifestyle blogs that make money.

why start a food blog

Take a look at the 10 top Lifestyle blogs that make money so that you can take some inspiration and start your own blog.

  1. A cup of Joe.

This blog is founded by Joanna Goddard.

It is a popular lifestyle blog for women founded in 2007 that covers multiple topics like food, travel, fashion, relationships, motherhood, design and lifestyle.

This blog is featured on many media sites like Forbes and gets more than 5 million page views per month.

  1.  Say yes.

This is another popular lifestyle blog which covers topics related to lifestyle, food, travel, craft, and family topics.

This blog is also featured on many media sites like Huffington Post and parents magazine.

  1. Wellness mama.

This is yet another popular Lifestyle blog highly focused on womens, mother’s and topics related to women’s health, parenting, women Lifestyle, food and DIY.

The blog is founded by Katie Wells and this blog also has a podcast running.

  1. Carrotsncake.

This is a popular health and fitness Lifestyle blog which was started in 2008.

This popular blog has been featured on many media publications like Forbes, health, BuzzFeed, women’s health.

  1. Lovetaza.

This is a lifestyle blog that covers topics related to family, motherhood, food, travel. 

This blog was founded in 2007 by Naomi Davis.

This blog has been featured on Forbes and other large media publications.

  1. Goop.

This is a popular lifestyle, fashion, travel, food and fitness blog started by Gwyneth Paltrow back in 2008.

This is not just a blog, rather it is a big brand in the beauty industry which earns millions of dollars selling beauty products specially for women in America and European countries and this blog is featured in many media publications like New York Times and fast company.

  1. The blonde abroad.

This is another popular lifestyle blog which covers topics related to travel, lifestyle, photography focused especially for women founded by Kiki who is Canadian female traveler in 2012.

  1. A beautiful mess.

This is another popular Lifestyle blog founded by Emma Chapman which covers topics related to food recipes, DIY and fashion.

  1. She finds.

This is a popular Lifestyle blog focused around an audience of women covering different topics related to health, fitness, food and fashion.

This blog was founded by Michelle Madhok in 2004.

This is not just a lifestyle blog rather it is a big brand and a media company.

  1. Cupcakes & Cashmere.

This blog covers topics related to food, fashion, beauty and DIY.

This is another popular Lifestyle blog which was started by Emily Schuman back in 2008.

This is not just a blog, rather it is a big business in the USA of the food and fashion industry.

This blog also has been featured on many media publications including Forbes and entrepreneur.

There you go, these are all the top lifestyle blogs which make millions of dollars and these blogs are highly authoritative on the internet.

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